The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has notified the ICC about their players being approached by suspicious characters during their Test series in Sri Lanka last month. Earlier this week there were reports in an Urdu daily that some of the players had brought to the team manager's notice the presence of "undesirable elements" in the team hotel in Colombo, after which they changed their rooms.

"The matter was reported to the official of the ICC in Sri Lanka and they took some urgent steps," a PCB statement said. "Match-fixing in all the ICC matches is monitored by the ICC. Currently there are one or two senior staff of the ACSU [Anti Corruption and Security Unit] in Sri Lanka ensuring complete control."

Yawar Saeed, team's manager in Colombo, had denied there being any such concerns. But one of the players had confirmed to Cricinfo that some of them were indeed approached in the team hotel by a few unknown people, who invited them for tea and dinner. "The players refused and informed the team management," he said.

The Pakistan team is still in Sri Lanka, completing the limited-overs leg of the series. They lost the three-match Test series 0-2.