World Cup 2007 March 13, 2007

Abandon hope? Not yet

While some of you may be tempted to suggest I eat my words, I suggest you hold your fire

While some of you may be tempted to suggest I eat my words, I suggest you hold your fire. There is a long way to go in this World Cup. West Indies put in an admirable team performance that exposed the holes in Pakistan's strategy, and they should go a long way in this tournament. But I'll say again--at the risk of getting lynched--there is only team that Pakistan don't have the skill to beat and that's Australia. Whether or not they can achieve what they are capable of is a different matter.

Much depends on how quickly Pakistan can learn from this defeat. In short, the bowling was good and the batting was bad. Here are some issues for Pakistan's brains trust, if I can call it that, to ponder:

1 Many of us expected a new opening strategy. That didn't happen, in which case why was there chopping and changing in the warm ups? Why persist with a strategy that keeps failing again and again?

2 Whoever opens, surely Mohammad Yousuf and Inzamam have to push up to number three and four? The batsmen managed to excuse their dismal performances in South Africa by blaming the bouncy tracks (when the tracks weren't as troublesome as they might have been). What's the excuse now?

3 Surprisingly Pakistan abandoned their long-term strategy of batting deep with all-rounders. Today, Pakistan's tail stretched from number 8 to 11. Why this sudden change?

4 Rana's performances have become an embarrassment. He is a pressure valve for the opposition, releasing it at every opportunity. He needs to be given a break, probably a long one. His batting is too feeble to command the number 8 spot. Many readers of this blog can't understand how he keeps getting selected considering his expensive performance since his return from injury (OK, he had one good home series against West Indies). It's a fair question. Why oh why? Please spare us. If an all-rounder was required in that spot it should have been Azhar and if a bowler had been required it should have been Sami. Rana's selection was inexplicable. Somebody needs to explain it though.

5 Can Pakistan afford to discard their fastest bowler, Mohammad Sami?

6 Part of the problem is that Pakistan have turned up in the Caribbean with too many bowlers and not enough batsmen. Which reserve can Pakistan call on if one of their batsmen hits a bad patch? Nobody.

7 Afridi must play, but can Pakistan afford to play both Afridi and Kaneria? It depends on the conditions probably.

While it might feel like time to abandon hope, it isn't. This World Cup has only just begun and it's better to lose now and peak later. It's certainly better to cry later.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here

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  • Tony Afzal on March 20, 2007, 11:19 GMT

    Time after time, year after year, Australia continues to produce champions. Why?

    Firstly, our PCB should be annulled, decapitated, whatever. The Board should comprise of older senior veteran players, who should have a concrete hand in team selection and the afairs of cricket in Pakistan. Having done that the PCB should immediately send a team of two members to Australia, where they should very carefully inspect and examine how cricket is played there. From what age do they begin to play. How many schoolchildren play COMPETITIVE cricket, how many grounds are there throughout the country, what age do they begin,how many coaching centers do they have, etc. Australia has a small population compared to ours. Thus if we emulate them, then for every 10 expert players they produce, we should produce a 100! We can be world-beaters everytime.

    But for God's sake leave the Mullahs out of the game. IMMEDIATELY. Thank you, Inzy for leaving: the longer you grew your beard, the worse you played. Same for you Shahid Afridi. You have awesome potential- drop that beard, play cricket!. Yusuf is a recent convert, so he is enthused about his newfound religion. We shall see how long his brilliance at the game lasts, before the 5-times prayers destroys his skull. Lastly, Imran Khan and the like. You all have had your innings: GO AWAY. Stop interfering. Saddened to see Bob Wollmer go. He did so much for cricket that it pains me to see that he has gone: Pakistan criket will miss this dedicated man. If only our players were as dedicated, and committed to their profession.

  • Zain Jeewanjee on March 20, 2007, 5:33 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi, You got it right 100%, it’s interesting that you write what many in Pakistan are either ignorant or lost to face the truth. I guess we play our cricket the way we run public policy, and a step further, run our policies the way we run many of our families. It’s time we looked within and realized we must mature because the world has, we must accept our faults and look within and beyond.

    These are sad times for cricket lovers, and for Pakistan overall. May God rest Bob’s soul and give his family strength in these trying times. As for Dr. Ashraf, what can I say, he was busier selling his tour packages to West Indies for 10,000 per couple, did anyone hear about that one?

  • Sudhir karnik on March 19, 2007, 10:31 GMT

    When Indian Team is also in a very likely situation of being ousted before super eight stage, I as an Indian would like to give a few tips to PCB. As for team India there are 'm' wise guys talking on 'n' channels for 'p' hours 7 days a week.

    Appoint coach, captain and wicket keeper by rotation. 2. Appoint Indian Captain on their Selection committee. (He can really back someone to the very "sad" end) 3. Ask the team to think that they are playing against India and the entire team will be tranformed into "a team with a rare team spirit and sense of mission"

  • Steve on March 18, 2007, 17:32 GMT

    I guess it didn't take Australia - the only team to fear - to slay Pakistan. Mr.Abbasi, you are a great cheerleader for Pakistani cricket and I guess thats what these passionate Pakistani fans come to this blog for....hearing what they want to hear. And you provide that, not astute analysis. Sorry Ireland burst your bubble.

  • Kartikey on March 18, 2007, 11:17 GMT

    Abandon hope ....not yet?

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  • Tony Afzal on March 20, 2007, 11:19 GMT

    Time after time, year after year, Australia continues to produce champions. Why?

    Firstly, our PCB should be annulled, decapitated, whatever. The Board should comprise of older senior veteran players, who should have a concrete hand in team selection and the afairs of cricket in Pakistan. Having done that the PCB should immediately send a team of two members to Australia, where they should very carefully inspect and examine how cricket is played there. From what age do they begin to play. How many schoolchildren play COMPETITIVE cricket, how many grounds are there throughout the country, what age do they begin,how many coaching centers do they have, etc. Australia has a small population compared to ours. Thus if we emulate them, then for every 10 expert players they produce, we should produce a 100! We can be world-beaters everytime.

    But for God's sake leave the Mullahs out of the game. IMMEDIATELY. Thank you, Inzy for leaving: the longer you grew your beard, the worse you played. Same for you Shahid Afridi. You have awesome potential- drop that beard, play cricket!. Yusuf is a recent convert, so he is enthused about his newfound religion. We shall see how long his brilliance at the game lasts, before the 5-times prayers destroys his skull. Lastly, Imran Khan and the like. You all have had your innings: GO AWAY. Stop interfering. Saddened to see Bob Wollmer go. He did so much for cricket that it pains me to see that he has gone: Pakistan criket will miss this dedicated man. If only our players were as dedicated, and committed to their profession.

  • Zain Jeewanjee on March 20, 2007, 5:33 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi, You got it right 100%, it’s interesting that you write what many in Pakistan are either ignorant or lost to face the truth. I guess we play our cricket the way we run public policy, and a step further, run our policies the way we run many of our families. It’s time we looked within and realized we must mature because the world has, we must accept our faults and look within and beyond.

    These are sad times for cricket lovers, and for Pakistan overall. May God rest Bob’s soul and give his family strength in these trying times. As for Dr. Ashraf, what can I say, he was busier selling his tour packages to West Indies for 10,000 per couple, did anyone hear about that one?

  • Sudhir karnik on March 19, 2007, 10:31 GMT

    When Indian Team is also in a very likely situation of being ousted before super eight stage, I as an Indian would like to give a few tips to PCB. As for team India there are 'm' wise guys talking on 'n' channels for 'p' hours 7 days a week.

    Appoint coach, captain and wicket keeper by rotation. 2. Appoint Indian Captain on their Selection committee. (He can really back someone to the very "sad" end) 3. Ask the team to think that they are playing against India and the entire team will be tranformed into "a team with a rare team spirit and sense of mission"

  • Steve on March 18, 2007, 17:32 GMT

    I guess it didn't take Australia - the only team to fear - to slay Pakistan. Mr.Abbasi, you are a great cheerleader for Pakistani cricket and I guess thats what these passionate Pakistani fans come to this blog for....hearing what they want to hear. And you provide that, not astute analysis. Sorry Ireland burst your bubble.

  • Kartikey on March 18, 2007, 11:17 GMT

    Abandon hope ....not yet?

  • Nick on March 18, 2007, 8:26 GMT

    Firstly, you are making statements that have no correlation with reality, Pakistan's record speaks for itself. Secondly, "Skill" is such a debatable topic that discussing it is not only useless... but plain stupid. Now that Pakistan has lost even to Ireland, what excuses are you going to come up with? I think a senior reporter like you should realize by now that Cricket is a "funny" game and it is this quality that makes us attracted to it. Cricket is above everyone... analysts, players and even the ICC. Respect it and enjoy it for what it is and don't drag your personal insecurities into it.

  • ssm on March 17, 2007, 20:12 GMT

    Don't worry about Australia. Ireland will take care of Pakistan Mr.Abbasi

  • Just awful on March 17, 2007, 19:53 GMT

    Well, how depressing ... the Ireland kicking Punjab XI arse ... Just like our favorite province destroyed the national sports of Hockey and now it is Cricket !!!

  • Faisal on March 17, 2007, 19:51 GMT

    We are going home yahhh lost to the Irish

  • Jimbo on March 17, 2007, 18:57 GMT

    Start from scratch!!!! Unload Inzimam and Woolmer. Get some leadership in the team. Right now it is just a collection of players with mediocre talent and no one to show them the right way. The team chemistry is not going to get better if every one speaks Urdu or grows a beard. We need enough talented players and leaders who can lead them by example. Right now we lack them both.

  • Saiful Ansari, Leesburg VA, USA on March 17, 2007, 18:13 GMT

    Kamran : Pakistan is staring defeat against Ireland. Our celebrated Batting line up collapsed and slumped to an insignificant 130+ runs in 45+ overs. They should thank Ireland for the extras which led the score sheet. Pakistan was bundled by an inexperienced non-test playing Nation. Barring a miracle, our team wont be able to defend this meagre score and will return home soon.

    Now it is time to rebuild a new team, around younger players.

  • Faisal Alvi - Toronto on March 17, 2007, 17:22 GMT

    A very sad state of Cricket by Pakistan. Wow we are 113 for 8 in 35th over vs The Irish:( that is one sorry performance by the batting geneus. Look at the Bangladesh team man are they good or what!!!. We suck donky nutts enjoy the time off we are not going to the second round. GO Bangla !!! I can't wait for the Jays season to start :)

  • Aky on March 17, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    Send this Pak team back home please to save us further embarassment, because these lot can not win a match to save their lives

  • Kash on March 17, 2007, 16:37 GMT

    I would add that if only Pakistan had half the guts and athleticism as Bangladesh are showing today against India today, they might be slightly less than the joke team that they are.

  • Kash on March 17, 2007, 16:31 GMT

    This is the worst Pakistan team I've ever seen in over 25 years.

    Currently, they are 72 for 6 against Ireland. Yes Ireland.

    Only Australia stand in the way? You must be joking. Pakistan will be on the plane home tonight. They should consider playing ICC associate competitions.

  • Shehzad on March 17, 2007, 10:28 GMT

    Kamran sahib, why yousuf and Inzi should bat on nr 3,4. After all this is a captain's decesion and Inzi is a great Captain, have u not seen Inzi was batting against collymore without helmet?? We still hope Pak can win because inzi is operating 4 Pakistan. Inzi batted against collymore without helmet so Inzi is very Happy. Pakistan lost the match only beause of Rana's allrounder's performance. Inzi included Rana in the Last 11 squads. Bob want to replace Azhar mehmood for Rana. But Inzi is Inzi, he never listen u because he can bat against collymore without helmet. Can someone ASK inzi if Malik and hafeez r bowling then why included danish kaneria(attacking bowler)? Every West indian batsmen hit him for 6 man. I now Inzi will give u reply of this complicated question because he can bat against collymore without helmet. Can anyone else bat against collymore without helmet?

  • Zehra on March 17, 2007, 10:10 GMT

    i do believe that pakistan will make it to the super 8s as all the 4 groups have 2 major teams and 2 less-competent teams

    the only issue now, is to tackle self-confidence measures in the team, they have the right combination of players with sami and azhar, a perfect amalgamation BUT ONLY SELF ESTEEM and SELF CONFIDENCE

    pakistan can beat all teams including australia (I believe if bangladesh can beat them, then probably any team can....they seem more vunerable than ever)

  • Sheheryar Khan on March 17, 2007, 5:43 GMT

    Mr Abbasi spot on again. The selected squad lacks balance. Hence my repeated cries for Yasir Hameed. Any ways its pointless to discuss the squad anymore. Rana should rest and we should go for batting depth as you so rightly pointed out. Also Nazir has to sit out once Afridi is available. So Pakistan basically have to play the remaining matches with 12 guys!!! (with Rana, Nazir, and Kaneria most certainly out)

  • Qasim on March 17, 2007, 2:50 GMT

    We probably need a new captian if are ever dreaming of winning this WC. Inzi just don't cut it. His atitude, batting, behaviour and almost everything need some good over haul at a local mechanic shop. Rana should be dropped for good and we should start looking for more younger prospects

  • pendoo on March 16, 2007, 22:14 GMT

    Kamran...Kamran...Kamran, why do you do this to us. This giving us space to vent our frustration. It is like teasing us, it is like spraying red hot tobasco on our wounds. What a sad performance, I dont even know where to start. Before the WC started I was happy in a sense that there is no expectations from the Pak team as they have gone below to a spot where no team has gone before....Oh hell forget it, I am not going to wrtie here anymore, it is useless. It does not serve any purpose. Just one point, Shoaib Malik has come thru time and time again, someone on the PCB needs to acknowledge it.

  • KS on March 16, 2007, 18:36 GMT

    What is wrong with Pak cricket?? Here is the answer...Its been 14 years since I left Pakistan, but I have watched, listened to or followed every game that the cricket team played.... after 14 years, the cronyism is still there, now it is in the form of Naseem Ashraf and there is still no hope for you of making the team if you are from Karachi...frankly, this team is getting what it deserves.... and only PCB could F-up a situation like the Shoaib and Asif suggest that Asif is injured is to suggest that Inzi mulla can run a marathon tomorrow.... will anybody hold Naseem Ashraf, Inzi and Woolmer accountable after this world cup?? If Inzi does'nt have the balls to bat at no.3, what can we expect from the others who are in position of authority... Please take me back to the days of Asif Iqbal, Mushtaq Mohammad, Majid, Miandad and Imran....when you thought of Asif Iqbal, you visualized class and character, not slobbery and gluttony, as in our current captain...will somebody please take away his Murgh Cholay??!!

  • Alioooooooooo on March 16, 2007, 18:05 GMT

    Lol looks like you are a very patriotic person by nature are you? I mean its silly even to imagine this Pakistani side winning the world cup, or even going deep in to the tournament but You are not ready 2 give up hope even after yet another dismal batting display by our super stars. I mean what makes u think this side can Win the World Cup a pair of openers even Ireland wont be proud of Hafeez averages less than 20 with a dazzling strike rate of 60 and with the way Imran Nazir bats its almost predictable that Pakistan will lose a wkt inside the first 2 overs in every 2nd game. Inzimams batting prowess are clearly on the wane, kamran akmal all of a sudden has become the most unpredictable wkt-keeper batsman in the world if we closely observe his performances he has played few good innings in between dozens of failures. To make matters worse Pakistani is arguably the worst fielding side in the competition. Last but not least our bowling attack with the exception of umer gul is not very intimidating, as we all know that Danish Kaneria is yet 2 prove his credentials as an odi player. Imagine this bowling side against a powerful batting lineup like Australia they will be thrashed to all corners of the park. So please be realistic stop building castles in the air and come out of your fancy imagination. Pigs will fly before this side wins the world cup.

  • ifti on March 16, 2007, 15:41 GMT

    Correction Aky, 5 players in the present Team! Inzi, Yousaf and Younis, Umar Gul, and Afridi (who is not playing yet) aprt from these the rest of the players are useless.. Look at Rahul Dravid's comments on the Indian Team, even he suggested that each of ther 11 players is a match winner on their day, to be a successful one day team thats what you need. Wwe have missed out big time due to injuries (Abdul Razzaq) and foolishness of some players (Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammed Asif) - Ramiz Raja himself mentioned that he has no doubt that these players were left out of the Team due to overdose of drugs which would still be present inside them. Otherwise who wouldnt have risked taking these players?? as the tournament is gonna be very long which would have given them time to recover. As for the openers just stick to the best ones that you have available!!! Imran Farhat, Yasir HAMEED, Salman Butt, still have the best one day averages from the openers they should have been left alone to it. Look at India, they give sehwag a chance even though he has been failing. I know the pakistani openers dont compare to sehwag, but you just have to make do with what you got, and if thats the best pakistan have then its no point swapping and changing

  • Aky on March 16, 2007, 14:19 GMT

    Call me what you like, but we all know that the present team only has 3 (real players) Inzi, Yousaf and Younis the rest of them are just on holiday in the Carribean and can't play to save their lives let alone lifting the cup for Pakistan. Bob should have taken the Pakistan Under 19 squad for this tounament.

  • Saud on March 16, 2007, 13:48 GMT

    Just hate to see comments about Inzi/Yousaf etc. growing beard.It has nothing to do with how someone plays cricket when Yousaf scored most runs last year he wasn't shaving. Also I think team selection was almost perfect given the list of injuries/"issues" Besides the fact that Imran nazir didn't really deserve a spot over Yasir Hameed and even Salman Butt was not given enough chance - just look at the avgs. of these two vs what we have now and you will know whats the obvious answer and form is also not the reason these two were selected over them (just look up all four on stats guru .. look what kind of conditions each made runs in etc ). Team is ok .. take out Kaneria (he is ok but has to make way for Azhar/Sami(or both and take Rana out for now) you cant ball in power play without 4 seamers) replace imran nazir with Afridi both have an equal chance at scoring runs as openers even if Afridi personally wants #6. You have what you have .... play smartly with these guys no other team is really that good also (ya even Australia)

  • amir cheema on March 16, 2007, 12:54 GMT

    Mr,KAMRAN. I love reading your comments. If you look in reality we r losing games due to our bating not bowiling. To me some one should ask BOB what have he given to us,we have same problems since JAVED was sacked. Our players cant speak ENGLISH how can thy under stand BOB coching.PAKISTAN always have perduce xpress fast boweler,but where r they now? BOB HAD PUSHED OUR CRICKET IN TO DEEP HOLE. Mr KAMRAN open your eyes .We have waisted lot of time for nothing,in this period only INZY&BOB made out with mony thats it. There is always light in the end of tunnel,lets pray to god that some one honest take over after INZY&BOB.

  • javed on March 16, 2007, 12:22 GMT

    PCB shud b very concerned that almost 200million people are depending on them to perform and succeed in the WC. Unfortunate passionate fans are watchin them until 4am and then cursing the team b4 they sleep…which isn’t good for confidence or luck.

    The way they are playing now, they’ll just about go thru the group stages and then finish last in the super eights…

    Cmon lads! Get ur act 2gether and u can reach d semis…in my dreams (optimism)

  • saf on March 16, 2007, 12:10 GMT

    Rana needs to be shipped back to Pkn and be replaced by sami. Kaneria dropped and Azhar coms in.

    Younis khan needs 2 stop living under the limelight of the seniors (inzy and yusuf) and start scorin consistently.

    rashid latif n moin khan even at their age can do beta than akmal.

  • Rehan on March 16, 2007, 11:53 GMT

    Firstly Sami in for Rana, Younis Khan to keep wicket, and until afridi is available azhar to come in for kamran akmal... danish kaneria should be given a chance against ireland and zimbabwe, and if he doesn't fire, bring rana back for his place...

    Open with Gul and Rao... and sami first change, sami bowls too short with the new ball for my liking but is still a good performer!

    Pakistan can do well, but the mentality and body language needs to change sharpish, the senior players need to take responsibility and the young players need to cement their careers... don't waste this opportunity guys...Inzi's Cornered Tigers

  • nasar farid,luton on March 16, 2007, 11:33 GMT

    Well Kamran, i hope that there is someone in the Pakistani Camp who will get to read these comments and do something about them. If you read my past comments in recent bloggs, you will find that i have mentioned before, if Pakistan loose their opening match of the World Cup against the West Indies, they will surely not even make it to the semi's. This was a match Pakistan had to win, and surely should have won. The total was very getable, Pakistan done well to restrict the W'Indies to was easily a 300 plus pitch. I missed majority of the Pakistan batting because i felt confident that we will easily chase that score even with a few hicups. So lets see where things went wrong. First of all the selection of Imran Nasir, even though he is a wonderful fielder, his main problem is shot selection when batting, and having no match temperament. They should have just stuck with hafeez opening with Younas Khan (like they did in the warm ups), and which i have been in favour of. Younas Khan needs to take more responsibility, when chasing moderate totals, risky shots should be completely taken out of the context. Why take on the short ball??? just duck or leave it alone!!!!! I feel teams have worked out that Younas Khan is vulnerable to the short ball when he first comes to the crease. If he feels that attacking the short ball is natural to him, then atleast look at the line of the short ball. If the line is two feet away from the off stump, i'm sure most batsmen would struggle to play the hook or pull shot, and get away with it. Then i will criticise Yousaf and Inzaman for slowing the run rate down too much, a strategey used in the past which i feel is outdated, and causes problems for the upcoming batsmen. Look at Australia, no matter what their position in the match, they will never slow down their run rate below the required rate. They make life easy for each other, not pile on more pressure. Inzaman or yousaf, one of them should have atleast went after the bowling for an over or two. Then there was the problem of not having enough batsmen/all rounders. Kamran Akmal was a mistake, i have said it before... his wicket keeping is average, he missed a crucial catch (brian lara) and a run out opportunity... which could have change the whole context of the game. We may have just been chasing 200 etc ... But if his batting was good, we still would forgive him and let him play. But the truth is for all to see, he constantly fails with both the gloves and bat, so why is he in the team. I strongly feel that we have lossed alot of crucial games because of him. If we had someone else to support Shoaib Malik, it will be ideal for example, azhar mahmood. Rana should have been left out, he is not ther same bowler he used to be, especially when waqar younis is not around! Rana has mentioned himself that when waqar is around his bowling improves ..... just take a look at his bowling perfomance versus the west indies at home. Someone needs to be blamed for Waqar not being the bowling coach, whether its PCB or inzy/bob woolmer i dont know . I dont see how on earth a leg spinner Mushtaq Ahmed (can guide fast bowlers like Sami n Rana). Then theres the selection of Danish Kaneria, which isnt a bad choice, he can be a potential wicket taker in the middle of the innings, but somehow i feel he may struggle against the teams that play spin well. Plus the pitches in West Indies are so small, that miss hits will go for six. How on earth are u gona give him protection etc ... that remains to be seen.

  • Usman on March 16, 2007, 11:05 GMT

    I was reading cricinfo's interview with Rameez Raja about his memories of the 1992 world cup. And was surprised to read that Imran Khan had to force Inzi to go out and bat in the semi-final. Which helps to explain why he bats so low - Imran isn't around to force him onto the field. It's almost as if he doesn't really want to play at all.

    Ponting bats at number 3.

    Jayawardene bats at number 3.

    Dravid bats number 3.

    Fleming opens for NZ.

    Smith opens for SA.

    Vaughan opens for England.

    And Inzi, Lara, and Habibul Bashar bat at number 5.

    For a batting captain to bat at number 5 is a joke.

    Even Imran batted at number 3 in the WC final in 1992.

    Wasim on the other hand batted down at number 9 in the final in 1999. And we all know how that turned out. Steve Waugh was down at number 5 for Australia that day - but he didn't even get to bat. Something about winning by 8 wickets with 30 overs to spare.

  • Usman on March 16, 2007, 10:31 GMT

    I agree with richi - in fact I will support Bangladesh even if Pakistan beats Ireland and Zimbabwe - because at least Bangladesh play with pride and fight hard - they don't back down.

  • richi on March 16, 2007, 6:45 GMT

    If the Irish or the Zimbabweans beat us I will officially start supporting Bangladesh.

  • Ayub Hussain on March 16, 2007, 6:41 GMT

    I Think Younis should open wid nazir 1down should be Shoaib Malik After yousef n inzamam then hafeez ,Azhar (He can replaced out of form razzaq )then after kamran akmal ...then 3 bowler should be there sami ,umar gul and rao 1.IF Nazir fail Malik is there to Backup 2.IF Kamran fail Hafeez n Azhar can back up 3.I Think Azhar will Justify His selection 4.Razzaq injured So give Azhar full chance To prove 5.Hafeez is good player In lower Order Then Opener 6.Why Yasir Arafat has been selected instead of him Yasir Hamed should have selected And Start Topic on Azhar Selection PLZZ KAMRAN ABBASI BHAI I WILL BE THANKS FUL 2 U

  • haroon on March 16, 2007, 6:10 GMT

    All the bloggers get one thing clear, as Inzy pointed out the batsmen are to blame for the defeat against WI. DOn't keep blaming poor Rana and make him a scapegoat. ODI is batsmen's game , if you are not able to chase 240 then how on earth you are going to chase 275 + totals in future. Bowlers did bowl exceptionally well, in slog overs one/two of the bowlers are going to get stick. That doesn't mean they are responsible for every defeat. The ball is in batsmen's court throughout the tournament.

  • BrainStorming on March 16, 2007, 4:29 GMT

    I have a brilliant idea. Once we get back to Pakistan (which would be fairly soon :) why not move the PCB and the Cricket Academy to Riwand.

    This strategy will have multiple benefits;

    - The future of cricket will stay secure in our favorite province of Punjab.

    - Everyone will have Beards (heck we will even through in a "Hari Pagri" in there as well)

    - and so on ...

  • saifulansari, Leesburg VA 20176 on March 16, 2007, 4:27 GMT

    I did not watch the opening game bewteen Paki and Windies, as I was on a inter-continental flight. I had a look at th result in Tokyo and I was a little surprised, as in their previous encounters Pakistan had the better of the W.Indies and won very convincingly.

    I feel the Pakistan players lack big game temperament and which cost Pakistan this game. The other two games versus Ireland and Zimbabwe are now crucial, and on their outcome hangs Pakistan prospects to play the next round of super 8.

    Unless Pakistan can play like a test playing Nation and stamp their authority on the game, they may be eliminated by Zimbabwe or Ireland.

    I am still behind my team and hope they can come together, and play quality cricket. The batting has been our Achilles Heel. On paper Pakistan is quite capable of scoring 250 to 300 runs. But under pressure they crumble and allow the opposition to dominate. So another defeat may be staring them in the eye, unless they rise up as a team and play the best cricket that they are able to play as a world class side.

    Currently out of form Rana is a thorn in the Pakistan side. He is leaking runs. His bowling is being targeted and is putting other Pakistani bowlers under pressure. Both Bob and Inzy have faith in Rana, but it is advisable to sit him out for two games. Sami can replace him and along with Gul and Rao, the three can take wickets with economical spells and give the team a better chance to win games.

    Batting is consistently letting Pakistan down. Lack of techinically sound openers has resulted in the team losing two or three wickets in the first 5 overs, building big pressure on Yusuf and Inzy. It slows down the run rate and in the later overs it becomes imposible to chase even 250 runs on a batting pitch. Shoaib Malik should be promoted as an opener and atleast he can hold the fort from one end and boost the morale of his other opening partner (either Hafeez or Imran Nazir). I agree with other comments, a 50-60 runs partnership among the openers can help the team to score big runs and win matches.

    I also feel that win or lose, as long as Pakistan plays entertaining cricket, they will be remembered for their good performance in both victory and defeat.

  • Rocky on March 16, 2007, 1:38 GMT

    I read too many people claiming that Pakistan is missing their 2 world class bowlers. Asif is one i agree, Shoaib is "Char anne ki murgi barra anee ka masala". Remember he was there in 2003 WC and waht happened to Pakistan?? By the way there are too many -ve's in this Pak side and now it's too late to correct all. Woolmer (bade murgi) is laughing all the way to bank. After WC he goes back to SA/England and lives happily ever after...The Pak team will be sliced & diced like they did after 2003. Baby, it's a repeat story of 2003 WC. P.S Anyways Goodluck

  • A Abbasi on March 16, 2007, 0:13 GMT

    When Shahid Afridi comes in he should replace either Imran Nazir or M. Hafiz depends who is not performing between them. Rest of the team should be played. Rana needs to be sent back so he can relax and recharge his batteries. In his current form he is a liability. Sami offers pace and the way he performed against South Africa I think he deserved a spot in the team. But then again we know Inzimam is a stubborn and selfish person, a great player but a prisoner to his own demons. Waqar Younis, Shoaib Akhter, Asim Kamal and Yasir Hameed are examples of his selfish behavior. He has strong arm the board to replace Waqar with Mushtaq Ahmed, we have taken 5 specialist fast bowlers and one leg spinner! and for that one leg spinner we have a specialized coach! go figure.

  • tintin on March 16, 2007, 0:06 GMT

    Are you kidding me? "Australia is the only team that Pakistan don't have the skill to beat and that's Australia. Whether or not they can achieve what they are capable of is a different matter".

    How about beating the West Indies first! Well i will go on to say that this statement of yours is true for all the test playing nations.

  • Suncontinent Cricketlover on March 15, 2007, 23:48 GMT

    Guys, do you all remember in 1992 Pakistan lost the first game against Windies and Brian Lara's toe was crushed by Wasim Akram's YORKER. Lara scored 90( I believe) retired hurt and Rameez Raza scored a painstaking century took a long time. Who knows, History repeats itself.

    Cool dream!!!!!!!

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on March 15, 2007, 22:47 GMT

    What a match it was between Ireland and Zimbabwe, I wish Pakistan has played like this against WI to entertain the crowd till the last ball.

    Ireland despite dropping so many catches and missed so many run out opportunities, came back so strongly to tie the match is really commendable.

    Watch out Pakistan, these two minnows are gonna give you tough time....hopefully it will not be an early Sadaq Allah ul Azeem for the Pakistan team.

  • Sohaib on March 15, 2007, 22:44 GMT


  • Sohail Murtuza,UK on March 15, 2007, 22:34 GMT

    ONLY RAINS CAN HELP US WIN THE WORLD CUP NOW by raining when we need it most and raining when other teams are winning and upsetting the normal expected wins by other countries.

