2nd Test, Bulawayo, August 06 - 10, 2016, New Zealand tour of Zimbabwe
582/4d & 166/2d
(T:387) 362 & 132

New Zealand won by 254 runs

Player Of The Match
113 & 68*
Player Of The Series
11 wkts
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1.15pm Right then, it's been a pleasure as always to bring you the game. Thanks for your comments and your time. Loads of cricket going on, so stay tuned. Until next time, bye.

12.55pm All over rather quickly after lunch. Five wickets in under 45 minutes, and NZ clinically put Zimbabwe away. They head to South Africa after sweeping Zimbabwe 2-0. In terms of the Test, a much much better effort from Zimbabwe, put up stiffer resistance, fought hard, but the story after lunch was a rather sad effort. Some soft dismissals, some tough decisions. Deserved mentions to Craig Ervine, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor and Tom Latham, along with handy contributions from NZ's bowlers who toiled away. Zimbabwe can take away quite a few positives from this game.

Presentation time.

Neil Wagner is the Man of the Series: "Never in my wildest dreams, I expected to get something like this in the quality group we got. Was hard toil, full credit to the Zimbabwe team. Latham and Nicholls, great catching. I think I've shrunk a few centimetres after the series. Has been outstanding. Focus on SA now, a lot of hardwork."

Graeme Cremer: "We got used to their seamers I suppose. We showed fight. Credit to the guys, couldn't ask for anything more. We knew it was going to be hard to get wickets. Credit to NZ for taking 20 wickets. Any cricket for us is really appreciated, we need to be playing more to be more competitive. Hopefully we can get in some cricket before SL series in October

Kane Williamson is the Man of the Match: "Great effort, knew it was going to be tough to take 20 wickets on this surface. Credit to the bowlers to take 20 wickets. Nice toss to win, to be able to bowl on the last day. We had to pick a balance, some guys had to miss out. All in our squad are stepping up, causing a few problems but a good problem to have. Personally, they (records) aren't high on my agenda. Trying to contribute to the team. The odd record comes up, that's nice but focus on the team. Important we look to improve. Big challenge in SA."

Sodhi to Chinouya, OUT

no doubt about that one. Zimbabwe bowled out for 132. NZ win by 254 runs and wrap up the series 2-0. Another googly outside off, Chinouya gets forward and pops a catch to short cover. Hard hands, but he is No. 11 for a reason. Zimbabwe players shake hands with the New Zealand players, but can hold their heads high after a strong reply after the first Test

Michael Chinouya c Williamson b Sodhi 0 (2b 0x4 0x6 1m) SR: 0
Sodhi to Chinouya, no run

googly first up down leg, off the pad to leg slip

Sodhi to Masvaure, OUT

given. One more. How though? Flat delivery on leg, Masvaure gets forward and looks to defend. The ball beats the inside edge and hits Masvaure in front of leg. But was that sliding down leg? Yes, it was. But he has been given out caught. The ball lobbed up off the pad and taken by Taylor at slip. Another bad decision, the ball did not hit the inside edge. Zimbabwe unravelling quickly. Umpire Gough this time

Prince Masvaure c Taylor b Sodhi 11 (61b 1x4 0x6 106m) SR: 18.03

Neil: "Sodhi has the perfect plan. Bowl a whole lot of bad balls, the batsmen relax and play some shots, then he tosses in the occasional good one to get a wicket....genius."

Sodhi to Masvaure, no run

overpitched outside off, driven to mid-off

end of over 68Wicket maiden
ZIM: 132/8CRR: 1.94 
John Nyumbu0 (1b)
Prince Masvaure11 (59b 1x4)
Martin Guptill 7-4-11-3
Ish Sodhi 11-5-19-1
Guptill to Nyumbu, no run

flight on middle, Nyumbu inside-edges towards midwicket. Pad well down leg

Guptill to Cremer, OUT

tossed up outside off, Cremer comes forward and smashes one into his pad. Umpire Reiffel has another shocker. Guptill doesn't care, he celebrates in joy. Right in front but there was a lot of bat on that. Plenty of flight outside off from around the wicket and Cremer plays with bat close to pay. Only call was if there was pad first, certainly did not look like it

Graeme Cremer lbw b Guptill 1 (17b 0x4 0x6 16m) SR: 5.88
Guptill to Cremer, no run

well bowled. Flat and full outside off, Cremer defends tentatively

Guptill to Cremer, no run

now too full, easily pushed to mid-on

Guptill to Cremer, no run

too short outside off, Cremer goes back and plays into the off side

Guptill to Cremer, no run

flat down leg, spin. Goes down

end of over 67Maiden
ZIM: 132/7CRR: 1.97 
Prince Masvaure11 (59b 1x4)
Graeme Cremer1 (12b)
Ish Sodhi 11-5-19-1
Martin Guptill 6-3-11-2
Sodhi to Masvaure, no run

flight outside off, blocked

Sodhi to Masvaure, no run

well bowled. The flat googly outside off, spins away. Masvaure is beaten by a mile

Sodhi to Masvaure, no run

googly on middle, the ball skews off the outside half

James: "I don't understand the fuss about Sodhi. I think he has done superbably so far. Got four wickets in first innings and another in the second. He needs to be persisted with to ensure he develops into a ashwin for NZ"

Sodhi to Masvaure, no run

no, too full again. Easily kept out

Sodhi to Masvaure, no run

too much flight, overpitched. Blocked

David: "For too long nz's bowlers bailed out a fragile top order. Nice to see Guptill returning the favour."

Sodhi to Masvaure, no run

tossed up outside off, defended

end of over 66Maiden
ZIM: 132/7CRR: 2.00 
Graeme Cremer1 (12b)
Prince Masvaure11 (53b 1x4)
Martin Guptill 6-3-11-2
Ish Sodhi 10-4-19-1
Guptill to Cremer, no run

flight on off, blocked

Guptill to Cremer, no run

tossed up outside off, Cremer comes forward, closes the bat-pad gap and defends watchfully

Guptill to Cremer, no run

overpitched, driven back to the bowler

Guptill to Cremer, no run

solidly behind the line

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