My summer of bowling has finished and I have just had a real good feed of fried chicken, approved and signed off by both our trainer and physio. I need to put some weight back on my body and fried chicken is a good place to start. I haven't had a feed like that for a very long time and I am actually not feeling the best after it, as my body isn't used to a high-fat meal at the moment. But I'll survive and I'm sure I'll be okay in the morning.

So, we're chasing down 600-plus, well not really chasing it down but we're out there hanging tough to draw this match. Chasing that score, on any deck, has never been done, not even close and it won't be done here in Wellington. Time is the only thing against us and with us.

India batted for over an hour this morning. I opened from the Adelaide Road end into the wind. I wasn't feeling as strong or quick as I was the night before even after a good rest and massage; all the bowling has really taken its toll on my body. My first couple of overs went just fine, lines ok, lengths not bad. And then Yuvraj happened; eighteen off one over. Three fours and a six, and my lengths weren't too bad, maybe a touch short, but not so much that I deserved to be hit like I was. He can play. Though it did loosen him up and Tommy got him to go hard on the drive and nick one through to Rossco at first.

Tommy then claimed his second of the morning when Timmy took his first Test catch at fine leg. It also just happened to be his second and third catch as he juggled it a couple of times before safely coming up with a smile and ball in hand.

It was great to be off the park and to take the bowling boots off for the last time in NZ for a while, the boots got thrown towards the bin as they won’t be coming with me to the UK and I have another pair ready to go.

No matter what, there is always that nervous feeling as the boys go out to bat. It's just in a cricketer’s nature to be nervous and sometimes for no real reason at all. The new ball was always going to be the tough part to get through. The Basin deck has been, for a long time now, one where the new ball does a little - as seen yesterday, when I got one to jag back to VVS. This was the danger time, the first 15 to 20 overs of the new ball combined with Khan, who's in great form; and he got two in that time.

We were four down when bad light stopped play at drinks in the last session; Rossco and Franky got us through from 84-4 to the inevitable early close of play at 167-4. For this Test, daylight savings is coming in very handy.

Day five tomorrow, the last day of international cricket this summer in NZ. It's been a long season and only one warm-up left, and it's a batting warm-up too. I'm hopeful of not needing to bat tomorrow, but if called on I am looking forward to trying to break my new PB that I set in the first innings; I only have 19 to beat, but that's a lot of runs when you only average around 5.

Fast bowler Iain O'Brien played 22 Tests for New Zealand in the second half of the 2000s