1st Test, Khulna, Apr 28 - May 2 2015, Pakistan tour of Bangladesh
332 & 555/6
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
25 & 206
end of over 1365 runs
BAN: 555/6CRR: 4.08 
Shuvagata Hom20 (25)
Shakib Al Hasan76 (104)
Zulfiqar Babar 32-1-125-1
Mohammad Hafeez 20-0-82-2

Many thanks for tuning in over the last five days. Do come back and join us for the second and final Test. Until then, goodbye and good luck.

Tamim Iqbal, Man of the Match: I am very pleased. Whatever I planed came off nicely. It was a much-needed innings for me and my team as well. I was in an attacking mode, he [Kayes] was controlling the innings. It was a great combination. I think Taijul bowled brilliantly on this wicket. 296 runs behind and it was a tough task. I played my role, Imrul played his role, Shakib and Mahmudullah did their job. It was a team effort. We have done well in ODIs are we are proving it in Tests. We have a big summer coming up.

Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladesh captain: It [the injured finger] is getting better. It is a great achievement. All the credit to the boys. The way Tamim and Imrul batted, it was unbelievable. It was difficult to take 20 wickets on the pitch. The top order took the responsibility. Imrul was not in the ODI squad but he played well. I am privileged to be the captain of this team. We have three more days for the next Test. Hopefully, we get a good pitch and take 20 wickets.

Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistan captain: It was a slow wicket and was good for batting. Hafeez played really well. Tamim and Imrul enjoyed their batting. The wicket was very slow and difficult for the bowlers. We need to improve our performance with the ball. We also dropped a few catches in the first innings, which made a difference. After getting a 300-odd lead, we could have put them under pressure on any surface. All credit to Bangladesh. They saved the game, especially with the opening partnership. That opening partnership was the game-changer. Wahab and Junaid bowled well with the old ball.

4:55pm: The umpires converge. Tamim makes a gesture from the change room, perhaps asking Shakib to bat on. He shakes hands with the Pakistan players, though. Mushfiq is out, he shakes his left hand with the Pakistan players. Bangladesh earn their first draw against Pakistan. What a comeback from the hosts.

Facing a 296-run deficit, Bangladesh came out counterattacking, Tamim leading the way with a magnificent double-century - one of the best innings by a Bangladesh batsman in Tests. After a slow-ish start, Kayes cranked up the tempo and caught up with his opening partner. Shakib, Mahmudullah and Soumya also pitched in as the hosts piled on the runs and smashed several records, before the players called it a draw. Read Devashish's report for a full recap. Do stick around for the presentation, folks.

Khairul: "BD need to master consistency."

Deemi Zafar: "Hafeez is my MoM. he scored the same amount of runs in one innings as Tamim did in two. To boot, he took 4 wixkets and took a catch.

Sharif As-Saber: "Crossing 550 - first time for Bangladesh in a second innings! "

Babar to Shuvagata Hom, 1 run

skiddy ball on off at 86.4ks, he hangs back and punches it down to long-on

Babar to Shakib, 1 run

veering onto the pads, swept though backward square leg

Babar to Shuvagata Hom, 1 run

flighted from Babar, he goes for the lofted hit Long-on (Aslam) dives to his left and makes a good stop

Babar to Shuvagata Hom, no run

snakes in with the angle on off, punched to mid-on

Babar to Shakib, 1 run

full and fired on middle, jammed to long-off

Babar to Shuvagata Hom, 1 run

looped up on off, pressed in front of point for one

end of over 1351 run
BAN: 550/6CRR: 4.07 
Shuvagata Hom17 (21)
Shakib Al Hasan74 (102)
Mohammad Hafeez 20-0-82-2
Zulfiqar Babar 31-1-120-1
Hafeez to Shuvagata Hom, 1 run

fuller and on middle and leg, whipped to deep midwicket. 550 up for the hosts

Hafeez to Shuvagata Hom, no run

similar length, whisked to the right of midwicket

Hafeez to Shuvagata Hom, no run

fuller on off, worked to midwicket

Hafeez to Shuvagata Hom, no run

flighted and just outside off, he goes on the back foot and gets an inside edge onto the pad

Hafeez to Shuvagata Hom, no run

tucked straight to square leg again

Hafeez to Shuvagata Hom, no run

straighter on middle, nudged to square leg

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