The Afghanistan Cricket Federation (ACF) held its Annual General Meeting at the Khyber Hotel in Kabul on 25 July 2003. Several administrative changes were made to help expand cricket in Afghanistan.

ACF Annual General Meeting
Planning Minister with others at Afghan AGM
Shahzada Masood was elected the new president of the ACF. Shahzada is an advisor to the Afghan government, a cricket lover and keen supporter. The ACF is hoping he will help support cricket at the government level.

Allah Dad Noori the founder and ex-president of ACF stepped down in favour of Shahzada Masood in the greater interest of Afghan cricket. He has accepted the post of vice-president and will remain the prime executive force in promoting and organising Afghan cricket. He carries the full support of Afghan cricketers and as a player was the country's fastest bowler.

Rasee Khan Jaji, another cricket enthusiast was also elected vice-president.

Taj Malik was appointed General Secretary to work in both administration and in the technical areas. Taj Malik is the Afghan national coach and also chairman of the Afghanistan National Cricket Academy which is responsible for domestic cricket.

Hayatullah Ahmadzai has become a director of the ACF and is also a keen cricket follower and supporter of cricket in the country.

Abdul Khalil was appointed General Manager of the ACF. Only 20, he is the youngest member of the ACF administration and has been working hard for Afghan cricket promotion.

Mujahid Khan was elected Treasurer of the ACF.

The Afghanistan Minister for Planning Mr Ahmad Yousaf Nooristani graced the meeting. Other dignitaries included Shahzada Masood and the president of the Afghan National Sports Committee Mohammad Anwer Jigdalak.

Taj Malik
General Secretary
Afghanistan Cricket Federation
29 June 2003