The Brisbane Heat suffered the worst 10-wicket collapse in BBL history as they threw away a game they looked almost certain to win. While the overall demise of the batting was breathtaking, the last seven wickets fell for seven runs in 16 balls. Here's how Alex Malcolm recorded the mayhem on ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary.


The Heat had lost 3 for 2 either side of the powerplay ending, but had managed to get themselves to 3 for 113 in the 13th over, needing 52 to win from 45 balls...

12.3 Patel to Heazlett, OUT, caught behind! A little edge trying to late cut! It was pushed through from around the wicket, it slid on straighter, he tried to run it fine, got a little tickle and Harper took the catch well after a slight juggle

Sam Heazlett c †Harper b Patel 56: 4 for 113

Jimmy Peirson in at No.6

12.4 Patel to Peirson, OUT, caught and bowled! A soft dismissal. Tossed up on off, it might have held in a surface a touch but he just chipped a drive back to Patel. Easy catch for him. He's a hat-trick

Jimmy Peirson c & b Patel 0: 5 for 113

Kangaz: "Is it game on now"

Ben Cutting joins Burns and like Burns he has to face a hat-trick ball

12.5 Patel to Cutting, 1 run, shorter on off, he's back and punching this to long off

12.6 Patel to Burns, OUT, Burns is run out in a mix up! It was tossed up outside off, Burns just defended it to cover and called yes immediately, it was to the left of Harris who is a right hander and not a sharp fielder, Cutting sent him back, Burns had to turn around, Harris got to ball and had to spin around to throw, the throw was high but Harper had time to take the bails off as Burns was well out!

Joe Burns run out 14: 6 for 114


13.1 Christian to Cutting, no run, good length, on off, he pushes towards mid off, Wildermuth slides coming across from midwicket and takes out a huge bit of turf with his knee! That turf was loose. He is OK but that could have been nasty.

Alex: "Do my eyes deceive me? What on earth is happening out there?!"

13.2 Christian to Cutting, no run, slower ball bouncer outside off, he tries to pull and misses

Spencer: "The Heat seem desperate to lose this"

13.3 Christian to Cutting, FOUR, 123kph, length ball outside off, he backs away and slices this in the air wide of mid off and picks the gap!

13.4 Christian to Cutting, OUT, Given lbw! The umpire wasn't going to give it and then he did! This was missing leg by some margin! He walked down the wicket, it was a slower ball inswinger, he might have even got an inside edge but it was swinging a long way as it hit the pad. It was given out and Cutting was furious

Ben Cutting lbw b Christian 5: 7 for 118

Cutting got a huge inside edge on it. Replays showed it.

13.5 Christian to Lalor, no run, good length wide off, he tries to drive and missed

Kamran Ramzan: "30-7 in 7.1 overs????? Utter madness, I feel for the openers whose wonders are going to waste"

13.6 Christian to Lalor, OUT, caught behind! Back of a length outside off, this climbs off a length, he's trying to run it to third man but it got big on him, gets a thin edge through to Harper! This is staggering

Josh Lalor c Harper b Christian 0: 8 for 118

At the end of the 12th over, the win probability for Heat was 89%. Rajesh says it's 15% now


Boyce is back

14.1 Boyce to Pattinson, no run, tossed up on middle, he leans out to defend

14.2 Boyce to Pattinson, 1 run, floated higher, he drives and gets a thick edge to backward point

14.3 Boyce to Laughlin, no run, shorter length, he's back and defending to cover

Jazz: "I love it. There's no such thing as a batting collapse without a ridiculous run out!"

14.4 Boyce to Laughlin, 1 run, shorter length, he's back and cutting this to backward point, Wildermuth misfields and they nearly panic and try for a second

14.5 Boyce to Pattinson, OUT, Bowled him! Played for spin that wasn't there! This was floated up on off, it was a top spinner, he tried to work to leg thinking it was a leg break, he closed the face, was beaten on the outside edge and it hit the top of off!

James Pattinson b Boyce 1: 9 for 120

14.6 Boyce to Mujeeb Ur Rahman, OUT, LBW! Renegades win! Incredible! Tossed up on leg, he tried to sweep, it pitched and spun and got him on the front pad infront of middle, the umpire put his finger up after a big appeal and the Renegades celebrate!

Mujeeb Ur Rahman lbw Boyce 0: 120 all out