24th Match, Super 10 Group 1 (D/N), Delhi, Mar 23 2016, World T20
(20 ov, target 143)127/9
England won by 15 runs
Player Of The Match
41* (33) & 1/17
end of over 208 runs
AFG: 127/9CRR: 6.35 
Shafiqullah35 (20)
Shapoor Zadran0 (0)
Ben Stokes 3-0-28-1
Chris Jordan 4-0-27-1

Morgan is asked "Can you put this win into context?" He responds, a little cautiously and with the makings of a wry grin on his face: "I think we came here for a win and we won." True enough. "Ultimately, to dissect the performance, we will do so before playing Sri Lanka."

Speaking of Afghanistan, he said: "They play a great band of cricket; if underperforming, you can come unstuck. We didn't adapt to the pitch - we didn't get that right. To get up to 143, Ali and Willey played really well. And I thought we fielded well and bowled well."

So that's that. The debate over giving Associates more exposure will rumble on, seemingly forever, but until forever happens, there's India v Bangladesh to amuse us - coming up shortly. Join us for that, and thank you for your company today.

We'll hear from the captains shortly, so we will. Have a read of The Report while you wait.

Moeen Ali is named Player of the Match, unsurprisingly. I should tell you that England's NRR is now +0.02. So, a big improvement, but it does make their match against Sri Lanka marginally important.

So, England win and are still alive in the tournament - could have been so different. Afghanistan bowled brilliantly for 16, 17 overs of their innings; it was only when Moeen Ali and David Willey came together in the final three overs that England took control of the contest. And once they'd dismissed Shahzad, the rest felt like a procession - a few lusty blows aside, Afghanistan were never really in the chase.

Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR runs

four! I still believe! Oh, last ball - all over. Terrific shot, creamed out through cover, but England win by 15 runs

Stokes to Shafiq, no run

scoop, falls over! Nice idea, certainly, but didn't get quite into position. In fact, I think the ball hit him

Stokes to Shafiq, no run

very well bowled. Game over. Dug out and hit back to Stokes

Stokes to Shafiq, no run

well bowled - very full and fast and he gets an inside edge. Buttler does brilliantly! Dives to his left and it needs a dive, too - that had four written all over it

Stokes to Shafiq, no run

good bouncer, goes for a hook but misses - or possibly he headed it. Yes, he's taken that on the helmet

A kite has appeared in the deep. There's an omen!


Stokes to Shafiq, FOUR runs

poor ball. Wide of the off stump and Shafiq steps to leg, swings his arms and gets a thick outside edge for four to third man! Stokes is ticking. He's ticking and shaking his head

24 from 6 wee balls. Four sixes. Oh blimey it's Stokes to bowl...this could be tasty

end of over 1911 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 119/9CRR: 6.26 RRR: 24.00
Shafiqullah27 (14)
Shapoor Zadran0 (0)
Chris Jordan 4-0-27-1
David Willey 4-0-23-2
Jordan to Shafiq, 1 run

full toss smacked to mid-on

Jordan to Shafiq, no run

where's this gone? Mid-off? Can't even describe that stroke, sorry - I just can't. Down on one knee and slog-smash-clatter-bang

25 from 8 - this is so on

Jordan to Shafiq, SIX runs

absolutely enormous crash over the top - this is huge! Another full toss from Jordan who is second-tiered at long-on

It's still on! Who's with me?

Jordan to Shafiq, FOUR runs

flogged down the ground! That had some swing on it, too! Full toss and smashed back past Jordan

Jordan to Shafiq, no run

corker yorker, dug out

Jordan to Shafiq, OUT

oops. Schoolboy stuff, really - clobbered out to Ali at midwicket, and sends back Hamza who realises his fate and stands mid-pitch! Quite sad really. Hangdog expression on his face as Ali throws to Jordan who whips off the bails

Amir Hamza run out (Ali/Jordan) 1 (9m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

I think it's fair to say this match hasn't been attended by throngs of people. Right then. 35 from 12. Who wants it? Jordan absolutely wants it.

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