12th Match, Cardiff, Jul 31 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(88/100 balls, target 121)124/1
Fire won by 9 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
71* (50) & 1/20

Let's move over to the men's game now.

Sophie Luff: Hopefully, we can kick off from there. We had plans and we stuck to them while chasing. We worked on out fielding and it really paid off today. Matthews was fantastic in the way she batted. I think it takes one person to take you home and it was Hayley today.

Kate Cross: I guess we still haven't played our best cricket. It wasn't our best game. We have spoken as a team the value of the powerplay. Harman hasn't really fired for us today. Matthews was in great form and she didn't give many chances. I hope so four wins a row would be enough. We have got a lot of youngsters and they still need some experience. This feels like a development phase.

Hayley Matthews is the Player of the Match. "We had a pretty simple plan," she says. "They didn't get too many runs and we knew if we could a partnership going, we would get there. They had to change their field and line to adjust to left-right combo. I think Redmayne batted beautifully. I had a bit of cricket coming into the tournament. We had a series against Pakistan and I have been in good form since then. Bowlers made it easier and we thought we could carry that momentum forward.

1.25pm A complete performance from the Fire to register a thumping win. First, their bowlers restricted the Originals to 120 and then Matthews led the chase with an unbeaten 71 off 50 balls. She and Redmayne added 101 off 72 balls in an unbroken second-wicket stand to see the side home with 12 balls to spare.

Cross to Matthews, FOUR runs

finishes it one some style. Fuller on the stumps and this has been smashed over the non-striker for yet another four

Cross to Matthews, FOUR runs

short and wide and Matthews cuts it over point for a boundary. The scores are level

Cross to Redmayne, 1 run

fuller around off, hits it all along the ground towards long-off

after 85 balls9 runs
WF-W: 115/1Need 6 from 15 balls
Georgia Redmayne37 (34)
Hayley Matthews63 (48)
Laura Jackson 1/27 (15)
Jackson to Redmayne, no run
Jackson to Redmayne, 3 wide

fuller down the leg side. Misses the flick but the keeper fails to collect as well. They run a single. The throw at the bowler's end isn't great and they get an overthrow as well

Jackson to Redmayne, FOUR runs

fuller on the stumps and this has been slog swept over midwicket. No one in the deep as the ball bounces over the boundary line

Jackson to Matthews, 1 run

dropped. Fuller outside off, goes inside out once again but doesn't get the elevation. Lamb jumps at extra cover, gets both hands to it but fails to catch it

Jackson to Redmayne, 1 leg bye

length ball angling on to the pads, misses the pull but gets a leg-bye to covers

Jackson to Redmayne, no run

goes for the yorker. Dug out towards extra cover

15 required from 20

after 80 balls5 runs
WF-W: 106/1Need 15 from 20 balls
Hayley Matthews62 (47)
Georgia Redmayne33 (30)
Emma Lamb 0/21 (15)
Lamb to Matthews, 2 runs

dragged short on middle and leg. Matthews goes back and pulls it towards deep square leg for a couple

Lamb to Matthews, no run

length ball outside off, goes back and look to work it towards third man. Misses

Lamb to Redmayne, 1 run

length ball at the stumps, punched towards extra cover

Lamb to Matthews, 1 run

length ball outside off and spinning in. Goes back and pulls it towards deep midwicket

Lamb to Redmayne, 1 run

length outside off, cuts it towards sweeper cover

Lamb now. Around the wicket to Redmayne

after 75 balls6 runs
WF-W: 101/1Need 20 from 25 balls
Georgia Redmayne31 (28)
Hayley Matthews59 (44)
Alex Hartley 0/28 (20)
Hartley to Redmayne, no run

short of length outside off, finds cover with the cut

Hartley to Matthews, 1 run

slower, length ball on middle and leg. Matthews waits before turning it behind square leg

Hartley to Matthews, FOUR runs

pitched up again and Matthews doesn't miss out this time. Lofts it over extra cover for four

Hartley to Matthews, no run

fuller outside off, looks to go over covers but miscues. Griffith dives to her left, gets both hands to it but it pops out as her elbow hits the ground

Hartley to Redmayne, 1 run

fuller around off, goes for the slog sweep but ends up skying it towards midwicket. Falls short of the incoming fielder