6th Match, First Round Group B (N), Nagpur, Mar 10 2016, World T20
(18/20 ov, target 117)119/4
Afghanistan won by 6 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
player of the match
Mohammad Nabi
end of over 1815 runs
AFG: 119/4CRR: 6.61 
Najibullah Zadran17 (9)
Gulbadin Naib4 (5)
Haseeb Amjad2-0-20-0
Nadeem Ahmed4-0-24-1

10.40pm Fantastic performance from Afghanistan, clinical throughout the game to set up a shoot-out against Zimbabwe for a place in the main draw. They first bowled beautifully and their openers mixed attack with caution to effectively kill the game. Hong Kong did not have their best day and struggled throughout to put any sort of pressure on Afghanistan. Hong Kong are out, but Afghanistan have all to play for on Saturday.

Mohammad Nabi, the Player of the Match: "Very happy with my performance. My best figures in a World Cup. Pitch conditions totally slow and I decided to use my variations. I'm ready in all situations."

Asghar Stanikzai: "They played really well but Nabi bowled well. Rashid too bowled very well, and our fielding was good. Our team is very confident and our whole team is in very good form."

Tanwir Afzal: "We got a good start and we were in a position to score 140-145. Not easy to score early on, we missed key moments. Hard to bat on. So many positive things we can take from these two games, we'll regroup and come back with confidence in the next match against Scotland

Haseeb Amjad to Zadran, FOUR runs

that will be it. A straight delivery on middle and leg, and Najib tickles it fine to the fine leg boundary. Easy win for Afghanistan, and Hong Kong crash out of the competition.

Haseeb Amjad to Zadran, no run

full and wide outside off, Najib misses the drive this time

Just two needed

Haseeb Amjad to Zadran, FOUR runs

superb shot. Fullish on off, Najib stays in his crease and then punches the drive in the gap between cover and mid-off. Great timing

Haseeb Amjad to Zadran, FOUR runs

cracked away and that will be four. Another back of the hand slower ball which sits up for Najib to pull with disdain past midwicket

Haseeb Amjad to Gulbadin, 3 runs

another one. This time he waits for it and then pulls over midwicket. Square leg runs around and makes an exceptional dive to save one. Did not give up on the chase at any point

Haseeb Amjad to Gulbadin, no run

slower delivery outside off. These middle-order batsmen struggling with the pace of the wicket, through the pull too early

Haseeb Amjad

James: "Probably too late for HK, but Afganistan are making hard work of finishing this game."

end of over 172 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 104/4CRR: 6.11 RRR: 4.33 • Need 13 runs from 18b
Gulbadin Naib1 (3)
Najibullah Zadran5 (5)
Nadeem Ahmed4-0-24-1
Aizaz Khan4-0-18-0
Nadeem Ahmed to Gulbadin, 1 run

slow and short on off, pulled away down to long-on who misjudges the catch, doesn't come in quick enough and the ball bounces just short of him.

Nadeem Ahmed to Gulbadin, no run

very slow through the air, comes off very slowly too. Pushed back

Nadeem Ahmed to Gulbadin, no run

slowed up on off, pushed away to point

Nadeem Ahmed to Shafiq, OUT

gone. Another unusual dismissal. Shafiqullah gets down low for a hard sweep but the pitch is rather slow and Shafiq is through the stroke too early, ends up toe-ending it back to the bowler who takes a good, low catch.

Shafiqullah c & b Nadeem Ahmed 3 (7m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85
Nadeem Ahmed to Shafiq, no run

slower outside off, patted back

Nadeem Ahmed to Zadran, 1 run

tossed up, wider outside off after seeing the batsman coming. Chipped to long-on