Toronto, Aug 15 - 16 2011, United States of America tour of Canada
239/4d & 231/6d
(target 305)166 & 270
Canada won by 34 runs
Player Of The Match
100 & 3/39
Canada 1st INNINGS
Hiral Patel run out (Adams)7585-9188.23
Khushroo Wadia  b Tummala3745-6082.22
Rustam Bhatti c †Dodson b Muhammad Ghous5383-5063.85
Nitish Kumar c & b Muhammad Ghous5845-51128.88
Rizwan Cheema not out 1210-10120.00
Jimmy Hansra (c)not out 23-0066.66
Extras(b 1, nb 1)2
TOTAL(45 Ov, RR: 5.31)239/4d
Fall of wickets: 1-71 (Khushroo Wadia), 2-138 (Hiral Patel), 3-209 (Rustam Bhatti), 4-228 (Nitish Kumar)
George Adams402706.75---00
Anand Tummala1416814.85---01
Muhammad Ghous914424.88---00
Jignesh Desai1105304.81---00
Quasen Alfred1010010.00---00
Hussain Haidar311304.33---00
Bhim George302307.66---00
United States of America 1st INNINGS
Akeem Dodson run out (Usman Limbada)110130010.00
Andy Mohammed run out (Hansra)517171029.41
Amir Nanjee c sub (HS Baidwan) b Aulakh213240015.38
Quasen Alfred  b Khurram Chohan14111630127.27
Jignesh Desai (c)lbw b Khurram Chohan4360865071.66
Anand Tummala c †Bhatti b Rizwan Cheema2545574055.55
Charan Singh  b Khurram Chohan2022264090.90
Bhim George lbw b Desai3132355096.87
Muhammad Ghous lbw b Junaid Siddiqui1642430038.09
George Adams  b Desai011000.00
Hussain Haidar not out 41700400.00
Extras(b 1, nb 3, w 1)5
TOTAL(42.4 Ov, RR: 3.89)166
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Akeem Dodson), 2-10 (Andy Mohammed), 3-23 (Amir Nanjee), 4-24 (Quasen Alfred), 5-85 (Anand Tummala), 6-113 (Charan Singh), 7-114 (Jignesh Desai), 8-157 (Bhim George), 9-157 (George Adams), 10-166 (Muhammad Ghous, 42.4 ov)
Khurram Chohan1134033.63---11
Manny Aulakh1014614.59---02
Junaid Siddiqui9.413713.82---00
Parth Desai832423.00---00
Rizwan Cheema10212.00---00
Jimmy Hansra301605.33---00
Canada 2nd INNINGS
Hiral Patel c Singh b Muhammad Ghous80841287295.23
Khushroo Wadia c †Dodson b Adams16120016.66
Usman Limbada c †Dodson b Tummala826341030.76
Nitish Kumar c & b Tummala058000.00
Jimmy Hansra (c)c Desai b Adams1008911276112.35
Rizwan Cheema c Tummala b Muhammad Ghous21151310140.00
Rustam Bhatti not out 1215271080.00
Extras(b 4, lb 3, w 2)9
TOTAL(40 Ov, RR: 5.77)231/6d
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Khushroo Wadia), 2-33 (Usman Limbada), 3-39 (Nitish Kumar), 4-126 (Hiral Patel), 5-161 (Rizwan Cheema), 6-231 (Jimmy Hansra)
George Adams1226325.25---10
Anand Tummala1122922.63---00
Bhim George1007607.60---10
Muhammad Ghous705628.00---00
United States of America 2nd INNINGS (target: 305 runs)
Quasen Alfred c Hansra b Desai38283752135.71
Andy Mohammed st †Bhatti b Desai33274551122.22
Anand Tummala  b Junaid Siddiqui6375884184.00
Amir Nanjee c †Bhatti b Patel36110050.00
Bhim George c Patel b Hansra2628293092.85
Akeem Dodson c Rizwan Cheema b Hansra012000.00
Charan Singh lbw b Junaid Siddiqui012000.00
Jignesh Desai (c)c sub (HS Baidwan) b Junaid Siddiqui62455771137.77
Hussain Haidar c Junaid Siddiqui b Hansra1220050.00
Muhammad Ghous c & b Desai3924322162.50
George Adams not out 22-00100.00
Extras(lb 2, nb 1)3
TOTAL(39.4 Ov, RR: 6.80)270
Fall of wickets: 1-68 (Quasen Alfred), 2-75 (Andy Mohammed), 3-84 (Amir Nanjee), 4-131 (Bhim George), 5-131 (Akeem Dodson), 6-131 (Charan Singh), 7-212 (Anand Tummala), 8-213 (Hussain Haidar), 9-261 (Jignesh Desai), 10-270 (Muhammad Ghous, 39.4 ov)
Khurram Chohan504609.19---01
Manny Aulakh201608.00---00
Parth Desai12.417235.68---00
Hiral Patel502414.80---00
Junaid Siddiqui1007137.10---00
Jimmy Hansra503937.80---00
Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club
TossUnited States of America, elected to field first
SeriesUnited States of America tour of Canada
Player Of The Match
Jimmy Hansra
Jimmy Hansra
Match days15,16 August 2011 - day (2-day match)
Canada Image
Hafeez Rehman
Canada Image
Palem Chettiar
Reserve Umpire
Canada Image
Ashook Brijcoomar
Mon, 15 Aug - day 1 - U.S.A. 1st innings 166
Tue, 16 Aug - day 2 - U.S.A. 2nd innings 270 (39.4 ov) - end of match
  • Canada 2nd innings
  • H Patel 50 off 58 balls in 102 mins
  • AS Hansra 50 off 69 balls in 91 mins
  • AS Hansra 100 off 88 balls in 110 mins
  • 50 off 85 balls
  • 100 off 148 balls
  • 150 off 195 balls
  • 200 off 225 balls