Final, Bengaluru, June 22 - 26, 2022, Ranji Trophy
374 & 269
(T:108) 536 & 108/4

M. Pradesh won by 6 wickets

Player Of The Match
116 & 30
Player Of The Series
982 runs
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Scores: Sudeep Poojari
Comms: Ashish Pant
Scorecard summary
Mumbai 374/10(127.4 overs)
134 (243)
4/106 (35.4)
Madhya Pradesh 536/10(177.2 overs)
133 (336)
5/173 (63.2)
122 (219)
3/116 (36)
Mumbai 269/10(57.3 overs)
51 (58)
4/98 (25)
2/53 (10)
Madhya Pradesh 108/4(29.5 overs)

Full credit to Mumbai for setting the game up despite falling 162 behind in the first innings. They raced away through most of their second innings, before crumbling at the end. But kudos to MP, whose team performance - with mostly unheard of names yet with a veteran coach - helped them create history. That's all from us this season too. Hope you enjoyed the final's coverage. Thanks for your company, and goodbye from Sreshth, Sudeep, Himanshu and Ashish!

And with that, Shrivastava lifts the Ranji Trophy with a glee. He then hands it over to his side, who can't wait to have it while being clicked.

Aditya Shrivastava, the winning MP captain: "I am completely ecstatic. It has been a generation kind of a time that has gone by and we have won the Ranji Trophy for the first time. It's a moment of a lifetime for me. The emotions are really deep in the squad. They are trying to laugh it out loud but we are extremely emotional. [Takeaways from the season and learnings from coach] This has been my first year as captain, and all about leadership I have learned is from Chandrakant sir. I would like to continue this. [On his form] I spoke in the press conference too that the stage is going to play on our mind but we have to stick to our process because the process has got use here and will keep us here. [On the team] It's a very good group coming through. Me, Rajat and Shubham, all of us started playing Ranji Trophy around 2013-14 but now the new boys are coming up. Even Ishwar Pandey was part of our squad in the league stage; unfortunately he got injured. Overall we are making a good group that can consistently play good cricket. Pressure always will be there. Doing it once has not been easy and it will be tougher doing it again."

Here comes Prithvi Shaw, Mumbai's captain: [On the positives] "The way boys have played throughout the series was unbelievable. A lot of youngsters in our team, a lot of new guys came in, and they showed character. That is what Mumbai cricket is all about. Everyday can't be your day and I think the MP guys batted well and played well. We just have to learn from this and go forward. [On his performance] I could have batter for longer period of time, but as I used to say, cricket is something that can't go up all the time. The graph goes up and down. May be not this year, but I will come back stronger next year. If you see the scorecard, you can see the talent they [Mumbai players] have - Sarfaraz, Mulani, Parkar, Armaan Jaffer - they have done an excellent job over here and are the future of Mumbai cricket. Really looking forward to playing more with them and was a really proud moment captaining Mumbai. [On the head coach Amol Muzumdar] He has been friendly, some times! We are really enjoying playing under Amol Sir. He is really calm. You have to be tough when you have youngsters but we all really enjoy his company."

Sarfaraz Khan is the Player of the Series for his 982 runs this season: "Credit to my abbu who is standing there. I am just trying my best to stay at the wicket, give myself time and score runs. I try to play as many matches as possible and stay on the ground and prepare in the same way. I have been playing day's cricket since childhood. I am used to it and know when to switch gears. It's become a habit."

Shubham Sharma is the Player of the Match: "The entire team is emotional [Chandrakant Pandit] Sir is crying the most. This is the first time that we have won Ranji Trophy, so everyone is happy and emotional. [Lessons learnt] 100% I have learned a lot. Sir spoke to me after my dismissal in the first innings. He told me to not take things lightly. He kept us tight and focused. [On his shoulder injury] I took painkillers, so it got a bit easy. The captain was at fault there. [608 runs in the series and 146 runs in the match] I was looking to give my best in every game, but fortunately, the best came in the final.

Time for the presentations

Alok Gupta: "Was there to witness the hears break 23 years ago and now finally Happiness Par Excellence, have been waiting for it since our childhood, Chandu Bhai the magical...."

George: "So much more satisfying to win the title with an outright win rather than just the first innings lead. Congratulations MP! "

WV Raman speaks to Chandrakant Pandit, the man of the moment: "It was a great memory. I left if 23 years back on the same ground. With God's blessings, we came back here. I missed out when I was captain. Aditya Shrivastava' has done it. [On taking up the MP job] I was always look for a challenging job. There are lots of youngsters in the team. I want to develop a cricketing culture in that state. I used to play for MP, and so I knew the culture. When the offer to coach came, I couldn't give it up. Sometimes you feel there is talent, but they need to develop the cricketing culture. Aditya has been an outstanding captain. Whatever has been discussed, he has never failed to implement that on the ground. He has been a fantastic captain [despite a low batting form], and he was doing a fantastic job. I always had confidence in him. For the time being, it is on the top of the pile [out of his six titles as coach]. I owed a trophy to MP, which I missed out [in 1998-99].