  • nabil on March 15, 2007, 22:30 GMT

    I think Pakistan need Nazir nd Hafeez to continue to open, Afridi (when available) in for Kaneria or Rana, Sami/Mahmmood for Rana. (Sami/Mahmood dilemma depends on opposition and strategy, more runs = mahmood, more wickets = sami) SIMPLE!!!

  • shabir khan,Milan,Italy on March 15, 2007, 22:06 GMT

    Come on guys the performance was excellent. The openers were great becos at one stage the score read 6 for 0 instead of 6/2. The fielding was excellent,atleast the first ball that came the fielders was touched by the fielder. That it was a dropped catch is a totally different issue. Even the bowling was excellent becasue if gayle was not removed in second over ,he could have demolished us. The captain led by example and showed how to stay long period on pitch.Of course he forgot to score runs is differnt issue. And Rana ,oh well Rana showed by example how sporting we are by helping the opposition score some runs and bieng polite guests by not upsetting the host crowd. What more can we ask for?????

  • Sohail Murtuza,UK on March 15, 2007, 21:38 GMT

    For me it woun't be a surprise if the team does not qualify for the 2nd round. It would be good for the nation as it will save them from more humiliating defeats at the hand of Aus, SA, Ind, NZ and SL and god forbid maybe even Eng. The wolesale slaughter will either be devastating for pakistan in the lomg run or atleast 8 new players will get pakistani caps in the wholesale changes likely to take place. This will means we will also loose a few upcoming series because of lack of experience. Atleast if we fail to get in super 8 ,we can atleast console saying onlt this particular WC was a one off bad performance.

  • tirmizi on March 15, 2007, 21:27 GMT

    Are you a truck driver by profession? so obsessed with roads and hurdles! To be honest, we are our own enemies.we can beat and get beaten by any team.It just depends upon the mood. I am seriously worried.was it a SITTA? All you guys mentioning Rana in and sami out and blah blah is so bloody obvious. Another concern for me now.Is the team now picked on Tabligh factor? I am not attaching any hopes and I would suggest the same for all of you as IT REALLY HURTS.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on March 15, 2007, 19:53 GMT

    MR. KAMRAN ABBASSI, there are already more than 800 posts in this thread, I think its time to move ahead and create another one.

    You can start one on:

    1. "To Speak or NOT to Speak Urdu" in the press conferences. Why is Inzamam so keen to speak in English only? And why did Nasim Ashraf insist on speaking in Urdu only? ICC has objected to this move and asked Pakistan's captain to speak only in English. Is Nasim Ashraf not making a fool of himself and also bringing a bad name to the country? Why did he do this without consulting the players and the ICC? Shouldn't this idiot be sacked?

    2. Shouldn't you be discussing the prospects of the next two games Pakistan has to play? And what would be the possibility, in case of RAIN GODS interfere and ruin the chances of Pakistan's moving ahead to the super 8? It is likely that Zimbabwe will beat Ireland today and this Zimbabwe team is not as good as the one in the past, can still give Pakistan a tough time especially with the likes of Rana Nayee!

    Has anyone seen those pictures on the web with a caption.....what happens if Pakistan lose in the WC? There is a picture of Afridi standing next to a NWFP truck titled, Afridi Taiyara, and Younis Khan as a rickshaw driver with a beaten up and miskeen face and the funniest is Rana Nayee! ha ha he looks so funny!

  • Abbas on March 15, 2007, 18:31 GMT

    I was at Kingston and watched us play up close and personal (well sitting next to players pavilion atleast).

    Kamran is absolutely right...I don't think people read it correctly...what he is saying is that we have the potential to beat anyone - having that doesn't matter we are going to do that..there is a difference. Plus I would go one step further and say we can even beat Australia. We have Afridi, Hafeez, Shoaib and even Azhar in solid allrounders - In one day this is ideal lineup when you play strong teams. Australia have Symonds for Afridi, Shane Watson for Hafeez and Hodge for Shoiab if for say you compare allrounders. We have 3 solids bats in 2 Y's and Inzi for Ponting, Hayden and Clarke. Akmal for Gilchrist. For Mcgracth , Tait we have Gul and Rao / Sami. All in all, there is enough firepower in all departments for us to beat anyone...Again it's a different matter if they actually do that and win!.

    So again let's have faith and support our team guys. Encourage them to put up 100% effort and if they loose just accept defeat gracefully if other teams perform better on a given day.

  • Ali Majid on March 15, 2007, 15:43 GMT

    I earlier said that I have nothing else to say....but I can't help it. The huge negativity in this forum is to a great extent justified. It wasn't the fact that we lost but the performance of the team was the thing that really hurt. There was absolutely no spirit....with depleted squads in the past Pakistan has done wonders. The brilliant tour to India in 2005 is an example when every individual was playing with pride and playing for honour. The spirit was brilliant and this ultimately showed in the results. In my opinion that team was actually worse than this team (especially when they were up against a much stronger Indian unit) but the desire and spirit pulled them through in the end. Just show us some spirit, some fight, that is all that we ask for. At the end of the day only one team will win the World Cup and the rest of 15 teams will go home disappointed but a fighting performance every time can at least enable the fans to say that we went down but we went down fighting, we gave the opposition hell. I think that all Pakistanis should start praying that we do not have rain against Ireland and Zimbabwe (imagine both matches end in no results - that would be the biggest blow ever!!!!!!!!). For one second just imagine that in seven weeks time.....what if this side ends up bringing the cup me crazy but stranger things have happened in the past (1992 anyone?). This team does not have the weight of expectations on their shoulders as most expect them to fail.....this can be taken as a positive and they will hopefully go out and play like it is their last world cup and they will never again play on such a stage again (for most of the team this is true). The now desperate test begins on Saturday. The odds are over whelming but this is where "the struggle against over whelming odds.....approaches a final...desperate stand..."

  • Inzi/woolmer bad leadership on March 15, 2007, 15:39 GMT

    As long as these two are our team's leaders we ain't performing to a higher level. Inzi only wants players who suck up to him and grow beard. Woolmer loves to chat with people on his laptop instead of putting a winning strategy according to the team we play. If pakistan loses to ireland on saturday i hope Bob Woolmer gets fired.

  • Atif from Houston on March 15, 2007, 15:21 GMT

    It is amazing to read inzimam-ul-Haq telling Rao that he made some mistake which cost him runs in their game against W.Indies. WOW can you believe that? Rao was the best bowller of the game and THIS OXY MORON SO HAPPENED TO BE THE CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM still not recognizing that the cause of the defeat was HIM CAPTAINCY and then RANA NAVEED. He still did not answer the question why he didnt pick Sami. Also he still is in denail that him with Yousaf scored 13 runs in 9 overs. Is there someone in the whole PCB question the captain? he should have his hearing infront of the whole public where he must answer all the questions that he is dodging for a long time. WHY THE HELL RANA IS IN THE TEAM? I guess the beared was all he has to change to stay in the team. I Hope someone pull his chain and tell him that even a small kid can tell you why we lost the game.

  • khansahab on March 15, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    First of all thanks to Allah. Inzi is the worst captain Pakistan ever had. The following are reasons why: 1) Disastrous record of player selection. Wrong players selected for wrong tours. 2) Extravagant focus on tableegh rather than players’ skill 3) Requirement of “assistant coach” Mushtaq 4) Neglect of potentially match-winning players from Karachi 5) Minimal success in overseas tours. 6) No improvement in key weaknesses i.e. openers, fielding, bowlers’ discipline

    The only positives I see from Inzi’s tenure are either a result of his weaknesses or a natural consequence of his inclusion in the team: 1) Finally the incompetent donkeys have realised that sending your best batsman up the order is the right thing to do (they’re not even properly implementing that now) 2) Team unity. Once Inzi goes there will be conflicts amongst Yousuf, Younis, Afridi, Akhtar and Razzaq

    There have to be checks and balances on the captain’s powers. Inzi plays the key role in player selection. Since he does not go much outside of Multan or Lahore, he has little idea about how good the players are in Karachi or Peshawar. Karachi is more than twice the population of Lahore yet only 1 or 2 players from Karachi are seen in the national team. I am not saying that there is direct discrimination, but the captain has to be on a more active lookout to seek talent in the team. Finally I have said this before and will mention it again. Growing a beard, making the team religious and saying Inshallah and Mashallah will not work unless you don’t use your mind and learn from your mistakes. God helps those who help themselves.

  • nasim on March 15, 2007, 13:17 GMT

    I was watching the match with an American Friend and he was amused at the presentation cermoney when Inzi was thanking Allah. Friend turned to me and asked, what is he thanking God for? defeat?

  • PakFan on March 15, 2007, 13:09 GMT

    "First of all, thanks be to Allah, boys played well"...

    I think Younis Khan should open, he usually comes in in the first couple of overs or so anyway, this way we might save a wicket!

    Also, both Rana Naved and Azhar Mahmood are average bowlers, but Azhar is a decent batsmen and is more cricket savvy.

    The spin will be covered by Malik / Hafeez / Afridi, so we don't need Kaneria and his poor fielding.

    Also, on Cricinfo, Bob Woolmer apparently wrote in his match notes 'Kaneria overthrows - very funny'. I think that shows his level of commitment to the cause! The rest of us Pakistan fans were fuming at the fielding while he was having a good joke. And it would have been nice if when discussing potential winners he had been bothered to mention Pakistan. Aside from realism, if your own coach does not mention the team as potential winners, what kind of belief is there going to be in the side? Woolmer should concentrate on the team, not on writing for Cricinfo!

    I have a bad feeling we're going to slip up to Zimbabwe. Hopefully not though, and as long as we make it to the Super Eight at least it'll feel like we were in the World Cup! hopefully by that stage they'll have got over the shambolic preparations and might start concentrating and playing more like a team - the potential's there (somewhere). Then, if we're lucky, we might scrape into the semis in fourth place, although this is of course pretty optimistic!

  • P-Tsunami on March 15, 2007, 12:26 GMT

    Well...lets see.... Who won? Who lost? I didn't see the match!!!

  • Khalid Arif Siddiqui. Jeddah - Saudi Arabia on March 15, 2007, 12:04 GMT

    Pakistan’s performance was pathetic indeed and I don’t see this Pakistan team doing any better than the last World cup in South Africa. Pakistanis are hoping against hope, but Inzy and company is bent upon disappointing us all.

    Captaincy is the big issue, to me Inzamam looks nothing more than a lost cow, his bowling sense has no vision, so is his team selection. He continues to have his favorite players in the playing added to all is his batting plan which lacks thought. How can we expect to have a turn around when nothing seems to be working. People learn from mistakes but here we have a bunch of goofs who seem to have no desire of doing that and are just going through the motion of the things.

    The match against is a classical example to back up my statement. We see anomalies in the playing eleven and I can’t understand the reason for Inzy and Yousif playing slow. I am at loss to think of a reason why Kaneria was not brought back after the departure of Lara, and what made Younis play that mad shot. In case of Imran one must not really worry as he did what he is capable of and one would be a fool to be expecting anything else from him. Infact his presence in the squad is really surprising and some thing which only the super idiot Bari can explain. I can also not understand the reason of playing Naveed and ignoring Sami.

    The most surprising factor is that Inzy and company continue to do as they desire and give a damn to logics or rationale and no one can question them. This has really gone too far and has got to be stopped.

    In any case the team will not be there after the 21st April (the last match of super eight round), and I would suggest an enquiry in the whole World cup farce right from the start meaning from the point of selection, the issue relating to Asif & Shoaib and the injury to Razzak (for I think he was not fit when he played in South Africa and aggravated his injury there). The findings of this enquiry must be made public and Bari’s, Inzy’s and the goons sitting at the PCB should be made answerable to the nation.


  • Tony on March 15, 2007, 12:03 GMT

    quote "Australia and SA are good in their home grounds with fast tracks, not in west indies, these wickets suits Asian teams better" unquote Yeah right. Australia can't handle wickets outside of Australia. That's why they have won 3 World Cups. I do find it strange that the author claims that Pakistan "Don't have the skill to beat Australia" I disagree. Australia at their best are awesome but on a bad day, particularly with a suspect bowling attack, they can be beaten by any of the main-stream nations, Pakistan included. Shawn Tait went for neary 6 an over against Scotland for pity's sake! McGrath is a great bowler who will still take wickets but is past his best. I do expect Australia to win but they CAN be beaten.

  • Chacha Koora Kirkit on March 15, 2007, 12:00 GMT

    LMAO @ Changa Munda at March 15, 2007 9:56 AM

    Hee hee hee.

    Why are some people in this forum so reluctant to crtiticise Woolmer? Perhaps a touch of the old inferiority complex....

    Kamran's potential winners are fast becoming the laughing stock of 2007 WC. How about playing against the Associate countries and racking up 200 runs every time we bat.

    Spank them all with 15 lashes each for being such hopeless prats.

  • Dr Zaffar on March 15, 2007, 11:24 GMT

    Enough has been said. I can just see this particular team PACKING UP very soon since they have HUGE weak links! This acts like a DOMINO effect and NEGATES any positive effort by the other worthy members of the team. I just feel that the next generation of Pak team should have players who can be T R U L Y defined as professionals.MY DEFINATION: is someone who delivers,aginst BIG teams and consistantly (to some extent). FUTURE TEAM: around players like Shoiab Malik, Mohammad Asif, Asim Kamal, Abdul Rehman, Shahid Afridi,and Yasir Hamid. I would T H R O W O U T (for definate) Younis Khan, Rana Naveed, M Azhar,Razzaq, Sami AND The SELECTORS. The REST have to be told that they need to work on their cricket before being selected! The CAPTAIN should be selected from the final team. Someone who is deserving, mature, active & CLEVER. We MUST make sure that the future team will have the P O T E N T I A L to win a cup. IMPORTNAT: This team LACKS potential, power, skill, professionalism, unity etc, etc. The F U T U R E COACH: should be a hard-working,fair,polite, mature, patient, and able to work on player potential. PAKISTAN NOW NEEDS ACTION, NOT WORDS BEFORE WE ARE RELEGATED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE EMERGING NATIONS.

  • zahir qayume on March 15, 2007, 11:22 GMT

    Shambolic performance from the batsmen apart from malik against dibbly dobbly WI bowling!!

    I was truly ashamed...

    The top order has consistently failed to perform and Bob has to take the blame for this. Since the last wc we have failed to even produce 1 consistent opener!!!!!! Mind boggling.

    Something ahs to be done like promoting y. khan or malek to open because more of this and we ll be going home in a weeks time. Inzy needs to stop being stubborn and promote himself and m yousuf up the order. Hes not gonna make 100s batting at 5. Look at ponting and please take some note!!!!!

    The selection of this squad also beggars belief we have no other batsmen in this squad so who do we turn to???????

    Y hameed is sat at home even tho he averages nearly 40. Wheres butt???? I nazir is selected on the back of 1 whirlwind 50 and the less said bout hafeezs batting the better. The squad has 5 allrounders!!!!!!! If we dont go far in this wc then heads must roll, namely bobs and even tho i love the guy, inzys 2

  • Farooq Nadeem on March 15, 2007, 11:22 GMT

    Two days have gone by and yet the loss has not sunk in. Also depressing is the fact that Worldcall has blocked Supersport 1 and Fox Sport and we are left to watch Geo Sport. According to Worldcall PEMRA is behind this ban. Why?? Geo Sport shows less cricket and more ads ... in between overs, during overs and everytime a wicket falls. We miss all the expert comments/analyses. Have complained to Worldcall but they have not bothered to respond.

  • Ali on March 15, 2007, 10:38 GMT

    Parvez Musharraf should revoke Paksitani nationality from lousy RANA, he doesn't deserve to be a Pakistani!

  • Ali Majid on March 15, 2007, 10:24 GMT

    I usually have a lot to say.....but for the first time .....I have nothing. The performance was depresing......that's it.

  • Johnny B on March 15, 2007, 10:22 GMT

    If you were giving up after just one defeat I'd say you were being silly as we are talking about ODI's, and anything can happen in one off games (e.g. Bang can beat Australia).

    However, Pakistan got trounced at home against India, couldn't beat England when England had just lost 5-0 to Sri Lanka, got knocked out in the 1st round of the Champs Trophy and have just got hammered in South Africa.

    There are obviously serious problems with the Pakistan team.

  • Changa Munda on March 15, 2007, 9:56 GMT

    Under Musharraf 's rule the last three cricket Chiefs have been Tauqir Zia , Shaheryar Khan and Naseem Ashraf . None of them had any clue about cricket . With them taking the big decisions , no wonder they have successfully taken Pakistan cricket to its lowest depth .

    Inzamam has been a disaster for Pakistan team as Captain . He doesn't have the intelligence for the job . In running between the wickets he has an uncanny ability to convert trees to twos , twos to ones and while he is on the crease for each ten minutes at least four ones available are not taken . He can arrange to get himself or his partners on the crease with him run out effortlessly . He is too strongly in favor of Dars , prayers and growing beards > Hasn't heard of or believes in " Tying his camels " .

    Pakistan cricket team's level of education is too poor to benefit from the coaching from the likes of Woolmer unless Woolmer had been given excelerated coaching in Punjabi to get himself understtood .

    The situation is hopeless . We will finish at the bottom . My recommendation , reconstitute the Pakistan Cricket Board with Imran Khan as Chairman with the status of Prime Minister . The PCB Board Members should be our previous educated ex Captains Majid Khan , Javed Burki , Zaheer Abbas , Javed Miandad , Aamir Soihail and Saeed Anwar .

    Inzamam should be retired with an allowance to cover for a lifetime of Nehari , Paiya , Kunna and Lassi . And very importantly , no beards should be allowed to join the team in future .

  • Team Pakistan on March 15, 2007, 9:42 GMT

    We are sorry that we lost the match... the reason is PEPSI.

    We lost coz we were not able to find more PEPSI over there in the caribbean.. We request all of our nation to provide us with the biggest load of PEPSI so that we could get drunk and go on with the winning streak... Where is my PEPSI ?

  • siddharth on March 15, 2007, 9:31 GMT

    hey guys i'm an indian and the pakistan team has always been one of my favourites. this performance was dysmal and its sad to see a side lose even when loaded with talent. i wonder where people like taufiq umar, mohammed wasim have gone. i mean they performed adequately for a short period of time and then disappeared. politics!! anyway rana sould be out but i think that nazir should continue opening, he's good. akmal is a complete waste, moin/rashid were better. but the most important feature that pakistani players lack is application. you guys need someone like miandad/akram out there.

  • Pissing against the wind on March 15, 2007, 9:27 GMT

    Kamran Old Chap ,

    I have been reading your views in the Wisden Cricketer for some time and now in Cricinfo's Pak Spin . You ( alsong with Imran Khan ) have a good cricket mind and have all the right views . Since Imran Khan won't take the position I am all for you becoming the next Chairman PCB . By the end of this month the performance of this Pakistan cricket team would have taken the team to the bottom amongst the regular ICC teams . Heads ought to and will roll . First Head to roll should be that of cricketing nincomppoop Naseem Ashraf . Pakistan would need to and should prepare for the 2011 no , the 2015 World Cup . Prepare yourself for the job , I will do the strongest possible shifarish for you .

  • musharraf naveed on March 15, 2007, 9:21 GMT

    Ali , and pakistan cricket board,! both of you are absolutely right, it does not seem to be a sports team but a team of tablighi jamaat representing their raiwind mission. and rana naveed is much wiser than sami when he thought he is losing his place in team he got a beard and confirmed his place in team as the big moulvi inzi like it. and yousuf has passed his glorious year of scoring on paki pitches , i remembered him scoring 9 centuries and saying i am saying prayers five times a day that´s why i am not gettiing out and my catches are being dropped and i am scoring runs , now i think he is not prying five times after wi home series because he is not scoring now but he is responsible for lost of opening match by scoring 35 runs on 77 balls . he should not show his prayers to world because he says prayer for his own betterment in aakhirat and nor for any one else . in cricket ground he should only be a cricketer and talk about his game because ponting , dravid and tendulkar do not pray and do not have a beard but they score more than him and more consistently and on any pitches.

  • Ghusaa to Aanda Hai on March 15, 2007, 9:10 GMT

    Bob Woolmer says Pakistan 's next match with Ireland will be tough one !!! This says it all for thew confidence level in the Pakistani camp in the West Indies .

    Pakitan cricket thanks to one incompetent PCB Chairman after another in the last four years have broght Pakistan cricket to its lowest level . Given luck we can win against Scotland , Ireland ,Bermuda & Canada . Bangladesh and Kenya will give us a tough time .

    We will be at the bottom in this World competition as far as regular teams are concerned . My recommendation is that on return of the Pakistan team Inzamam , Naved , Kamran Akmal , Afridi shoulds be sent to South Waziristan as Principals of Madarsas there . Bob Woolmer 's punishment should be to force him to live in Pakistan for one year . As for PCB Chairman , Ashraf he should be sent back to the US and we should make sure he not ever meddle again in Pakistan cvricket and education .

  • Khalid Arif Siddiqui, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia on March 15, 2007, 8:50 GMT

    It was nice reading your comment under the caption “Abandoned hope”. Kamran Sahib you really are doing a good job in keeping the interests of Pakistanis in the World Cup. I would like to ask you a straight forward question though. Do you really believe that Pakistan stands any chance of beating any other team expected to be in the super eight? I personally don’t think Pakistan can beat any one in that elite club. Your assumption that Pakistan can beat every body except Australia is also a misplaced perception.

    “How quickly Pakistan can learn from this defeat”, is again an over estimation of the attitude of the Captain and the team. We have recently lost a series in South Africa and yet we find that we didn’t make any amends and the same game plan was laid out at Jamaica. So learning is not what we should from this team.

    I would like to enunciate my remarks on the points that you have mentioned in your comments as under;

    1. I am really not surprised with the chopping and changing of openers in the warm up games, as this has been the characteristic of our team management and really shows a continuity of the same failed plan. The other aspect is that Inzamam has a plan to include Shoaib Malik in the team and that is why this Imran – Hafeez combination was tried because Bob and Inzy knew (Like all of us) that Imran will fail, so they could easily bring in Shoaib in the team once Shahid is back. An a la Business relation ship of Bob Woolmer and Shoaib Malik. 2. Now the batting position of Inzamam, well the whole world can keep on asking Inzamam to bat at number 3, and this has been going on for the last 3 years now but we still find Inzamam batting lower than the required position. Kamran Sahib do u really think that will change the outcome, a big NO will be my answer for I have doubts if Inzamam has the capacity to play 40 or 45 overs on the trot and unless he has the capability to be there for 40 to 45 overs, the results will be the same. Inzamam knows that he doesn’t have that capability and that is why he comes at number 5 or 6. 3. Azhar was initially not there in the World Cup squad and Inzamam never wanted him to be there for he expected Razzak (his buddy) to be with the team and so Azhar doesn’t have any chance to play (like the last world cup) and that too by replacing Naveed the blue eyed Mulla of Inzamam. The depth in batting would have been there if Azhar had played but this my dear friend Kamran will not happen and you will see. 4. Rana is not playing on his performance, he is there only for his right connections and now that he has also grown a beard makes him a permanent member of the team, so let’s not ponder about the rationale for his being in the playing eleven or even in the squad (which he never really deserved). 5. Pakistan cannot afford to discard Sami, but is this Pakistan XI that is there in West Indies. The answer again is a big NO, what we have there is an Inzamam XI and surely Inzamam XI can afford to discard Sami, what they cannot discard is Naveed. 6. Coming to the composition of the team this again has a lot to do with the Inzamam factor because he wanted to take Naveed and Shoaib at all cost and thus Pakistan had to drop two specialist batsmen. I agree with you that the squad is very strange; it has only 3 specialist middle order batsmen and with no back up or cover in case any one is injured and/or is not performing. 7. Afridi’s case is also very important and I think both Afridi and Kaneria must play and why not when we can play Hafeez and Shoaib (both similar type of batsmen and off spinners) then why not Afridi and Kaneria. Leg spinners are attacking and wicket taking bowlers as such both must be played. I doubt is that will happen because our SUPER POTATO along with the IMPORTED POTATO (Inzy & Bob) think other wise. So no matter what we will not see too much of Kaneria.

    In the end I would like to mention that my money is surely not on Pakistan, and this time again Pakistan will not go beyond the super eight, no matter how open is this world cup. For Pakistan my dear friends is closed and we all will see ourselves. If any body thinks otherwise then I would consider it as living in fools’ paradise.


  • sarin on March 15, 2007, 7:45 GMT

    Hello Ehtisham,

    I read your post here,Mr.Shashank doesnt represent whole of India,he is not our spokesman.There is no point if you dive down to his levels.So please dont ever in your post write things against any team simply because a joker exists amongst us

  • rameez hanif on March 15, 2007, 7:27 GMT

    We should have chaesd 242. Though we should have restricted Westindies to 225. But 242 was very getable if we have played the first 10 overs without losing son many wickets. But one los don't mean that we are out of the tournament. Remember 92 and 99 when Pakistan and Australia have to win 3 out of 3 to reach the semis. If we beat Zimbabawe and Ireland we have to win 4 out of the 6 Super 8 matches. But we need to change the batting order coz imran nazir (22 avg) and hafeez (19 avg)are not good enough. But we have to use the resources avilable to us in the best way

    Openers: Imran Nazir & Younis Khan (Ask Him that he just needs to bat the 40 overs.) Middle Order: Yousuf, Inzamam, Malik, Hafeez (he may be able to score some when the ball is old) Keeper: Kamran Akmal Bowlers: Afridi (Kaneria just till the ban on afridi is applicable) Rao Iftikhar, Sami & Gul

    Umer Gul and Rao should operate with the new ball as both like to hit the seam. Sami should come as first change as he will have a bit more control with the bit old ball then the new one. Use hafeez, afridi and malik in middle overs.

  • Subash on March 15, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    I am from India. I am surprised that none of bloggers are have spoken in favour of Yaseer Araft. Almost everyone is unanimous in favour of Azhar in place of rana. Azhar is a spent force, only thing he has is experience of not playing any matches even though in squad of 2003 which is likely to be repaeted with Arafat. I saw arafat during champions trophy match against SA, rest of your batsmen were hopping and getting out in single digit, but this guy(arafat) is confident and played like a fighter. His bowling is also decent and handy . If you not going to play him even against ireland then what is the point in taking him in squad , just to make it a squad of 15 ?. Always Invest in youth play them whenever possible and get the rewards.

  • Haroon on March 15, 2007, 7:05 GMT

    I still cant't belive that Azhar mahmod who was not in original 30 made it to squad and likely to play .Even PCB chief said his playing days are over and he didn't play a single match in WC 2003. He is plain lucky becuase major players got injured. But he is past his prime, he is old, fat and unfit. Don't commit blunder of playing Azhar. If he can play then Wasim Akram even now without any practise can play far better than him. Team managment use your wisdom amd play Yaseer Arafat against Ireland and Zimb.He has energy and youth on his side.He shall gain experience. This shall give dividends to pakistan now and in long term. Pl. don't repeat mistake of WC 2003 by making Arafat another Azhar.

  • kicker on March 15, 2007, 6:57 GMT

    I think kamran akmal,rana and inzimam tht fatty should be kicked out i dont understand why kamran akmal has been playing after worst perfomance in south africa may be favours from the captain PCB and management is full of shit ...and i hate when they always lose so they dont accept their defeat they start to self pity they are really shitty 11 ..rana is a jerk always going for so many runs he dont knw where to place the ball always pitching short ..and the captain him always going across the stumps and getting lbw when he will learn at this age he should retire i think and should focus on more eating potatoes..

  • Haroon on March 15, 2007, 6:52 GMT

    NO..NO Azhar Mahmood at any cost if pakistan has anything to gain something even from losses !!. He has been there for last 10 years. WHat is his contribution & achievement even in his prime. He is now old, fat , sluggish and unfit. Definately Play Yasir Arafat and invest in energy & youth make him expeienced , it shall pay dividends now and in future.

  • Munir Khan on March 15, 2007, 5:26 GMT

    Becuase your blog didnt let me to finish , So I have to come back. In my opinion we have to take the Australia way of choosing the captain ,which is select the team & then choose the captian from them .our system allows a out of form captain to be continously choosen no matter whatever is the from .Waqar Younis is the other example , his poor form kept him in the team until the nation has to pay the price by getting out of the world cup 2003 in the first round. Cominf back to Inzimam , I am surprised ,Hafeez failed at top order brought down to lower order in warm up match where he scored good runs , again permoted on the top against westindies , very silly.I can bet Shoaib Malik is going to come as opner or one down position , because in Inzimam book he has scored so he will score as opner as well , keeping in mind , they have tried shoaib Malik on top order in past. To a captain the day you have a fear that you cant lead from the front , you should leave captaincy.

  • Opening Bat on March 15, 2007, 5:26 GMT

    Dear Pakistani Brothers,

    You are reacting exactly like us...Indians.But Pakistan has no rhythm right now.I still think they will make it to the Super 8's.

    But this team does not seem to have the ferocity of the teams of the 80's and 90's.

    Inzy Bhai.Rattle and Hum.Last Chance at Glory...I hate to see subcontinental teams go down...that too against a team with only one Genius.

    And Cheer up my Pakistani brothers.Abhi tho yeh Shuruaat Hai.Pray that if not victory at least Honour is salvaged.Ameen.

  • Nasser on March 15, 2007, 5:19 GMT

    A few thoughts:

    First of all, I would not take the Super 8s for granted. Ireland is a decent team and Zimbabwe is not bad either. I would be surprised, but not shocked, if Pakistan were to lose to one of these teams. So, let's keep those fingers and toes crossed for the moment and focus on winning these two matches first.

    Second - I don't mean to sterotype people with long flowing beards but I have to say that there is a good reason why there have not been a lot of world athletes that look like some members of our current team. Yousuf is a poor fielder, Inzi's beard is growing heavier by the moment and his form seems to be dipping, and Rana seems to be going the same way. I wonder what a heavier beard will do for Rana's bowling. I cannot imagine that it will help. Also, I do agree with an earlier comment by one of the readers of this blog, that several members of our team do not look like athletes. I wonder if there should be a beard code for the Pakistan team i.e. only trimmed beards allowed like the one the late Wasim Raja used to sport so dashingly.

