Torrential rain, hail, thunder, lightning, gale fore winds - hmm, I think fielding training has been postponed for this evening. Luckily, we anticipated this unseasonal downpour and scheduled all our training during the earlier part of the morning and afternoon.

It's been a pretty full on day with three training sessions and several meetings. We had a net training in the morning and the bowlers in particular enjoyed some early movement and seam. The net provided on excellent opportunity to practice on quality wickets similar to those expected during the tournament.

After lunch we returned to Lincoln Green to run through a series of fielding drills before having a short break and heading into the Recreation Centre with our fitness trainer Warren Frost. This session was designed to give us an indication of the types of activities and fitness drills we would be doing in order to maintain our fitness throughout our World Cup campaign. A misguided medicine ball almost took out Rollsy (Rebecca Rolls) but other than that there were no casualties.

With meetings throughout the remainder of the afternoon - the only other official meeting remaining was that of the 'Sheriff's' alias Rachel Pullar. It was a nervous time for all as strict protocol was laid down regarding dress, punctuality and the like. Rachel handed out some very stern warnings to all players and management, also highlighting the penalties for non-compliance.

Now that the rain, hail and howling winds have stopped I might take my chance and sprint across the courtyard to my pavilion to settle in for the evening.