June 11, 2002

Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy set to bolster WA's fast bowling stocks

The Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) is pleased to announce today, the launch of the Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy.

The Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy is a specialised cricket program , aimed at boosting the level of WA s fast bowling stocks.

It brings together a talented squad of 31 young raw fast bowlers from across Western Australia, with the intention of harnessing and developing their talents to a level that will continue the great WA tradition of providing fast bowlers for WA and Australia.

The program involves specialised coaches from the WACA and the University of Western Australia (UWA) working with of Academy members to measure their various capacities for fast bowling.

Ross Clifford (WACA) will provide Physio screening, David John (UWA) will provide ISIO Kinetic screening and Neil Tyndall (WACA) will provide Fitness screening.

Once the information has been gained, each Academy member will have an individual program designed for them by Dennis Lillee and Daryl Foster. Lillee and Foster will then compliment each individual program by working individually with each of the Academy members to develop and fine-tune their techniques, leading into the season.

The intention of the program is to not only produce fast bowlers, but also to; implement a systematic process that will identify the development of fast bowlers and; develop the standard of coaching for fast bowlers throughout Western Australian Cricket.

Speaking on the Academy, WACA CEO Kath White said,

"The WACA has an international reputation for producing outstanding conditions for fast bowling, and outstanding fast bowlers. We are proud of that reputation and determined to see the Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy continue to enhance that reputation."

"To say that we are happy to have Dennis Lillee involved with the WACA and in the development of future Western Warriors would be an understatement."

"We would also like to thank the Department of Sport & Recreation for their valuable financial contribution towards funding the program and thank them for recognising its importance and value to Western Australia."

Launch Notes

In its recent past, the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) has endeavoured to locate genuine fast bowlers that have been identified and developed through its own cricket systems.

However, this recent search for home-grown fast bowling talent has so far proven to be less effective than expected of the WACA's usual standards, prompting the WACA's need to develop another vehicle for identification and development.

The Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy is a specialised cricket program, focussed on the art of fast bowling and, is aimed at boosting the level of WA's fast bowling stocks.

The concept for the Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy was initiated by current Western Warriors Coach Michael Veletta. The mechanics of the program were then developed by WACA Coaching Manager Doug Harris, in consultation with Michael Veletta and Dennis Lillee.

The Academy Squad was selected by Dennis Lillee and the WACA's talent staff, after viewing video footage displaying the bowling actions of potential academy members from throughout Western Australia. The video footage was prepared by Doug Harris and the WACA's Performance Information Co-ordinator Greg Williams, from nominations forwarded by the WACA's Cricket Development Officers.

Former WA Coach Daryl Foster will also be involved in the program, as a consultant on the technical aspects of academy member s bowling actions.

The Department of Sport & Recreation have made a valuable financial contribution towards funding the Academy.

Discussions with several corporate partners are in their final stages with an announcement expected in the next few weeks regarding sponsorship.

Objectives of Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy

  • Develop fast bowlers with the potential to play First Class Cricket.
  • Implement a systematic process that will identify the development of fast bowlers.
  • Develop coaching ability throughout Western Australian Cricket.

Coaches will:

  • Develop technical knowledge to encourage fast bowler development
  • Develop a bank of skills that are classified as best coaching practice
  • Have access to a systematic approach/information to assist them in their roles

Talent Identification:

  • A talent I.D. test/assessment tool for fast bowlers will be developed.
  • Resources for talent I.D. that will assist coaches to identify potential bowlers will be provided.
  • Coaches will develop the skills and abilities to use the assessment tools correctly and screen the bowlers.

Bowling Academy:

  • An Elite Fast Bowling Group will be developed.

Long Term Objectives

A further objective of the Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy is to attract international and interstate participation.

With Dennis Lillee, the reputation of the WACA Ground and the physical advantages of Perth, the Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy has the potential to develop an international reputation for creating fast bowlers.

Inaugural Members of Dennis Lillee Fast bowling Academy

First NameSurnameClubTown/SuburbDOB
JamesAllanMount LawleyDianella13/06/1986
JustinCoetzeeScarboroughWembley Downs12/06/1984
AaronCrawfordMidland-GuildfordHerne Hill29/09/1983
KeithLangFremantleBibra Lake7/02/1985
ElliottMistSouth PerthManning2/01/1985
MorganRushbrookSouth PerthEast Victoria Park13/02/1985
JeremySwanClaremont-NedlandsMount Claremont6/01/1985
DominicTreacyAquinas CollegeMt Henry14/10/1984
CorryVercoMidland-GuildfordWest Swan30/01/1986
PaulWattsMidland-GuildfordUpper Swan29/04/1986
MichaelThistleBayswater MorleyBeechboro5/08/1980
RyanHendersonHale/Mount BarkerWembley Downs19/03/1986
TroyHoustonLake GraceOsborne Park31/10/1984