    Three - If this current Pakistan team has a disastrous WC, then it may be a blessing in disguise. It will mean the end of Inzamam and hopefully the Tableeghi influence on the team. Unfortunately, the influence of Saeed, Mushy, and Inzi has not been positive in the last year (other than on Yousuf) as the team now seems to be more focused on praying than playing. They really seem to leave it all up to "Allah" as if "Allah" has nothing better to do than to help Pakistan win cricket matches. The other silver lining to the disaster scenario, in my view, will be that hundreds of thousands of young cricket loving boys in Pakistan will be less likely to use Inzi, Rana, etc as role models. And while Inzi is a great batsman, I'd rather have young cricketers emulate Javed Miandad, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis. Inzi is a one-off who depends on his sheer talent and does not put in the hard work. We want the future generation of Pakistani cricketers to be street fighters like Javed who rely not just on talent but also on hard work and sheer determination.

    When Afridi is back, then he probably replaces Kaneria and bats at number 7 or 8. However, if Nazir fails to get going in the next couple of games then we may have to consider Afridi instead of Nazir at number 1 and add Yasir Arafat to the equation at number 9 (with Azhar moving up one spot to 8). Sami seems to be missing out here but unless we start having more confidence in our batting we have to play more all rounders. I would like to see Sami in the team at some point but our batsmen have to start clicking first and then Sami can come in instead of Arafat or Azhar. As for Rana, his World Cup should be over. It is a pity because he is a good guy and seems to give it his all but it is time to move on. Sussex awaits him where he can spend quality time with Mushy.

    Five - point number four really highlights the ridiculous judgement of the selection committee in not including at least one other specialist batsman as the team seems to have no choice but to play around with the batting order. I am a Nazir fan but this tournament is his last chance. Based on what I have seen so far, we should go with Salman Butt and Yasir Hameed after this world cup and give them a run for at least a year. At the same time, we should be grooming another 8-10 youngsters ala India and rotate them through the squad to rest the more regular players.

    And finally, let's pray to "Allah" that we beat Ireland and Zimbabwe. I am hoping the almighty is taking a keen interest in cricket for the next few weeks.

  • Munir Khan on March 15, 2007, 5:14 GMT

    Thank You for your suggestions.I think the problem is in leadership.From day one since Inzimam has been appointed as a captain I have serious doubts about his abilities to lead pakistani team.Its not in his builtin to be a leader.And he has given that proof with consistency .I will get lots of critisim on this .But to give a simple example from the last match lost against westindies .Danish Kaneria a leg spinner included in a team as a attack bowler.Please keep in mind his inclusion in the squad is not on will of Inzimam , its tremendous pressure from media & ex cricketers which has lead inzimam to bear the inclusion of danish in the side.As Shahid Afridi is ban for first two matches , I remember inzimam saying , Danish will be given chance in the first two matches.Next Brain lara come to the crease , Danish started him bowling and the biggest shock inzimam gave me by not putting a close in fielder to a new batsman who is going to bowl Lara.As we all know a good leg spinner is a spinner with a fast bowler mind and that is to attack .Once you give Lara chance to set in the first few overs then no matter how good bowler you are , you have to face his music.Inzimam is in very poor form around 21 in year 2006. I have seen Imran Khan Inzimam saying many times lead from the front.It surprises me when a player like Imran Khan advises Inzimam becuase Inzimam can not do this , you cant change the nature,To be a leader is not Inzimam type.

  • Taimur Khan on March 15, 2007, 5:13 GMT

    Dear Kamran, When two teams play against each other,one has to loose so that other can be called winner. sadly on this occasion we lost. But remember ,Nothing is lost If HOPE is not lost,so keep that flame of winning the world cup Burning.I am 110% sure that Inshallah Pakistan team will bounce back.Its still a long way to the semi's,we will make it just stay put :)

  • Zeeshan Shukr on March 15, 2007, 5:12 GMT

    Well I think we should not criticize Pakistan team that much. They just have to fine-tune their game plan. First of all, Imran Nazir needs to be dropped. He does not possesss the big match temprament and is more of a domestic Twenty20 player. Muhammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik should open. Inzi should bat at No. 3 followed by Yousaf and Younis. Younis is developing a new habit that he gets out in the most pathetic way. Being a senior player, he should be more responsible. Pakistan also missed the all round aggression of Shahid Afridi. If Pakistan have to do well in this World Cup, Shahid Afridi has to play out of his skin. Finally Rana should be dropped and replaced by Sami. We cannot afford expensive overs from Rana in crucial matches. Best of luck Pakistan!

  • ali on March 15, 2007, 4:03 GMT

    i am anxiously awaiting for the first final against ireland and second against zimbabwe...its not gg to be easy we might struggle ...but one shouldnt loose hope...inzamam had conceeded defeat long ago...this is a mere formality for the big guy who has shown his eagerness to play for pakistan after the embarrasment of the w.c..his sole objective now is to some how manage to defeat the two infants of the game..and atleast when he goes to pakistan he could say there was an improvement in the team considering the fact that we couldnt even enjoy this feat in the last world cup that is if we manage to beat ireland on a good day...than the pcb will do the needful and we will start preparations and team rebuilding for the 2011 world cup .As soon as asif and shoaib went out of the equation the big guy said there goes the world cup ...i feel sorry for him ...he had made all the preparations for his retirement in this world cup but it will be a distant dream...the innaugaration of his hospital in multan will be done by some angry fans..he threw away waqar younis ..who was the only person who was capable of improving our bowling...during his tenure it seemed that our bowling really was improving but he needed to be a boss he managed to get rid of him with his paindu companions...he had thought that after he would win the w.cup saaed anwar and mushtaq together with youhanna would all go out to raiwand to raise funds for his hospital ...thats not gg to happen now inzy... i feel sorry for u...

  • Mujeeb Jan on March 15, 2007, 1:39 GMT

    Pakistan Cricket team is no different from any other organization, department in Pakistan. With appointed Chairman’s who have failed in their own professions, what good can you expect from the team. Hope is a good thing but about the word called capability. We are a bunch of losers, I don’t understand why we call them national heroes. They will make to Super 8 and that is it. The reason I am saying that in my humble opinion they are better than the other 2 teams. So don’t hope, they are coming home soon

  • Growing Beard on March 15, 2007, 1:39 GMT

    THANK YOU!! Gollumbird for pointing out the obvious ... what shall we say "dukhti rag par haat rakh daina".

    This exactly is the bane of Pakistan Cricket, like it or not. One province hogging not just cricket but pretty much every other sport. BTW, I read somewhere that RANA also got selected for the National Hockey team before deciding he liked Cricket more,, haha.

    Can also somebody tell me pleeeeeeze why is HAFEEZ in the team. The guy has like 18 run average in 50 odd games. I noticed some people mention in this blog about his useful offspin,,, haha ... Well so does my 9 year old cousin.

    Another thing, can our legendary bowling coach, hehehe, pleeeeeeeeze tell RAO that he needs to think once in a while, as in mixup a slow delivery or a bouncer. I noticed the dude bowls like 5 good overs for 10 runs and then like 50 in the next five,,, hehehe ... food for thought!!!

    Go Pakis...

  • R Dravid on March 15, 2007, 1:05 GMT

    Me and my time are desperately waiting to defeat Pakistan team. I hope they qualify for 2nd round.

  • Adnan - Toronto on March 15, 2007, 0:57 GMT

    Kamran I always read your blogs but this is probably the first time I am giving a comment on it. Not any particular reason for doing this now but was quite disappointed with the pakistan teams performance yesterday. I agree with you that the only team that pakistan might not be capable of defeating would be the australians.

    I totally agree with your suggestions and those of the other people that have posted here. I think Rana definetly should be replaced by Sami as he is a better bolwer and batsmen than Rana. I think the age is getting to Rana, and I fail to understand why inzamam keeps playing him instead. The other change that is necessary is Azhar needs to come in for Kaneria. As kaneria never was an ODI player as his fielding and batting is way below par and his bowling doesn't seem to adjust to the ODI structure too well.

    When Afridi returns I believe he should replace Imran Nazir as once again after been given another chance he has failed to show an consistency. Some people might say its too early to sack him but the world cup is definetly no place to give people opportunities. And Inzamam needs to show how important this world cup and lead from the front and the way he can do that is by moving himself up the order to number 3. This will show he is a leader adn wants this world cup bad and might provide for some motivation for the other boys.

    And the loss earlier in the tournament is better than later ... the pakistani team always peaks late in every tournament. And i wouldn't count them out just yet !!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!

  • Faesal - No need to mention the location to attract attention! on March 15, 2007, 0:56 GMT

    The two main culprits of the yesterday match are Inzi and Rana. Inzi with his captaincy does so much damage that it is hard to make that up with his batting. He is lacking in any kind of imagination whatsoever. The guy can’t even do simple math and couldn’t utilize the full 10 overs of Gul, by far our best bowler. When Hafeez came to bowl the 46th over I was ready to pull my hairs out, and he went for runs. When is Inzi going to comprehend that spinners will go for a lot runs at the death unless you are Saqlain Mushtaq? Batsmen are hell bent on hitting the bowlers out of the ground and spinners are easy pickings. Mind you, Hafeez is no Saqlain! If Gul had bowled the 46th over he would have completed his full quota by being able to bowl the last one as well.

    Now Rana! Oh boy, I am sure he is going to give me a heart attack at this young age. Let’s be fair though, it is more Inzi’s fault. Why wasn’t he used more at death where he is considered the best in the world rather than in the beginning of the innings where he is one of the most expensive? Inzi you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that. Seriously! But Rana is no Brainiac either. He chose to play a test inning (11 of 29 balls) when required run rate was over 7 an over. You can put this into perspective by looking at Rao Iftikhar’s innings (11 of 18). Talk about having a clue of what situation required.

    Pakistan needs to do some drastic changes by starting at the top and removing Inzi as captain. He should be retained as a batsman as he is very capable but if he throws a tantrum and chooses not to do so, then Good Riddance!

    As far as keeping faith in the team is concerned, I am with Kamran Abbasi on this one, provided the necessary changes are made that he has suggested.

  • Gugu on March 15, 2007, 0:12 GMT

    Dr. Abbasi. For God sake, enough is enough. Even if Pakistan wins the world cup, I ask do we deserve to or will that mean we indeed are the best one day team? And, importantly, what are you talking here? According to you, the only obstacle is Australia. You are saying this even after losing against West Indies. And yet, only obstacle is Australia? At least get you simple math right. We are yet to face your only obstacle and we already have lost to a team that you do not consider obstacle. Go eat some almonds to get your memory and thinking cap back.

  • Rafakat Khan on March 14, 2007, 23:59 GMT

    what is it with all you pakistani fans talking about religion and beards , you think pakistan players having beards and being religous has anything to do with their cricket ? of course not

    and Rana was not in the team cuz he grew a beard , its cuz pakistan team keep thinking back to what he has done in the past and not what he is doing right now and becuase Mushtaq Ahmed who is Ranas sussex team-mate and close personal freind is the assistent coach of pakistan

    and all of you stop this nonsense about beards and religion

  • street player on March 14, 2007, 23:39 GMT

    Hi I am writing after such a long time i dont know if anyone will read this....but i ope pakistan wins WC or at least loses with dignity. and in the first match they were an embaressment. even a street player could tell the run rate was getting too high for singles only.inzi and yousuf let the run rate go from 5 to over 7 an over, then rana and malik tppk it from 7 to 11 without trying to score....does this seem normal...yes malik scored in the end ....what was he waiting for...i feel that rana and malik were told not to score fast and by who...bob and inzi.....the reason ... i haate to say it but match fixing!!!!! think why were they trying to save the wicket of rana and malik when the runrate was 11....even when i play in the streets in karachi...our team would start hitting like crazy every ball...even if we were losing as what good will the wickets do in the end....they way inzi and yousuf played it was amazing no runs were made ....7 runs in powerplay and i might add not the best example it was not warne,mcgrath,pollack,nitni....etc bowling.... IF WE LOSE THE WC LIKE THIS...I HOPE THEY KICK OUT INZI,RANA,NAZIR,SAMI,HAFEEZ AND BOB AND BAN THEM FROM PAKISTAN CRICKET FOREVER.

  • anwar, los angeles on March 14, 2007, 23:35 GMT

    Hello friends...good news..PAKISTAN can still bring home a world should send wasim bari to get an replica of the world dosen't have to be real cup....with this pathetic performance..the only cup pakistan team deserve is the fake one....i do have another solution for the PCB...any player score less then 40 runs...should be whip with 10 me ...they will all score 50 plus...inzi need to go...his 20 or 30 odd runs are not helping....he is way over his prime...guy can not run and don't give a damn about ..his and his teams approached to the game on hand...he is an ideot...just pray ALLAH that...zimbabwe is not having a good day with pakistan....

  • Bob on March 14, 2007, 23:28 GMT

    hey guys,chill out enough is enough .let them do their job and get rana out...

  • Afridi on March 14, 2007, 23:18 GMT

    Pakistan cricket team's problem starts from the top. Its captain. He is past his prime. His captaincy is unimaginative, lacking dynamism. No new ideas emanate from him. Playing Kaneria is foolish. No one day team plays with three spinners in the side. Rana Naved has been horrible recently. Yasir Arafat & Azhar Mahmood would not be worse than him but they do give depth in batting. Our batting is weak as we can not even chase 241. We are the only country which has so many high class allrounders but we are not taking advantage of it. With the current players avaialable in World Cup and lack of form/three consecutive failure of Imran Nazir. Pakistan should open with Hafeez & Akmal, followed by Younis, Yousuf (Yusuf had refused to bat at number 3), Inzimam, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Azhar Mahmood, Yasir Arafat, Sami & then Umar Gul This way our weak batting line up is strenghtened by actually going down to number 10. We have four pacers and three spinners. if any two bowlers don't do well , there are two more to back up.

  • baqar on March 14, 2007, 23:02 GMT

    Pak positive spin! should never give up. Remember playing terribly in 92 - even were bowled out for 75 against england! - we still have hope. Yes on paper difficult to beat the aussies but not impossible. Surely Rana Naved can not be allowed to take any further part - Rao Ifthikhar played excellent ( man of the match for Pakistan). best team in batting order: 1.nazir or hafeez 2.inzi 3.yunis 4.yusuf 5.malik 6.akmal 7.afridi 8.mahmood or arafat 9.sami 10.rao 11.gul option replace one of mahmood /arafat / afridi with kaneria.

  • Sarim Ali Toronto on March 14, 2007, 21:51 GMT

    Kamran I tottally agree with u. But if Pakistan's gonan win they have to take Kaneria out of the team.Not just Kaneria i didnt like the way Rana bowleed eaither. As u said we have to give him a break.Rao i thi nk also has to go he just had a fluke game i dont understand why tehy even pick him. Sami has to be brought back in the side along with Azhar Mahmood.We also have to get Yasir Arafat to play some games.I think we should let younin khan be an opener because in every game he always comes in the first 3 overs. That's just like an opeenr now he's use to comin easrly so we have to put him as an opener along with Imran Nazir.Nazir HAS TO STOP GIVING HIS WICKET AWAY. At number 3 we should have Shoaib Malik he was a great player for us at tht spot. I also didnt like inzamam's captiancy i basically never do i dont like him at all as a captain.He announced that he will bat at number 4 then when he saw how good the bowlers were he came at 5. YOUSUF IS THE BEST BATSMEN WE HAVE we cant disturb his rhythym by putting him at any spot below 4. ALL WE CAN DO NOW IS HOPE FOR PAKISTAN. LISTEN UP PAKISTANI FANS PRAY FOR THE BEST AND PREPARE FOR THE WORST.

  • Taimur Huk on March 14, 2007, 21:42 GMT

    wowowo, guys. i noticed a lot of people are giving up on this team after just one defeat. SHAME ON YOU! INSHALLAH, PAKISTAN WILL LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND GO ON TO WIN THE WORLD CUP!!

  • Imran Zia on March 14, 2007, 21:19 GMT

    For the first time ever I think you have struck the nail on its head. I couldnt agree more and blunders are following blunders. In 1992 we had a good team that was not performing till the later stages. This team's record suggests that they would have to be more than fortunate to win this world cup. Inzi and the think tank if it is there does not have any attacking cells in there brains. We are hunting like vultures waitaing for the prey to die before they kill us. There is a need for aggression and I dont think Rana Naved will take you there.

  • Shoaib Nursumar on March 14, 2007, 20:56 GMT

    I think the world cup has just started and its too early to give up. If we get dishearted after 1 loss, then we'll all be in shock after how this team performes at super 8. Having lost the first game (and the points for super 8), Pakistan's chances of making semis will rely heavily on how each team performs against one another. It will be in our favour if this world cup is not evenly balanced, that is every team winning at the super 8 stage. We would preffer that teams like Australia and South Africa win against all other teams so that Pakistan can get a chance of making 1 of the remaining spots for the semis. AND then everyone knows wats going to happen, Pakistan has never lost a semi (lets hope we meet New Zealand again in the semi). Well i tried to sum up the facts that may take Pakistan all the way, But for that our team needs to stop killing itself (Please remove RANA Naveed from the squad). His character seems like a qasai to me, and a person with absolutely no brains. He scored 10 of 30 balls against West Indies. All he needed to do was take singals and get Shoaib Malik back on strike. Would had released the pressure a lot. At one point Pakistan needed 75 of 7 overs. If rana naveed would had just taken singals (run a ball with field spread out), the equation would had been 75 of 10 overs atleast.

  • Gollumbird on March 14, 2007, 20:48 GMT

    It is very hard for me to say it, but I have to. Stop playing Punjab 11 (ok 10 Gul excepted) as Pakistan 11. This team is supposed to represent Pakistan and you have to leave politics and ethinicity at home and choose the best team whereever the players are from!! I am sick and tired of players from certain regions getting many more chances than players from other regions!!

  • The Optimist on March 14, 2007, 20:46 GMT

    Selection should be easy now, rana and kaneria to be given rest for the next match. Pakistan are missing good batsmen.

  • itszee notjay on March 14, 2007, 20:34 GMT

    Okay ..pls some of those of linguistically challenged origin :

    It is Z and not J .

    NaZir and not NaJir ... Get it right ...the first time.

  • Asad Faizi on March 14, 2007, 20:29 GMT

    I think we should have gone with Sami instead of Rana. Rana is a great bowler with the best record in world during death overs in ODI, but he is in awful form for the last 6 months. I think it was Inzi’s hope against hope that he will come through, but it is time we move on to other options.

    I think Kaneria is a calculated move. All the pundits, including Imran Khan, were pushing for Kaneria’s inclusion in the team. Given Pakistan’s bowling options, I think we should continue to play Kaneria in the remaining (easy) pool matches to get him sharpen his line and length.

    I also think we should play Yasir Arafat in the remaining (easy) pool matches to get him ready as a substitute for Kaneria on faster tracks, since he is a good medium pace all-rounder.

    Once we have Afridi back, and Sami replaces Rana with either Kaneria or Yasir (depending on the track), I think we will have a much better side .

    My two cents.

    Asad Faizi

  • Atif - United States on March 14, 2007, 20:24 GMT

    Only Advise, please play like prof. you are paid for the job along with free prayers and good food. Change your attitudes and come out of the arrogance you carry, stop blaming others and play your game, stop hitting pull shots(Younis Khan), Opener(Whatever) you may not even have any idea when u hit that six that was very clear when u hit a drive like you have batted for 3 hrs. Hey Pakistan pay you to work, do your job and dont carry the tradition like other Pakistani Govt. departments. U work for a country, after this world cup we may have to camp for other team, may be india and hopefully very soon United States.

  • Amir on March 14, 2007, 20:03 GMT

    First of all thanks to Allah

    Mr. Inzi you are saying thanks to allah after defeat ?

    Gentleman you need to et some ASL adult english Classes and guys I am afraid Pakistan might not go in Super Eight if they will play like yesterday. Aggression is most important thing and if you see successive batsmen around the world like Gilli, Tendulkar,lara, Kevin Peiterson, Dhoni all are attacking player. So if inzi need to improve his performance we should adopt aggressive approach.

    Amir from Toronto

  • tanveer s on March 14, 2007, 19:49 GMT

    I had 2 Dreams on two different days.

    I hope one of it is TRUE.

    First Dream:

    I had this dream the other day that pakistan have lost all there Group D Matches and they have gone home. People plz dont depend on your team. They are not out there to make us proud everybody should know that by now.

    Seceond Dream:

    M Asif, S Akthar, & A Razzaq they are back in the team some how, and we are demolishing every single team that is coming in there way.

    ... Still Dreaming in my Dreams plz wake me up PCB as we all know PCB stands for: Pakistan Cricket Buster

    BK, NY

  • Zain on March 14, 2007, 19:20 GMT


    The number 3 position is to contain the wicket. Why were we so successful in the 1999 world cup? We had the same opening problem, though we had Anwar we did not have a steady second opener. Ijaz Ahmad did the job (for that we hated him soo much) for Pakistan. He came in and just consumed the deliveries and exhausted the bowlers out of their good delieveries. He pried on the fact that they would make mistakes and as a professional bowler I can say bowlers make more mistakes than batsmen. Pakistan need Younis (or Hafeez) to come in and play a test match. Exhaust the primary bowlers and give your middle order precious overs in the middle to build the innings. I think Younis is a good batsman but not so sure that he can hold the wicket for long periods.

    Even Azhar Mahmood can come in and do the number 3 position and give our mighty and oh-so-fragile middle order some breathing space.

    Inzi is a pressure batsman but he needs to come good. Yousuf is a free player. He will play his shots and make scores, quick or slow he will respond. And Younis is just unpredictible.

    Save the 2nd wicket and build on the middle overs with a good middle order and late overs hitting by Afridi or Hafeez.

  • Zain on March 14, 2007, 19:10 GMT

    Well said Kamran. I also believe that Pakistani team is very talented with a whole lot of skills, worthy of a big applaud. BUT...

    There are several things that do not make any inroads into common sense.

    1. Inclusion of Nazir: So nonsensicle to include Nazir in the squad over Yasir Hameed. Now that he's selected I believe he should stick to that opening position. He is skilled but loses control. Plus the ball he got out on was a good one.

    2. Inzi's batting positon: We all know he's a defensive captain, sometimes needlessly, but if we have any hopes of becoming serious contender in the second round we need Inzi to perform and lead. More importantly lead from the the FRONT. Inzi is the best batsman in the team, it’s not Yousuf but INZI and he needs to take this responsibility head-on.

    I still remember 1992 semifinal. Imran Khan was never a one down choice but he came in consumed deliveries and put in 41. He LEAD from the front and set the tone and Inzi came in and finished it off. He's no longer that slogger, he's in Imran's position now and he needs to perform like he's responsible. Bat at number 4.

    3. Kamran Akmal: Make him open. Kamran Akmal is a better batsman when he opens. He is not a pressure batsman. (Yes mohali was there but he had Razzaq with him and it was a test match). He does not have Razzaq or another low order experience with him. Shoaib Malik is doing well and let him continue with Hafeez who has better technique lower down the order than at the opening slot.

    4. Bowling spin too much: Pakistan needs to realize that Off-Spin is not a wicket-taking option. Leg spin and Fast bowling is. If your seamers have done the job at the beginning take them off and let them rest. I believe too many overs were bowled from then during the opening of the innings. Introduce spinners early and put a fast bowling cameo in the middle to extract wickets and surprise.

    One last point I want to make is Rana’s inclusion. Everyone is just hating him without even knowing his role in the team. He was never selected to contain runs but to take wickets in the beginnings and slowly developed a reputation to choke runs at the end. I still think he can be one of the best bowlers in the world cup. He just needs to calm down and make use of his high jump to land the bowl on off stump. He’s fine and should stay. As for the beard, pfff I’ll hold my comments.

    On any account, I still believe that this team can still do wonders. If Kenya can reach semis then this team is capable for much more than that.

  • Nasir (Dhaka) on March 14, 2007, 19:06 GMT

    What does Younis's record say? Despite big Khan's preferece that he should be palying at 3, I think he could be dropped down. Kaneria, Nazir and Rana should be dropped. Afridi, Azhar and Sami have to come into, since no other options are there.

  • Rana Naveed ul hassan on March 14, 2007, 18:53 GMT

    I m totally fade up of bowling and I just wanna go to RAIWAND. Plzz throw me out of pak team. And thanks anyway 4 the comments about me!!

  • Imran on March 14, 2007, 18:46 GMT

    Pakistan have no hope o doing anything in this world cup because the so called senior players do not take responsibility. The opening position has been an huge for the Pakis for a long time now and we keep turning to the tried and failed. Why dont two of Younis, Yousuf or Inzi open. they are technically the best we have so they should be best equiped to deal with the new ball. Look at Tendulkar and Ganguly both middle order batsmen but when India need them to open they don't go into hiding but stand up and face the music and they have been very successful. Until and unless the big 3 take responsibility and move up the order Paks will continue to dissappoint.

    Oh and Rana should sent on the first plane back to pakiland and should never be allowed to play for pakistan.

  • Faraz, California on March 14, 2007, 18:43 GMT

    World Cup Champion is the team that deserves to be the WORLD CHAMP!...sorry but I don't think our team has the hunger, drive or confidence to step up....Cheers to an early return home !!!

  • Chacha Koora Kirkit on March 14, 2007, 18:22 GMT

    I think the 15 players and support staff which includes Bob and PJ should repay the expenses and costs of the world cup trip. The monies should go to a worthy charity.

    Would it not been better to send 15 new new faces all under 20 to see if a couple of new stars could be spotted?

    To hell with this squad! They are a club cricketers with pajamas.... Public flogging for them all.......

  • khan on March 14, 2007, 18:16 GMT

    Younis should be made wicketkeeper, akmal is useless with the gloves and pretty useless with the us an extra batting option, i think it should be considered as it seem we start batting from no3. Yasir Hameed wouldve done a better job as a opener. We can blame the PCB but i think inzi has to shoulder alot of the blame

  • Imran Quraishi(New Jersey) on March 14, 2007, 17:44 GMT

    At the conclusion of this world cup more heads would roll. Inzi,Rana,Rao,Imran and Hafeez got to go and there should be no doubt about it. We need more young blood in the team.

  • Omer Admani on March 14, 2007, 17:34 GMT

    It is ridiculous that people want Shoaib Malik to come earlier. If someone is playing reasonably well at 6, why experiment with his position? I think that Hafeez and Nazir should open, followed by Yousof, Inzi, and Younis. We can play Malik at 6 and Akmal at 7. If Sami comes in for Rana, then Sami could be number 8, followed by Rao, Gul, and Kaneria. Also, on-field tactics of not bowling spin before 20 should be revisited as well. I can imagine Shane Warne getting a beating as well, because legspinners are not stock bowlers. So, somebody needs to pump a few things in Inzamam's head. Maybe just the absence of Rana can inspire the team again. I wouldn't be surprised if Gul loses motivation-- and starts bowling badly-- if Rana keeps on playing.

  • Alina on March 14, 2007, 17:32 GMT

    What you guys think of using Shoaib Malik as an opener? Also, what about giving Arafat a chance in place of Rana, Sami has gotten too many w/out showing much of a promise?

  • Yasin Ajani on March 14, 2007, 17:24 GMT

    Suggestions for the team........... 1. Inzi needs to go to the nearest Pakistani Dhaba, and eat the hell out of some Nihari and Lahori Tikka, perhaps then, he'll be able to concentrate more. 2. Whats up with Shohaib Rawalpindi, he needs to shoot some more steroids, maybe then he'll pass the drug test. 3. Afridi needs put some Gel in his hair so it doesn't come in his face while batting. 4. Yousef Yohana needs to shave. 5. After the World Cup, Inzi should run for Prime Minister, he's a great representation of Pakiland.

  • Adil Ray on March 14, 2007, 17:15 GMT

    PCB are PATHETIC....they couldnt find any openers even after 4 years..

    Bob seems to have done nothing for the team....the only way pak will win nething is if they sort out the team

    RANA out DANISH out Shoaib malik to number 3 Hafeez needs to bat as tailender...seems to be v gd bowler KAMRAN out (but seeing as we have no replacement...might as well open...wouldnt do ne worse than our crrent openers) i suggest younis n kamran to open! i dont know why people want azhar back in team...he hasnt done nething special recently!

  • blazeeee on March 14, 2007, 17:01 GMT

    My biggest concern is Inzy. I think he is one hulk of a man devoid of any leadership qualities. He may have been a great batsman at one time but I am afraid has no capability to inspire team mates to put up a fight. Poor guy can't even express himself, let alone think on his feet. Wrong man for the job!!!!!

  • baskar on March 14, 2007, 16:49 GMT

    I think too much is made of this defeat. Pakistan still has a good chance of getting into next stage by defeating other 2 teams. They can start afresh. Coming to this match, Pakistan bowled well, no doubt. Lot of people here comment that Kaneria should be dropped. But I thought he bowled well. Had 2 maidens. He didn't hv great luck. Hafeez also bowled tightly. The cause of concern is Pakistan batting. It was clearly frustrating to see 13 runs in 9 overs and that too with Inzy & Yousuf batting. They never really ran singles well. Many run scoring opportunities to convert ones to 2 went abegging. Overall it was a poor performance and well deserved victory for WI who out played Pakistan in all areas. Hope this brings in the revival of attractive WI cricket again. Good luck to Pakistan for the next 2 matches

  • salim on March 14, 2007, 16:49 GMT

    People of PAKISTAN - Do you have any players at all, why not bring back rizwan-usman or better still Mudsar Nasser. I am so sad that we dont have a single WORLD CLASS player amongst 120Million people - shame on all of us.

  • Non-Vegetarian Third Party on March 14, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    It is really sad to see a Pakistan team, that has so much talent in its pool, struggle to reach 241 against a decent bowling attack, at best. Pakistan selectors and team management should have been sacked so long ago. Yasir Hameed should have been in this team instead of Imran Nazir or Yasir Arafat. What the hell is Rana doing when Azar is sitting out. The Pakistani managemnt destroyed the career of Azar about 7-8 yrs ago and now they are destroying yasir hameed's career. Don't they have resources to counsel young players to stay away from drugs? Mohammed Asif is a great talent wasted. Can't they give some kind of anger management counseling to Shahid Afridi? Abdur Razzaq should have been protected from practice related injuries. He is so important to this team. So much talent and so little management of it. Really sad. And I am not even a Pakistani...only a Sri Lankan. I can feel how the Pakistani fans must be feeling now.

    Pakistan has a talent pool of 85%, but the team management and board destroys it to perform at 65%.

    India has 75% of talent but the media and public and hype it upto 95% and pressure it down to 65%

    Sri Lanka has only about 50% talent but they somehow manage to perform at 65% with good training, team-work and "limited" interference from the management or the public. There is something to be said about being a small country and less feudal in its administration.

