Australia news May 19, 2013

Cricket Australia reports Warner for Twitter outburst

ESPNcricinfo staff

David Warner's alleged Twitter outburst on Saturday has resulted in the batsman being reported for 'unbecoming behaviour' by Cricket Australia. In a media release, Cricket Australia stated that Warner had breached the Code of Behaviour and he would be expected to attend a disciplinary hearing.

Warner is alleged to have breached Rule 6, which states: "Players and officials must not at any time engage in behaviour unbecoming to a representative player or official that could (a) bring them or the game of cricket into disrepute or (b) be harmful to the interests of cricket. This rule applies at all times where the unbecoming behaviour involves the player being involved in public comment or comment to or in the media."

The details of the disciplinary hearing will be released by Cricket Australia on Monday. Warner is currently playing in the IPL for the Delhi Daredevils franchise.

Warner allegedly launched Twitter attack against two Australian journalists - Robert Craddock and Malcolm Conn - on Saturday. His comments were apparently in response to an article Craddock wrote for the Australian media, where he criticised the IPL.

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  • Simon on May 20, 2013, 5:48 GMT

    Four obvious points: 1)- Cricket Australia doesn't announce a 'hearing' into conduct unless they've already made up their minds and the severity of the punishment is the only thing to be decided. One dissenter to a players' behaviour is enough for CA to decide they will bring in their bloated player behaviour bureaucracy to purify themselves and the media they've given accreditation to. 2)- Average educated sportsmen should be discouraged from social media, because their employers know they aren't going to respond to criticism of their part time employers with a "jolly poor show from those journalist types, what?". 3)- Cricketers with the ability to earn seven figures from six weeks work, will now start seriously considering the worth of smaller national contracts which dictate your self expression. Watch out CA, et al, there are choices now. 4)- Geeganage, ChrisP & ashlewis, you have to be kidding? You have all just posted your view in your way, yet Warner should be suspended?

  • Jeewan Sucharitha on May 19, 2013, 17:12 GMT

    "behaviour unbecoming to a representative". LOL.. That's depending on how you view and select your follower. He is becoming a representative player for a kind of players who don't have patient on others thoughts about them. Players should take care of them self and focus on what they do and answers others in the way they good at.

  • Peter on May 19, 2013, 8:39 GMT

    Allegely breached? He did it, plain and simple & over 100,000 read it. Obviously he either didn't read the his the code of conduct document or he just ignored it. Either way, examples have to be set. Like him, the writers were doing their job.

  • Ash on May 19, 2013, 7:56 GMT

    good decision. if players were dropped because of homework gate, warner should miss at least 2 test matches for this...interesting to see how mickey arthur will respond to this because up until now warner was one of his 'hommie' boys

  • Hamish on May 19, 2013, 6:59 GMT

    Well first off, always hated conn's articles, and not as farmiliar with craddock's pieces. but i read it retrospectively, and what he said was entirely true. But Warner's responses were pretty funny and (although badly expressed), you can understand his sentiments. The whole thing is so very trivial and does it really need a hearing? No.

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