4th Match, Leeds, Jul 24 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(85/100 balls)131/4
N S-Chargers won by 6 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
92* (43)
after 85 balls7 runs
NS-W: 131/4
Alice Davidson-Richards23 (28)
Jemimah Rodrigues92 (43)
Bryony Smith 1/26 (20)

5.04pm Well, it's thick and fast today. Flick over to Trent Bridge, where another rout is about to be completed... but don't stray too far, as the men's match is coming up next at Headingley!

Sampath has the stat: "Jemimah Rodrigues in all T20s in England:

11 innings, 493 runs, 70.42 average, 158.52 SR, 1 century, 3 fifties"

Rodrigues: "England is my second home, and Yorkshire, I am buying a house here! I kept it simple, it was a tough time sitting out not getting runs. Never easy when you are chasing and wickets fall, and one of them was my mistake. A matter of keeping calm and sticking to my basics. I love playing at Headingley, and the crowd was phenomenal."

"Always pressure being an overseas player, but the team feels like family."

Craig: "Innings of the tournament from Rodrigues.. extinguished the Welsh Fire with ease!"

Vrushabh Shetty: "Oh Jemimah!!!fantabulous knock!!! Superb from her.. Hope she will continue this form... ..."

4.58pm Wow! What a sensational innings from Jemimah Rodrigues, the Hundred's first Superstar! 92 not out from 43 balls, having faced four balls in the Powerplay while her team-mates tumbled to 19 for 4. Alice Davidson-Richards played a vital role with 23 not out from 28, most of them singles to keep the superstar on strike. They romped home with 15 balls to spare!

Hamza: "I thought this game was a lost cause, so I went to follow SA vs Ire instead, and now I'm regretting it!"

Smith to Davidson-Richards, 1 run

pulled off the back foot, and that's the end of that!

Smith to Davidson-Richards, no run

nudged off the pads, no run this time as mid-on swoops

Smith to Rodrigues, 1 run

whipped to leg, scores are level

Smith to Rodrigues, FOUR runs

another exquisitely pose-holding drive, and it gets the reward as long-off fumbles!

Smith to Davidson-Richards, 1 run

ADR flicks to leg, and rotates the strike again to appreciative applause

after 80 balls10 runs
NS-W: 124/4Need 7 from 20 balls
Jemimah Rodrigues87 (41)
Alice Davidson-Richards21 (25)
Alice Macleod 0/10 (5)
Macleod to Rodrigues, FOUR runs

too short, too easy! Tumbles into a wonderfully timed pull, falling away to off as the ball sails away to leg! A couple of bounces through square leg. And the Fire has been extinguished!

Macleod to Rodrigues, no run

low full toss, can't connect with the smack to cover. She's cross with herself

Macleod to Rodrigues, FOUR runs

cracked on the up, over the covers once more! A futile leap, and this contest is toast!

Macleod to Davidson-Richards, 1 run

reverse from ADR, gloved it to deny her the power, but the placement will do. Another single

Vrushabh Shetty: "Is this the same Rodriguez????? I'm speechless here!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen her bat like this... OMG!!!! "

Macleod to Rodrigues, 1 run

turning down the leg side, helped on its way, flicked in the air behind square

after 75 balls13 runs
NS-W: 114/4Need 17 from 25 balls
Jemimah Rodrigues78 (37)
Alice Davidson-Richards20 (24)
Alex Griffiths 0/17 (10)

Bhaskar : "A hundred for Jemimah. Could be a close run thing." It's on ... just

Griffiths to Rodrigues, FOUR runs

exquisite placement! Flicked around the front pad, out through backward square. Finding the gaps at will now!

Free Hit coming up

Griffiths to Davidson-Richards, (no ball) 1 run

very full, clipped off the toes, out to the leg side... and a no-ball to add to the woes!

Griffiths to Rodrigues, 1 run

low full toss, biffed along the turf to deep cover

Griffiths to Rodrigues, no run

... almost everything. Hacked into the off-side, can't time this one

Griffiths to Rodrigues, FOUR runs

that's stunning! Flicked off the pads, such timing on the cross-batted flap... she's nailing everything now, through square leg this time

Griffiths to Davidson-Richards, 1 run

outside off, cut to backward point

Run a ball. Simples