1st ODI (D/N), Chattogram, Nov 21 2014, Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh
(42.1/50 ov, target 282)194
Bangladesh won by 87 runs
Player Of The Match
101 (99) & 4/41

The next ODI here on Sunday will start at 12.30 pm and not 1.30 pm like today to try and ward off any chances of dew playing to much of a part in the game. That's all we have for you today though. So join us then. Thank you for your comments and your company

Shakib Al Hasan is the Man of the Match "Me and Mushy had a very good partnership. I dont know what I have changed in bowling. Have been bowling a lot and I love to contribute but when it is my day I have to make sure it belongs to me. It was a brilliant performance, but still there are areas where we need to improve and hope we do well in the next four games. It's a relief [winning the first ODI in 2014]"

"More important matches are coming and we are focussed on that," says Mashrafe Mortaza.

"I thought the start we had was excellent but when Shakib and Musfiqur came in, they played really well. Our fielding was off as well, we didn't take our chances. One guy was scoring a hundred, another was hitting a fifty for them and that's where we need to improve. Some of the balls were spinning, but it was a good decision to bowl and it was a chaseable score but we kept losing wickets," says Elton Chigumbura, "Obviously, we have four more games and we need to bounce back, especially the next one"

"The boys are really hungry. Credit goes to Shakib. I took my time and Shakib was going from ball one so that helped me. We knew if we got to 250, it was par and our bowlers bowled really well as well. One of us had to have stayed till the end and that was why we have won. We want to win the next match as well, all of us are focussed on that," says Mushfiqur Rahim

8.55 pm Zimbabwe barely posed a fight, an affliction that has been with them all tour. It was a trial by spin again and there wasn't much improvement to be found. But it has been Shakib's day again. He slammed a century that helped restore a top-order wobble and then help them race away to better-than-par total. He came back with the ball and took four wickets to put himself down as the 12th player, and the first Bangladeshi to hit a century and take four or more wickets in the same match

Arafat Sunny to Chatara, OUT

one ball after Shakib's spell is done, Sunny cleans up Chatara to record Bangladesh's first win of 2014. It was a skidder, pitching on a good length and ripping through his defences.

Tendai Chatara b Arafat Sunny 10 (24m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50
end of over 4212 runs
ZIM: 194/9CRR: 4.61 RRR: 11.00
Tafadzwa Kamungozi12 (8)
Tendai Chatara10 (19)
Shakib Al Hasan 10-0-41-4
Arafat Sunny 9-2-22-1
Shakib to Kamungozi, FOUR runs

a hat-trick of fours for Kamungozi! This was fuller and outside off, he goes down on one knee and nails a square drive to the point boundary. So no five-for for Shakib, still a ton and four wickets is better than most

Shakib to Kamungozi, FOUR runs

this is short and Kamungozi rocks back and cuts through the covers

Shakib to Kamungozi, FOUR runs

mid-off was not deep enough to pose a threat to this. Ran back as much as he could and he dived too, but Kamungozi's trek down the track gives him four runs

Shakib to Kamungozi, no run

oh dear, that was close! It was slower through the air and the batsman had lunged forward to block. It takes the outside edge and squirts away past silly point

Shakib to Kamungozi, no run

this is short and he backs away to cut to short cover

Shakib to Kamungozi, no run

flighted on middle, kept out

Here's Shakib again... with five around the bat

end of over 412 runs
ZIM: 182/9CRR: 4.43 RRR: 11.11
Tendai Chatara10 (19)
Tafadzwa Kamungozi0 (2)
Arafat Sunny 9-2-22-1
Shakib Al Hasan 9-0-29-4
Arafat Sunny to Chatara, 2 runs

goes back to chop a flatter delivery on off stump to third man for a couple

Arafat Sunny to Chatara, no run

tossed up on off stump, nudged to mid-off

Arafat Sunny to Chatara, no run

defends a flighted delivery outside off

Arafat Sunny to Chatara, no run

keeps out a fuller ball on middle and leg

Arafat Sunny to Chatara, no run

tossed up on middle and Chatara is forward to block

Arafat Sunny to Chatara, no run

good length ball on off stump, Chatara blocks off the back foot

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