A brief history

A brief history of ICC events

The ICC runs a number of tournaments and events. The first, the World Cup, was launched in 1975 (the women had staged their own competition two years earlier) and in 1979 they held the first ICC Trophy, a one-day event for Associate members. In 1998 the first Champions Trophy was played and in 2004 the Intercontinental Cup, designed to give Associates exposure to first-class cricket, appeared. In 2005 the ICC held a Super Series - between Australia and a World XI - but it was largely criticised and is unlikely to reappear. In 2007 the first ICC World Twenty20 occurred in South Africa.
In addition to the higher-profile events, the ICC also runs the World Cricket League. Spread over five divisions, it involves most Associates in international one-day competition with relegation and promotion between divisions.
Since the ICC merged with the Women's Cricket Council in 2005, the ICC has taken on the responsibility for women's events.
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