Gambhir's mixed fortunes and Bravo's champion send-off

Plays of the day from Kanpur's first T20 clash, involving Gujarat Lions and Kolkata Knight Riders

Nikhil Kalro
Fortune reversal
In Kolkata Knight Riders' previous game, Gautam Gambhir dropped a straightforward catch at point to reprieve Virat Kohli. Three days later, Gambhir's luck seemed to have turned for the better. Late on the pull, he could only miscue a Dhawal Kulkarni short ball to mid-on, where Praveen Kumar made a royal mess. Praveen backtracked after misjudging the catch, then stretched his arms over his head but could only get his fingertips on the ball as he tumbled over.
In the next over, Gambhir wafted at a Praveen Kumar offcutter but could only steer to a wide slip. Dwayne Smith dived acrobatically to his left but could not hold on to a tough chance.
Gambhir's communication troubles. Again.
Gambhir was run-out in the previous game, after a mix-up with Manish Pandey. On Thursday, miscommunication with Robin Uthappa resulted in another run-out. Uthappa flicked a half-volley stylishly towards midwicket where Shadab Jakati hurled himself to his left to stop the boundary. Uthappa slipped mid-pitch while Gambhir was stranded next to him. For a split second, both batsman were motionless before Gambhir carried on with the run towards the striker's end. He clearly didn't account for Jakati's pyrotechnics.
Jakati quickly sussed out the opportunity, picked up the ball and fired an accurate throw that knocked the stumps down at the striker's end. Gambhir was typically miffed as he trudged off.
A Champion send-off
Dwayne Bravo v Jason Holder. Round one. Holder attempted a heave off a full delivery. A thick outside edge flew to the third man boundary for four. Round two. Bravo missed his length. The slower delivery was in Holder's arc, and it was smeared into the stands over midwicket for six.
Round three. Holder miscued a length ball towards mid-off, where Finch clutched the catch to his chest. Bravo spontaneously broke out into his Champion jig in front of Holder. A few seconds later, Holder wore a wry smile on his face and shoved Bravo out of his way as he walked off. All in good humor though.
The nasty collision
In the 10th over of Lions' chase, Suresh Raina clipped a Sunil Narine delivery to fine leg. Raina and Aaron Finch ran along parallel paths for the first two runs, before suddenly criss-crossing on the third run. Raina veered towards his right to avoid Finch's bulky figure. Finch, too, saw Raina careening in his direction and swerved to his left. They collided into each other, with Finch surprisingly thrown back by the momentum. In between, Uthappa cleanly collected Ankit Rajpoot's throw to whip the bails off and send Finch back.

Nikhil Kalro is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo