All the world's cricketers walked into a bar. The LOLs, the chatter, and the occasional mini-brawls, they were endless. And the news cycle was never the same again! Welcome to ESPNcricinfo's Social Buzz, your go-to destination for all the bantz, the jousts, and little bit of eavesdropping from the social media playground and beyond.

May 16

Good on Yuvraj Singh for encouraging people to keep spirits (and balls) up while in lockdown...

...although Sachin Tendulkar straight away went and raised the stakes.

KP's switch pitch

Still plays pretty flash, doesn't he?

May 15

Ricky Ponting goes golfing

Okay, we will take any kind of batting action right now (even if it's golf, sorry, Chris Lynn).

May 14

David Warner still pumping out the hits

The Great David Warner Show continues to run on all good social media platforms. Guess we have to admit this is our kind of jam (geddit?)...

This level of output obviously demands a suitable fitness regime (fun for all the family).

May 13

David Warner's amazing race

So belly trumps butt?

The Tendulkar-Ganguly partnership

Sigh, batsman's game, eh?

The confession

Yeah, cricket's better.

May 12

Steve Smith gives Kane Williamson latte art lessons

This lockdown bantz is getting out of hand. The internet's boyfriend Kane Williamson yesterday debuted his latte art on Instagram, trying to conjure up a white fern in his flat white. BFF Virat Kohli obviously jumped into the comments with a "Looks good bro. Not as elegant as that backfoot punch of yours though," because you can't pass up a chance at bromance in this time of social distancing. Steve Smith, though, thought he'd use the opportunity to rekindle the trans-Tasman rivalry. Who did it better?

Shoaib Akhtar has a plan for Steven Smith

Yesterday, we imagined a few legendary match-ups between top players across eras, and asked readers which contest they would have most liked to watch. Quite a few players chimed in.

Dimuth Karunaratne picked a contest between Neil Wagner and Brian Lara.

Isa Guha cheated a bit and picked two.

But we had one of the many legends weigh in himself. Shoaib Akhtar reckons he could have Steven Smith out in four balls - one bounce, two bounce, three bounce, door.

May 11

Which cricketer is David Warner?

David Warner and family have been all over social media throughout lockdown - no surprise, then, that they've stumbled across our 'Which cricketer are you?' Instagram filter.

Smith's masterclass

You may not be a freak talent like him, but these batting tips from Steven Smith will really help your game grow.

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