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Modi's requests for documentary evidence

These are the ten references Lalit Modi made to the show cause notice (slapped by the board on him on April 26), and for which he has requested documentary proof from the BCCI that would enable him to shore up his defence

Cricinfo staff
At 1.11 am on Monday, Lalit Modi, the suspended IPL chairman, dispatched an e-mail to N Srinivasan, the BCCI secretary, seeking the board's answers to ten specific questions relating to the show cause notice served on him on April 26, and asking for documentary proof that would help him prepare his defence. The board had suspended Modi immediately after the third IPL final and levelled five main charges.
In his email - Cricinfo has copies of both the questions and the answers - Modi refers to some of the charges and other allegations such as "tarnishing the BCCI's image" through statements in the media, having "proxy stakes" in three of the franchises and being involved in rigging of the auction for the two new franchises. On Tuesday Modi's lawyer stated the board had only provided documentary proof for four charges; below is the detailed response from Srinivasan to Modi's queries.
Lalit Modi: Page 1, Para 2- I have been charged that IPL contracts have been executed by me without the authority of the governing council, but no copies of the agreements have been provided.
N Srinivasan: Page 1, para 2A reading of the show cause notice would establish that the Governing Council of the IPL authorized the signing of an agreement with the successful franchise 'Emerging Media (IPL) Limited' and not 'Jaipur IPL Cricket (Pvt) Limited'. This is clear from page 5 of the show cause notice. Similarly, the agreements and cancellation documents referred from para 3 till para 8 on pages 17, 18 and 19 of the show cause notice were without approval of the Governing Council. This fact is mentioned in para 9 of the show cause notice at page 20.
Modi: Page 1, Para 3- I have been charged with tarnishing BCCI's image through my statements in the media and alleged misdeeds, but it's not substantiated with proof.
Srinivasan: These communications received by the BCCI President from Senior officers, Committee members and others expressing their concern about tarnishing the image of the BCCI and the game of cricket were all oral communications. I am sure that even you would have been concerned at the adverse image suffered by the BCCI and the game of cricket on account of the media reports which had appeared at the time of issuance of the show cause notice.
Modi: Page 2 Para 2- If any written record of consultation exists, please provide me with the same.
Srinivasan: The consultation referred to in the paragraph with the BCCI President was oral. There is no written record of the consultation.
Modi: Page 2, Para 1- The show cause states I have proxy stake in 3 IPL franchisees, but there are no copies of such reports.
Srinivasan The reports which suggest that you have proxy stakes in the three franchisees of the IPL had all appeared in the media, particularly in the electronic media. I am sure you have also seen such reports. The BCCI does not maintain a record of these media reports.
Modi: Page 5 Para 4- your notice refers to the 'register of members of Jaipur IPL cricket Pvt Ltd. Please supply me with a copy of the same.
Srinivasan: The Register of members of the Jaipur IPL Pvt. Limited will be supplied.
Modi: Page 6 Para 5- you stated that details have been gathered from documents apparently submitted by the Franchisee subsequent to the agreement. Kindly provide me with copies of such document.
Srinivasan: Details which have been gathered from documents submitted by the franchise subsequent to the agreement will be supplied.
Modi: Page 11- Show cause states that subtle messages were sent to corporate entities that they were unwelcome to bid. But no names or copies of messages have been provided.
Srinivasan: It was brought to the notice of the BCCI by a reliable source that such messages were given to him. Since this communication was privileged and confidential, the name of the person is being held up. This information was provided orally.
Modi: Page 15- It has been stated the Kochi contract had to be signed under a directive of the BCCI president. But, no copies of the written directive exist.
Srinivasan: President BCCI on hearing that there was a delay in executing the contract with the Kochi franchise, orally informed you, Ms. Akhila Kaushik and Shri Sundar Raman that this was completely unfair and he wanted the contract to be signed and executed forthwith. This communication was given to you orally on telephone.
Modi: Page 27- You have stated that MOU with LCM dealt with rights already committed to Nimbus with who BCCI has an ongoing contract. Provide me the agreement between BCCI-Nimbus.
Srinivasan: The copy of the agreement between Nimbus and BCCI will be supplied.
Modi: Page 27, Para 2- you have referred to objection raised by Nimbus, supple (sic) me with copy of the same and the BCCI reply.
Srinivasan: Copies of the letter written by Nimbus will be supplied.