  • Ali on March 14, 2007, 16:42 GMT

    Posted by: pakistan cricket board at March 14, 2007 1:11 PM


    Loved your selection criteria. Well it seems beard is the way to go these days.

    Just lame and scared batting. What has happened to intelligent crazy batting that we used to see.

    Definately, no question .. Rana out at all costs... Younis either to open or come at five with either yousaf and inzi at 3,4 or one down with Malik. That guy has character and will to fight more than our holy brothers at this time.

    Did any one hear Yousaf refused to be photographed. There has to be a limit to religion. What on earth is going on with our team and nation...

    Any Thoughts.....

    Where are we all moderate, fun loving ppl...

  • Haaris Sheikh on March 14, 2007, 16:37 GMT

    I completely agree with you. I have yet to understand Rana & Imran in the team. Perhaps, similar to Golf, Pak should have a declared handicap when batting. We should be able to negotiate with the opposition to say 5 overs 30 runs for 2 wickets and start with Younis and Yousuf at the crease.

    Why in the world Sami, our fastest bowler, on the sidelines. What is going on with Inzi and Bob with this pick. We have played Rana consistently and he's been hammered consistently. If Sami was hammered in this way, he would have 2-3 wickets to go along with it.

    I think there is still a long way to go in the World Cup. Losing against WI is not a good start, but this is not the end of the world. I am still very hopeful that Pak will do good as the cup progresses. One positive though, Shoaib Malik seems to be out of his funk. Played a good innings without a good partner.

  • E on March 14, 2007, 16:28 GMT

    In extention to the shots played by Yousuf and Younis and what Rana is doing in Pakistan team. I think it is time notice a very important statement made by Raza Abbas (above).I don't understand what the dilemma of this team since Saeed Anwar joined the Tabligh. I think Pakistan team is implemeting gali cricket at international level, where only favourites are included in team. We have to understand that they are playing at professional level. Players can't be selected or dropped on basis of their night life or any other off the ground activities. The team should be a reperesentative of game and country rather than Raiwind. We need to get rid of Inzy's tablighi regime. Credentials should be based on performances rather than how many times one prays. I am not speaking against religion here, but one has to draw a line what selection is based on. I have a feeling that players are under undue influence to follow Inzy's religious activites, to retain their spot in the team.

  • Dr Fareed Nasir on March 14, 2007, 16:20 GMT

    Well atleast this time I was mentally prepared so the dismal performance wasnt a shock. We have all learnt something that we have always known but have been trying to ignore in hopeful optimism.

    Fact: Inzi, never was and never will be a good captain.

    Fact: Danish Kaneria is not a ODI player, his bowling is not suited to this form, He cannot perform under pressure and his fielding although being high on entertainment value is abysmal to say the least.

    Fact: Imran Nazir doesnt have the temprament to perform at this level, that is why he was kicked out in first place. Having a beard unfortunately doesnt make you more mature.

    Fact: Kamran Akmal and Rana are the luckiest people to be in this team, so is sami to be in this squad. Our opponents are lucky that they have the luxury of playing against these 3 'fantastic' crickters

    Fact: Younis is a pathan and that does surface time to time.

    Fact: Our Batting is dismal and that is what will make us loose.

    Fact: We are one of the lowest rated team in the Cup and we played like one.

    So my advice to all heart broken Paki fans, Expect the expected, miracles happen not every day, enjoy world cup just like fans of one the minnows ie enjoy the fact we are there, enjoy the cricket as world cup is once every 4 years.

  • Noman on March 14, 2007, 16:07 GMT

    Result is always a lagging factor, process being a leading one. i think its not about one goes a long way back.. simply compare our setup with Aussies. Ponting was made captain even when Steve Waugh had won a world cup.. this is futuristic thinking, and it worked. Our dear Inzi, even at 37, and in a terribly poor form, is still willing to hang around for as long as he can. Compare his show with Imran Khan's 15 years back. Imran used to come one down to bat in 92 WC. Our dear captain cannot even make it at number 4:).. he has his favourites like Rana, Kamran Akmal where as solid batsmen like Bazid and Asim Kamal are being neglected. Despite being an optimist, i can't see much hope now. Sorry nzi, Woolmer, its too late. Your age old tactics have failed.. Make a world eleven team and make Inzi its captain, you will know what i mean:) cheers!

  • S. Qureshi on March 14, 2007, 16:04 GMT

    Pakistan team should go to the mosque instead of trying to play Cricket. Totally dismal performance was ex[ected when you look at a bearded team coming onto the field as if heading to Jihad. Be professional and play cricket or go sit at home and preach islam

  • Farhan on March 14, 2007, 16:00 GMT

    Let me remind you all who are very desperately waiting for Afridi's come back, I am all for that too, but how do you think that is going to change any thing? I mean on any given day Afridi can get dismissed so cheaply. so him coming back wont change any thing! and Sami !! give me a break!! he is as pathetic as Rana lol.

  • imti on March 14, 2007, 16:00 GMT

    y pak y???????

  • Saud on March 14, 2007, 15:55 GMT

    Don't Worry guys .. here is how it goes

    W-Indies v Pakistan ----- L Ireland v Pakistan ----- W- Duhh Pakistan v Zimbabwe----- W- duhh ----------- (M = Must Wins / we Should/Can Win) D2 v A1 (Aus)----- L D2 v C1 (Nze)----- W(M) D2 v B1 (Ind)----- W D2 v A2 (Saf)----- W(M) D2 v B2 (Sal)----- W(M) D2 v C2 (Eng)----- W(M) ------------ 1st Semi Final 2 v 3----- W Finals SF1 v SF2 ----- W ----- This is not all that wishful is it ?

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    Suggestions for the team...

    1. Drop Kaneria immediately and bring Afridi for next big game 2. Give Rana a break and let him regain concentration. Bring in Sami. Atleast he will be fresh and eager to perform 3. Drop pathetic opener Hafeez (despite the fact that he is bowling well) because he is wasting the space of opener 4. Bring Younis Khan down the order at 5. Yousuf and Inzi need to climb batting ladder and take charge of 3 and 4.

  • fj on March 14, 2007, 15:50 GMT

    One of the great mysteries of the cricketing world is : Why is the clearly incompetent Naved-ul-hassan still in the starting 11? Its so painfully obvious that he's clearly club-level cricketing material that even his folks will now readily admit that their ladla should give way to someone more deserving (and there are many) for the sake of 160million+ paki cricket lovers. This, alongwith the strategy mishaps that would make the cricketing minnows chuckle will ensure that there will be no "cornered tigers" story this world cup.

  • iky on March 14, 2007, 15:49 GMT

    just some all means support do i, but enjot the cricket played, becasue if you dont, itl be 8-9 hours of torture, be balanced...pakistan cant win all the time, sad but true..salaam people

  • Amyn Habib on March 14, 2007, 15:47 GMT

    Dream on, buddy. You keep talking about strategy.

    Unfortunately, the problem is not strategy. It is the quality of the talent in the team. You can strategize all you want-- these players do not have the ability to deliver. .

    And why is the batting so weak? Consider the openers, if you have players who average 18 and 23 – you pick the ones with the worst records, well then that’s what you get. And you have a batsman sitting at home who averages 39. Congratulations, Wasim Bari!

    The same with the Mighty One who “must play”—the one who averages 22 over a period of 10 years—that Clown Prince of Pakistan Cricket. Suddenly, he has become our saviour??

    I am so thankful that Bangladesh is not in our group.

  • Dan Smith on March 14, 2007, 15:42 GMT

    Selection blunders.. Two best openers of the team, Butt and Hameed have not been selected. Of the 15 selected, only four are the sepecialist batsmen, one of them has a strong reputation of throwing his wicket quite often.

  • Ashar on March 14, 2007, 15:30 GMT

    These are professional players who have spent their lives playing this game day in and day out. Why don't they have the intense urge to play cricket like they used to when they were kids and wanted nothing more than going out to the field to play cricket when they could not sleep the night before a tournament or a match due to intense excitement? Why does everything change when these cricketers start getting paid? Why does the Pakistani team drop to the level of the team they are playing and not play a commanding cricket like Australia does regardless of who they are playing? A target of 242 against an average bowling attack is something that a city-level team can easily achieve. Why was this such a difficult target for our national team? Will Mohammad Yousuf ever perform well in the one-day cricket or is he just a test cricketer?

  • M. Khan on March 14, 2007, 15:21 GMT

    Few observations...

    As long as Inzi is captain we shouldn't hope for any miracles - yes - miracles - because only miracles can help this Pak team. Inzimam does not possess the intellect to lead this team in the one day game. For the shorter version of the game you need a thinking, aggressive and innovative captain who is full of energy. Sadly - Inzi doesn't have any of these qualities.

    Now - for the preparation leading up to the tournament. They were in shambles. If you remember Pakistan was the only team asking for extension to the deadline for announcing a 15 member team. Then they changed their strategy they had been deploying for the past couple of years and discarded the players that they had stuck with for that period. That spelled disaster as evident by the performances of Imran and Hafeez. They can't perform when its required but perform once in a blue moon to keep their place in the team.

    Bowling - was okay. Infact average. If they didnt go for many thats due to the lack of willingness on the part of the WI batsmen to take them on more than the ability of Pak bowlers. Whenever the batsmen wanted to - they took apart Pak bowling. Umar, Rao and Kaneria dont have much experience in the one-dayers at this level and will be hammered later in the tournament when we play stronger opposition. Kaneria should only be played against England, NZ and maybe SA. Rana should not have even been selected for this tournament. He is way overrated and pathetically out of form. His attempt to bowl 5 slow balls in an over was a disaster as he was creamed for 16+ runs by the tailenders at the death. He is considered an expert at death bowling - so much for that reputation. In my opinion - play Sami, Gul, Rao, Azhar, Afridi and Malik - drop Hafeez.

    Batting - Is as pathetic as ever. This batting lineup has talent but lacks whats needed the most - strong character. I dont know what do Pak batsmen think of "playing their natural game." As far as Imran Nazir is concerned it means to commit suicide and give up your wicket as early as possible. The run rate required was 4.64. Do I need to state that if they had taken singles and kept wickets the target could have been easily achieved. Younis also has this Pathan blood just like Afridi where I guess its an embarassment if he can't hook a short pitched delivery. Inzimam and Yousuf's batting was pathetic. I could not understand why they were batting the way they batted. We can try changing the batting order but I believe that it won't change a thing. Making Inzi and Yousuf bat at 3 and 4 will not make a difference. If they had been scared to bat at 3 and 4 before - they will be even more scared. This is what I mean by these guys not having strong mental strength to achieve results with the team we have. I dont know why people say that this team is better than the one that won the WC in '92. I think that team had character and fearless leaders unlike this outfit. I would drop Imaran Nazir. Open with Shoaib and Kamran Akmal. I know that Kamran has not performed but who else has??? Yousuf at 3, Inzi at 4, Younis at 5. With the kind of feeble minded characters we have in our batting Pak can't afford to play just 7 batsmen. We have to go down to 8 or 9.

    After this performance - I believe in super 8 Pak will be lucky to even win a single game. I see it as 1-5 for Pak. With the win coming against England with a little luck.

  • Asad on March 14, 2007, 15:17 GMT

    The WIndies won because of their own performance like they did in the champions trophy and not because of Pakistan's poor performance so we should stop blaming ourselves because our team did put up a fight and despite losing 3 early wickets inzi and yousaf put pak to 100-3 and shoaib played great in the end.Sami should play instead of rana and afridi instead of kaneria when his ban is over

  • Asif on March 14, 2007, 15:15 GMT

    Three changes are needed, 1. Rana out - Sami or Yasir Arafat In 2. kaneria out - Azhar In 3. Imran Nazir out - Afridi In

    While everyone seems to want Rana out and Sami included in his place, do remember that Sami has been performing way under his abilities for the last 2 years. The only reason he is around is because of Shoaib and Asifs' dope issues.

    I think that Yasir Arafat should be given the chance, and Pakistan should go in with a strong batting lineup, until number 9.


  • Renad Hakim on March 14, 2007, 15:02 GMT

    It was a really crappy performence by Pakistan. The performance was, to say the least, gutless and the captaincy was forgettable.

    First of all, the bowling was good, especially Gul and Rao, but they lacked fire-power at the end because the couldn't finish of the West Indian innings when they were wobbling. I really don't understand what Rana Naveed and Kaneria are doing in the team. Rana's performance in the recent year has been foul (and I am only using this word because I don’t want to use slang in a blog). The other teams must be licking their lips when they see his name in the playing eleven. Whenever the others put on some pressure on the opposition, these guys come in, bowl like morons and hands over the initiative away like a bunch of impotents. Even my baby nieces would ball better than what Rana is delivering. Rana and Kaneria should be kicked out of the team and Azhar and Afridi should be playing in their place. Sami can also be drafted in discarding Imran Nazir. Otherwise Hafeez and Malik can be called upon to do the backup bowling.

    The batting was absolutely garbage and so was the captaincy. Captaincy lacked innovation and courage and the batting was erratic. School boys are usually bounded by their coaches for some of the shots that accomplished batsmen like Younis and Yousuf played yesterday. Absolutely pathetic. These guys have to get their acts together and take on some responsibility. Only Shoaib Malik played to his potential but he was left all alone and frustrated at the end. They should realize that 3 of their main players are missing and hence they need to take up added responsibility.

    And don’t get me started on the selection. What is Rana Naveed doing batting at no.8. I guess at current form, even Mutiah Muralitharan and Glenn McGrath has more betting skills than him. Afridi and Azhar must be drafted in as all-rounders. Pakistan is lacking in batting at the moment and they must bat deep.

    I am a fan of the Pakistan cricket team and I want these guys to do well, if not win the cup. We all know that these guys have talent and what they can do on their day. If they don’t fill up the blemishes soon, they will surely get into the Super 8s but they get a severe thrashing from the opponents. I am sure if they can play to their potential, they can still do very well in the tournament.

  • khansahab on March 14, 2007, 14:59 GMT

    First of all thanks to Allah Mr Abbasi……… “Banda tu bara deetth hai…… Lekin baat teri bilkul theek hai……” In a nutshell what cost Pakistan the match: 1) Hafeez batting as opener 2) Rana’s bowling- poorly utilised by Inzi and not bringing Kaneria earlier into the attack 3) Yousuf not batting at no.3 and Younis batting at no.3 4) Inzi not batting at no.4 5) Younis’s dropped catch; yes everyone drops catches but sometimes they have disastrous consequences. Inzi announced that he will not retire after the WC. Regardless the outcome of this WC for Pakistan, the following strategies should be adopted after the WC: 1) Younis should be made captain with Yousuf or Malik as vice captain. What a pity that Malik still hasn’t properly cemented his place in the Test side owing to erratic form and partly owing to the team management fiddling about with his batting position, but it seems that Pakistan will be desperate for change. Please note that I am no fan of Younis’s captaincy but I think the team needs a change of leadership. 2) Inzi should play as a no. 3 or no. 4 batsman 3) Razzaq and Akmal should be sacked. Any good keeper should be groomed at domestic level and Rashid Latif should coach potential keepers at domestic level. PCB will consider it a waste of money to employ Latif as a keeping coach just to coach a struggling keeper. But they can afford paying him to do some work domestically in grooming 2 or 3 potential keepers. 4) Yousuf and Younis should open and Asim Kamal and Fawad Alam should be brought into both the ODI and Test sides. 5) Selection Committee should be sacked. I am really sorry if I sound biased but provincial quotas for national-level player selection should now be implemented for the success of the team. At least two players each from Sindh and NWFP should always feature in a Pakistani line-up. Meaning- get out Razzaq/Hafeez/Nazir/Farhat/Butt, and get in Kamal, Hameed, Anwar Ali, Alam etc. 6) I can only pray that the system gets free of corruption but I know there is no chance of that occurring. Players with potential like Misbah-ul-Haq and Asim Kamal who apparently don’t have sources will benefit from that move. 7) Openers after WC should be specialist batsmen who can absorb pressure, not batsmen who open the batting and give flying starts to the team (and “fly away” the team’s chances of victory!).

    Kamran Akmal has become complacent. You want to know why he is struggling? Not because of undue pressure, but because of lack of pressure. He knows that the incompetent buffoons PCB have not trained a wicketkeeper who can bat. Akmal is fairly “ghareyloo” and “mazhabi” and hence he is in Inzi’s good books. Zulqernain has been taken on tours but Akmal knows that the team management does not have the guts to play him. PCB is a joke.

    Inzi proved to me in that “Safar Naheen Asaan” show that he is a thinking captain but his thoughts are useless unfortunately. I can’t believe he went with the same batting order as was the norm before the WC. That is a proven recipe for disaster. Of all the negative attributes of Inzi, the one which has provoked me the most is his handling of Sami. If you ask me Inzi is more to blame for Sami’s form than Sami himself. Sami has always been treated by Inzi as a “replacement bowler” and not someone who has the potential to win matches for Pakistan. By constantly fiddling with Sami’s action, run-up, strategies and line and length, he has demoralised and destroyed Sami. In important matches the captain has to tell his bowler to bowl how the bowler bowls naturally. Inzi stated that he keeps telling Sami to vary his line and length and bowl with less pace. Unfortunately, pace is really what makes Sami what he is; Sami isn’t Shoaib Akhtar who has more variety and experience and hence can be successful despite slowing down a bit. Sami was more much comfortable under Waqar and Rashid etc as captain because they understood how to use him resourcefully.

    Finally, we all know Gul’s vulnerability to unrestrained utility. I don’t know why Inzi used him for 7 overs on the trot. Everyone, from Rameez Raja, to Imran Khan, to yours truly Khansahab were against using Gul for more than 5 overs in a spell. This will only hasten any injury poor Gul is likely to sustain.

  • amar on March 14, 2007, 14:54 GMT

    Kamran bhai, what i'm not being to understand is why are not pakistanis have not tried fresh new players in south africa to bring them to the west indies now. in the absence of asif and shoaib they are still trying the same ranas and sami while we have real young talent not even being considered (anwar ali for example. maybe bringing him now would have not been a good strategy but they could have tried him in the previous series. we have already tried sami, rana, rao and we now that they are only average bowlers, why not try someone who can maybe be a hidden talent just like asif who was unknown arte year or two ago and is today the best bowler in the line up. i'd like to have your or some other reader's point of view on this question

  • Gavin Lee on March 14, 2007, 14:38 GMT

    I can understand the hurt being felt by the Pakistani's but there is still a long way to go in this world cup.Pakistan was beaten by a very energised W.I team that has the ability to go all the way, I have consistently stated that on previous blogs. Pakistans fielding was poor yesterday and the Windies were absolutely brilliant. 4 extras in 48 overs with no no balls thats discipline. No one should look into India dismissing W.I for 86, there was nothing significant in that. The WI in the Champions trophy qualifiers were dismissed for 84 by Sri Lanka but then made it to the finals. Dont get your hopes down for Pakistan just yet, all Pakistan needs to do is make a few adjustments and pick the right team for the right opponent. Kaniera should never have played against the W.I., Inzamam needs to be more demanding of his players, he is far too laid back. I dont know whats the situation with the back up keeper in the squad but Akmal drops catches far too consistently.I dont know what Pakistan is gonna do with the opening situation thats a real mess, the other batsmen ie Younis to Malik are very good and I think thats the right lineup. Pakistan wouldn't want to be 40 for 3 with both Inzaman and Yousif out. Its the same thing with the W.I with Lara batting at 5 to guide the lower order. You have to mix experience with youth in a batting line up. I am a fan of Pakistan cricket and I would really like the team to perform well in the super 8, but its gonna be real hard for them to make the semis,as I still see the final 4 being the W.I, Sri Lanka , New Zealand and Australia.Pakistan dont feel too bad as a lot of teams in the World Cup are gonna be faced with the task of playing a tough W.I team in the Super 8, Pakistan wont good luck

  • Rizwan Qureshi on March 14, 2007, 14:34 GMT

    Looking at the way how Pakistan performed at the opening match against West Indies, it was a shameful that Pakistan were unable to defend the score of 241. Pakistani Bowlers have worked hard to restrick West Indies to 241. Umar Gul grabbed 2 wickets and gave away 38 runs for 9 overs and Iftikhar Anjum took 3 wickets in 10 overs and gave away 44 runs.while Rana Naveed leaked 49 runs early on and went Wicketless. Hafeez did very well with the spin grabbing 2 wickes and gave away only 29 runs for 8 overs while Danish Kaneria leaked 45 rusn for 9 overs and registered only one wicket.

    I still don't understand what Imran Nazir is doing in the squad, while Imran Farhat, Yasir Hameed and Taufeeq Umar are sitting back home? Imran Farhat is a much more Mature and yet Agreesive Batsmen compared to Imran Nazir. Imran Nazir has a major problem which can't be fixed. After he faces couple of deliveries, he then start to get into Slogging. Without realizing how much his wicket can hurt Pakistan early on in the Innings. He is at the Top Order to shoulder the reponsibility and to get Pakistan off to a good start, but his loose strokeplay and madness to go after the bowlers causes his wicket. Imran Nazir has already been tested during the tour of South Africa right before the World Cup where he failed to make a good impression as an Opener. He only clicked in one game and made a Half Century where the Pitch Conditions favors the Batsmen.

    Pakistan has very little time to think and make the necessary changes as we all have seen that the current stragedy didn't work against West Indies. Few players must be replaced in order for Pakistan to carry on with the World Cup. Imran Nazir should be dropped and Kamran Akmal should open. Rana Naveed needs to be rested and be replaced by Pacer Mohammed Sami. Danish Kaneria is no better than the other 3 Spinners we have in the team. Kaneria should be replaced by Azhar Mehmood.

    No Matter how well they do in the World Cup, they are our Country Men who are representing Pakistan at the International Cricket. May Allah help then achieve Victory in this World Cup. May Allah fill Pakistani Citizens with joy of World Cup Victory. AMEEN


  • Ali Ahad on March 14, 2007, 14:13 GMT

    Well it is not nice to lose but in a game some one has to lose. The new strategy was not bad the problem was the execution. If Pakistan has to chase then they have to make sure that have depth in their batting. I have lots of respect for Kaneria but he is not an ODI player. If I would be Inzi I will keep Akmal for the next game and then ask Younis for the last game to keep the wickets and play with Azhar. The team need to forget the game against West Indies and focus on the rest of the games. Yes we lost the game but that is not the end of World Cup.

  • Cricketer on March 14, 2007, 14:13 GMT

    Last time I checked you were Kamran Abbasi and not the Messiah - so I would say stop predicting; atleast consider the fact that you are not talking about the Australian Cricket team. I could write something better than what you have mentioned here because you just put into words what we think everyday! Try giving some more insight! And good luck cause you are going to be lynched once again!!!

  • Retired Hurt (Emotionally) on March 14, 2007, 14:13 GMT

    Even if they are not Swiss, its about Time we Deport Rana, Inzi, Kanaria, and Kamran Akmal back to Switzerland.

    Having them Represent Pakistan in the WorldCup is like bringing a Swiss Knife to a Tank Battle.

  • tahir shafiq on March 14, 2007, 14:08 GMT

    This is the first time I have ever posted on any blog but such was my frustration watching the debacle against the West Indies, I could not resist. Despite the depleted attack, the bowlers did well enough and could, with better captaincy and more commitment in the field have restricted the Windies further. The batsmen then made a gettable total seem imposible to achieve. I am with all the others who canot understand how Rana, on current form, is anywhere near the squad, let alone the team. Sami should be in and room should be found for Mahmood and also for Arafat until Afridi returns. However, the chief author of this capitulation was Inzamam. How many times have we seen Inzamam and AN Other cosolidating without regard to rising asking rate in the hope of wild acceleration towards the end. It's a fantastic strategy if the two consolidaters don't get out just when they try to break their self imposed shackles but, as always seems to be the case, they get out when trying to engineer a sudden upturn in runrate whilst still in the consolidation mindset, they make it impossible for those who follow to do anything other than attempt to thrash the ball to all parts form the word go. If Inzamam's batting strategy fails, there is nothting to fall back on. The middle and late order batsmen have not time to play themselves in at all and are on a hiding to nothing. Inzazmam and Yousuf may have posted the highrst partnership of the innings but that partnership was the foundation of our defeat. In short, but for flawed leadership, I beleive we would have won the match. As for the rest of the tournament, if the team composition is right and the leadership a bit more switched on and dynamic, we can still reach the semis. On it's day even without Akhtar and Asif, this team has the beating of any other including the Aussies.

  • ali on March 14, 2007, 13:59 GMT

    well. losing game is not a problem, but the way thay lose is a problem. they did not fight in batting. the bowling was great i would say. second our caption is depressed since he left pakistan becasue of Asif and Shoaib. well they should kill rana, it does not matter. he has not learned how to bowl. To all pakistani sporters including me, please mentally prepare that pakistan will not go to semi final. to me if pakistan wins 2 games in second round i would be happy.

  • EAMIRAN on March 14, 2007, 13:58 GMT

    1. Both openers failed again. 2. Akmal dropped a couple of catches. 3. Rana the "----head!" got selected(again) and then smashed (again). 4. Ordinary fielding (a missed catch, less than atheletic dives and a comedic overthrow). 5. Another 50 by Malik under no pressure to win (the game was surrendered after Inzi's dismissal).

    All too depressingly familiar. Having said that I am not surprised - it was always on the cards. Oh well - $180 worth of cable TV subscription down the proverbial crapper - the price for supporting Pakistan.

    P.S. It is about time the PCB and it's selection committee were given dope tests. The findings will concur with my beliefs that the PCB is either full of dopes or under the influence of dopes.

  • Hussain on March 14, 2007, 13:53 GMT

    Hi Kamran Bahi

    I really support your points. The pakistani team only lack the spirit for which they are famous for. With that spirits they beat the best in 1992 world cup. Inzamam should realize the same resposibilities which imran bahi did in 1992 world cup by coming up the order even he was not the batsman. Why Rana is still playing with so poor performances recently. Sami is far better bowler with pace as well. Kaneria should be dropped & replace with azhar till Afridi is not available. When Younis has to come after 4 or 5 balls then why he is not coming as the opener. I am still hopeful with this pakistani team. I still believe that this team can take on any team in the world cup & can win with the spirits they are famous for.

  • Sultan Mahmood on March 14, 2007, 13:52 GMT

    Its really disappointing that pakistan lost. It was not a big target to chase. I think Kamran Akmal and Salman Butt asould open for pakistan and Hafiz should go down to middle order. Rana should be out and Azhar should be in. Afridi in and Kanria out. Pakistan should have selected Shahid instead of Rana. Any way Good Luck pakistan. Every one please pray for Pakistan. I really hope we do well as inzy bahi needs to bat on 3. Come on Kami wat happend to ur batting as well as wicket keeping. Good Luck pakistan.

  • Akbar on March 14, 2007, 13:52 GMT

    One thing we need to do is like Ind did to Sourav Ganguly. Make these people play domestic for 1 whole year. They are just taking us supporters for granted.

  • Zaheer Rana on March 14, 2007, 13:48 GMT

    Mr. Abbassi,Your column do make lot of sense and point out the obvious failings of this team in yesterday's match against Windies. However, you forgot to mention the biggest handicap we have in the Pakistani team. It is none other than INZI who does not deserve to be a captain of the team. He is devoid of any strategy-making capability and cannot muster any inspiration to handle psycholigical issues (in the locker room) or tackle changing situations on the field. Otherwise, how can you not get 10 overs from your best bowler of the day (Umar Gul who bowled 9 overs), over-used Rana and Iftikhar (after 7 overs) and let Kaneria on an unusal long spell even though he was being hit all over the park after 6 overs. INZIMAM should be removed instantly if there is any hope of making it to the final 4 in the World Cup.

  • raheel on March 14, 2007, 13:46 GMT

    i also feel the inzi needs to be more motivated, i just dont see him being as agressive as wasim akram was in the recent past when captaining.

  • Yazi on March 14, 2007, 13:46 GMT

    I think it is a long world cup, Pakistan must regroup and regroup fast. If Pakistan is going to be different team in this world cup from 03, they are going to have to do something different from past. Why not..

    1. play sami for his speed & ability to slog at the end of batting in place of Rana? 2. If M.Yousuf and Inzi are back bone of innings they should come up the order and stay max amount on crease to set the course of inning? 2. Openning Openning Opening, if Pakistan openerse can see off 10 overs, Pakistan can have a run somewhere in tournament. I remember we tried Malik at Open while back, at the moment we have 2 openers who really are struggling Nazir back after long time, Hafeez Strike rate and average of less than 20 is a joke in ODI's Younis Khan, M.Yousuf & Inzi will have to have an amazing tournament for Pakistan to get anywhere. Younis & Yousuf i felt got out cheaply, thats unexpected from such a big players! they should remember they are not Nazir, Hafeez's of the team!

  • Shahid on March 14, 2007, 13:42 GMT

    Come on guys. There is still hope. After all this team represents our country and we have to back it Come what may. lets look at the positive side. We were all worried about bowling but our bowlers showed that they can handle any batting line up. Gul, Iftikhar and Kaneria impressed. The worry was batting which has failed time and again since last couple of series. Its not only the problem with opening i think we lost the game when Inzi and Yousuf resorted to cautious approach. They wasted a lot of deliveries and in the end that proved crucial. West Indies did bowl good but i think it was our own batsmen who put themselves under pressure. Had our batsmen played their natural game i think we would have been victorious. The good thing is that Pakistan will still have a chance to make it to the super 8. and dont forget guys that all the teams that have previously gone on to win the world cup started by loosing their first game.

    Thanks Shahid.

  • UK on March 14, 2007, 13:41 GMT

    They need to bring is Butt indicating to the openers that there is someone waiting in the wings as soon as someone slacks off.

    I think it is worth asking younis khan to open the batting with hafeez/nazir since he is there before the 3rd over 8 out of 10 games if not more. This means inzi & yousf can move up the order and your batting lineup is strengthened.

    I really appreciate kaneria’s effort yesterday and his figures weren’t that bad especially the way he bowled to lara was a fine effort – remembering the fact that he is a leg spinner who does not get much opportunity in ODIs.

    But for me has no place in the team as afridi can produce the same figures and give you a chance with the bat all be it 3/10 times in your favour

    If younis has problems opening the batting akmal can do the job. Remember this is not AUS or SA so akmal might do something and past record would suggest that he has.

