It was assumed that Mehrab's continuous unaccustomed effort behind the stumps might have affect his batting performanceturned out to be true in the very first over though he had little to do with that lethal out-swinger from Watambwa. A fatigue Mehrab got only ten minutes to set himself up for the new ball in a precarious Bangladesh second innings. The thing Chappell and others were fretting about is their sides habitual tremulous second innings when the concentration and the consistency is desired crucially. Javed Omar had just to watch the vicious delivery snaked out with a faint touch of his bat to the third slip. There was no question over Price's ability to move the ball off the pitch in a favorable stalk. But Aminul Islam's dismissal has valid reason to claim it as ill-fate ; the ball seemed to have passed away the stumps when he forwarded his left foot to attempt a deliberate padding apprehending it was unplayable. The posture might have confused the umpire enough to give a decision against him because he got a back lift while playing the ball. A latter video footage cleared it up that the decision could raise controversy. So, another ill luck joined the dilapidated Bangladesh batting line up.

Al-Sahariar's beginning was steadier than ever, but after he got his half-century he looked as if he had done enough for a day's smile, therefore, had a go for the suicidal efforts through his smashes that was utterly detrimental at that stage. The weakness that Zimbabwean spotted of our side is the lack of temperament and the wrong selection of balls to whack whilst they appeared to be set up with the wicket. Sort of things Bangladesh batsmen still neither comprehends nor be able to capitalize from bittering know-how.