Sri Lanka vs South Africa, 2nd T20I at Colombo, SL v SA, Sep 12 2021 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd T20I (N), Colombo (RPS), September 12, 2021, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka
(14.1/20 ov, T:104) 105/1

South Africa won by 9 wickets (with 35 balls remaining)

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Maharaj: All credit to my team, they've made my life easier. They've stepped up and stuck to simple plans. It's important we keep the positives and keep building on that. Maybe we can start better, bowl better in the powerplay and some things in batting as well. We've shown vast improvement over the last two years. We read the conditions early today and decided spin would play a role. Aiden did his own and got three wickets against left-hand batsmen, it was a tactical thing. Shamsi really opened up one end and the bowlers made my life easier, whoever came on did the job.

Shanaka: We were targeting 140-150 and we knew it will turn later, it won't be easy in later part of the game. The batsmen should concentrate more on the game, we were not able to capitalise on the start and the South African bowlers change their pace, they bowled beautifully. Our batsmen needed to rotate the strike more. We have to change our approach, batting in middle period has been a concern for long period, consistently for 2-3 years. It's a major part of the concern. We will come up with better plans in the next game. It's our approach and mindset that needs to change in the T20s, we should have a strong mindset and we need t have a belief in the team.

Shamsi is Player of the Match: I'm just one part of the bowling unit and I've to do my job. We've got a lot of quality bowlers in the attack. Thse pitches take a lot more turn than back home, that's something we've got get used to. If they don't turn, we can't complain and adjust, we've to fight fire with fire. The celebrations come out a bit more especially when you've been hit for a six before that, We do a lot of hard work and it's just a bit of enjoyment.

That's all we have from today then, with the third game left for Tuesday. Until then, it's goodbye and good luck from me, Vishal Dikshit, Saurabh and Thilak. Stay safe everyone.

10.45pm: Comprehensive win by South Africa, and they've got a winning 2-0 lead in the series. First time on tour that a chasing team has won, and this is South Africa's sixth straight T20I win. Their best streak is 7 wins, back in 2009. This is right now their second-best streak, equalling a six-game streak in 2010. This is also their third straight T20I series win - they've now beaten West Indies, Ireland and Sri Lanka consecutively. Today's victory was set up by the bowlers, who shot Sri Lanka out for 103. The total might have sparked some interest with early wickets, but Quinton de Kock put paid to that fanciful hope with a measured knock, filled with sparkling boundaries. What a day for Aiden Markram too: 3 for 21 with the ball, completely unexpected perhaps. And stayed till the end in the chase with 21*. Will he be the Player of the Match? Or de Kock? Or Tabraiz Shamsi, who bowled quite beautifully to take 3 for 20? We'll find out soon.

P Jayawickrama to de Kock, 4 byes

anti-climactic end as four byes bring up victory. But it's a chase that's been clinically completed by South Africa. This was a quickish one on a length outside off, and de Kock missed the reverse sweep. The keeper misses the ball too, and that's that.

Peanut: "Where would we be without dekock eh? What a wonderful player. "

end of over 149 runs
SA: 101/1CRR: 7.21 RRR: 0.50 • Need 3 runs from 36b
Aiden Markram21 (19b 3x4)
Quinton de Kock58 (47b 7x4)
Dhananjaya de Silva 2-0-18-0
Wanindu Hasaranga 4-0-22-1
Dhananjaya to Markram, FOUR runs

that's a shot of authority. Full on the stumps, comes on the front foot and off-drives it powerfully. Beats mid-off and the bowler and gets a boundary

Dhananjaya to de Kock, 1 run

tossed up outside off, looked like he had second thoughts about driving it through cover, almost pulling out of the shot, but too late and it gets tapped towards point

Dhananjaya to de Kock, 2 runs

short ball going down leg, de Kock could have left it alone and got a wide but he tries to paddle it fine. Gets only halfway decent connection on it as it goes to fine leg

Dhananjaya to Markram, 1 run

tossed up, dances down the track and drives to long-on

Dhananjaya to Markram, no run

length on middle and leg, turned to midwicket

Dhananjaya to de Kock, 1 run

gives himself room and launches into an expansive extra cover drive. Gets it a bit straighter, so long-off can go to his right and cut it off

Just 12 needed.

end of over 138 runs
SA: 92/1CRR: 7.07 RRR: 1.71 • Need 12 runs from 42b
Aiden Markram16 (16b 2x4)
Quinton de Kock54 (44b 7x4)
Wanindu Hasaranga 4-0-22-1
Maheesh Theekshana 4-0-30-0
Hasaranga to Markram, no run

tossed up on off, solidly defended on the front foot

Hasaranga to de Kock, 1 run

comes on the front foot and works it backward of square

Hasaranga to de Kock, 2 runs

quicker on on the stumps, deftly turned square, and the fielders are deep so they can run two

Hasaranga to de Kock, FOUR runs

regal cover drive to bring up fifty. Full outside off, and he leans into the shot, bisects the field as the ball purrs to the boundary

Hasaranga to Markram, 1 run

a bit shorter, goes back and drill it to long-on

Hasaranga to Markram, no run

leg-spinner this time, on a length on off, punched to point

Udam: "Sri lankan batting order have to work on sweeps, hardly saw a sweep against spinners from current batting line up. "

end of over 129 runs
SA: 84/1CRR: 7.00 RRR: 2.50 • Need 20 runs from 48b
Quinton de Kock47 (41b 6x4)
Aiden Markram15 (13b 2x4)
Maheesh Theekshana 4-0-30-0
Wanindu Hasaranga 3-0-14-1
Theekshana to de Kock, no run

fullish on the stumps, turned to midwicket

Theekshana to Markram, 1 run

good length on off, stays beside the ball and punches it to cover's left

Theekshana to Markram, no run

tossed up on the stumps, comes on the front foot and taps it to short midwicket

Theekshana to Markram, FOUR runs

too short outside off and Markram is not going to miss out on those. Crashes it through cover with power and authority, having cleared his front leg out of the way

Theekshana to Markram, no run

another quick one that hurried him. Had to go on the back foot and bring his bat down quickly to keep it out

Slip and leg-slip in.

Theekshana to Markram, FOUR runs

outside edge goes for four. Just beyond the reach of a diving DdS at first slip. Quicker one coming into him, he's pushing at it inside the line and gets a thick edge that runs down to the boundary

James : "Markham's role in this game is almost a bowling all rounder. " -- hah! Well there's still 29 to get, so he could get a majority of them and be a proper allrounder.

end of over 114 runs
SA: 75/1CRR: 6.81 RRR: 3.22 • Need 29 runs from 54b
Aiden Markram6 (8b)
Quinton de Kock47 (40b 6x4)
Wanindu Hasaranga 3-0-14-1
Maheesh Theekshana 3-0-21-0
Hasaranga to Markram, 1 run

slightly shorter, goes back and swats it to long-on

Win Probability
SA 100%
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Over 15 • SA 105/1

South Africa won by 9 wickets (with 35 balls remaining)
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