2nd T20I (D/N), Chattogram, Feb 14 2014, Sri Lanka in Bangladesh T20I Series
(20 ov, target 121)123/7
Sri Lanka won by 3 wickets
player of the match
end of over 2011 runs
SL: 123/7CRR: 6.15 
Sachithra Senanayake12 (9)
Thisara Perera35 (28)
Farhad Reza2-0-16-0
Rubel Hossain4-0-34-1

TTA: "2 cliff hangers, 2-0 just doesn't tell it all. BD played like real tigers. Lot to take away from this before world t20"

Raghu: "How I wish Senanayke would have been in IPL... Great show.. calm and composed"

Sen: "Credit where credit is due BD push the lankan - first with the ball and now with the bat - prefect preparations for the T20 World cup #noeasy games in T20"

Phew! that was a cliffhanger, strewn with some awful shot-selection, but I suppose few will remember that at the end of a tense T20. Thisara Perera showed he's not just a slogger, calmly working the ball around late in the chase, Sangakkara showed the other batsmen how to bat till he gave it away near the end, and Bangladesh showed superb resilience, even after the batting failure and the early Kusal Perera onslaught. There were very few bad balls even as the nerves increased towards the end of the game (though the very last one could have been better), with the quicks regularly finding the blockhole.

Joy: "If there is no dew, i would go for Shakib, if there is dew, i would go for Shakib, even if he had to bowl with some pace!"

Chandra Sekhar : "It was indeed a Lion vs Tiger battle."

Danush: "Everyone talking about the world T20 already. Relax guys there is an ODI series and Asia cup before it. I wonder how the pitches will be for wrold T20. God bless Bangladesh pitches."

Sanjaya: "OMG, Stop killing us. my heart beat is still over the recommended count. you are trying to kill us on Valentines day. What a thriller. I don't how to tell how much I love these games and How much i hate them as well."

Lahiru: "Dew or no dew, you dont bowl spinners to Thisara in T20. It's a rule in T20 cricket."

Prabhath: "Reza must be wondering why i didn't bowl a waist high fulltoss"

Presentation ceremony:

First up, Mashrafe Mortaza: "We win the toss, decided to bat, but our batsmen couldn't go through, at the same time, the bowling and fielding was outstanding. I told the boys, 'we have nothing to lose in this match'. Lot of young players have come through in these two matches."

Dinesh Chandimal: "Credit goes to all the bowlers, after that we lose 2-3 wickets, after that Sanga-Thisara batted really well, at the end, Thisara batted really well for the end. We have to do some homework, we never under-estimate Bangladesh."

The Man of the Match is Thisara Perera. "After six wickets gone, I was under pressure to show who am I, I wanted to support my team-mate Sanga. Thanks to the Sri Lankan crowd."

The Man of the Series is Nuwan Kulasekara: "Very exciting games. It is a pleasure to win the matches, we have some areas to improve. Bangladesh keep improving everyday, full credit to them in both games. The one-dayers will be a different ball game, looking forward to the ODI series."

Righto, time for me to sign off, thanks for the many comments, apologies to those who were not published. See you at the one-dayers.

Farhad to Senanayake, FOUR runs

yet again Senanayake is the man for the last ball, he does the job for Sri Lanka with a boundary behind square leg, wasn't the best of deliveries, short of length and sat up for Senanayake, who put it away, once again Sri Lanka snatch it on the final ball, Bangladesh are heartbroken once again, twice in three days they have pushed Sri Lanka all the way only to come up short

Farhad to Perera, 1 run

slams this towards deep midwicket, just a single, Perera off the strike, SL need two, a single means a Super Over

More discussion between the captain and the bowler

Farhad to Senanayake, 1 run

a single as Senanayake thumps the ball to long-on

Another conference about the field

Farhad to Senanayake, 2 runs

pitched up, driven towards wide long-on, superb stroke from Senanayake, this was a yorker, not easy to get that away anywhere, two more for Senanayake, well bowled by Reza but can't stop that from going for two

Farhad to Senanayake, 2 runs

length ball is driven past a diving extra cover, they race through for two, a dive from Senanayake to make sure he is in

Shan: "If we need a six off last ball, Sachithra is the one to do it. He's done that twice before.."

Farhad to Perera, 1 run

full ball just outside off, Thisara again moves across the stumps, works this towards midwicket for a single

No spin again. It is Reza to bowl the final over. Huge test this for him.

TTA: "9 runs 6 balls... Heart throbbing!!! Ppl with heart condition better stay out of this!! Come on Far had!!!"

end of over 199 runs
SL: 112/7CRR: 5.89 • RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Thisara Perera33 (26)
Sachithra Senanayake3 (5)
Rubel Hossain4-0-34-1
Mashrafe Mortaza4-0-29-2
Rubel to Perera, 1 run

thumped to long-off for a single, so Sri Lanka need nine off the final over

Rubel to Perera, no run

Thisara looks to repeat the shot that fetched him a boundary earlier this over, this was a lot fuller from Rubel, Thisara misses it, and somehow the ball misses the off stump as well, Rubel can't believe it

Rubel to Perera, 2 runs

full and wide, the yorker is crunched towards extra cover, where a misfield from Shakib doesn't just make the first run a comfortable one, it concedes a second

Rubel to Perera, FOUR runs

high-risk stroke from Thisara, in keeping with the batting choices made in this game, a length ball just outside off, Thisara moves across the stumps and deftly guides this towards fine leg for four

Rubel to Senanayake, 1 run

short, slower one outside off, slams this towards long-on for a single

Rubel to Perera, 1 run

good start from Rubel, gets the yorker in, pushed towards mid-off for a single

A team huddle as they confer over who will bowl the penultimate over. It will be Rubel. Big call this.

TTA: "Mash has done his job as a bowler. Can he make the right decisions and guide BD home??"