The collision

Having opened Shamsur Rahman up with a back-of-a-length delivery that straightened and bounced, Mohammed Shami's eyes were fixed on the ball looping up off the leading edge. So glued were his eyes to the ball that Shami didn't notice Ambati Rayudu running in from cover to claim the same catch. The two collided, but Shami's focus had been so unwavering he came out of it clutching the ball triumphantly. Both bowler and fielder were unhurt.

The yorkers

India have seldom used Bhuvneshwar Kumar at the death. Two days before this match, though, he had been spotted diligently aiming yorkers at a dummy batsman in an open net. All of that practice showed when he came on for the 47th and 49th overs of Bangladesh's innings and fired eight out of those 12 balls into the blockhole.

The forehand swat

Anamul Haque had already jumped down the track and smacked Varun Aaron for a six. Seeing him leave his crease once more, Aaron banged the ball in short. It rose shoulder high and on an off-stump line, but Anamul didn't care, and went through with the shot, swatting the ball hard and high over the deep midwicket boundary.

The beamer

Aaron wasn't having a good day. He was going at over nine an over, and Mushfiqur Rahim had smashed two fours and a six off his last four legal deliveries. His radar had been all over the place. But now, Aaron's waywardness went beyond merely line and length. The ball slipped out of his fingers, and struck Mushfiqur Rahim on the chest, on the full. Aaron had already bowled one waist-high full-toss at Anamul. The second meant he could play no more part with the ball.

The yorkers (part two)

In his fourth over, Rubel Hossain uprooted Shikhar Dhawan's leg stump with a superbly directed yorker. Unfortunately for the bowler, this was a free hit. Rubel's efforts would get their reward in due course, however, even if it was too late in India's innings to make any difference to the result. In his final over, Rubel bowled his second unplayable yorker of the day, a ball good enough to bowl Virat Kohli out for 136.

Karthik Krishnaswamy is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo