Pakistanis v Prime Minister's XI, Canberra January 25, 2005

Fight delays play for 10 minutes

Cricinfo staff

Spectators fight during the match © Getty Images

A punch-up forced play in the Pakistanis' tour match against the Prime Minister's XI at Manuka Oval in Canberra to be suspended for 10 minutes.

The fight started shortly before the end of the match, and soon spilled onto the outfield, causing the umpires to suspend the game as police and security guards tried to break up the incident. The teams remained in the middle while the situation was resolved.

According to one newspaper report, witnesses claimed that some of the men involved had been exposing themselves during the afternoon.

Organisers faced criticism that they had exacerbated the problem by opening the bars from 9.30am, and there was also talk of overbearing security, with one Pakistan fielder being prevented from giving autographs as he was not standing in an area authorised for signing.

The Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan was also hit with a fluorescent UV stick when presented to the 9000-strong crowd.