Final, Melbourne, Mar 13 - 17 2009, Sheffield Shield
510 & 282/5d
(52 ov, target 593)200 & 221/1
Match drawn
player of the match
end of over 526 runs
QLD: 221/1CRR: 4.25 
Martin Love104 (154)
Lee Carseldine5 (26)
David Hussey5-1-11-0

The umpires decide that's it and the Bushrangers are triumphant in theSheffield Shield for 2008/09!

The Bushrangers are all hugging one another and congratulating themselves after comprehensively outplaying the Bulls in the Final.

Martin Love walks off into the sheds for the final time and his teammates and the small crowd here clap him off too. Well played in the last innings of his career. He can look back with content at his own game, even though it couldn't be perfect for him.

The Man of the Match has been announced as Cam White for his first innings 135 and 61 in the second innings to really set his side up.

The Bulls will be disappointed that the weather ruined any outside chance of an outside victory in the final. Unfortunately they dropped far too many chances to help themselves.

Bushrangers captain Cam White is obviously very happy with his team and how they performed throughout the summer. Chris Rogers, Brad Hodge and David Hussey all playing major roles with the bat throughout the summer. Hodge brought up his 10,000th run.

The Bushrangers bowling attack has been superb all year with such depth to choose from including Nannes, Harwood, Siddle, McKay, Wright, McGain providing plenty of ammunition for White to call upon.

On behalf of all of the team here at Cricinfo, thank you very much for joining us for the Domestic summer of 2008/09, we hope you have enjoyed our coverage. This is Marc Ellison saying see you all next year and congratulations to the Bushrangers!

Hussey to Love, no run

driven to mid off

Hussey to Love, no run

worked to mid wicket

Hussey to Carseldine, 1 run

punched through point to the sweeper

Hussey to Love, 1 run

clipped through the leg side

That's another Shield century for Love and what a way to finish his superb career!

Hussey to Love, FOUR runs

wide half volley and Love cracks it through the covers for four

Hussey to Love, no run

pushed back to the bowler

end of over 515 runs
QLD: 215/1CRR: 4.21 
Lee Carseldine4 (25)
Martin Love99 (149)
Rob Quiney2-0-6-0
Quiney to Carseldine, no run

played to point

Quiney to Carseldine, no run

driven firmly to cover

Quiney to Carseldine, no run

driven off the inside edge back to the bowler

Quiney to Carseldine, FOUR runs

back cut through point for four

Quiney to Carseldine, no run

defended to cover

Quiney to Love, 1 run

full delivery on middle and he whips it to deep forward square leg