    I can’t comprehend younis khan’s short to which he got out. I remember him saying that people expect me to play big shots but the have to understand that I am not that sort of a player. He is a fine player otherwise but lately he tries these cheeky shorts that lead him no where and puts the team under added pressure.

    Last but not the least Inzi who used to be this cool calm customer in pressure situations has developed a new strategy that can only be expected of someone with his frame of mind who is never ready to improve on his technique, game plan etc. What I am pointing out is that lately under pressure situations he really becomes over cautious and makes his mind to stay till the end and achieve a 344 @ Karachi and often gets out when needed most leaving the team in deep deep hole. Instead what he needs to do is what he did in 1992 i.e. play his natural game, play his shots because that more then anything else releases pressure quickly and the opposition is immediately trying other things. The whole AUS team is about that i.e. attack being the best form of defense.

    We saw the same thing in this game.

    However I don’t think Inzi to realize this unless somebody tells him.


  • Nabeel Aziz on March 14, 2007, 13:35 GMT

    Pakistan sudden collaspe is expected. This Pakistan side has more B class talented players. The reason lies at the grass root level and that is 'No money in the domestic cricket'. The cream talent of Pakistan has largely stopped playing cricket just because of this reason. Why we don't have players like Javed Miandad, Imran Khan, Saeed Anwar, Rashid Lateef, Moin Khan, Saleem Malik, Waseem and waqar. In 4 years, if these players specially opening players are not set and cannot perform well consistantly then they are a B class talent. Top players from past never took this long to settle. Another reason is favourism and bad planning for the world cup again.

    We need to sort out domestic infrastructure and then we can even beat Aussies like in the past.

  • Fayez on March 14, 2007, 13:32 GMT

    Mohammad Hafeez and Rana Naved...whoever's sifarish they have, I wanna get to know that guy. Must be the same guy who gave the thumbs up for a legspinner bowling coach for a fast-bowler attack. You see, it's all Waqar Younis' fault, haha, for not being better friends with Inzi, compared to Mushy. Kamran Akmal's keeping is fine, leave him alone, he never was a Rashid Latif or a Ian Healy. We shouldn't expect it. He makes up for it with his batting...oh that's right...where'd his batting go?? *sigh* Younis Khan. I wish I could chain him to a chair and make him watch Ricky Ponting innings 23 hours a day (an hour for lunch and shower etc. of course) I'd play Ponting's short ball shot selection in super slo-mo, with live commentary on ball selection, judgment, technique, emphasizing that YOU CAN'T HOOK EVERY SHORT BALL!!! We should all watch Ricky Ponting. I bet even Ricky Ponting watches his own batting and goes "Man, that was pretty good." I mean, how many more runs could Sachindulkar have made if he knew how to hook, eh Indian fans?

    Let's leave Kaneria alone as well. I've said before that he's no Warne. He needs freedom to do his own thing(well, maybe not so many googlies)...some close-in fielders for goodness' sakes! We should all be thankful Lara got out when he did. No need to dent our bowlers' (Kaneria!!) confidence levels further.

    Imran Nazir, I dunno man...I remember watching him seven years ago in WI. Isn't it amazing, simply SHOCKING that he is exactly the same player today? Even Glenn McGrath improved his batting in that time. I used to think that Pakistan batsmen were unimproveable, condemned to repeat their tape-ball cricket mistakes...but if Mohammad Yousuf can conquer the world, can the rest at least...not repeat stupid errors?

    You know Dr. Abbasi (and Dr. of cricket Javed A. Khan ;) ) I think we'll beat Australia. Their bowling attack is about as good as the WI attack, at the moment, no Lee, no Gillespie, no Warne. And we destroyed SA in that one one-dayer, on a SA pitch, so we might beat them here. But I think we'll lose to India, again. If there was ever a set of pitches conducive to Indian-style batting and bowling, it's these WI pitches. Just my US $0.02 Javed bhai, worth more than Canadian $0.02, j/k.

  • Yas on March 14, 2007, 13:31 GMT

    After yesterdays defeat i have to say the Pakistani team should hang their heads in shame. What an utter farce they have become, Inzi as a captain hasnt a clue..not that he ever did to be honest. Why oh why was Rana playing??, what fool in their right mind would play a bowler who is so out of form that it makes kittens cry??. What was the point in playing him, he leaked runs at every given opportunity and really he should be packed away and not ever play again. Inzi and Yousef did try their best to get something going but Yousef my boy...this isnt test cricket is it?. We havent got all day for you to settle in and then decide to make some runs for the team. Younis played a stupid stupid shot and same with Akmal...although Akmal did have a decent day behind the stumps but again hes proving himself to be absolutely useless at batting. Perhaps they should bring Moin Khan or Rashid Latif back??.

    Im going to stick my neck out here and say well done to the WI for out-playing the Pakistani's. They out-fielded them, out-bowled them and out-batted them. Its as simple as that. The Pakistani fielding is nothing short of atrocious and the bowling by Gul and Rao was tight and good but lacked any sort of bite. Yes we are missing Asif and Akhtar quite badly but i do think instead of Rana playing...perhaps Sami should have played.

    At this moment the Irish and Zimbabweans must really fancy their chances against an absolute joke of a Pakistan team. Perhaps Pak will get through to the super 8's but i wouldnt put any money on them to do so. As for them winning the WC??..come on Inzi get real...with the team you have and your stupid downright ridiculous tactics you have absolutely no chance of winning the WC. Still dont understand why after winning the toss, you decided to put the WI in to bat??. What sort of drugs are you on Inzi??.

    The worst and most depressing thing about the Pak team is that they have no decent openers. Hafeez averages less than 20 and that was highlighted by the commentators who took great joy in pointing that out.

    Seriously the Pak team need a damn good reality check. I just wish we could field better, how many runs were given up by stupid field placements and mis-fields??.

  • Raheel on March 14, 2007, 13:29 GMT

    Obviously i am very disappointed at Pak's batting performance. 241 was not a big target, why cant our batsmen be patient rather than slashing out at each delivery even if its 100 ft outside the off stump!! but i still have faith , we shoud make it to the semis but need to make changes asap.

    in afridis absence 10 overs can be bowled by malik, hafeez combination. Go pakistan, i am still with you!

  • Tahir Ahmad, Oakville, Canada on March 14, 2007, 13:29 GMT

    Pakistan selected only 3 bat for the WC so performance like this will not be the last one. I totally agree about Rana, should be rested for lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng long time, may be 5 to 10 years. I am not a big fan of Sami but would have been a better option than Rana. And then there is Kaneria, occasionally effect @ test level never for the one dayers. If you count the runs leakage because of his "failding" abilities or lack off he is too expensive (even at the test level).

    Used to be a big time fan of Nazir, but seems like he has been playing tenis ball cricket in the last little while (poor Hameed).

    Have lost trust in Inzi, time for a change. Need and bold and fearless leader. Do not just go by age or number of games played to select the next caption, he should be a LEADER (sorry for going away from the topic).

    From now on, this is what we need, not saying that we didn't need that in the past, is a miracle, lets all pray for one.

  • Raza Abbas on March 14, 2007, 13:27 GMT

    It seems as though whoever keeps a dhadi(beard) on the team, is on the playing 11 for Inzi. Are we now slecting who has a beard and who doesn't? Why in the world is Rana still on this team, get him (so called) injured and ship him back to Pakistan. Akmal needs to get dropped, younis can keep. Kanaria out Azhar in, Rana out and Sami in and to replace Akmal spot, I would use yasir until Afridi comes back.

  • Hassan on March 14, 2007, 13:26 GMT

    As a follower of cricket on a whole; Pakistan does not have what it takes to win this world cup. Not because of lack of talent or potential, for as you will see time and time again that not always the better team wins and many analysis' go up in smoke no matter how well thought out. The fact is to win a 'lengthy' tournament, like with any other sport, the team needs depth. It is unlikely to expect a team with a handful of proven players and a plethora of "potentials" to "show up" every game for 12 games on the trot. Granted you dont need to win all 12 but the closer you make it to that standard the better your chances are of taking home the cup. That said, India and Australia, are the 2 teams well set to bring it home. New zealand and England for the same reason as Pakistan will not make it. Although West Indies fall into that category as well, they have the home advantage, and yesterday i bore witness to the true meaning of "the crowd as a 12th man". Every ball bowled was followed by a huge roar, and it virtually generated that extra motivation to lift their standards and take it to Pakistan. Make as many excuses for the poor team selection and poor shot selection as you may but West Indies outplayed Pakistan's 11 by some distance with the 11 they fielded. West Indians all around are still chastising Gayle for not leaving "that ball" or Chanderpaul taking 69 balls to make 18. You see, all of this after-the-fact banter doesnt make any difference. The facts is, one team outplays another and that team wins on the day. With that, West Indies is my third entrant to the semi-finals. The fourth spot will be a toss up between Sri Lanka and South Africa. team most likely to cause an upset; Bangladesh.

  • Salim on March 14, 2007, 13:25 GMT

    Please wake up and smell the coffee? Inzi looked a 45 year old man with a broken leg. Yunis SHOULD never bat at 3 please have a look at his ambisamle record in one-day cricket record 1 hundred against Bangladesh - that's just not good enough for number 3 player. What are the frighten off Dwayne Smith / Bravo why not bat inzi at 3 at least he doesn’t need to run in the opening over’s because of power I said a long time ago WE just don't have a clue what's happening in the middle. Mr Woolmer should be sacked, Inzi, Yousef, hafeez, Nazir, Younis should all have thier backside kicked from here to Timbuktu and back again from playing like Waszaq in such an important tournament.

  • Nabiha on March 14, 2007, 13:25 GMT

    For all of you that have already given up hope, it's quite pathetic really. First match, against the was never going to be easy. West Indies deserved to win. Pakistani bowlers did really well..theirs did even better..End off. Im just mainly dissapointed with Younis Khan, he hasn't been on form for a while, and if one of the top ten batsmen in the world can only make 9 you can hardly blame people like Akmal. I would personally swap Imran Nazi with Afridi (when he's allowed to play again). Afridi's opened many times why not bring him in first? He experianced, and if hes going to play his natural game by going for the attack and get out quickly..well our openers haven't exactly done any better. PLUS Afridi can bowl, unlike Imran Nazir. Rana..Im thinking he's too expensive. Yeah he's a good bowler, but so's Azhar Mahmood. Rao really impressed me, he bowled really well and think he definatly deserves a place in the team, over Sami. Inzi didn't really impress me. Forget batting, his captincy didn't motivate the players. Which is his And well the 'supporters' of Pakistan who have already given up..Have a little faith. We all know that (Inshallah) if Pakistan do well, you'll be the first to celebrate.. so why be so negative? Anyway Inshallah Pakistan can do well.. I think they played really well. Remember they do have some of their best players out, were playing against the hosts, first game of the World Cup, and have alot of unsupportive fans.. Well played Pakistan..Inshallah a win next time =).

  • Jawwad Yazdani on March 14, 2007, 13:21 GMT

    Pakistani team really need to work hard. After yesterday's performance it was quite evident that they lack team spirit and motivation. There was no fire play, their batting strategy was so defensive rather it should be aggressive keeping in mind the low chasing total. I agree with some of the comments posted above regarding team changes.

  • Amar on March 14, 2007, 13:18 GMT

    Personally i would like to see Inzi stripped of the captaincy he is not attacking enough and too laid back where is the passion? Since ODI is an attacking arena where you must be ruthless i would promote our most attacking player to the captaincy then at least you can say you gave it 100% and tnat is Shahid Afridi call me mad?

  • Sajjad on March 14, 2007, 13:17 GMT

    This is the weakest Pakistani team that has played in a world cup. Most of the players are more inclined on doing tabligh than play ing cricket, their attitude towards the game is not right. Its fine to pray for your success but thoses prayers need some practical applications to come true. For me it woun't be a surprise if the team does not qualify for the 2nd round. It would be good for the nation as it will save them from more humiliating defeats at the hand of Aus, SA, Ind, NZ and SL.

  • dave on March 14, 2007, 13:14 GMT

    Whenever Yousuf and Younis have batted together in the middle overs, Pakistan has won more than they have lost. Why? Because they know how to keep the singles and the twos coming and keep the scoreboard ticking at 4-5 runs per over. Yesterday, Inzi and Yousuf could not do that because Inzi was never a good runner between the wickets, especially now with his bad back. So, why do you hide Inzi - he must either come in early as the one-down batsman or (I can hear the gasps already!) OPEN the batting. If he opens, he can stand and deliver AND provide some stability to the Pakistan opening partnership.

  • asifm on March 14, 2007, 13:12 GMT

    They still have the team to do better donno where they caught Imran Nazir again..he showed promise early in his career but he suits 20/20 or rather school cricket not ODIs. Imran Nazir out - open with hafeez and shoaib or Younis, dump the Rana fellow go to Azhar he wont do any worse than Rana. Kaneria - Sami till Afridi is back...u have to bear with these folks. but yes the team looks sort of OK to me..

  • mohammad Jehangir on March 14, 2007, 13:12 GMT

    Mr. Kamran, inspite this we critise the team now. it is the time to look forward and sort out the next game plan. team management should think about opening seriously and then one down position. why team mangement is not giving chance to Shoaib Malik to bat at # 3 who is consistent in the batting. then Yousaf, Inzmam, then Younas....allrounders...thanks

  • pakistan cricket board on March 14, 2007, 13:11 GMT


    hello everyone. pakistan cricket board is very upset with the performance of our cricket team. hence we have decided to select a totally new team for the worldcup.icc has given permission to chanfe the whole squad by declaring them "unfit or injured" .one more thing these are the criteria for selection: BOWLERS








  • Atif Waraich on March 14, 2007, 13:10 GMT

    Salam, this is my suggestion and I'm pretty sure that it will work in Pakistans favour. Kamran can perform in WI and I think he can become a good opener; And as Imran Nazir is failing anyway there wouldn't be any harm done if Kamran opens.

    All the way until Sami Pakistan can bat. Rao is also a good single taker so down to 10 you can say we have batting potential. And as batting is the key in WI and in ODI's I think we would have little problems to win matches like yesterday.

  • J Ahmad on March 14, 2007, 13:10 GMT

    The reason Rana "Good no nothing" Naveed is still in the squad is because he has grown a bread! Soon this team is going to resemble the Taliban (if it isn't already). Looks like Inzi picks his squad on religious qualities rather than cricketing ability.

    Imran Nazir got picked ahead of Yasir Hameed because of ONE big innings on his return. He hasn't managed that in all his matches combined since. What a shame!

    Abandon Hope? By all means. For any realistic chance for Pakistan to make it to the knock-out stage, they have to beat four of the other top six sides. From yesterdays performance, thats highly unlikely. We don't want to be the embarassment of the super8s.

  • Khalid Haroon on March 14, 2007, 13:10 GMT

    yet another defeat, lots of question . Every time promise to improve but no way. We a team going down and down. Reasons 1- Not find a opener 2- Yousuf, looks playing first match . I think there is only reason to lost this match that is Yousuf wicket.Its shame 3- Body language 4- Planning , I do not understand ,is there any planning. Gul bowl 9 overs , Why Shoaib bowl 4 overs . Kaneiria 9 overs . We do not know opposition weakness. 5- NOw Inzi have to show the Guts , Pls. be positive through your body language . This is the chance last chance to show the world. 6- I do not believe in numbers. Every player has to performance that all ..

  • Asef Ali on March 14, 2007, 13:08 GMT

    Akmal & Rana should be out FOREVER... Dont pakistan have any other wicket-keeper?? Rana made the real blunder by converting an easy target to a modest target. And why the hell Inzi gave the ball to him in that later stage of the game??

  • jahanzaib on March 14, 2007, 13:07 GMT

    ASALMOALIKUM kamran bhai dont u tin it is really embarring to say that tha opner of bangladesh team sheryar nafees is much better then the ours it does get any emberresed then this n can u tell me now who many match paksitan has to win in super 8 to qualify in semis if the beat the minows

  • SadPak on March 14, 2007, 13:07 GMT

    I still remember the World Cup Final. When we were in trouble, Javed and Imran slowed the run rate down to consolidate and moved up gears plus Inzi, got England to chase 250. Yesterday was a complete joke. There was no way we should have lost. The shots that were played, were attrocious. Only Allah knows what Mo and Inzi were playing at. The West Indies bowled and batted well, but the 3 Amigos made the West Indies attack look World Class yesterday. Before, with Shoaib, Mohammed Asif and Razzaq expected in the team, i really believed the Cup was for the taking, with Asif to the bowler of the tournament. Then, with their ommission, i prayed we could put a half decent performance in the tournament.

    Now, we should call it quits and look to build. Certain people have to go and it is time to rebuild around a new captain and one in waiting and then a young team. I don't care what anyone says, Bob Woolmer and his team have to stay at all costs, unless the PCB can attract someone better. AND I DON@T MEAN FORMER PAKISTANIS!!!

  • Sameer Khosa on March 14, 2007, 13:04 GMT

    I agree with you in your blog post, that I do think Pakistan do have some hope yet. People are writing them off though. Here is what I think needs to be done:

    1) Shoaib Malik should bat number 3. He is quite simply the best no. 3 we have. He is a consistent performer in that position, he looks to be in good form and even in South Africa but he has been stranded with the tail. Younis Khan has made the no.3 spot his own in test matches but in one day matches Shoaib Malik is quite simply our best no.3. He is also a very intelligent batsman who knows how to construct a one day innings.

    2) Younis Khan and Mohammad Hafeez open. I think our top five need to have our best batsman. As it is Younis comes in in the first over almost anyway. If he is an opener, he gets the chance and the responsibility that he thrives on and gives more solidity to our order.

    3) Inzi and Yousuf should bat 4 and 5. I think with this strategy we have our most reliable top 5.

    4) But we also need to bat deep. We have also in the past relied on our all round abilities and so here is what i think our crucial 6,7,8,9 positions should be: Azhar Mahmood, Kamran Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Yasir Arafat. We bat down to 9, and have three bowlers. Of course Umar Gul gets the 11th spot, and the 10th can go to Sami, Kaneria or Iftikhar. I personally would give it to Rao.

    I think this gives us our most balanced team. It also plays to our strenghts. We bat deep and have reliable bowlers but also 7 bowlers and so that gives us options. Arafat is pacy, Mahmood has experience, Gul, and Rao complete a pace quarter. Hafeez, Afridi, Malik provide asphyxiating spin. We have our best batsman in the top 5, and a lower middle order that packs quite a punch and keeps us in the game and ensures batsman don't get stuck with the tail in the 31st over! We can still win.

  • khan on March 14, 2007, 13:03 GMT

    listen kamran do you think any1 is listening all this.

    please somebody tell inzi that this is world cup not an ordinary away series.wake him up.

  • Atif on March 14, 2007, 13:03 GMT

    Whilst WI bowled well yesterday, we should have chased the score down. Malik is a great player they need to learn from him....Rao was good also. These are the following changes that need to be made to have any hope of progressing..

    Afridi in for Kaneria Sami in for Rana I might rest nazir promote akmal and bring in azhar

    Sami in short burst of 3 overs at a time Rao and Gul to keep it tight and 8 batsmen with Sami who is handy also....Hafeez, Afridi and Malik handle the spin element. Also If a wicket falls early say in the first 6 overs (as often is the case) then Malik should come in instead otherwise Khan comes in. Do not expose the big three to the new ball and let the tail do what it does best (see stats on cricinfo) Last point if they insist on playing Rana they should try him bowling his full 10 in the latter part of the game as he is too expensive as an opener.

  • Fakhar Masood Huntsville Alabama USA on March 14, 2007, 13:02 GMT

    AA. I wrote exactly the same comments to my cricketing buddies that Mr. Kamaran wrote. I think selection of Naveed was appaling. Secondly, I don't think they needed Dennis either. They were two pretty good spinneres in Hafiz and malik and in one day series that should have been enough. Dennis is also a liability as a fielder. I believe Afaat or Azhar would have been better choices. Pakistan could have been much better team with Azhar and Arafat in places of Rana and Dennis. I hope they will give those guys opportunities in the next match. I don't mind if Sami comes in, in place of Rao but Gul should stay. Yes, we can win the next match and hopefully stay awake from then on. Our problem has been batting for a long time and we need to load up in that department. Moreover Kamaran needs to take up some other sport in stead of playing cricket. He is costing us too many matches. In this case even Younis dropped a key catch that costs us 49 runs. You can't do that and win matches in the world cup.

    Fakhar ALABAMA USA

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 13:02 GMT

    It was a pathetic performance. Rana was terrible But i dont know why ye are on Kamran Akmals back. he had a good game behind d stumps n was out to a brilliant catch by bravo. Shoaib malik has to bat up d order! He scored 143 i remember against india at 3. And many others scores from that position! younis should open cause he comes in as an openr anyway and either Azhar or Sami should be in for Rana! Our death bowling was also terrible. Gave away too many runs at d end. n then rana smiles when gettin hit for a boundry instead of being dissapointed! He has a leathel yorker! Use it rana. Again n Again!! N lastly Yousuf n Inzi.!!! Wat d hell were u thinkin????? So wat if ye were 3 down early on??? Why did ye go so deffensive? U 2 are 2 of d best players in d world. Surely you can score more than 4runs an over!! But noo.. We'll consolidate n leave it to d big hitters down d order to make d runs!!! Inzi i think u forgot ur team selection!! Razzaq n Afridi arent palying! N u left azhar out. Who r u leaving d hitting to so? Rana???? Someone really needs to sit with Bob n Inzi n slap them silly!!!

  • Zahid Gill on March 14, 2007, 13:00 GMT

    We need long term and short term solutions for PAK team. The main problem in the team is Bob Woolmer and Inzamam. They don't have any know how about cricket. Inzmam has no leadership qualities and he should have been changed long time ago.Lets talk short term for this world cup.

    (1) Inzamam must open the innings

    (2) Change Rana, he has nooooooooooo place in the team. He is a totally useless and expensive bowler.

    (3) Azhar Mahmood should be give chance for a long time.

    (4) Sami must be tried

    (5) There is no place for Danish Kameria in the team, he never get a top batsman wicket, he only take tail enders wicket which any bowler can take. So why should not an all rounder in his place. In long term please change both Bob Woolmer and Inzamam.

  • Asher Ahsan on March 14, 2007, 13:00 GMT

    Hi Kamran, As you rightly described the reasons for the losing against WI, would like to add that this team does not have the killer instinct. Starting from the captain the body language is as if we have lost the match even before it has started. We fail to capitalize on the initial pressure and lacked wicket tacking bowlers who can finish the WI innings especially knowing the fact that they were some 190 odd for six. Our team should take a leaf out of all the successes we had during Imran's time and attck the opposition rather than wait for things to happen. There can not be any excuse for the dissimal performance with the bat. Inzamam should lead from the front and come at No3 as did Imran in 1992 to take the pressure off the lower middle order. There is no point of playing Kaneria in the ODI, he can not bowl flipper and hence batsmen can use their feet to hit big shots as and when they decide. All in all everything is not lost asyet and we should seriously rethink our strategy and include bowlers like Sami who can two or three wickets in short span to turn the things and have allrounders Azhar and Afridi in. Wish the very best to our team

  • ABDU on March 14, 2007, 12:59 GMT

    Rana is our best bowler...SCREW HIM!!!

    Get him out before its too late!!!

  • M.S. Moorad on March 14, 2007, 12:57 GMT

    This goes out to all of my fellow Pakistanis. I'm sure you all feel the same way I do but there is no point in crying over spilled milk. I would much appreciate if someone could help me out with a certain doubt. I have heard from many that Inzamam and Mohd. Yousuf should bat higher up the order. If that happens, Younis Khan would get pushed down to number 5. I don't think Younis Khan is as capable as Inzy or M. Yousuf to play patiently and increase the run rate at will towards the end of the innings. I think having Yousuf and Inzy to come in at 4 and 5 respectively is a good idea because the top order is fragile and they come in early on anyway when things go worng. Also, I would think that S.Malik, A.Mahmood and K.Akmal should bat at 6,7 and 8. That would give them a deeper batting order. That leaves three positions where my favourites would be U.Gul, I.Anjum and M. Sami. Ofcourse, Shahid Afridi and Kaneria should be picked according to opposition, pitch conditions, and batting/bowling options. I would really appreciate if anyone would comment on this and maybe offer a better suggestion.

  • khawar chishti on March 14, 2007, 12:56 GMT

    shoaib akhter and muhammad asif we miss both if you very badly in opening match, younas khan and inzmam must be out from the team and yasir hameed and salman butt may be given chance. inzi think he is all and all and can do any thing but 16 karor peoples cant bear u more as lazy u r u dont have any right to be a captain or member of pakistan cricket team. responsible of the defeate of paki team is only and only Bob volmer,he must have to resign from the coaching at very early even before 2nd match of world cup. rana naveed and is a big big danger but only for pakistan not for any other team, inzmam is doing a politics game in paki team. thanx and bye bye

  • nasir on March 14, 2007, 12:55 GMT

    I have always maintained that Pakistan's Achilles heal is the batting. For how long can you sustain your batting if 1,2 and 3 wickets are not performing. How many times in recent memor have we been 150/2 or 200/3. Not too many. With a set of useless openers we cannot achieve anything. You can bring in 5 Shoaibs or Asifs and we will still lose.

    It pains to see Rana playing. He is one lucky man to be in the squad, leave alone actually playing. I think people have to start growing beards to be playing for Pakistan coz that is the only reason I can see why Rana is playing. Forget his bowling, he was not even able to turn the strike over when batting.

    Imaran Nazir is yet another story of one more wasted opener. After his 57 against SA he has gone down the drain. I suggest using Afridi instead of him as we can only afford to play one lunatic in this team.

    You are right we have no batsman to fall upon should one of our top three get injured.

    I stnad behind the team to peform well at the WC. I am not expecting them to win it but all I want is good team selection and hard work on the field. I am not sure that is tough to ask.

  • Khalid on March 14, 2007, 12:54 GMT

    PCB and selectors and making fool to the whole nation. This is a family team selected by Inzi which includes his pets Rana and Kamarn. When Rana cannot bowl a decent line against minnow canada what we can expect from him. Some of these players should thrown out of the team after the World Cup including Inzi. It looks as if he is playing only as a specialist lethargic skipper which needs to be replaced ineedaiately.

    The way Imran Nazir, Hafeez, and Younus Khan thrown away there wickets, it looks that they have presented a gift to West Indies. I think Inzi has no mind at all as it is evident that all the bowlers were bowling to him straight on to his pads to get him LBW. It looks that West Indies has done their home work very well.

  • Naeem on March 14, 2007, 12:52 GMT

    Kamran - your column is already an interesting read and fairly accurate in my opinion.

    To the rest of you ... hahaha .... this is typical of Pakistani supporters and not cricket fans. IN 1992 - Pak reached an all time low and would have gone out of the tournament had it not been for the rain that abandoned their match against England (Pak all out for about 74 ?) They went on to win it I believe.

    This is a long tournament - its a shame Bob W has not resolved some of these issues already, but Pakistan are severely hampered by injuries/withdrawals and so it was a difficult selection to make first up.

    Rana out - Azhar in seems easy enough Kamran Akmal or Afridi to open instead of Imran Nazir who is too hit and miss? Maybe so, but there is only errr ... no other batter to bring in. I would like to keep Danish in the team as long as possible and Pak have 4 spinners to use.

    In reality we lost the game yesterday because we made a steady chase too difficult by scoring too slowly (Inzi - Yousaf - Hafeez). Our batsmen need to understand the difference between going too cautious and too aggressive.

    All in all - Pakistan are still in the tournament and have sufficient talent to beat anyone on the day, so instead of giving up on your team - support them and lets see what happens in the Super 8's.

  • Arman Malik on March 14, 2007, 12:52 GMT

    well well ...! our team have everthing they just need to make a strategy ...and an aggressvie approch in balling and they should bat like Australian and Sir Lankans do( Australians they never stop scoring they keep runing if boundries are not coming but still they attack the ballers...!) i want to say is if likes of India which is the worst team of the world can make the come back ...! then we have Abilty to win the series even after every one thinks that we are no where...! Rana should be out sami shoud be in...!

    Kamran U r THE MAN Good WORDS From u make us happy ...!

  • Mian Gul Muhammed on March 14, 2007, 12:48 GMT

    I have read a few comments here in the past, it was sad that Pakistan lost to WI and wasted two crucial points as i have no doubt in my mind that Pakistan will not get to Super Eight stage unless weather is against them. Every body in the world has already written off Pakistani and no one is expecting them to do well. Everyone thinks that only a miracle can take Pakistan beyond Super Eight satge so, what is all this about. Why are we being critical of Pakistani team as they have lost the first game. It is not end of the world and be realistic, we can only play the players we have. Yes, probably Rana should be out. Guys let them do the job, if we were better at suggestions or any thing we would be up there playing for them but the sad bit is we r not. As Wasim Akram said "Every body can play cricket outside the ground." Let us appreciate, pray and encourage them rather than tearing them apart. People critsing Inzi, how many matches he has won single handily for Pakistan in the past? Let us grow up and be positive about it.

  • Shariq on March 14, 2007, 12:46 GMT

    First of all i like 4 changes 1)Kamran akmal Should Open the innings with Hafeez 2)Bring Sami in place of Rana 3)Bring Afridi in place of Kaneria 4)Bring Azhar in place of Imran Nazir

    So Our Team is Kamran Akmal,Hafeez,Younus,Inzamam,Yousuf,Shoaib Malik,Afridi,Azhar,Sami,Umar Gul,Rao Iftikhar

    There is no Doubt that Pakistan would reach in the 2nd stage that is super 8 Stage but there is no doubt too that pakistan can not reach the semifinal

    i m not saying that With shoaib and Asif we can reach the final but atleast we reach the semifianl which is not the case currently

  • Dil on March 14, 2007, 12:46 GMT

    HMM well first kamaran you re right and few of my fellows are very angry, simple thing first, cricket is game of chances, yes we need to organise the team before we really go for some big matches again and we have a chance agains ireland and Zim, next match i think inzi need to same openers coz no other option then give azhar and sami a chance and by last match shahid will be back so will have a chance to give yasir and afridi a chance, but i think afridi should be in team any way we reached super eight. dont lose hope remember 1992 we lost against west indies and lost some matches and we lift the cup and remember 1999 we won but we lost the cup. so wait and see cricket.

