What new BCCI chief Manohar has promised

Shashank Manohar, in a press conference soon after being elected BCCI president, listed a number of issues that he wants to address during his first "two months" in charge

Shashank Manohar, in a press conference soon after being elected BCCI president, listed a number of issues that he wants to address during his first two months in charge. "I assure you, just give me two months' time, all these things about which I have spoken will be implemented in full force," he said. The issues he spoke about include:
Regulating conflict of interest issues
"As regards the conflict of interest issues, the board would frame regulations with regards to conflict of interest of administrators, players and their staff. That would be done within a month's time, and the board would also appoint and ombudsman or an ethics officer who would be independent of this board and who would look into the complaints as with regards to conflict of interest of the administrators, players or the staff."
Preventing on-field corruption
"The board would lay down the norms and would take forward the measures to prevent corruption in this game, for which the board would make programmes to educate players. As also with the help of my secretary [Anurag Thakur], who is a sitting member of parliament, we would like to meet the government officials to see and work out if we can get certain investigative agency, because the board people do not have any investigative powers and therefore our hands are tied. And that thing can also be worked out to curb corruption in this game, so that we can restore faith of cricketing fans that the game is clean."
Getting member associations' accounts in order
"A lot of debate goes on that the associations are paid huge money by the board and nobody knows what happens to that money. Whether it is spent on cricketing activities or otherwise. Now, the accounts of all associations are audited by their auditors. However, we would build a system by which the accounts of the affiliated units would be audited by an independent auditor appointed by the board, where after [thereafter] the further money would be released to the state associations. The board would also be empowered to take action in case the board finds that the money which has been given to the state association is not being properly utilised."
Making the BCCI's financial records public
"There is another grievance that the board is not transparent and everything is kept under the wraps. I feel that this problem could be sorted out by putting on the website of the board the constitution of the board, all the rules of the board, any expenditure made by the board over and above an amount of [Rs] 25 lakhs (approx. US$ 38,000), so that people are aware on what activities the board spends their money. And at the end of the year we can put the balance sheet of the board on the website, with the result it is available to the entire public at large so that there is transparency in the activities of the board. As I told you that nothing wrong is being done in the board, however it is a perception that is being created in the minds of people that because the information does not come out, there is definitely something wrong in this board. Therefore to clear that myth and change the perception we would do this immediately... I would also like to see that as regards to the records of the board which are lying in different places, the records of the board would be made available at the board headquarters, so that any member association or a representative of an association can inspect the records at any time."
Developing the bench strength of the Indian team
"The board would also look into starting of National Cricket Academy (NCA) again, whose activities are not up to the mark as on date. And we would see to it that NCA functions round the year so that cricketing talent is developed in this country. Today we are short of the second line. There are no spinners in this country. So it is also our duty to see to it that we have an available lot as a replacement for the current players."
Women's cricket
"The board would also like to develop women's cricket and we would enter into contracts with women cricketers as we enter into contracts with men's team. That would promote the game and more and more women players would love to play this game."
Hosting the 2016 World T20
"I would like to say, there is a World Cup event [World T20 2016] which is coming up in March-April, and our priority would be to conduct that event in the best possible manner."
Curbing the president's arbitrary powers
"To show that we want to function in a transparent manner and not in an arbitrary manner, there are two powers which are vested with me under the constitution. One, at the AGM, there is a chairman's vote [as board president, Manohar will chair the AGM] and a casting vote to which I do not agree that the chairman should have a vote because the person should not be equated with the association. The casting vote is fine. Therefore I would assure you all that I would not exercise the right of the chairman's vote at the AGM till the constitution is amended. Secondly, there is a right given to the chairman to decide on a dispute with regards to the vote. By which we have seen in earlier days since many years that minorities are converted into majorities, because it again an arbitrary power that is given to the chairman. I would not exercise that power also. I would put the dispute to the house, and whatever is the majority view of the house, I would decide accordingly, that would be my decision."
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