Razzak reported for suspect action

Abdur Razzak, the Bangladesh left-arm spinner, has been reported for a suspect bowling action. Daryl Harper and Asoka de Silva, the umpires for the two-Test series between Bangladesh and New Zealand which finished on Wednesday, said they had concerns over Razzak's faster ball and hence requested the ICC to review his action.

The ICC will obtain three copies of the relevant footage, one of which will be kept by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Razzak will undergo an independent analysis of his action by a member of the ICC panel of human movement specialists, appointed in consultation with the BCB. If his action remains suspect during the analysis, he faces a ban and will have to remedy his action.

If the analysis confirms the umpires' suspicions of only a specific delivery - in this case the faster one - he can continue to bowl in international cricket but faces a ban if reported again.

This is the second time Razzak has been reported for the same offence in his career. The first instance was during an Asia Cup match against Pakistan in Colombo in 2004 in what was only his second one-day international.

Razzak took five wickets in the Tests against New Zealand at an expensive 45.60 runs per wicket.