  • Sadaf Khan on March 14, 2007, 12:45 GMT

    The Term "Inshallah" means "God's Will". Ask a Pakistani cricketer any question and half of their answers will comprise of this particular Phrase. Every single person who believes in God knows that the next breath they take is also God's Will...everything that happens and does not is his will...only his.I can't understand why we have to involve God and Religion so excessively even in much that we rely on prayers more and playing less!!! What I would like to say here is that if winning is God's will then losing is also, and we pakistani's (the great believer's as we think we are) should accept defeat gracefully. Its all in the history..... At creation of was the politician-Mulla nexus.... later...the Feudal-mulla nexus... then the unending...miltary-mulla nexus... now the CRICKET-MULLA nexus!!!!! whats next I wonder????????

  • arshad on March 14, 2007, 12:44 GMT

    rana must go asap and azhar needs to come in! akmal shud go asap and gloves given to younis khan! inzamam needs to lose serious weight and run faster for two's and three's! younis and malik should open the batting with nazir coming as third batsman! the whole team need to realise that 1 half of any game is physchology and the remainder is skill! inzy also is too relaxed and needs to perk up a little like younis does when he captains the team!

  • Imran on March 14, 2007, 12:44 GMT

    only i like to say this team dont have potential to focus on the game.Need some changes. do it right now.before u regret it.Inzi should show the leadership.

  • critics on March 14, 2007, 12:44 GMT

    just by keeping large beard and speaking in urdu a team can't win. you need to have huge guts and speak with your performances.the pakistani players look more like maulvis than cricketer on the field and hence the performance is bad. they must realise they are first a cricketer . having faith in your religion is necessary but it is more necessary to concentrate more on developing and promoting your cricket than your religion.

    hope pakis learn from mistake and put up a better performance.

    best wishes fan

  • ehtisham on March 14, 2007, 12:43 GMT

    hi mr kamran,

    pls keep this type of man like shushank from india i think, read his language. he should be thrwon out. I can write ever more vulgar words for indian team, but listen mr. illmannerd shushank, we dont use this type of language as what we have learnt from our elders. It's a sports mr., so please keep yout mouth shut next time and be behave like a man. ehtisham

  • Atta on March 14, 2007, 12:40 GMT

    i mean why open with younis in warm up matches (and he does pretty good)but put him bak at 3 in the matches that matter, i still gt faith in pakistan want them to win this, and i kno they could do it.... COMON PAKISTAN

  • M. Nawaz Janjua on March 14, 2007, 12:39 GMT

    Dear Kamaran,its not the end of the world. Its a start. So, we have to be patient. Learn a lesson from our weaknesses. Make the right & necessary changes on merit for next matches. Work hard and leave the rest to Allah. Don't listen to those already having defeated minds & no hopes for Pakistan. If we did not have any hope, why we went to the competition. No matter whether we lose or win we should support our team anyway and face whatever comes bravely. No more coward talkings. The cowards should close their TV (if they dare) and stay home. We will never lose hope from Allah.

    And after the match with Ireland, Shahid Afridi could be adjusted accordingly. We are with our team in any circumstances and have full faith on Inzimam after Allah-The-All-Mighty. Allah may be with you Pakistan Team.

  • Dil Shah on March 14, 2007, 12:38 GMT

    I think the problem is not with the team at all.Their are to many chiefs no Indians in the management.Why Naseem Ashraf is their ,Scaring the hell out of every body their.Already the team members the new ones are hanging with a string of no performance no place.So inorder to to perform they are performing & sticking to wicket with no shots ata all.No Place no Money Policy.Well I am skeptical of Pakistan even going to semi finals.One should ask them if Asif & Shoaib Actor were ther would they have won the world cup .The answer is NOOOOOOO. There were mistakes in the selection 100%.

  • Sikander Rashid on March 14, 2007, 12:36 GMT

    Kamran, you are the eternal optimist here. Give me a break when you say that there still exists hope. No.

    Pakistani batsmen have just gone shameless, shameless to a next level, where consistent bad performances have ceased to embarass them.

  • Tring on March 14, 2007, 12:32 GMT

    The fact of the matter is that the guys have to put in their best efforts which just didnot happen.WI had a pathetic performance but were helped greatly by the poor efforts by Pakistani team. A team needs to pick chinks in the armour of the opponents and work around that. I think everything Pakistan thought and did was predecided. There was absolutely no on pitch decision making which is a must must in these high pressure games. Inzy has to take the blame and so should Bob. It s these two guus decision making ability which should be questioned than the players who did what they did. Kamran, The management needs to wake up and smell the coffee and take a call else lets chat again in 2011

  • ROY on March 14, 2007, 12:31 GMT

    AS Imran Khan once said " Pak selectors dont know the difference between a horse and a donkey"

  • vishnu. v on March 14, 2007, 12:28 GMT

    Bring back Wasim to save Pakistan. The diabetic 41 year old could have bowled better than Rana testerday

  • Pathan Khan on March 14, 2007, 12:28 GMT

    I agree with many, Rana needs to be dropped and replaed with Sami, Kaneria needs to be replaced with Azhar, and Afridi should step in for Nazir when he returns. It will give Pakistan a more balanced side, deeper batting line up and plenty of bowling options...

    Having said that, I fear that Pakistan will struggle to win more than a single match in the Super Eights. I hope I am proven wrong.

  • Faizan Shah on March 14, 2007, 12:25 GMT

    Pakistan's performance was abysmal. Very disappointing. The selectors have also done a bad job.

  • greg williams on March 14, 2007, 12:25 GMT

    actually kamran i felt ashamed n sorry for majority of de ppl posting commennts abv dere nething in ur Nation known as patriotism?? doesnt seem lyk..even de mighty aussies got thrashed without Ponting,gilchrsit,lee and symonds so how can u expet pak to win without 4 match winners??..though match was dere to be won but unfortunately they cudnt..but hav ma cup is for pakistan dats fr sure

  • Tariq Hasan Quraishi on March 14, 2007, 12:24 GMT

    As expected West Indies has won. Not that they are a very good team, inspite of Brian Lara, but Pakistan team management and captain made it very easy for them to win.Team selection was poor, and no consideration was given to the pitch which required good seamers instead of a leg spinner and a tried and tested failure named Rana Naveed ul Hasan. More over captaincy is a tactical art, and not many very talented players, including Inzi, possess this talent. This has been proved time and again by Pakistan team's defeats at the hands of teams like Australia, South Africa etc. Since change in captaincy at this point will not be appropriate and advisable, atleast the team selection should be logical and based on pitch requirement. Playing out of form and out of touch(but captain's favorite)players at the expense of other inform players borders on unforgivable behaviour and must not be allowed in the next games. Rana Naveed ul Hasan should be rested for a longer period and possibly sent back, and the team should continue with the other avaiable fourteen players, as his presence will continue to invoke vested quarters' insistance for his selection. Mr. Nasim Hasan Shah is there, and is requested to intervene for proper team selection. He should also instruct Inzimam to take on field advice from senior players like Muhammad Yousuf and Younus Khan, instead of standing motionless and clueless when in crunch situations. All is not lost, and with team spirit, proper team selection, and shrewed on field captaincy may bring some good results also. Lastly but not the least the batsmen should exercise discretion in stroke making, should not be impatient in trying to hit every ball out of the ground, and stop chasing wide balls which only results in getting out in the slips. Wishing success in the next games.

  • Khan on March 14, 2007, 12:24 GMT

    haven't seen so much crud cricket by an utterly useless cricket team in my whole life... this performance has to rank as one of the worst that i have seen. Against a poor team.......the commentators made it out like west indies are some kinda world beaters.

    My analysis

    Imran tricky pony. he hits a six then looks to smash the next one as well a good length ball seaming away a little nothing special. He seems to show no eye for leaving a decent ball early on in his innings. should be dropped for the rest of the world cup. RATING 2/10

    Mohammad Hafeez....useful with the ball useless with the bat. Got the crucial wicket of lara. But he is there for his batting and played an absolutely horrific shot to get out. Stability was needed and he played a needless shot. 4/10

    Younis Khan - the guy is supposed to be vice captain yet played utterly irresponsibly. Dropped a pretty simple catch and played the worst shot of the whole innings. 0/10

    Mohammad Yousaf - Disappointing innings when he was set played a few poor shots prior to his dismissal. 5/10

    Inzamam Ul Haq - Decent knock but really too slow and put the team on the back foot...played a few good shots but didn't take it on when he was set. 5/10

    Shoaib Malik - Good knock...salvaged some pride for the team, bowling was a bit poor but nevertheless a decent game 7/10

    Kamran Akmal - useless 1st ball duck at least he didnt drop a catch ...needs to be dropped give younis khan the gloves. 1/10

    Rana Naveed.......Total and utter rubbish as a bowler hes a pile of rubbish we all know how rubbish he is but is constantly picked....i dont know why maybe hes got something on inzi......we shouldnt drop him just get a hitman and knock him off thats the only way we can get rid of him. -10/10

    Rao Iftikar - decent bowling display was quiet impressed by him didnt expect much from him but he did good 6/10

    umar gul - decent enough performance with ball 5/10

    kaneria - i don't know what hes doing at the world cup cant field cant bat and cant bowl.......whats he good for? goofy impersonations? 1/10

  • Khurram Jamali on March 14, 2007, 12:16 GMT

    Geez! You guys really don't let up do you? Fine, things did not go as planned but really, more went better then was expected. Look, we know we can expect our middle order to come good 4 out of 5 times, and our top order to come good 1 out of 5 really let's not worry about the batting...they didn't have time to adjust to the pitch against a team that read it extremely well (Chanderpaul's snail-like pace was NOT a mistake,) and they should too; after all they are the hosts. What should be heartening is the general performance of the bowling. If Rana is replaced by Sami/Arafat/Mahmood, and Kaneria with Afridi, we suddenly have a very deep batting line up, and barely lose anything (if not imrpove,) our bowling line up.

    Please also note the similarities to '92 again...getting walloped by the Windies in the first game might not be that bad a thing after all... =)

  • Nasim Ashraf on March 14, 2007, 12:13 GMT

    Pakistan got what they deserved. I can't help but say that one more beard(Rana) in the team does not make sense. The direction the team is taking they should be Imams of a village mosque not playing cricket if you can call it cricket. Inzi is past his sell by date, Akmal is as useless as they come. Don't expect too much from Azhar he is a club level player and will be waste of space. Sami should come in for Rana who should be sent back immediately. Nazir should be given a decent run as we did to Farhat, but to be honest we miss Butt who was probably a casualty of personal likes and dislikes. Inzi is behaving as our Uniformed... you know who. Kamran bhai you are like our ministers... don't worry sub acha hay(all is well).

  • John on March 14, 2007, 12:13 GMT

    Aside from the cricket aspect, I think what Kamran is trying to do with his optimism is generate lots of traffic for his blog. And judging from the number of comments, I think he's done that very well.

  • Shoaib AMin on March 14, 2007, 12:12 GMT

    Hmmmmm....... well gentle mens, despite talking about the shamefull defeats in 1st match we must look at our problems, I ust call up to the people takig part in this Blog Please indicate the problems, Now Below r the problems which I feel r there and Kamran I will request u tocomments on those suggetions, 1- We know it our Bowling become weaker, but we can manage it by discipline bowling and this has been shown in 1st match, Prob is Naveed and Kaneria, well I agree to join Sami due to availibility but personally I prefer Shahid Nazeer or any new boller like Niazi BC we have given chance to Sami no times but he has prob, like no gr8 swing and no gr8 variation in deleiveries so again trying him is use less activity, and as 4 as Kaneria is conncerned If PCB havent giv him proper ODI Practice before WC, why they eventually concluded to try him in this mga event this is an attempt to spoil him without trying.So we can rely on Malik and Hafeez try some genuine Pacer or All rounder. 2- If we look at near past despite we say all time we have problem in our bowling but in reality we have problem with our batting, Asian teams rgenerally well known due to their batting, we have some good bowler in Past that was fortunate but at present we can consider our self as like other aian team but our batting has prob, we havent soved opening prob, but I will back Haeez and Nazir as opener it is resp of Inzi and woolmer to tell them their deficiencies in the 2nd step we have only 2 reliable bats man I would say 2 Yousuf and INZI I wont consider Younis as a reliable or even as a batsman, with the aver of 30's only u wont become good batsman to full fill the requirement fo Yousuf and INZI (as they r growing older) we need a reliable person but unfortunately no one notice it, and this is basic reason 4 our collapse in recent past.

    Weel I wont agree Afridi or Azhar makes any changes, BC at the moment reliability is the core problem and un fortunately both of them cant provide it. Lets hope for better in future BC we people have addict of cricket and its better playing is our basic necessity........

  • Farhan on March 14, 2007, 12:11 GMT

    I need Akmal out of here not after the worldcup but right now. Not only Younis I think anyone can do his job behind the wicket. What about using Nazir as a wicket keeper atleast he scores more than 0000000000000.

  • Talal Khawaja on March 14, 2007, 12:10 GMT

    PEOPLE WHAT IS WRONG WITH Ya'll..why is everybody so pissed ..u guys act like we had 11 match winners in this team ..this is pakistani team and if u guys know what is pakistani team there is no reason to be pissed ..forgot 92 world cup. as for kamran akmal plz give the guy a freakin break man ..when the gaints can do anything why is everyone expecting from him, he is a wicket keeper and look what he did 3 cathes and one stump..what else do u want from him so come and score a 100..plz dont get emotional, this is CRICKET. yes i do believe our batting was at fault but u cannot point one poor Akmal..or rana or Kaneria .. GOOD LUCK TO OUR TEAM and there is no need to panic and change anything this is the best team we have so all we can do is support them and as for INZAMAM ..yes he needs to move is BUTT up thats all i can say ..and yes AFRIDI will make a difference .

  • Nick Schneider on March 14, 2007, 12:08 GMT

    Boy do you guys need Abdul Razzaq. He is one of the best end-game hitters in the world.

  • Athar Nadir Chandna on March 14, 2007, 12:07 GMT

    Dear Cricket Lovers

    I dont know where to start from, Lets start from hiring a Foreign Coach, about more or less three years back we hired a RPOFESSIONAL COACH in the form of Bob Woolmer by saying that our provious coach (Jawaid Miandad)can not handle Laptops and cannot use Technology to get analysis of Players mistakes and Etc. I am ver ymuch surprised to see that instead of Mr.Woolmer there is another Pakistani Person who is operating those Laptops and doing the Job of Analytical Expert instead of Mr. Woolmer. The Question is If that guy can help Woolmer then why not Jawaid Miandad.

    Before the series of South Africa The Chairman of PCB (Mr. Nasim Ashraf and The C.O.O. (Mr. Saleem ALtaf) forced Mr. Waqar Younus to resign as a Bowling Coach as the team Management (Mr. Inzimam and Mr. Woolmer) does not think that they need the services of a Legendary fast bowler in one dayers as if Mr. Waqar has never played ODI's or he was a failed bowler in his times.

    By speaking in English Mr. Saleem Altaf (COO) always try to proove that he has better knowledge of cricket but the facts are prooved by his career and his achievements (on the field not of the field). The bitter fact is like many others in the Cricket Board he is also Deeply Impressed by WHITE SKINS (Goray).

    If you people remember in the WORLD CUP of 2003 we had the same Chief Selector (Mr. Wasim Bari) At that time like this year we were the last team who visited South Africa before the World Cup for a One day and Test Series. For a Professional Team it was a big advantage to get use to of the pitches and cliamatic conditions but our great Chief Selector wasted that opportunity by changing atleast half a side for World Cup who visited South Africa. Same is the case with this Years World Cup instead of Injecting New Blood in our Teams Illed body our Doctors (selectors) are injecting the old staled Blood. (Some people might differ with my opinion).

    Great Run Scorer does not mean a Great Captain as taken an example of Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara. Greatness of any captain could be Judged by the Timely Decissions, Intelligence, Agression, Wise Defence, Braveness and By seting and Example of himself not by hiding behind New Commers who cannot argue to there Captain as they may lost their place as if they do not protect their Cpatain behind them.

    One thing is for sure, we might reach the Super 8 but cannot go beond that stage as Honestly speaking after analysing all the Top Teams in the tournament I cannot rate our Team better then any of them.

    In the End Being a MUSLIM we all believe in All Mighty ALLAH and always ask him to help us out from the difficulties, so once again I beg to ALLAH that please help us in this difficult time as we did our level best to Sink the name of our Country in the Ocean of Shame.

  • ehtisham on March 14, 2007, 12:06 GMT

    i have read almost all the comments, more than 80% says no more chance for paksitan team. For me they always are living in fool's paradise. it is right that pak team performance was below par in ist odi but everyone will see in coming matches, the same pakistan team will won mathces. some of you ppl may be laughing at me, but i am damn sure about it. why we lost hope everytime when pakistan looses. whoever says that paksitan loose even to ireland, is emnemy of paksitan. will miracles happen against Paksitan only? why noy agianst india, austrialia and otheres. be positive always. I never lost hope till the last ball is bowled in any match. well now i agree wiht kamran regarding rana, he should be repelced immediately with sami, when afridi will be avialable after one more match, he will definitely replace kneria. Also i agree with batting order, inzi ans yousuf should go up the order i.e. one ans two down position. I agree with ramiz in this regard that younis should bat at 5 in this world cup. WISHING PAKISTAN VERY BEST OF LUCK PAKSITAN ZINDA BAD ehtisham

  • Zahid Islam, Dammam, Saudi Arabia on March 14, 2007, 12:04 GMT

    Why isn't it obvious to everybody that performance takes a back seat in today's Pakistan team? You just have to grow a beard and you are in. You will find Naved Rana in the next match,too. If Inzy and his pal, Mushtaq, could have their way, the first requirement would be a beard in order to get selected again and again, despite disgraceful performances with both bat and ball.

  • K P SASIDHARAN on March 14, 2007, 11:59 GMT

    Winning & Losing is in the game. I am confident, they will certainly bounce back and enter super 8. Best of Luck

  • nwak on March 14, 2007, 11:54 GMT

    business as usual for the pakistani team. no alarms, no surprises. as for the inclusion of rana in the team,i guess its just one of universe's great mysteries....lets stop racking our brains out on this one. in any case, rana has also grown a beard so....

  • Adeel on March 14, 2007, 11:53 GMT

    We dont have time now to make major changes happen, I think apart from Rana being replaced by either Sami or Azhar no change is on for the next game.

    If we make super eight on these pitches one can try Afridi to open, he is a gamble just like Imran Nazir but this one can bowl a bit despite being a medicore fielder, if either comes off Pak Batting is winner.

    Biggest problem for Pakistani batting right now is Inzi not firing on all cylinders and not being the Captain needed at the moment, I mean Pakistan yesterday was not playing with the passion needed to win the Cup. Captain needs to make sure team goes out with their heart on the sleeve everytime in this tourney not to make mere numbers. Windies in the field were ready to gobble up Pakistan it should be the case for us.

    It is good to put faith in Almighty but one should also put the effort which can be worthy of Almightys reward.

  • Kasim Ahmed on March 14, 2007, 11:49 GMT

    Hi Kamran!

    I just wanted to add my observations after yesterdays match:

    Like you & many others I had so much hope yesterday, especially after restricting Windies to a achievable score. However I have to highlight the role of inzy, so much talent but I dont think he wants it anymore. There was no hunger in his innings, & it rubbed of on MoYO causing a trickle of runs! He was absorbing pressure & consuming deliveries, & I and millions of others was waitng for the shackles to be lifted off, & for him & MoYo to stamp their authority. It never happend! Why? I dont think he has the fitness/mental stregnth to play the innings we all now he is capable of! Its so sad to see, but this is rubbing of on the team! Its so depressing to think after this game the hope pakistan have? I remember the 'clear out' we had after 2K3 world cup. How can it be that after that we are here again 4 Years later on the verge of a obvious clear out again??!! We should have all realised that after the Shoaib/Asif debacle there is no hope. No wonder Pakistan are 10/1 while even England command 7/1!!! Those odds are an absoloute disgrace, but reflect the Truth!

    I want to ask a Q's- If Inzy doesnt have the stomach/hunger/fitness for the battle anymore why didnt he stand down before the WC, and give the team a chance without an Emperror ruling the team??

  • zeeshan ul haq on March 14, 2007, 11:49 GMT

    Well i beleive guyz it all happens... its easy to discuss the cons and mistakes. Our team will perform good and will come back with a good spirit and better performance in the coming matches.

  • Shahbaz on March 14, 2007, 11:47 GMT

    What Imran Nazir is doing in the team if he is trying to hit every all out of the ground we have Afridi for that Shoaib Malik is better option for opening as he did in the past.

  • Subby on March 14, 2007, 11:45 GMT

    Well, Surprised. No one is pointing out that Inzy botched in rotating his bowlers. How come two best bowlers on the show Gul and Hafiz ended up bowling one short of their quota? If he calculated correctly, Rana wouldnt have bowled the 47th over that leaked so many. Think of it last 5 overs cost 58 and 54 is the difference between the two teams

  • Hassan Tanveer on March 14, 2007, 11:41 GMT

    When the bowling department so thought as the underdogs performed, the batting collapsed and the reasons are not surprising. It is Pakistan's bad luck that players like M.Yousaf and Inzamam have to bat lower down the order. With all the cricketing sense I have from watching cricket since 15 years, I believe Pakistan lost the match with the wicket of Younis Khan. I fail to understand that when a player has its defined role i.e. to contain, then why not he goes with it. And it is not in this match specifically, but when we look back to last year's champion's trophy against SA when Younis threw his wicket and the match at that crucial time. Moreover, in SA tour we find most of his dismissals when he threw his wicket away, and not that bowler took his wicket. Everybody talks about his spirit for the game and professionalism; I really regret to inform that well that's not the spirit that will lead to Pakistan winning the World Cup. In my view, we need badly M. Yousaf at 3 followed by Inzamam, Malik and then Younis Khan. With the cricketing era we are in where Dravid, Kallis, Ponting, in short all the greats come one down, we need our batting master class M.Yousaf to win matches. I believe Rana did not bowl badly, we need to continue with him as the swinging ball and the conditions favour him. Lastly, we missed Afridi badly. His inclusion in team in place of Kaneria will be a positive change and will surely enhance Pakistan's performance towards winning the World Cup. Rest of the team is fine. With the changes proposed above I feel, Pakistan can surely go on to win the trophy. InshAllah!!!

  • rehan kidwai on March 14, 2007, 11:40 GMT

    pakistani batsmen have been spoiled since the days of wasim and waqar who used to make up for batting blunders by their bowling performances. While too much has been said prior to world cup kick off about our weak bowling attach, it is our batting lineup that is most fragile. This is exactly what has happened in this match. The bowlers did a fairly decent job and the batsmen threw the match away. Woolmer should be kicked out at the earliest. He couldnt even find a good set of openers. Hope is good thing, but out team need to do more than just rely on hope and prayers.

  • Wajahat on March 14, 2007, 11:40 GMT

    Am just wondering how the comments would look like if Pak loses to Ireland as well :)

  • M.Saad Durrani on March 14, 2007, 11:38 GMT

    Hello Well I Think Its not good decision to field first knowing that team ahs won 3-0 in 2005 against the Opp in WI by batting first coz we still have two more games after it in which we can bat first or second for practice well now we have lost three imp points for next stage and finally poor captaincy by Inzy i think Shoaib Malik and M.Hafeez should Open and Imran Nazir should be Left out and Include M.Sami in place of Rana Naveed whoz badly struggling by his form

  • Raashid Shunthoo on March 14, 2007, 11:37 GMT

    KANERIA needs to go, RANA's run is over, Shoiab and Younis need to switch places, Younis also needs to score, And Azhar needs to come in and SLOG. And please get me a oppener that can last 10 overs.

  • SHEEJE on March 14, 2007, 11:37 GMT

    I would repeat the words of great Imran Khan " DAIKHO DIL BHARDAH KARO". Nothing wrong with the team except few changes for next match

  • Mobi on March 14, 2007, 11:37 GMT

    Though I’m not very optimistic about Pakistan’s chances but at many occasions I have witnessed that for consistently inconsistent Pakistan it’s good to have bad start. Because if they start winning early their inconsistency comes into play and they tend to loose focus due to complacency. Yes definitely Rana needs a quite a lot of KIT KATs and Afridi should be in but I’m not sure about Sami.

  • dheeraj on March 14, 2007, 11:35 GMT

    if rana's selection is so inexplicable the only reason i can think of is that both inzamam and rana naved are growing beards

  • shiraz on March 14, 2007, 11:34 GMT

    I have read many peoples comments. It is not merely about changing the team around. Its about heart. Play with heart. What happened to playing like cornered tigers. Its starts at the top. Imran Khan was king and led by example. As an all rounder he came in to bat in the Wolrd Cup Final at No.3 and top scored with 70. Inzi needs to lead from the top. The players should have the mentality that if the bowler wants his wicket he's gonna have to bowl a beauty and not give it away cheaply. We have the habit of making unknowns household names overnight. Am really disappointed. We just never recovered from losing legends like Saeed Anwar, Wasim Akram & Waqar Younis.

  • Asif Aleem on March 14, 2007, 11:34 GMT

    All said and done, lets move on.RAna is not a bad bowler and he has proved that a few times.Yes, Azhar should have been an obvious choice but had he failed, I am sure the same would have been said for him. World cup is not over yet and we can make a come back if our batsmen take responsibility.All the best Team Pakistan

  • Michael Ruurds on March 14, 2007, 11:33 GMT

    Kamran. I'll believe you'll find that at least one more team (other than Australia) has Pakistan's number.

    South Africa.

  • Mujahid Osama on March 14, 2007, 11:32 GMT

    Salaam Kamran Abbasi,

    First of all lets repeat the most ridiculous statement:

    "there is only team that Pakistan don't have the skill to beat in this tournament and that's Australia"

    I mean the Aussies are actually looking weak. Also SA, India, SL and England can all claim this probably more than PAK.

    But in reality what does this mean? Do we actually have the talent?

    Apart from Yusuf and maybe Asif are there any other genuine world beaters?

    Inzi is a BIG problems - pardon the pun.

    Is Inzi actually a stroke maker anymore? He reminds me of collingwood - you know push awful singles and unlike collingwood he doesnt bother with 2s.

    The game IMO was lost when Inzi decided to drop anchor and doze. Then like a million times before he walks infront on the stumps.

    ALL bowlers know if they can jag the ball back (mostly all teams posess a bowler like this or usually conditions means ball will move) Inzi is begging for LBW.

    Lets not get started on his captancy.

    Can i remind everyone what mr abbassi said yesterday about Rana?

    "Rana Naved-ul Hasan, *** have something to offer - death bowling, consistency, or all-round ability"

    Hilarious - now Rana is the scapegoat. I tell you what Sami is no better than Rana. Ofcourse Sami should be given his chance but the problem lies with the batting.

    But i must say we should not abandon hope but sadly there is a lack of talent and as fans we should appreciate this and lower expectations.

    i am supporting the Windies if Pak as expected dont get past super 8.

  • Yasir on March 14, 2007, 11:26 GMT

    Pleeeeeeease! Let it go. You people never improve. When there is no change in strategy you cry, and when 'there is' a change in strategy you cry again complaining for the sudden change. Please change your attitude. For God's sake please think positive. Some team has to lose and someone has to win. Both teams cant be winners. If Pakistani would have won, you would have been jumping with joy and crying out loud that pakistan's strategy of decreasing the number of all-rounders has worked. PLease!

  • Parvez Musharaff on March 14, 2007, 11:23 GMT

    Pakistan team just sucks.... They don't have spineless and dunno how to play when needed. I wont wonder if they lose to Ireland as well.

  • Ashar Grami on March 14, 2007, 11:15 GMT

    Pakistanis still have the problem of basic batting technique. Imran Nazir cannot play the bowl bowled at good length. He is good in playing short ball from day one and one expects that he must be a improved batsman for being in the world cup squad. Inzimamm is always shaky against medium pacers and he is handling them still with the same approach and played numerous dot balls against them. Rana Naveed is off color and should be rested. Why Danish Kenaria was fielding at extra cover and midoff?. Why Younus Khan trying to hook the ball pitched at the fifth stump to midwicket? No clue. Inzimam is not a good captain at all and i am not sure if anybody in the current lot is better than him. The team truly reflects today's Pakistani society where we have quantity is every segment but no quality.

  • Suhail Khan on March 14, 2007, 11:15 GMT


    Please eat your words, and stop day dreaming.

    This team is not capable, mentally and talent-wise, to go all the way.

    Since Afridi is not eligible for another match, Imran Nazir can be given his last chance but that's it.

    I don't mind losing that much if we lose after showing some sort of fight like Malik did.


  • Sal on March 14, 2007, 11:14 GMT

    I stay in one of the Chinese Islands, where there is absolutely no cricket, not even a word in the English newspaper sports section. I tried to call local Cable TV to see if they show any games, after 20 mins of translation they thought I was looking for Live Crickets to eat and the nice guy on the phone suggested to go to the local supermarket. Well, I ended up paying $15 USD to watch the hiccupped online steaming version and stood up all night to witness this? Not to mention games start here 11:30PM local time.

    I think Kamran's points are right on the money. This is exactly what I thought, different openers, batting 9 deep, Rana booted etc.

    Now, will someone listen to me! Play this team and ask me if you don't win. I am not a pro, but brought up playing rag-tag tape-ball cricket. If I can see the open blunders they are committing, why can't they?

    I want to play Kaneria, but he just doesn't make the cut. Though, I think he is a fine bowler but I guess Afridi does the leg spin job with lots of other perks. (Of course Kaneria can fill in until Afridi's ban over)

    This is how we are batting 9 deep, or even 10 with Rao Iftikhar showed some skill last night. Also, I remember watching Arafat hitting 5 sixes in an over in Hong Kong Sixes tourney in 2006. This kid’s got the potential.

    Please for GOD sake play this side and see the results for yourself. Additinally, one thing which we MUST not forget. We have to show some passion for the game and not act like jetlagged passengers in the field. Where is the fire?

    Dear Kamran, I need your comments/feedback on my cut. Please reply to my email address, if you kindly can or reply in the blog. I would be delighted to hear from you. Thanks

  • Q.Zaman on March 14, 2007, 11:13 GMT

    Hi Kamaran,

    you are still being optimistic.....well the one person responsable for Pak faliure is Inzamam... his batting was slower than a tortoise... where there should have been 2 he managed 1 and where there were one's available he managed zero... Inzi slowed the tempo down to a tortoise's pace... i think any person responsable for this defeat is INZI... after this tournament Inzi should never represent pakistan in any form of cricket.... full stop.

