Bangladesh v West Indies, 2nd Test, Mirpur, 2nd day October 30, 2011

'The plan was to be aggressive' - Fidel Edwards

ESPNcricinfo staff

Fidel Edwards, the West Indies fast bowler, has said that it was encouraging to see the Bangladesh batsmen playing their shots as it increased his chances of taking wickets. Fidel Edwards knocked over Bangladesh's top and middle order with a spell of sustained fast bowling after Kirk Edwards anchored the West Indies innings with 121, his second Test century.

Fidel Edwards picked up the wickets of Bangladesh's top five batsmen to leave the hosts reeling at 59 for 5. He was partly helped by Bangladesh's aggressive attitude, with the batsmen going for their shots. "They got off to a bit of a flyer but we came back well," Fidel Edwards said. "The target will be to bowl them out tomorrow morning ... It's encouraging for me to see the batsmen playing more shots. The more shots they play the more chances of me taking a wicket.

"I wouldn't say the wicket here isn't meant for fast bowling. We stuck to our plans and bowled accordingly. The plan was to be aggressive and take wickets and contain them. The containing part didn't work but the wicket taking part did."

West Indies are currently ahead by 151 runs and will be confident of bowling out Bangladesh early on the third day. Kirk Edwards said that West Indies would look to set a target of around 350 to 400 for Bangladesh to chase in the fourth innings.

"They have good players as well and these are their home conditions," Kirk Edwards said. "The pitch looks about the same as it was yesterday but I do think it will get drier and we'll have to play Shakib well. He's a quality player. I find his bowling to be disciplined and he's a really good cricketer."

Kirk Edwards, whose century set up West Indies' total of 355, said that one always had to work hard for runs in Test cricket. "Test hundreds are never easy," Kirk Edwards said. "The pitch was a bit faster this morning. Yesterday when Rubel was bowling the balls stood up and got tennis-ball bounce. Today it was faster and it skid through. Rubel bowled well.

"I really don't have too many innings to rate it against but my mind stood up well. I was able to pace my innings and do what the team required so I'm happy with the day's effort."

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  • Derek on October 31, 2011, 13:51 GMT

    Continued.. The WI management have given a number of players over the last decade time to put bad performances behind them in persuit of the future. The sad thing about it FANS and expert who use the keyboard instead of working with kids at grassroots do not appreciate this. Teams that stay ahead PLAN to do so; they have to play their game and that of the opposition. Whenever a team turns up forgetting that the opposition also has a right to win it has already lost.

  • Derek on October 31, 2011, 13:46 GMT

    Panel of experts. Another thing to note here; the average age of the BD team is 23! This WI squad migh not be much different if Shiv who causes a skew is excluded. BD are relatively new to TESTs the more these boys are exposed to unfamiliar conditions the better they are expected to become. Measure each player over a minimum of 15 test matches. By then he if playing in the side regularly should have played against the best, mediocre and those of similar ability. He should also by then have exposure to varying conditions. A player who has played two test in his home country then fails in his first outing elsewhere has psycological and technical barriers to overcome; getting dropped is WORSE thing that could happen and ironically thethough of this happening tends to lead to performances like those we've seen in Darren Bravo; whereby he doubts himself in the field, which then impact on his batting etc.

  • Dummy4 on October 31, 2011, 6:47 GMT

    K.Edwards century builds on the promise he showed in the home series against India.Windies have found a few youngsters with the temperament and technique for test cricket like Edwards,Braithwaite & Powell.Its time to give Darren Bravo a break from International cricket and let him develop his game in county circuit-its obvious he is struggling.Its good to see Dwayne Bravo being given leadership of the A team.he is without a doubt a Test captaincy material.I still dont believe Sammy deserves a test place let alone captaincy.A strong Windies test 11 should be Gayle,Braithwaite(or Powell/Barath),K.Edwards,Samuels,Chanderpaul,Dwayne Bravo(c),Bough(wk),Jerome Taylor,F.Edwards,Rampaul,Bishoo with a bench comprising of Simmons,Russel,Roach & Shillingford.