Amit Shrivastav: "MP wala from Australia cheering on for our maiden title"

Junaid Anwar: "Two decades ago it was a heartbreak for MP,this victory will be cherished after even two decades,they outplayed Mumbai in every department."

2:51pm Chandrakant Pandit, the head coach of MP is all smiles. You won't see that too often. The MP team get into a huddle, with the coach leading the celebrations. He is now being lifted on the shoulders by the players. He is revered by all the boys. The two teams now shake hands. A lovely moment being seen now, Pandit lines up the entire team in a single line and they bow down to the camera. The players are now taking a lap of honour thanking the crowd.

Khan to Patidar, 1 run

Historic! MP win their first Ranji Trophy title. Googly outside off, he goes back and drills it to deep cover. Patidar has his arms aloft. The players run out to the middle and embrace the two batters. What a moment we are witnessing. MP win the final by six wickets.

Khan to Patidar, no run

fuller outside off, he pushes to cover

Mind games as Sarfaraz pulls out of his run-up. A wry smile on his face.

Khan to Patidar, FOUR runs

Scores level! He has the power and the touch. Tossed outside off, but was quite short. He opens the face of the bat and guides it past point for a four.

Khan to Patidar, no run

tossed up well outside off, left alone

Khan to Patidar, no run

Slightly short outside off, mistimes his cut to cover

Five away now are MP. Patidar on strike. Sarfaraz Khan comes on to chance his arm.

end of over 292 runs • 1 wicket
MP: 103/4CRR: 3.55 
Aditya Shrivastava1 (2b)
Rajat Patidar25 (32b 3x4)
Shams Mulani 13-0-41-3
Mohit Avasthi 2-0-19-0
Mulani to AR Shrivastava, no run

slightly short outside off, he goes back and cuts it wide of point. They don't want to take any chances and don't take that run.

Mulani to Patidar, 1 run

darted on off, he times the drives nicely to deep cover

Mulani to Patidar, no run

He is not taking the bait, is Patidar. Flighted outside off, he prods forward to defend

Mulani to Patidar, no run

Flighted on off, he strides forward and pushes it to cover.

6 to go. Will Patidar finish it off in one go?

Mulani to AR Shrivastava, 1 run

Tosses this up outside off, he pushes it to long off.

Aditya Shrivastava, the MP captain, strides out. Two slips, a silly point in the waiting.

Mulani to Sharma, OUT

Perishes in a bid to finish off the game quickly! Tossed up well outside off, he reaches for it, looking for the slog sweep, can only get it off the bottom of the bat as the ball loops to point. The fielder takes a good catch diving forward.

Shubham Sharma c Armaan Jaffer b Mulani 30 (75b 1x4 1x6) SR: 40

Only seven now. Two slips.

end of over 286 runs
MP: 101/3CRR: 3.60 
Shubham Sharma30 (74b 1x4 1x6)
Rajat Patidar24 (29b 3x4)
Mohit Avasthi 2-0-19-0
Shams Mulani 12-0-39-2
Avasthi to Sharma, 1 run

Bangs this one short. He goes back to muscle the pull to deep square leg. Ever so close now, are MP.

Deb: "This is really the Big plus of modern Indian cricket. Players from all corners are making their mark. An early congratulations to MP. "

Avasthi to Sharma, no run

slightly short of a good length, he pushes it wide of the diving bowler and to mid-on

Avasthi to Sharma, no run

length ball outside off, he gets forward and drives to cover

Avasthi to Patidar, 1 run

Knee-high full toss down leg, he carts it away to deep fine leg. The crowd has gone into a frenzy

Avasthi to Patidar, FOUR runs

short and wide, he throws his bat at it and the outside edge flies between slip and gully. Patidar won't mind. Target in single digits now.

Avasthi to Patidar, no run

Length ball outside off, he gets forward and drives to mid-off. He wants to finish off this in a hurry, judging by his high backlift

MP 13 away now. Avasthi to continue. A wide slip in place.

end of over 273 runs
MP: 95/3CRR: 3.51 
Shubham Sharma29 (71b 1x4 1x6)
Rajat Patidar19 (26b 2x4)
Shams Mulani 12-0-39-2
Mohit Avasthi 1-0-13-0
Mulani to Sharma, no run

slightly short and wide that keeps low. Shubham goes back to play the cut, tries a bit too hard and the under-edge hits the keeper on the boot.

Mulani to Patidar, 1 run

Holds his shape yet again and drives imperiously on the up to the flighted delivery outside off.

Mulani to Patidar, no run

floats this very wide outside off, he shoulders arms

Match details
M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
TossMumbai, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultMadhya Pradesh won the 2022 Ranji Trophy
Match days22,23,24,25,26 June 2022 - day (5-day match)
FC debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
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