  • Yasir Thanvi - Oxford on March 14, 2007, 11:10 GMT

    we havent abandoned hope and i think we have been backing them for long now... since after that 1992 world in every worldcup we have supported them...

    in 1996 they lost to india in quarter finals when akram pulled out from the match literally a few hours before still we BACKED THEM!!!

    1999 they lost to bangladesh but still managed to reach the finals and were humiilated by australia for just 132 runs .. still we BACKED THEM!!!

    2003 they couldnt even qualify to the second round losing to all the big teams except namibia and holland (zimbabwe was washed out) still we BACKED THEM!!!

    2007 they have started in the most pathetic manner (not abt winning or losing) but they way they played but being a MUSLIM & a PAKISTANI i have no other option but to pray for them and yet again BACK THEM!!!!

  • farhan sadiq on March 14, 2007, 11:10 GMT

    kamran you tell me?what to do with inzimam and can one win a match by scoring 2 or 3 runs an over provided that he is chasing 242.when they arrived at the wicket asking rate was around 5 an over and they took it to over 6.5 by their slowest batting.Rana should be sent back immediately.otherwise people will say that pakstan team plays with "parcheese".also he batted poorly and was very slow.he should be told that people simply doesn't like his smiling face after giving 6 an over in almost every match. although i live in fools paradise regarding my cricket team's chances in worldcup. but still i think in super eight stage afridi should come inplace of kaneria to open the innings with kamran akmal.than inzi,yousuf and younis should come.shoaib malik and hafeez should be at 6 and 7.and than azhar at 8. sami,rao and gull should be the this team you will have 1 fast bowler,3 seamers,2 off spinners and a leg will have 3 all rounders.and a strong middle order.hafeez played well down the order so he should be there.

  • Syed Hasan Ali Hashmi (pakistani in Malaysia) on March 14, 2007, 11:07 GMT

    Well! I still say PAKISTAN IS GOING TO WIN THE WORLD CUP 2007, no i am not a mad Optimistic or overly patriotic in my statement. 4 me Pakistan performance was ok, Chasing above 220 is always a problem 4 Pakisatn, so Kamran bhai i'll say bowling was the problem, specially in the last overs. One thing Inzi bhai lacks is to put the extra pressure after taking early wickets.

    I think Rana gi should be given rest atleast for next 2 games, & again i'll say before Sami ...AZHAR MEHMOOD must be taken...I still think he is the man of tournament 2007. Afridi later can replace Kaneria cuz already to many spinners, Kaneria doing nothing speacial, Afridi if gets going with Bat can make hell out of any team. Azhar mehmood must be used to strengthen the lower order he & malik will InshaAllah win matches 4 Pakistan with Bat. Yesterday i was impressed by Rao & Hafeez. Hopefully Hafeez can contribute to the side which teams need i.e. Batting. Over all I Have Confidence in the please Make Duaa 4 the team...TOGETHER WE WIN. here n in hereafter

  • waqas on March 14, 2007, 11:07 GMT

    Hi, Almost every body blame bowling for the loss against west indies but have anybody thought that initial 9 overs of the partnership of two top players of pakistan went just for 13 runs.whatever the situation but i think this is ridiculous for those two and that was one of the major reasons to loss match along with opening partnership and i think if bowlers restrict the total to 241 then its not a bad performance specially when three main bowlers are out from the side.

  • kamran on March 14, 2007, 11:05 GMT

    hi another performance by pakistan that has become a norm for them. to me our batting line up is worse than a club level team. looking at them bat you feel as if a wicket can fall on every delivery. they still believe that a 1992 strategy with slow starts and keeping wickets is going to make them win, unfortunately they play slow and also loose wickets at regular intervals. inzamam is finished he was looking exhausted when he was on 30 and with him we can`t take 2s or 3s. after this world cup a new team should be made.

  • Adnan on March 14, 2007, 11:03 GMT

    I think the faster Bob woolmer goes the better. Thats the best thing that comes out of this world cup !. What a poor team selection. Danish and rana????? what is going on. the fact remains we have no opening batsman. We actually lost the game in the last five over when we had west indied at 180 odd for six and they ended up with 241. Inzamma has always been a bad captain and with bob woolmer its a spell for disaster and embrassement. Well atleast pakistan team wont be too home sick. I think pakisatn future captain def. Shoaib mailik (younus khan is too egostastic).

  • Pieter on March 14, 2007, 11:03 GMT

    Man I can't believe they allow you to write such nonsense. South Africa have always whipped Pakistan. Look at history. You always go on about talent. Kallis, Smith, De Villiers, Ntini, Pollock, Boucher, what are they talented freaks with no skill. Please this Pakistan team is useless, stop dreaming and face it SA is a better team and we are ranked number 1 in the world.

  • raghu on March 14, 2007, 11:02 GMT


    I think you guys are concluding a little too fast( I am an indian supporter by the way ). Just look at your batting inzamam, and yousuf 2 world class batsman. shoaib malik one of the best oneday batsman i have seen in recent times, kamran akmal a decent batsman whom i feel should open, and afridi when he gets going theres honestly no gilchrist or symonds to match him.

    Just be a little patient, hope they leave out rana naved and take mahmood. then all you need is self belief

  • Rajiv on March 14, 2007, 10:59 GMT

    I dont see a hope for Pakistan.If Younis,Yusuf and Inzi cant chase down 241,the gig's up.And against a friendly attack.

    I am an Indian and a diehard admirer of teh Great Imran and more men of such steel.I am sorry Mister Abbasi...Its not just Australia.Now India,SA,SL and NZ can do the same.

    For Gods sake get Afridi in, drop rana get Sami in..and believe you can win.

    As in Hockey,the decline of a powerful neighbour is a sad event.

    Sorry Pakistan.I even switched off the TV thinking surely PAkistan would win this one..remember India dismantled Windies for 85. My comisserations to all my diehard Pakistani friends.I hope I am proven wrong.For the sake of Imran,Miandad,Zaheer,Waqar and Wasim..

  • Hang_In_There_Bros on March 14, 2007, 10:58 GMT

    Just few words to say...guys have patience and give one more chance (one more chance)to your team to show some fight. In a sport one team wins and other loses...but the way Pakis lost today is a big concern or should I say national worry. Had they shown some fight and made it a classic close match then I would accept such defeat any day. To do so your Team needs to have a big heart. And lets hope and pray Pakis show a stron fight in next game. I personally want to see them coming strong in next game even though I am an Indin. U wanna know why? Simple reason...I want to see India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia in the Semis. Wouldn't that be a WC to cherish forever if one of the subcontinent team competes hard and fast for the top prize of the game...i would say that certainly would be! GL to Pakistan...GL to India...GL to Sri Lanka....

    My fellow brothers across the border...pray for ur team and show support to ur team and just hang in there....

  • dR Kashif Nawaz on March 14, 2007, 10:51 GMT

    well this team is simply below level.the guys of this team are brain less infact they dont hve a cricketing brain.big tournament nd big teams needs big hearts nd wt they hve nothing nd inzi is not possitive at all infact he is not an attacking captain this team needs attacking captain like ponting.i m sorry to say but this is a fact pakistan even cant dream to be the world champs no consistency in all departments..wake up guys even i ll be surprised if they ll qualify for the nxt round.good luk to all other nations who are better than us...

  • SQUARE_CUT FROM BBC TMS on March 14, 2007, 10:49 GMT

    i think ireland is going to beat pakistan...

    watching inzi and yohana bat against smith and bravo bowling didly dodlers, i nearly ended up smashing my tv. i am supporting england from now :)

  • mohidin gundroo on March 14, 2007, 10:49 GMT

    Fully agree with your views.Deep down we all expected to win this match but with no batting depth we were exposed early enough to review our strategy,i hope. We have a limited choice considering we have seleced too many medium pacers and not enough batsmen.Afridi,Sami and Azhar/Arfart need to replace Naveed,Danish and with Younus and Hafeez with shohaib,Afridi,kamran and Mahmood at5678 fallowed by sami Gul and Rao which gives us 7 bowling options with 8 batsmen.Opening with shohaib is too risky.we need him to bat untill last.Back in 1992 we stared with worse performances with limited bowling attack.I hope this defeat proves to be a wake up call.I still feel pakistan with fragile batting should always bat first on dry pitchs.WI. deserved to win this match for their excellent batting,bowling and fielding.

  • Syed Asif Reza Naqvi, Pakistan on March 14, 2007, 10:48 GMT

    Let me assure those ppl who have lost faith in the Pakistani team that they aret eligible to support or predict any winners.this campaign is not over yet.there was always this possiblity that Inzi might display his weakness,but he isnt a total crap as many out there might think.Pakistan can bounce-back into the ring.Its a quranic verse that " We shall provide you from a source that you might not think of "

    If i am to single out the culpirit who made pakistan to lose this game,i would certainly point-out Yunis.firstly he dropped Sarwan on the first delivery he faced(sarwan made 49),windies could easily be 7/2 then.Moreover Yunis fell to a stupid pull-shot on a ball wich was rising wide of the off-stump.this was the second pakistani wicket to fall and thus it left no option for the paki batsmen to drift towards the defensive game plan.No doubt Yunis is a capable captain,but seems to be in a hurry ! you know what i mean !

    Lets leave all these happenings behind and look forward towards the next game against Ireland.i think Inzi should start the paki bowling with Iftikhar n Gul n put Rana some 20 overs back,hes good with the old ball.Kaneria should be discarded at once,hes crap. Azhar Mahmood would be the ideal replacement for the next game in the absence of afridi.

    I still think that pakistan can re-surface from this situation if they bring out their drive to fight in the next game. Its been well said that " Where theres a will,theres a way".Only those nations deserve a crown who can fight upto the last moment.

  • zahid on March 14, 2007, 10:45 GMT

    Dear Kamran,i agree with you mostly about the potential in this pakistan team and also how pakistan won the 1992 world cup when there was almost no hope.I am very dissapointed with the amount pessimistic comments made by majority of the people posting.I know pakistan didn't play well to put it mildly but there is a long way to go in this tournament.I think there were three areas which were pakistan's downfall.Firstly the runs conceded at the death ,secondly our opening batsmen failed again and thirdly i believe the balance of the team was wrong (no depth in our batting),which made inzi & yousef over cautious while batting.

  • Syed Afzal Ali on March 14, 2007, 10:44 GMT

    Well I was expecting a good batting and below average bowling however it turned out to be other way round. We saw good bowling restricted WI (except the last 10 overs) and a really worst batting approach (probably following WI approach). I am off the opinion to bring Azhar Mahmood back and also Sami. Pakistani team shall at least listen to the cricket legends (Imran Khan & Miandad) for their suggestions. I hope Pakistan come back with in positive mannger soon insha Allah.

  • Shadab Aimen on March 14, 2007, 10:43 GMT

    WestIndies and Pakistan are two of the most inconsistent performers in the recent times. West Indies reached the finals of the champions trophy and then came up with a dismal performance against Australia. Pakistan showed a lot of promise in the warm up matches. But when the stage was set for the opening match of the biggest cricket festival, they fell too short to impress. Both teams have players who can win a match single handedly (Gayle, Afridi, Lara, Yousuf) but inconsistent in doing so.

    In Lara and Inzamam they have experience, but both have lost the firepower in their batting. With a very inexperience bowling attack both teams would struggle to reach the semi finals. At the end of day both teams would have themselves to blame for their strategy, bench strength and losses.

  • sd on March 14, 2007, 10:42 GMT

    Typical pakistan. Chop and change. As long as the country is run by the military and illitrate people.. theres going to be no consistency. So its very difficult for pakistan to know who s good and who isnt.. because no-one is given a long run. So Emotional. So tribal. So illitrate. Pakistan are going no - where. If Kamran still believes Australia are the only team they have to fear - thats just ignorance. I garuntee pakistan will loose to a team other than Australia - ATLEAST once.

    Bye bye pakistan. You are as inconsistent as Afridi.

  • Ahmed on March 14, 2007, 10:42 GMT

    We dont need to blame anyone here, the only person we should blame is the bigboy. Its always the captain who makes the players play a good game, Captain is the one who encourages, motivates and push his team towards victory but in here the story is other way round ie we have a lazy always half asleep Captain in pakistan team. My answer to the question (why he does not play at number 3 of 4 is as i mentioned above, he is lazy, at number 3 or 4 you need someone who can really play a quick and solid inning. he knows that his openers can never stay on the wicket for long so whenever he comes down the numbers he has a very good excuse for his lazy innings that we lost quick wickets.

    In the end i would like to suggest the pcb that give the captaincy to someone else energetic, if inzi wants to carry on after world cup he is most welcome but not as a captain.

    and plz plz find some good new openers stop giving chances to old scrapy and rusty players and let Hafeez play for the Pakistan A team he is not capable of playing international cricket.

    Finnaly a question to all of you. Can we afford watching cricket all day long and discussing about cricket 24/7 (this is what our corrupt rulers wants from us) living in a third world country.

  • Rauf on March 14, 2007, 10:41 GMT

    Kamran, I admire your optimism but, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it probably is a duck.

    Current Pakistani squad is a duck at the end I am afraid. You cannot blame one or two players. It's a team effort and usually the teams with strong spine and character, coupled with talent, win it all. We may have individual talent but not much else.

    Can someone please put them out of their misery so that we can fire the whole lot and start rebuilding?

  • Talha on March 14, 2007, 10:40 GMT

    Most of you guys are just hoping against hope, Pakistan would definitely be knocked out from the super eight if not before that.

  • Aslam Bhatti on March 14, 2007, 10:37 GMT

    Pakistani bowlwers did well but batsman did not well. Rana Navedul Hasan is not one day bowlers. He should play domestic cricket. Shoaib Malik shoul play No.3, Inzamam No.4, Yusuf No. 5, Younis No.6, Shahid Afridi No.2/7 Kamran Akmal No 1/8. Bowlwer should be Sami, Gul, Iftikhar,Azhar Mahmood and Mohd. Hafiz.

  • Ramesh on March 14, 2007, 10:37 GMT

    Appalled to see Pakistani performance. Surely Rana needs to go without any doubt - it was a disaster to have him selected in teh first place - now he has a beard as well to ensure selection from Inzi. Inzi you need to come at 4 and if your reflexes are not good enough then get lost - you are patehtic in most areas - fielding, running captaincy so if you cant deliver on your batting then tata bye bye !!

    Inzi was pathetic - hardly showed any fighting spirity and i am not sure what Shoaib Malik was doing taking singles and relying on Rao and Rana to strike boundries !! He should have at least gone down fighting by taking the WI bowlers head on. Yousuf tried his best to get out 2 times in the over and was idiot enough to inisit on playing the same shot and getting out. An d I am not sure what Younas Khan had in mind hooking outside the off stump - are these guys on drugs or what ?? Totally indisciplined.

    Hope we can still deliver. I dont want you to see Pakistan being whacked by India on 15th April _ I will be there in Barbados to c you guys if u make it to the super 8s (but at the moment I am really considering putting my money on Zimbabwe).

    Best of luck.

  • Nilabrata Sen on March 14, 2007, 10:36 GMT

    If pakistan continues such type of performances they should come back now because everyone knows that getting entry in super 8 is not a big trouble this time..But can the pakistani people bother when they will be continuously maulled by other teams in super8??

  • amar khan on March 14, 2007, 10:33 GMT

    Well on a given day pakistan can beat australia as well and then on another day they would lose to bangladesh even. Nothing can be said about the team. Nothing can be expected out of the team as they wont get into the semis anyway.

    The best try i think would be if shoaib malik swap places with younis khan as shoaib is the best batsman of our team. Younis is a good finisher though and there were stats showing he does well down the order (avg 42.31) and really poor up there at 3 (avg 21).

    Azhar mahmood has to come in for Rana definitely. They have to realise this now its about time. Imran nazir shall be swapped with afridi if he has to play or theres no option for afridi coming into the side as it is. Imran and afridi are same kind of players no better than eachother as no one can rely of them and pakistan cant afford to have both of them with kamran akmal especially who is also crap.

    Well Kaneria. He bowled well but with him inzi would have to decide whether to bring sami in for him or persist with him as per the conditions if he can judge them!

    Thats all from me. True whenever pakistan loses everyone wants changes but this had been required ever since shoaib and asif were ruled out.

  • Irfan on March 14, 2007, 10:31 GMT

    PCB please for god's sake get your act together. The team needs to learn from their mistakes and get on with it now. We need to make some changes fast. Sami and Azhar need to be in the team for Rana and Kaneria and we need Afridi back soon. There is still hop insha-allah.

  • Anshuman on March 14, 2007, 10:31 GMT

    The majority of comments on this blog typifies our sub-continental mentality. One game Pakistan defeats South Africa, the fans see their hopes rising and the next match Pakistan looses again West Indies and the fans are here with their axes sharpened. So is the case with Indian fans.

    Frankly, tell me one team apart of Aussies that you expect to win any match they play. C'mon Pakistan has a formidable batting line-up with Afridi coming in and probably Rana being replaced with Sami/Azhar would settle the bowling department as well. You miss Asif (Akhtar for all we know might have been injured after the game against SA) and Razzaq but I think the Pakistan team is a pretty strong team. All they need is a bit of more faith.

  • A R on March 14, 2007, 10:30 GMT

    Sorry for being a little off topic. But I want to know what Ramiz Raja thinks of himself....trying to act extra smart? I have always noticed he does not miss a chance to berate the Pakistani players. Just because he is in the "comment"ators box does not mean he can pass his pathetic "sarcastic comments". Instead he should be praising the injury hit team for trying their best with the limited resources they have. Even in the opening match he could be heard describing Inzamam as having a "BLAND EXTERIOR" among the many stupid remarks he made. It was very obvious that he was laughing immediately after. We all know what kind of a player he was. Plus I would liek to mention that I am not a Pakistani but just a cricket fan. Just my I think very lowly of people who insult their own members to please outsiders.

  • don on March 14, 2007, 10:30 GMT

    the current paki team sucks they rt n emabarassment to our eams of the past i dont know what they were upto they were under pressure as if they were playing the finals of the world cup hafeez needs to b thrown in the sea for the kind of shot he played and whats mr nasim(nuthead)ashraf is doing there in the west indies and whats with kanerias school boyish reactions i wish kamran akmal never plays for pakistan again and i hope these cricketers dont ever return to pakistan and stay back in the carribean bcoz they r an embarassment and i firmly believe that there should b a performance based paying system these nutheads dont deserve the kind of money they r getting for playing for pakistan.

  • Waheed on March 14, 2007, 10:29 GMT

    I agree wholesomely with Kamran. I just want to add that 1-Afridi should be played in place of Kaneria 2-Sami is most imp part of Pakistani team and he could do wonders for Pakistan.SO simple RANA OUT and SAMI IN. Rest is all right

  • DHA ALLSTARS on March 14, 2007, 10:27 GMT

    Pakistan is built on blood and sweat by our fathers; many people have died in making this country what it is.

    Cricket is the life blood that holds our great nation together. When we see our great team play-the pride and pleasure that every true paksitani feels cannot be compared to anything.

    This is more then a game- it is part of our life. Each part of the nation must stand to account- today it is the turn of our cricket team.

    We have been written-off by many, over a billion people cheer and celerbrate when we loose!

    But I know and each one of you also knows that this team team of God fearing men are capable of the greatest feat.

    We need to be humble, put our differences aside and come together to make this something worth fighting for.

    Over the next few days the team will need to consolidate- they should sit by themselves and should be made to feel firstly miserable,then anger and then this should finally result in performance.

    Also Ramiz, Javed Bhai and Inzi should tell the younger players the story of how they won the world-cup and perhaps they all sit down and watch the whole of the Pakistan 1992 world cup performance- to see how they slumped in the early stages to how bounced back from a virtual knock out, to winning the worldcup- Look at the determination on the players faces in that final.

    Each player needs to watch his own video of his greatest performance- which will help them restablish that mindset.

    Also Mohmd Asif and Shoiab should be present, other team members need to see them face to face and channel that anger on the pitch through wininng performances. By not having them in the dressing room, excuses these two for the mistakes and the rest have to carry the can.

    Regarding on the feild tacticts and batting line-up; each player should decided where he should bat- if Younis Khan feels comfortable at No2 then let him, if Afrdai wants to open then he should- each of the team need to know how he can add value to the team and should belive in his ability. If a bowler is not performing then it should be up to that bowler to say that he should be dropped.

    Improvements in feliding will come with winning performances. The good thing is that the next two games gives Pakistan the chance to finalise its preperation.

    The team will peak, but the road is long.

  • inzi on March 14, 2007, 10:27 GMT

    can people stop saying there is a long way to go. lose 1 of the next 2 and the parties over!! and we know pakistan can collapse if they chase anything over 200.

  • Jackson on March 14, 2007, 10:27 GMT

    I have never experienced such a blatantly one sided columnist writing for an international magazine. From all the ridiculous comments made on the recent tour in South Africa, to the arrogant statements made recently, it comes across as not only highly unprofessional, but also delusional. You need to wake up and realise how bad the Pakistan team’s image is at the moment. Taken into account the ball tampering events in last year’s test, Asif and Ahktar’s ban – turnaround and the surrounding controversy about their “injuries”, the Pakistan board need to take a long look at themselves and realise that major steps need to be taken to clean the game in the country. The team is an embarrassment a t the moment and does your country no service.

  • Yakub ali on March 14, 2007, 10:26 GMT

    Pakistan team is hope less

  • inzi on March 14, 2007, 10:23 GMT

    hey guys, take it easy on rana he bowled well, i mean how many times did he beat sarwans bat. it was just their day today. if our whole team had played and missed the amount of times sarwan and chanderpaul did we would have walked this. and we all know how many times samuels has paid off like he did today? not alot

  • Valavan on March 14, 2007, 10:23 GMT

    Pakistan have nothing to worry they still can bring in upsets. (1) Exclude Imran Nazir and Hafeez from the team for super 8s (2) Bring in Afridi instead kaneria. (3) If sami can perform better, then drop Naved. (4) Recall Imran farhat and Yasir hameed instead of the current pair. (5) Can play Azhar Mahmood too in any slot. I think he didnt travel to Caribbean Islands to sit and shop around.

  • MA on March 14, 2007, 10:21 GMT

    Pakistani batsmen behaved like couple of amateurs yesterday. I think even the batsmen who are playing club cricket are more professional then these guys. Imran Nazir has been in and out of the team cause of batting . What the hell he was thinking yesterday when he edged that ball. Do you have to play every ball when you are in the middle? People are saying that they should make inzimam and Yousaf come early in the innings. Can you gaurentee that they will stay when they have to face a new ball which is moving and bouncing of the pitch? Simple thing is that they should bat in the middle order that’s where they are good. All Pakistan need is someone with brain to bat at No.1 and 2 who knows that he has to survive at least 15 overs so that his team can bat all 50 overs. And make the opposition tired and build a solid innings for YK, INZI and Yousaf . I would say drop Imran Nazir. And bring ShoaibMalik as Opener. Drop Kamran Akmal he is bad with both bat and wicket keeping . Why Kaneria is playing when Muhammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik both can bowl better than him in ODI and with the return of Afridi you don’t need anyone like him who gives run with bowling and also is of no help in batting. Why Rana Naveed is playing ? his average has been always above 6 in ODI.? No reason People want to bring Sami back I would say though Sami can deliver one good delivery in 5 overs will you still risk playing with him when you know his recent performance has been worse than all the rest? Why not Shaid Nazir when he has proved that he is a better bowler than Sami and Rana Why not bring someone from Under 19 or Domestic Cricket like Anwar Ali who is an excellent swinging bowler. A lot of people playing International Cricket from Pakistan need a rest a big rest. They need to go back to school and learn some basics. Specially batsmen who need to know which ball to play and which one to leave.

  • Ricky on March 14, 2007, 10:20 GMT

    Rana should be replaced by Sami and kaneria by Afridi.(Of course after the ban). It has been a noticable thing that in the last 4 matches, Younis khan had to come in the 1st over (Then why don't open with hime?). Also Shoaib Malik is wasted down the order. He should be prompted up. And plz someone teach Inzi and Yousuf to keep their Strike atleast above 75.00, whatever the situation might be. Kick Rana and Kaneria out of this team.

  • Salman on March 14, 2007, 10:19 GMT

    You are right Kamran:

    There's only one team PAKISTAN Football team don't have the skill to beat and that's Italy. Whether or not they can achieve what they are capable of or not is a different matter all-together.

    There's only one team that Pakistan Rugby team don't have the skills to beat and that's Newzealand. Whether they do it or not is a different matter.

    There's only one country that Pakistan's economy can't overtake and that's USA. Whether they do what they are capable or not is a different matter.

    But in reality that different matter is the only one that matters. Nobody cares if I say I am capable of flying to Mars.. People care what you actually do and not what you are capable to do.

  • INZI on March 14, 2007, 10:16 GMT

    hi, i can't bat at 3. u guys are being so silly. everyone knows i have trouble with the ball that nips back early on and you guys want me to face the new ball! very smart!!!

  • S.M.Khurram Quaseem on March 14, 2007, 10:14 GMT

    PERFORMANCE OF YOUSUF AND INZI: ============================== If we analyze the batting of Yousuf and Inzi yesterday, it was clear that Inzi wasn't able to time the ball sweetly while Yousuf was timing the ball like a dream but wasn't able to find the gaps on most occasions. When batting any of the top three I suggested,i.e., Nazir, Younis and Malik (all of them are fluent players if stays) there will be time for Inzi and Yousuf to time their innings without run-rate pressure.

    SELECTION OF RANA: ================= Well, I don't know what Inzi thinks about him. First of all he should not been taken to the WorldCup keeping in view his current form. The only logical selection was of Azhar if opting for the all-rounder but if Inzi or Woolmer has any problem with him then Yasir Arafat is also a good replacement.

    SAMI??? ======= PAK Bowling performed good because it wasn't under the pressure of second innings. Just imagine W.Indies batting second and Sarwan, Samuels or Lara batting and Pakistan need a break-through, then what is the option to attack? Rana=Nops | Rao=Nops | Kaneria=Nops | Malik=Nops | Hafeez=Nops | GUL=yes but how many shoes he can fill? The only option is to go for pace of Sami...

    OPENING SLOT: ============= I would say that Pakistan has to remove Hafeez from the opening slot and amongst the current slot I believe only Younis can fill the shoes. OK, that sounds strange with my name as I am against making Younis the opener, but the problem is we don't have any other regular openers and Younis is playing as a virtual opener for quite a time now. Shoaib Malik has not find success in the recent past and it would be too costly if he fails again.

    BATTING ORDER: ============== I believe Yousuf, Inzi, Malik and Hafeez should come at no. 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively, but only when they have to bat first. While chasing the score I would promote Malik at no. 3 because: 1. He had most success on this position 2. He is a fluent and in-form player 3. He paces the chases well which even Yousuf and Inzi hasn't done for quite some time 4. His running between the wickets better utilized when batting with Nazir, Younis and Yousif, not with Inzi.

    LONG TAIL: ========= It was something that has to happen. Remember we can't drop Rao and Gul. We can only replace Sami with Kaneria and Azhar with Rana which will also make the tail not smaller but a bit more capable.

    My 2 cents...

    Khurram Quaseem

  • Shezad on March 14, 2007, 10:13 GMT

    As much as optimism is good, Pakistan's chance of winning the WC is nil. We will make it to the super 8s and be knocked out. As all the members agree, Rana should be out. Maybe he was included because Inzi likes his beard. I guess if Sami sports one, he'll have a better chance.

    Why was Kaneria taken out of the attack at the death, inspite of giving 3 runs and taking a wicket the over before? Inzi should not be a captain in the first place. As for Pakistan's chances, just pray.

  • Zulfiqar on March 14, 2007, 10:13 GMT

    Hi, for me there are 2 players who need to be replaced. I think Azhar should play in place of Rana and Afridi in place of Kaneria. I dont know how anyone can select Kaneria in a oneday game with his such pathetic fielding, not very impressive bowling (please remember, he is not Shane Warne) and then he bats at No11. Please someone tell inzi to bring Afridi back and he should play down the order....

  • Owais Shah on March 14, 2007, 10:13 GMT

    What I dont understand is since they've tried and failed with so many opening combinations why not push our SENIOR batsment up the order? Surely they have to take responsibility and move up the order. They say we need specialists openers, who are they exactly? Last I checked none of our openers seem to be able to last 5 overs let alone 10. Afridi to open with Younis and Yousuf at number 3 followed by inzi then the all rounders, YES PLEASE!

  • shahid on March 14, 2007, 10:12 GMT

    Believe me Inzi has no cricketing sense -- whatsoever. Rana should be sent on long leave.Kaneria should be forgotten.We have made the cardinal mistake by not infusing new blood -- not one player [of under 19]was worthy of a chance to play in the world cup --- he would have been as good[or shall I say as bad]as any one of existing ones.We are witness to the events before their departure. The 'spin doctor' -alias chairman PCB & the whiz kids of the selection committee tried to be over smart & hoodwink all by delaying the drug test[of the 2 fast bowlers]; but it was not to be. The thunderbolt from ICC on 1st mar[for targeted test on 2nd mar] settled the issue.So folks let us not be niave -- the writing is on the wall. We are all behaving like a poker player waiting for a good hand -- & sadly we will not get one till Inzi is the dealer. Our team lacks the grit & guts to execute a "kill." Umar Gul never completed his full quota of 10 overs. What is the idea of having Rao bowl only 1 over in the end-- 2 overs a peice for your best bowlers[in the end] is a goog recipie.Let us pray that we can save our skin from Ireland & Zimbabwae.Unfortunately like all other things in this 'land of pure'are in a mess, so is our cricket. Oh GOD! I pray I am wrong!!!

  • asghar idrees on March 14, 2007, 10:10 GMT

    first of all shoaib malik must come one down.and second of all danish kaneria out and afridi in.rana out and azhar mahmood in.pakistan need more allrounders.its always better to have more allrounder that they also can bat.