  • Dummy4 on October 30, 2011, 23:11 GMT

    I am also angry with Shahdat. Dude, if you can't threaten WI batsmen with your bowling and can't field properly and can't even score runs, then why the hell do you play test cricket? Leave the team and make room for Shafiul/Nazmul, or even a batsman.

    For Pakistan test match, this is my pick for best 11- (1) Tamim, (2) Nafeez, (3) Naeem, (4) Raqibul, (5) Shakeeb, (6) Mushfiq, (7) Mahmudullah, (8) Nasir, (9) Elias, (10) Rubel and (11) Shafiul/Nazmul. Now, that is a strong batting line-up. Bangladesh can't be better than Pakistan in pace bowling. They probably can go toe-to-toe with spin bowling. So, a deep batting-line up is necessary to get an edge over them.

  • Dummy4 on October 30, 2011, 22:57 GMT

    The TOP order failure is another proof that BD batsmen are NOT cut out for test. After this series, they better get into domestic 1st class matches before they take on Pakistan next month. "Wham! BAM! Bangady, bang, bang!" is a big 'NO, NO' in test arena. BD batsmen need to understand that. They need to be settled in the crease first, and then only go after a loose delivery. Sigh! They never learn. They were playing the test innings as if they were playing Twenty20. I am upset with all the BD batsmen, especially with Mushfiq. Out of all these immature batsmen, I thought at least Mushfiq would play sensibly; but when he betrayed my hope and played that ugly shot to get out, I bemoaned "Etta, Mushfiq!" I can only hope Nasir plays sensibly in day 3 and the tail-enders give him good support to lift BD score above 300 mark.

  • Hildreth on October 30, 2011, 19:12 GMT

    West Indies are in a reasonably strong position provided they can take the last 3 Bangladesh wickets cheaply. They need a lead of at least 100-120 to really be on top. Kirk EDWARDS was like a WALL to the BD bowlers and has the temperament of a great test batsman. BRATHWAITE and POWELL also batted with tremendous responsibility and assurance way beyond their age or experience. These are very encouraging signs for West Indies. Samuels was also impressive. BRAVO and ROACH lack confidence and would need as much encouragement as possible from colleagues and support staff in order to rebound. Fidel EDWARDS was at his best- fast and aggressive but good line and length and that's what you want from a fast bowler. SAMMY needs to be more ATTACKING in his field placing. Bangladesh was reeling at 59/5 yet he has 2 slips and boundary riders allowing Shakib and Islam to escape being caught at slip and backward shot-leg. This allowed Bangladesh to stage a RECOVERY as Sammy did not build pressure.

  • Derek on October 30, 2011, 18:24 GMT

    @Micky Tool; be a bit more measured..Have you ever seen ANY of the top teams fold in an inning? It would appear you do not wish to give any credit to the opposition. With the exception of Roach, the WI and in particular Edwards exercise control. When the WI bowl 30 plus overs without conceeding an extra, they are doing something special and that something is BOWLING WITH DISCIPLINE. Think it through there are two teams in each match.

  • Derek on October 30, 2011, 18:03 GMT

    I must admit I'm still not impressed with the batting line-up with all the inexperience up front. However; they have done themselves proud and long may this continue. I would like to see some more seniority up front rather than 5 & 6 and left-right hand combination batting much earlier. What has impressed me is WI's ability to NOT conceed an extra thus far. This game is for the WI to lose I hope we do not get a trick but a treat!

  • joel on October 30, 2011, 17:10 GMT

    Just imagine a swinging Rampaul paired with a fire-snorting Edwards followed by the twisty wiles of Bishoo and Narine bowling in India. With Russell and Roach in reserve, it should be an interesting proposition for a new Indian line-up.

  • Dummy4 on October 30, 2011, 17:10 GMT

    well done wi boys finish the job

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