The rehabilitation
Matt Prior's injured.

"Who ever came up with the rehab exercises for achilles injuries must have also enjoyed watching paint dry and queuing at the bank! #tedious"

You're rather missing the point there, Matt. The alleviation of tendinitis isn't merely a happy by-product of the fun-filled knockabout activities that are enjoyed by physiotherapists. Achilles rehabilitation exercises were actually specifically developed to help people recover, and so enjoyment isn't really a concern. Hope that clears things up for you.

The conversation
Scott Styris has a fairly hideous injury at the moment.

"not having much luck explaining to my 6yr old what a dislocated thumb and the bone thru the skin is? maybe its not the right convo anyway"

Why try and explain when you've got the torn flesh and bone right there at the end of your arm?

The commissioning editor
Albie Morkel's got an idea for a TV programme.

"If there was a tv show 'So u think u can snore' the granny next to me on the flight last night wouldve won it without a doubt!!"

There is a very good reason why TV doesn't feature a programme called So U Think U Can Snore, Albie. Stick to cricket.

The time
Simon Jones has been relying on UK breakfast TV programme Daybreak instead of his watch. Fortunately, he quickly deduced that something was awry.

"Why is daybreaks clock an hour behind???"

"Sorry had ITV +1 on"

The champion
Manoj Tiwary has a vision.

"The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one is watching"

Someone with food poisoning?

The bouncer
Manoj has a measurement.

"I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom"

There's a reason why climbers use ropes and harnesses, Manoj. Men don't bounce. From a really great height, a man might spread out a bit upon impact, but he won't bounce.

The theft
James Taylor had second thoughts about a moment of generosity.

"Morale dilemma, I gave my trolley to an old lady but it's still got my pound in it. Can I run back into Asda and take her down? #trolleywars"

Don't resort to violence against the elderly, James. That would be stooping very low indeed. Why not instead try and negotiate for her to work off her debt via a series of back-breaking chores?

The buttery fingers
David Lloyd was unimpressed with the standards of fielding in the stands at a recent Twenty20 match.

"Crowd shouldn't be allowed in unless they can catch . 14 have gone down today..."

The third dimension
Ramnaresh Sarwan's been stepping outside his comfort zone.

"About to have a 3D experience, any advice?"

Yes. If it's too frightening, take off the glasses and… Oh my god, the entire world's in 3D! Why can't we live in a safe cartoon land where everything's two-dimensional?

The amateur chef
Graeme Swann was in charge of dinner.

"A disappointing moment tonight when the oven had been on for an hour and the lasagne didn't seem to be cooking. It was still on the worktop."

Meals are always warmly received when the diners have built up an appetite.

What's your philosophy?
Could Lonwabo Tsotsobe become the next Shaun Pollock? What is it with South African bowlers and trite philosophy?

"We enjoy the process far more than the proceeds. We learn frm our mistakes. Goodmorning ya'll, and hv a superb saturday!"

"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success. Mornin,and have a blessed sunday."

It doesn't sound like Lonwabo had a particularly successful weekend.

Getting to know God
Another week without updates from Sachin Tendulkar. Maybe he's making a subtle and post-modern comment on the godlessness of the modern world.

Or maybe he can't be arsed.

Nando's watch
"Real shame about the game today, sat at nandos now hatching plans for this afternoon. Hmm"
@finnysteve (Steven Finn)

"Yet again find myself at nandos.. I should set up a direct debit"

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