Australia news December 16, 2008

Bradman's cap sold to undisclosed buyer

Cricinfo staff

The auctioneer, Charles Leski, with Sir Donald Bradman's cap worn in 1942 © Getty Images

The baggy green cap worn by Sir Donald Bradman during the 1948 Invincibles Tour, which failed to attract a bid at auction on Monday, has been sold to an undisclosed buyer for between $A400,000 and $A420,000. The auctioneer Charles Leski didn't reveal the exact sale price but said it went for less than what the previous owner Tim Sersier bought it for in 2003.

Sersier used his winnings from the TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to acquire the cap for A$420,000. The piece was initially expected to fetch more than A$600,000.

Leski said Serisier was aware that the global financial crisis could've been the reason for the cap selling at a loss. "Yes, he agrees the timing wasn't the greatest," Leski told AAP. "He's accepted the consequences of his decision."

The cap was given to the son of England's Walter Robins, a friend of Bradman's, after the Australian great noticed the boy playing cricket in a substandard hat. "Sir Don said: 'We can't have that, we'd better get you a decent one', and a short while later in the mail the 1948 baggy green arrived," Leski told Nine.