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Scorchers players escape sanctions


Perth Scorchers players who misbehaved en masse on the team's Twenty20 Champions League jaunt have escaped any further sanctions following an investigation into their conduct by the Western Australian Cricket Association.

Instead, the WACA will commission independent review of cricket in the state, and also draft a new code of conduct and behavioural guidelines to provide a clearer policy for the players. There was also an acknowledgement from team management that the culture around the state team had to improve.

Following the resignation of Marcus North as captain of both the state team and the Scorchers, and the dropping of Shaun Marsh from the state side for reasons of form, it was expected that others may have faced punishment following the conclusion of the WACA investigation.

However the fact that all members of the Scorchers squad but one - Nathan Coulter-Nile who was ill - were present for Mitchell Marsh's birthday dinner, which later deteriorated into the kind of night that affected training for the following two days, seems to have mitigated against any further penalties.

"Fourteen out of the fifteen members of the playing group, as well as two support staff, attended a dinner on the night the team arrived in Cape Town," a WACA statement said. "All except two players continued to a nearby lounge bar after dinner and were involved in the continuance of the evening to varying degrees.

"Team management felt that after a late night and excessive alcohol consumption, some players were not in an ideal state to complete a training session the following morning, and a training session held the following day, that being the day before the Delhi game, was also compromised.

"Our advice is there were no other incidents on the night. In light of this and that some players have already been addressed in South Africa, as well as the fact that the behaviour of players on tour aside from the night in question was appropriate, no further penalties will be imposed on individuals."

Problems surrounding WA's performance have been long-running, prompting concerned comment from the national selector John Inverarity and the Cricket Australia chairman Wally Edwards in recent days. Having both played with distinction for WA in the past, Inverarity and Edwards expressed hope that the issues brought to a head in South Africa would be addressed.

To that end, the WACA board has endorsed the setting up of an independent review of the game in the state.

"Team management and the chief executive officer have identified some issues relating to the underlying culture within the Warriors and Scorchers," the statement said, "and have recommended that steps be taken to ensure that we have a winning culture within all teams representing the WACA.

"The WACA Board has approved a recommendation from management for a full and independent review to be carried out to identify underlying issues that may be impacting on teams representing the WACA. A code of conduct and behavioural guidelines will be developed with education opportunities identified and resources made available to both players and staff. There will also be an individual focus on counselling strategies as needed for members of the playing group.

"The WACA will continue to examine its structures, processes and culture, and to raise our professional standards to the highest level. We will be judged by our actions going forward rather than our words."

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  • Roo on November 3, 2012, 2:17 GMT

    @katandthat3... Agree fully with your comments... Hyclass fails to understand that this is Mitch's 3rd problem this year, maybe he needs to do more research - lol... MM needs to move interstate for the very reason you say & also away from his brother whose whole career has been dogged with these events - Shaun is too old to change his ways now, but Mitch has a window of opportunity to make something of his career...

  • Andrew on November 2, 2012, 0:00 GMT

    @hyclass on (November 01 2012, 06:20 AM GMT) - btw (small point) - how did you find out that MM "...encouraged.." his team mates? Regarding his FC ave - it is too low to be considered for a Test position as a BATSMEN - but by the same token (with some riders), his FC bowling ave & S/R is very good. His short form stats are quite good & behavioural (& injury) issues to one side - he should be a contender for ODI or T20 spots.

  • Andrew on November 1, 2012, 11:10 GMT

    @katandthat3 on (November 01 2012, 08:15 AM GMT) - I dunno if a change of state is the magic bullet for these guys! I think they could sniff out trouble in a monastry. I think S Marsh is a write off (test-wise at least), & I want to give the benefit of the doubt to Mitch - to be able turn hmself around. IMO - times run out for Sean & the clock is ticking on Mitch!

  • Andrew on November 1, 2012, 11:07 GMT

    @ hyclass on (November 01 2012, 06:20 AM GMT) - I agree Sean Marsh - I was never sold on him. I barracked for him when he was selected, but felt he should never of been selected in the first place. I think attitude issues aside, Mitch Marsh is far more talented. At 21 he has time to change his ways. There are a long list of footballers who have stuffed up - copped the rap & changed their ways. In cricket circles - you don't have to cast your mind back to far to remember several Nightclub incidents involving a future Tasmanian captain of Oz! (re: India & Kings Cross). I think it would be fair to say - Punter turned out alright in the end. As of now I WOULD NOT select him in any National teams this summer & consider next year even too! I would be telling him to go do a County stint, but even then I bet he COULD find mischief over there. It is up to him - I certainly will not write a 21 year old off - no matter how many times he has stuffed up previously. Time is running out!

  • Garry on November 1, 2012, 8:15 GMT

    wow @hyclass, give yourself a rap, you've had a go at players talking themselves up...I'm sure there are a few observations you've got wrong on other players but never trumpet those. I'm still quite comfortable with my observations and I don't always get them right but I'll never put a pen through any cricketers name as I realise how hard it is to even make it to FC level let alone perform at International. Takes more than a great batting average to succeed as there have been plenty of cricketers with great FC stats that didn't make the jump to International. Not taking in a whole range of factors shows no vision and little understanding of what is required of players to make it to the highest level and succeed. The Marsh boys if they want to take their cricket seriously might have to make the jump to another State and get out of their comfort zone, they and WA need sorting. Plenty of players have shown it can have a positive effect, Phil Hughes namely this year.

  • Christopher on November 1, 2012, 6:20 GMT

    I disagree @Meety. His response to being sent home from the institute was to dismiss authorities concerns. He's then followed it with this bender for which he was dropped from the Scorchers and encouraged his team mates to do the same. Shaun was dropped in '06 for the same thing. Mitch has just made a glorious 2 in the Shield game bringing his average to 21 after 26 matches. The hype has far exceeded either the attitude or the results. The whole point of investigating and observing evidence is to make informed decisions. Each player is only as strong as his weakest link. In Mitches case, its his attitude.@RightArmEverything...you seem incapable of courtesy. For 18 months, I've done no more than perform research, observe evidence trails and propose probable outcomes. In that time, I've been unfailingly correct. If you wish to earn respect, develop a method and work ethic that will gain you it.Then you will find that the results are the basis of intelligence,not emotion or agenda.

  • Dummy4 on November 1, 2012, 5:55 GMT

    Who were the 2 players who did not carry on; Coulter-Nile and........?

  • Matthew on October 31, 2012, 23:50 GMT

    Give it a rest, @hyclass.

  • Andrew on October 31, 2012, 23:28 GMT

    @hyclass on (October 31 2012, 13:30 PM GMT) - still think Mitch Marsh is salvagable. == == == Must of been a hell of a bender for a 2-day hangover!

  • Christopher on October 31, 2012, 13:30 GMT

    I find it priceless. I made particular observations about the attitudes of WA players some time back. In particular, Shaun and Mitch Marsh. I find it edifying that I was right in all respects about both of them, particularly given the hostility of Marsh supporters when I suggested that Shaun would fail as a Test cricketer and was lucky to play for his state as was Mitch. My observations were based on scrutinising career records closely with attention paid to opponents,grounds and publicly stated attitudes.I hope the droppings signify the end of the Marsh madness which at all times was unprofessional and totally unsustainable by evidence. I consider anyone who supported this folly as having no regard for the principles and character that underscore cricket and country.

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