4th Match, Group B (N), Perth, Feb 23 2020, ICC Women's T20 World Cup
(19.4/20 ov)124/4
SA Women won by 6 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
46 (51) & 2/20

10.00pmWell, we avoided the Super Over, which is becoming quite fashionable these days. South Africa secure the upset, only their third win against England in the past 11 T20Is between these two sides. Mignon du Preez, the first South African woman to play 100 T20 internationals with her appearance in this match, struck the winning runs, a six followed by a single off Katherine Brunt in the final over to bring it home.

Du Preez speaking to Sky Sports: "I've played in all seven World Cups and we've never come this close. We've said we want to do something special and this is just the start."

Player of the match Dane van Niekerk with 46 runs off 51 balls and two wickets: "I'm really proud. Honestly, it was a team performance today."

What a start to this tournament. India toppling the hosts and favourites, Australia, in the opening match and South Africa securing their maiden win over England at a Women's T20 World Cup. England, the No. 2 side in the world, didn't manage to get enough runs on the board in their innings and then failed to capitalise on the early dismissal of Lizelle Lee which had South Africa 1 for 6 in the third over. They had 90 runs on the board by the time Marizanne Kapp was the next wicket to fall and, while van Niekerk didn't score rapidly early on, she top scored for her side before the experienced du Preez held her nerve to get them over the line.

England captain Heather Knight: "We obviously have to pick ourselves up quite quickly from this defeat. Every game is going to be a massive game for us now. We'll assess this game, try and park it very quickly and move on."

Thanks so much for joining us, everyone. From Gnasher, Thilak and myself, we thoroughly enjoyed your company and look forward the next one.

Brunt to du Preez, 1 run

and there it is! A hearty sweep through square leg, there's no fielder there and it goes all the way to the rope but the batters have already crossed so that will count as a single. South Africa win by six wickets!

SA need just one run off three balls...

Brunt to du Preez, SIX runs

length ball, on off stump, du Preez whacks it over backward square for a maximum!

Oh, Brunt pulls up before hitting her delivery stride, a little warning to Sune Luus as she backs up for the run early

Brunt to Luus, 1 run

prodded away to backward point

Brunt to du Preez, 1 run

fuller ball, on leg stump she gets an inside edge onto her pad and they somehow manage to sneak a run there, rapid between the wickets

The experience of Katherine Brunt comes to the fore to see out this final over. SA need nine off six balls...

end of over 1910 runs • 1 wicket
SA-W: 115/4CRR: 6.05 RRR: 9.00
Mignon du Preez7 (8)
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-19-2
Nat Sciver 4-0-27-0
Ecclestone to Tryon, OUT

how's that for a reply from Ecclestone? A quicker ball, it skids through and clatters into the stumps!

Chloe Tryon b Ecclestone 12 (12b 1x4 1x6) SR: 100
Ecclestone to Tryon, no run

outside off, she takes a swipe at it and misses, Amy Jones juggles behind and the stumping is off as a result

Ecclestone to Tryon, SIX runs

fuller ball, on off stump and she sweeps big, really big over deep backward square leg

SA need 15 from nine balls here...

Ecclestone to du Preez, 1 run

whipped away to the leg side

Ecclestone to Tryon, 1 run

outside off, she skips towards it and sends it over midwicket

Ecclestone to Tryon, 2 leg byes

full, that raps her low on the front pad a big appeal for lbw, not given. England ask for a review and ball tracking shows it going down the leg side

end of over 1814 runs
SA-W: 105/3CRR: 5.83 RRR: 9.50
Mignon du Preez6 (7)
Chloe Tryon5 (7)
Nat Sciver 4-0-27-0
Sophie Ecclestone 3-0-11-1
Sciver to du Preez, 2 runs

worked to deep midwicket

Sciver to du Preez, 2 runs

length ball, outside off, she skies it down the ground and Lauren Winfield fails to make her ground running in from long-on and it drops just short of her fingers. A missed opportunity there, one feels

Sciver to Tryon, 1 run

fuller, whipped away through the leg side, they decide against taking a second

Sciver to Tryon, FOUR runs

back of a length, she swipes it high and it's going through fine leg to bring up 100 runs for South Africa

Sciver to du Preez, 1 run

swept high towards square leg where it's met by the fielder

Sciver to du Preez, 4 byes

whacked fine and it's through fine leg

end of over 171 run • 1 wicket
SA-W: 91/3CRR: 5.35 RRR: 11.00
Chloe Tryon0 (5)
Mignon du Preez1 (3)
Sophie Ecclestone 3-0-11-1
Sarah Glenn 4-0-26-1
Ecclestone to Tryon, no run

guided towards mid-on

Ecclestone to Tryon, no run

it raps her on the pad

Ecclestone to du Preez, 1 run

lofted down towards mid-off it drops short of the fielder running in

Ecclestone to du Preez, no run

swept towards fine leg but there's a fielder there

Ecclestone to du Preez, no run

defended back down the pitch

Ecclestone to D van Niekerk, OUT

outside off, attempted cut but slapped away to Tammy Beaumont at point!

Dane van Niekerk c Beaumont b Ecclestone 46 (51b 2x4 2x6) SR: 90.19

Alan Hardy: "Well, there's one of the wickets I was talking about... too little, too late?"