  • V. S DeVan on March 14, 2007, 10:07 GMT

    I would like to point one thing here which has gone terribly wrong for pakistan. The preparation for the world cup. When teams where almost rounding up their final 15 months before world cup, pakistan was still testing new players. Woolmer has failed totally in developing a core group of pakistani players. If Kaneria was in the scheme of things, then they should have given him enough practice by playing him in atleast in 2 or 3 series prior to world cup. Imran Nazir all said and done is a good player.. Again, the only opportunity he got was in SA, where the pitches are totally different. One more noticable thing ------ I wouldn't be surprised if Kaneria or our own Woolmer will be sporting a huge beard following steps of new recruit Rana. Why are the Pakis embarrassing themselves by this makeups and funny beards. I guess more importance is given to everything else, except Cricket.

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 10:07 GMT

    All i can say is that this Pakistan team will not win any major cup if they stick to this selection of crap are the things the Pakistan selectors should do

    1.bring Asim Kamal into the team - for Kamran Akmal 2. Get rid of Rana Naved(for good) - bring in a youngster who is worthy of playing in the national first team 3. get Inzi out of One Dayers - bring in Yasir Hameed 4. Imran Nazir SHOULD BE A BACKUP PLAYER - bring back Salman Butt.(I PERSONALLY MISS SAEED ANWAR TO BITS) 5. keep Shoaib Akhtar out because he only thinks of himself. I believe that Pakistan will only win a major trophy once all the above have been done and also, Afridi is a must in the one dayers as he can be deadly on his day and is a match winner like Abdul Razzaq and why Azhar mahmood did not play we will never know. Last nights performance was nothing but disgusting, a disgrace to the Pakistani community. After this, id like to ask all the british pakistanis, why do you continue to support Pakistan when you should be supporting England who are by far better than pakistan at the moment by far!.

  • Butt on March 14, 2007, 10:07 GMT

    Inshallah Pakistan will win. Inazamam is a great personality and captain, he will make history, and win the world cup.

  • Ali Imran on March 14, 2007, 10:06 GMT

    Well, 1st of all i dont understand .... wats da point of talking ... our team gets what they deserved and also i didn't get y we talk abt our bowling. 241 at the end that matters, our bowlers done well mentioning here its the bowling we were talked abt in past nor batting even yesterday in lunch tony cozier said pakistan will win but at the end we lost coz of our Pathetic Batting ... well i must give advise to Inzmam dat he should take out Younis or if not then younis should bat at Malik position n give Malik a chance to bat at 3 slot n lastly nazir gone out Afridi got in n akmal should open mainly bcoz i played many cricket with him n hez a good batsman in open n also most importantly the wickets of WI should suit him, may help pakistan in next matches :)

    God Bless Pakistan

  • Shiv on March 14, 2007, 10:06 GMT


    This is typical subcontinental behaviour. Columnists will continue to split threads after every defeat. Wax eloquent after every facile victory. Spare a thought for poor Kamru. What's he going to predict? That it's curtains for Pakistan? Apne pet pe lath koi nahin marta. Spare the bugger your caustic remarks! I do not see the WC coming to the subcontinent. Our cricketing structure is screwed. The talent pools are bone dry. Though with the amount of money floating around, any cricketer has his 2 seasons of fame in the dead Karachi/ Delhi pitches. Who gets screwed? The fan! Gets screwed by the PCB/ BCCI at stadia and broadcasting channels (Mandira Bedi and bald loser whatsisname die-die!), gets screwed by the media (the endless drivel on news channels about WC2007 is truly mind-numbing).. One last thing about Talent!! Who among the current Pak (and I daresay India) team do you see playing in WC2015? Brings an old Prem Chopra dialogue to mind..with our current dabba-gol stars and their tantrums, "Nanga Dhoyega Kya..Nichodega Kya?" Fans ofcourse have their own litany of woes. After being treated like sheep for gadzillion years, they often behave like rabid dogs when things dont quite follow the mentally sanctioned (and columnist re-inforced script) - burn and pillage the rich, cola selling, skirt-chasing suckers (and their families) A most sorry state of affairs!

  • Gulab Khan on March 14, 2007, 10:06 GMT

    Why Inzamam and Yosuf palyed very slow. On one stage they scored just Nine runs in 13 overs or 13 runs in 9 overs. Not acceptable in any case. West Indies bowling was not such strong or fast that we played such defensive.

    Plus why Inzi did not come of # 4 again? He promised to the nation that he will come at # 4 but he did not.

    Yes he just cam against Canada in the warming match and starts claiming big things.

    Now its too late to change any thing. Inzamam & PCB should impeached.

    They are putting Pakistan down in the front of the world cricket.

    Gulab Khan Peshawer

  • Shehzad Ghani on March 14, 2007, 10:03 GMT

    How many times would we say that our batting is an embrassment. It has always been that way. Have our batsmen ever won a lost match on their performance since Miandad left. If they did win in a test match, it was because they had earlier mucked up in the first innings.

  • Ash Zed on March 14, 2007, 10:03 GMT

    As always, its our batting that let us down as they did on SA tour. You know Kamran the problem is negative thinking and use of words like "inshallah" and "mashallah" by mulvi Inzi and Co. Too much reliance on God and thereby not putting any efforts is the reason of continuous decline. Gods only help those who help themselves. Look at Inzi and Yousef slow batting that put pressure on the later order with such a long tail. Team selection was so amazing. Now we have yet another mulla in Rana Saab. He should go and start tabligh in Sheikapura and should not be in Jamica.

    But at the end, Inzi would say..."it was God's will that we lost the match and inshallah we will do beeter in next match".

    All I can say this is height of "jihalat"

  • Nido on March 14, 2007, 10:01 GMT

    Kamran,i think the advise you should give to the Pakistani team is to open a madrassa in Pakistan. I think that will be right job for these incompetent people. We as a nation lose everywhere, every front. Why blame only cricket? That's in our blood now.

  • Ruchit on March 14, 2007, 9:56 GMT

    Hi Kamran,

    I have been reading your blogs quite regularily and comments posted in response. I am an Indian but follow Pakistani cricket fortunes quite intently.

    One interesting thing I have noticed is that a lot of Pakistan supporters are still in zone of nostalgia as regard to 1992 cricket world cup victory.

    That team was different . Had some really great players in Imran Khan ,Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram who have gone down in history books as all time greats. Mushy was at peak of his powers and Inzy was a revelation then.In this team probably Inzy is of that caliber and may be Mohd. Yousuf though he is not really as good as Inzy.

    Cornered tigers is a great philosophy but that doesnot mean that it will work out everytime and for every team. I mean you need to have a side to back it up. Look at this Pakistan side. It has too many bits and pieces players. I am sure if Imran would have been the captain he would not have played so many of them at the same time. Pakistan is definitely weakened by absence of Shoaib and Asif though personally I dont rate Asif as a threatening one day bowler though he is absolute treat in tests. But somone like Shoaib can turn a match on its head in a matter of minutes. Razzak is another big blow.

    I dont think 1992 would be repeated this time around in favor of Pakistan unless they really play out of their skins.

    So intead of being unduly optimistic some of nostalgic Pakistan fans should accept the present day reality.

    Regards. Ruchit.

  • Tamerlane on March 14, 2007, 9:53 GMT

    Kamran, Lets face it, until we stop living in denial and start taking responsibility of the strategic mistakes we are making we are not going to get far. There were three batters yesterday with an oppurtunity to build an inning, inzi, yousuf and sohib. I am very disappointed by how yousuf gave his wicket away but i was more annoyed about the fact that he kept on trying to play the same short, missing it completely and getting no advice from his skipper who was on the non striker end. I know these guys are senior players and dont need to be told what to do but to that i'll say, dont throw your wicket away. Inzi should have walked up to him and calmed him down. for me that was the defining moment of the game. we could have gone all the way if they stayed a bit longer in there. As for the sohib, he is the only guy with a balanced head on him. he always plays with maturity and resposibilty. Why not use him higer in the batting order to build an inning. we should have hafeez and mailk opening, then inzi, yousuf, younis, akmal, nazir/arafat and then the bowler/all rounders. I have not lost hope yet, WE CAN DO IT and we are GOING TO.

  • Sameer on March 14, 2007, 9:53 GMT

    Well the whole problem is INZY and the strategy that he has. When Hafeez was bowling so well why change the frequency of the bowlers at the death of the inings . Hafeez and Umar could have finished to the 50th over . One over was given to Kaneria one to Rao and Rana. that is purely bad captaincy . Wi would have been restricted to 200 but we see an extra 40 runs being hit . this is not street cricket. Inzy is a good player but a pthetic captian and flaws in the basics are forgivable for a team like Scotland but not Pakistan... Please get rid of Rana

  • Khurrum on March 14, 2007, 9:52 GMT

    I've read the above comments, and the majority seem to come from fans rather than those who've played cricket at a high level. Analysing the game, Pakistan made a number of errors which cost them the game:

    1. Younis's dropped catch of Sarwan - Sarwan went on to score 49 runs and stablised the early loss of Gayle. 2. Akmal's dropped catch of Lara - allowed WI to gain momentum at the death 3. Akmal's missed run-out of Smith - he went to extend the score beyond 200. 4. And most importantly, poor captaincy by Inzi at the death. Pak conceded 57 runs off the last 5 overs. His failure to first select the right death bowlers (taking off the spinners when they were restricting the run-rate), and then not instructing the medium pacers where to bowl (not line and length, but full and at off-stump when you have fine leg up!)

    On analysing the batting, if Pak had not conceded the extra 50 or so runs at the death overs, despite the poor Pak batting performance, they could have sneaked home. This is not excusing the bad Pak batting performance, rather putting the blame where it lies.

    During Inzi's first year of captaincy I would give him the benefit of doubt. But more recently, his captaincy (not batting) has been Pakistan's major undoing. I agree he's united the team like never before, but he does not have the ability to adjust his thinking according to the match conditions.

    As regard the batting line-up - one thing that I kept thinking during Inzi-Yousuf's go-slow partnership; what if these guys get out, there's not firepower (missing Razzak & Afridi) to up the run rate. It's the combination of Shoib, Akmal, Afridi and Razzak that has for so long been Pakistan's success and not necessarily the big 3 that commentators go on about. These guys, when one of the four get's it right, propels, no accelerates, Pakistan score to 280+. By missing both Razzak and Afridi Pakistan have lost the firepower.

    The way forward. Everyone agrees the openers are poor. I would not have selected Nazir - he's too much of a hit and miss. Either Tufiq Umar or Salman Butt would have offered more solidity and a left-hander!!!. But now that he's selected there is no batting backup, so for the next game against Ireland keep him in the team, but replace him with Afridi for the Zimbabwe game. However, I'd use him as a floater and get Akmal to open with Hafeez.

    I've got more chance of becoming the president than of Inzi changing 3,4,5.

    Then followed by Shoib, Nazir and Azher @ 6,7,8. This will give some firepower during the death overs.

    In today's modern game, with the over restrictions, and Inzi's single tracked mind to finish the power plays in one go, Pak need three seemers. For the Ireland game that would imply Sami, Rao and Gul. Sorry no Kaneria! Somehow I don't see Kaneira slowing the run-rate down in the first 10-15 overs like a Murili or Warne could do.

    Kaneria is a real mystery squad selection that makes absolutely no sense. When the squad selected implies Hafeez, Shoib and Afridi will play every game, it seems stupid to have a fourth spin option! The fact that Afridi and Kaneira have the same economy rate, yet Afridi can field and scores the odd six means it's a no brainer when coming to choose between the two.

    I have my 2 cents rant - you can agree or disagree. Pakistan may sneak into the semi-finals at most, when they'll be overcome by a more superior side (Auz, SA, NZ, etc..)

  • amir on March 14, 2007, 9:52 GMT

    Inzi has no leadership qualities, a leader is one who change weaker to stronger, thats why he is called leader,by puting motivation,agression,self confidence,risk taking,exaperimenting new thing with real time situation,he should know is a dynamic process in the field not a static one,he need to invent new things as per real time situation, and their execution,but this chap has no such abilities. There is only one rule in the world in all aspect of life either be denfencive or offensive, but why not offensive.

  • Ricky on March 14, 2007, 9:51 GMT

    When 2 teams play one has to loose. So the team which does not play to potential on a given day can loose. But there was another issue. Pakistan Cricket Board had asked the players to not to talk in English. Andsome seems to have told Shah G that captain means Pradhan. Shah G ne sochia , Pradhan da kam he Khare hona te ho ja ke Khre ho gye. There is no fault of him. He thought there is an election going on and he may become Pradhan of al captains.

  • whoopass on March 14, 2007, 9:50 GMT

    i believe shoaib malik n nazir should open as malik can play with confidence and for longer time,nazir can use some power shots, then inzi, yousuf, younis, hafeez, afridi, akmal, azhar, and gul and iftikhar for bowling azhar will bowl first change and as the slower bowlers are key to the conditions in WI, malik, afridi and hafeez should be apt

  • Mubashir Hanif on March 14, 2007, 9:48 GMT

    Assalamoalikum! Well I have to say that it has just started, there's a long way to go, agreed. I was thinking as a cricketer what would I do if i have these 15 guys. I will open with Younis and Akmal, Nazir out (1 fifty in 7 matches), Afridi in (Kaneria out), I would go for young blood, that is Yasir Arafat. What on earth is Mr Rana doing in the team, OUT. sami and Gul were great against South Africa in t he warm up. For once when Samis radar became right, you take him out???In punjabi we say KAUN LOG O TUSY (who are these people), in this case who select team. Yousuf one down and Inzamam 2nd, then Malik, Hafeez, rest of the order depends upon the situation and game (chase or first bat). I think we need not to be panic, the fun has just started. I am more than sure this team will play semis. And then its just a matter of two games : ) Inshallah. Dont you love my optimism? well thats what I have been taught.

  • Lothar on March 14, 2007, 9:46 GMT

    One more thing: What ever can happen to this technically poor set of batsmen if Inzi breaks down with another back-problem? I think the returns would not be any better than 150-allout in 20 overs :D

  • diyar on March 14, 2007, 9:44 GMT

    dear kamran who is your team line up for pakistan team ?

  • Burhan on March 14, 2007, 9:44 GMT

    I won't be surprised if they lose one more in the opening round return home with a feeling of self pride. "our proud warriors on alien battlefields". I think, Rana Naveed should be declared "Unfit" with immediate effect and be replaced by someone else. If we are experimenting even in the World cup, then why not experiment our bowling by using someone else... Me! I am sorry, but i don't see any hope for this team for quite some time to come.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Abdullah Faiz on March 14, 2007, 9:43 GMT

    Why are we such hypocrites? When our team wins, we are always there cheering and rejoycing and praising our team but when they lose the same people dont have the balls to accept defeat and encourage their team to move on

  • Lothar on March 14, 2007, 9:43 GMT

    Hello Kamran, This is only the first real match, so not all over yet... you can put up a brave face for now till the next mauling. I feel so bad, this was meant to be a WorldCup of the sub-continent what with all those hoo-haa-hoopla about the slow-subcontinent-like-pitches. But Pakistanis have let us down! First, the cheating - at the first time of asking, Shoaib was on performance-enhancing drugs; god knows for how long he was relying on that, and then, some serious selection mistakes - where the hell are Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt or Imran Farhat? This flash-in-the-pan club-class slogger Imran Nazir with technically poor Hafiz is no good on seaming tracks of Windies!! Younis is now neutralized against the new ball, Inzi isn't any younger and all you have to do is get rid of Yousuf, your batting is done and dusted. If you forever depend on once-in-a-blue-moon flashes of Afridi (mind you, he will not survive a Murli or a McGrath) and unreliable Malik and Akmal, you can never go past the super8. There is no one apart from Gul to take on the opposition batsmen (Rao - once he comes under attack, he is worse than Rana). Any team would love to play against a team like this - put these bunch on to bat first on a seaming track, and chase them down in 40 overs!

  • Bharath on March 14, 2007, 9:43 GMT

    Guys, I am an indian but a fairly good supporter of pakistani cricket. I guess the biggest observation is that the match was between the West Indian team and the pakistani players. The pakistani folks never looked like a unit for the entire duration of the match...almost felt like there was no motivation to play at a tournament the entire world was waiting for... In stark contrast, you could see the west indians all over the place.....together mind it...enjoying every minute of the game... and were willing to grind it out.

    And guys, let us be fair to rana, i felt that he was plain luckless at the beginning. He was able to produce some impressive swinging deliveries early on...atleast a dozen which flirted like a few millimeters from the blade without any luck... Rana has never been an economical bowler...but more of a wicket taking strike bowler...and this was a day when lady luck did not want to do anything with him... Only anjum bowled sensibly and the rest of the bowlers although may have been marginally economical did not put any pressure on the windies.

    If pakistan has to have any hope of progressing further in the world cup....which includes getting the better of teams even like zimbabwe...they need to play with some kind of purpose and not listless performance like yesterday. Barring Malik, there was noone to show the kind of commitment required.

    I just feel, inzy has to do a lot more as captain rather than just giving silly poses chewing gum and stroking his beard.

  • Shahid on March 14, 2007, 9:42 GMT

    Sami has got till the 17th to grow a beard. That's the only way he'll play in the next match. Inzi's captaincy leaves a lot to be desired. Whereas Lara bowled his bowlers in short spells, Inzi choose to give Gul and Rao 7 & 8 over spells in the extreme heat, thereby causing them to run out of steam in their later overs. Also you also loose the option of bringing back your strike bowlers in the middle stages as you would require their overs at the end. What a pity that Gul, Rao and Hafeez, your best bowlers for the day ended up bowling only 9 overs each - the same number as Rana, who as usual was expensive. with such captaincy, we should not expect to progress much during the super eights stage where the competition would be much tougher than the West Indies.

  • Mohan on March 14, 2007, 9:41 GMT

    Afridi will make a BIG difference to this team. You need people like him in the team. Pakistan also cant ignore Azhar for long.

  • OPTIMIST on March 14, 2007, 9:40 GMT


    Don’t lose hope INSHALLAH we will succeed


  • ali a cheema on March 14, 2007, 9:38 GMT

    i believe there is personal favourism in pak team. YOU can,t play some one if he has grown a beard... Rana is just not good enough..i,ll stick to Imran nazir. he is the only one who can go after quality bowling like he did in a match in SA. there is no option but to play akmal, so management must back him.

  • murtaza on March 14, 2007, 9:38 GMT

    Getting Azhar in place of Rana should do good to batting @ bowling & Sami in place of kaneria.Soon Afridi can replace Kamran Akmal & leave the keeping to Younis khan. Its now or its gone for the team!

  • Afnan Shah on March 14, 2007, 9:38 GMT

    The only reason it seems that Rana is in the team is because he has also turned into a mulla...and Inzi and Co love this...I think the Pakistani team and its Management should start relying more on strategy, homework and honest selection on the basis of factual performance of players, rather than on divine intervention to do well.....honest hard work will be rewarded one way or the other. Being pious does not neccesarily make one a good player...

  • Sharan Pahlajani on March 14, 2007, 9:33 GMT

    dude, please talk some sense. Pakistan cannot beat 5-6 of the tougher nations, so this crap about Australia being the only stronger team. HAHA well tried., we can talk:)

  • Ash on March 14, 2007, 9:32 GMT

    this Pakistani team is good in losing games than winning it. Bowlers did a good job to restrict windies to a runrate of 3.88, and then suddenly inzi took off spinners and gave ball to umer and rana who gave 22 and 12 runs respectively in the last two overs. Look at our vice captain Mr. Younis Khan, how irresponsible, the way he was playing in the early overs it was like we were chasing a total of 400 or more. We can do a lot better but we need to play responsibly. rana should go out and sami or should come in, for batting our batsmen need to show the necessary patience. otherwisde good bye to worldcup.

  • John on March 14, 2007, 9:32 GMT

    Pakistan have to be radical if they are to have any chance, and frankly with Inzi as captain i don't see that happening. Pakistan must open with either Yousuf or Younis, I'd prefer the former but I'm sure that won't happen. Forget the all-rounders Pakistan have only really ever had one of those who could perform regularly on the International stage, Imran. They've got to go with their best bowling attack and rely on their batsmen. Shoaib ,Hafeez, Younis and Akmal have all got to contribute for Pakistan to have any chance. If Imran Nazir is to play and a strange selection he was given Butt's superior form, I'd suggest lower down the order. Yousuf is the only player who can win this for Pakistan so get him in opening and hope he can play the long calm innings Pakistan so desperately need.

  • Yassar on March 14, 2007, 9:31 GMT

    Your optimistic I will give you that at least but lets try and be realistic for a while. Yes Pakistan can win the world cup and I will go one step further than you and say that there is no team in the world cup that Pakistan does not have the skill to beat BUT it’s a game that is not solely reliant on skill.

    I seriously can not see Pakistan getting past the super eight stage, their does not seem to be any strategy in place and the planning seems to be non existent.

    1. For starters Imran Nazir is a liability at the top of the order, he should not even be in the world cup squad let alone in the starting line up. He is too much of a hit & miss type of player and creates undue pressure on the middle order. I am absolutely baffled to why Shoaib Malik is not opening alongside Hafeez. Shoaib Malik has opened in both tests & ODI’s before and has proved extremely successful and has even won matches in both formats for Pakistan from there, this strategy will also allow Pakistan to play another all-rounder. 2. As much as I like Rana Naved, he simply is not performing at the moment. There is no doubt he has talent but you can not keep carrying a player especially when that player has increased responsibility in the absence of Shoaib Akhter, Mohammed Asif and Abdul Razzaq. I would replace Rana with Sami. Mohammed Sami offers something different with his pace and will add variety to the attack. 3. As much as I like Rana Naved, he simply is not performing at the moment. There is no doubt he has talent but you can not keep carrying a player especially when that player has increased responsibility in the absence of Shoaib Akhter, Mohammed Asif and Abdul Razzaq. I would replace Rana with Sami. Mohammed Sami offers something different with his pace and will add variety to the attack.

  • Junaid Kasmani on March 14, 2007, 9:30 GMT

    Inzi is responsible for this defeat....what he was doing while running betweeen the wicket...napping ??!!! .or he is dare to run two can't win games with this negative approach...your best bowler can't bowl his full quota of 10 ? why ?

    i think Rana Naveed should be axed out for the whole of this tournament...sami needs to be in..miserable performance...what u will do against the aussies & proteas ??????

  • khattak on March 14, 2007, 9:30 GMT

    inzi should be replaced by younis k as a captain,his body allows no more to play. He should go for (TBLEEGH).

  • rtom on March 14, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    send Shoib Malik up in the order .. simple !!

  • khattak on March 14, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    inzi should be replaced by younis k as a captain,his body allows no more to play. He should go for (TBLEEGH).

  • Satish Iyer on March 14, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    Dear Kamran,

    I still have hope with this Pakistan Unit. But provided they do the following changes:

    a) Drop Imran Nazir b) Shoib Malik to open with Hafeez c) Include Azhar Mahmood.

    I feel rest everything is ok. People should not forget RANA, hes a match winner and Pakistan team and fans have to be patient regarding Rana. Hes a fighter and has got tremendous attitude.

    Nevertheless, this Pakistan team if the above changes are done, can reach Semi - Finals.

  • MAK on March 14, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    At least there is one good thing about this team. It is becoming more consistent.

  • Junaid Kasmani on March 14, 2007, 9:28 GMT

    Inzi is responsible for this defeat....what he was doing while running betweeen the wicket...napping ??!!! .or he is dare to run two can't win games with this negative approach...your best bowler can't bowl his full quota of 10 ? why ?

    i think Rana Naveed should be axed out for the whole of this tournament...sami needs to be in..miserable performance...what u will do against the aussies & proteas ??????

  • Phil on March 14, 2007, 9:28 GMT

    Bad day for Pakistan good day for the WI and as hosts, for the WC. I was amazed at Pakistan's feeble capitulation but like all sides they probably had an off day.Early days yet and we just have to wait and see but on yesterday's showing I wouldn't place a bet on them winning the cup, that is if I was a betting man.

  • Zubair on March 14, 2007, 9:27 GMT

    First of all thanks to the boys...boys did very well...according to woolmer's diaries he would like to be spending more weeks swimming and in expensive hotels which he is staying with the team currently.....and I saw woolmer's pics hugging our players and we can see that they are having a great time in west far as our team goes....they are having the time of there lives in the world cup...not one member in the team is actually bothered about the world cup or trying to perform in it.....they are more interested in having a good time playing soccer,going to the gym...and spending as little time as possible in practice........they expect that miracles will happen without practice.....the batsmen clearly showed they had not been to the nets.....the way yousuf got out was simply due to the crowd this level they should be able to take the crowd pressure....inzamam as usual was chewing a gum acting as if he will save the team...we all know that he was not capable of doing anything yesterday...only shoaib malik showed some fighting spirit in the whole team

  • Amir on March 14, 2007, 9:26 GMT

    I think we should still wait for the miracles of Rana.Everyone commenting here seems to be an expert but not alot of people have mentioned about his crap performances.Not only he bowls poorly but also he brings the other bowler under pressure.Poor captaincy by inzi he should hav removed him earlier to keep the pressure on WI.

    Now the optimists would say pak lost their first match against WI in 1992 as well.I dont think that this world cup would be different from the previous one.iN 1992 we had a GENUINE LEADER.

  • Imran Khan on March 14, 2007, 9:24 GMT

    Kamran Sir,

    I take all your points, there us hope. Considering we are missing 2 match-winning world class bowlers, restricting the Windies to less than 250 runs on this good pitch for batting and short ground for boundaries was very good.

    Fielding was so and so, had it's moments and downs, which will be difficult for improving drastically in the duration of this tournament.

    However, the batting stunk. Nazir is hit and miss, and Hafeez just isn't good enough. Check out their averages! Kamran Akmal, with his stroke playing during the power plays, rather than the stodgy Hafeez, should be employed. Our big 3 (Younis, Inzi, Yousaf) should be higher up the order.

  • Saad Khan on March 14, 2007, 9:24 GMT

    I just don't understand why the hell they got into ultra defensive mode. No doubt the bowling was good but that extraordinary that batsman cannot loose their hands. Whenever Inzi tried for bounderies he more or less got 'em. Mohd Yousuf wasted many delieveries so did Hafeez and mounted the pressure on the Inzi or lower order batsman. It seems like that Pakistan was playing without a game plan...or if they had one...sure it was the most stupid one. Only positive of yesterday's game was Nazir's sixer, hope he play sensitively in coming games and give some entertainment! Winning the world cup sounds like more than a dream at the moment...lets hope things change fast

  • Muhammad Rizwan on March 14, 2007, 9:20 GMT

    Disapointed thats all i can say !!! I have a feeling that pakistan might find difficult to beat ireland as in practice matches ireland had got south africa 9 down for just 90 runs who knows they might come up with a surprise specially the way pakistan is batting this seems possible... feel sorry for inzamam

  • Kamran on March 14, 2007, 9:18 GMT

    ok guys we badly missed afridi, razzaq yesterday and ofcourse shoaib and asif but i think the bowlers had pretty much done their job.......... one thing i dont understand is the people who comment on here dont have the heart to support any much of an insult of you own team giving commentary from far awzy is easy and swearing and blaming others for mistake is more easier....I think if we were better than them probably we would be selected .........accept it its a part of game win or lose........ 92WC everyone was posing questions onw hy still imran is playing he is old.... but then pour paki people still now remember him........ by getting angry or by saying that my opinion is right wouldnt mak it easy.....and trust me if anyone's opinion is even taken but if we say that if your opinion is tried out and it doesnt work will you take resposnibility to saare haath uper karlengay...... have the spirit to support your team kabhi dekha england, sri lanka, SA, or aussie crowd humiliating their own team even after england going through the baddest patches during the ashes a humiliated defeat....... tehy knew that they had support back fromt heir people still believed them..........aussie humiliating display of cricket in the past 10 odi but still did u see anyone pointing questions........ pakistani ko bas baatein aur behes karne ke liye bithado sab se aagay hain........ have the spirits to support your team....but they way you display it seems like you cant even support a muhalla's team......... being realistic pakistan have very dim and bleak chances of gettin to semi finals... but I still and will support pakistan as i know on a good day when our batsmen click we can chase a total of 300 plus too and can post a 300 plus total too andhave done it ona bouncy track against SA 350 plus and restricted them too so its a game take it as a game not as a life :)

  • Armughan on March 14, 2007, 9:18 GMT

    Well guys I am extremely dissapointed, not by the team but by you folks. One loss and everything is gone? Trueit seems that they will not bounce back but who knows. It takes one good 100 overs to get back on track. Thats it. Pakistan did not loose because of Rana Naveed, who bowled quite decently and i would say 6 or 7 bad balls in 9 overs generally dont ruin you figures like his are. Come on, its a batting pitch, these figures are acceptable. Pakistan lost due to two wrong decision. One was not playing Azhar Mahmood. You were a seemer short and therefore, you did not have the option of bowling quicks in the middle overs. Secondly, Inzamam must and in any case must come on no 4. Younas is turning out to be a bummer so put him on 5. Yousaf would do good at 3. And please someone tell Imran Nazir that after you hit a SIX of the second ball of the innings, you can actually wait for the next boundary. The team will need a couple of changes but Ireland and Zimbabwe games should help Pakistan to gather some momentum. At this point, it looks like a game where you need nothing more then a good momentum.

  • zafar Mehdi on March 14, 2007, 9:15 GMT

    A lot has been said and written about Cricket and Pakistani cricket, recently, so who am I to opine. The answer to that question is that I am an average Pakistani cricket fan like any other Pakistani, who has seen the splendor and disaster of Pakistani cricket. A fan who is deliriously happy when the team wins a match, and dreadfully sad, when it loses one, knowing very well that losing and winning is part of the game.

    What makes us extremely emotional is the historical inconsistency in our team performances, unlike India, Srilanka, and even Bangladesh who have evolved and improved their game in every sphere.

    The reason for this historical inconsistency can be easily attributed to the cricket board, selectors, managers, coach, captain, vice captain and even players, though the degree or weight of this attribution lessens as we go down the list, meaning, the players are least responsible and the cricket board is most for our team’s performances. If Shoaib Akhtar and Mohd Asif is taking banned substances, the manager is more responsible, if Shoaib cannot shorten his run up, control his line and length, and avoid his injuries, it’s the manager’s, coach’s and captain’s responsibility, not Shoaib’s alone. On a similar note if Inzamam cannot keep the pressure, by changing Umar Gul when he was bowling so well and insisting with Rana Naveed despite his horrendous performance, its Inzamam’s fault and not Rana’s, which brings me to the most important question about our Captain’s performance. Not only is he physically lazy (taking two’s instead of three’s, and one’s instead of two’s, and running himself out or his partner in the process, he is mentally lazy as well, making important decisions very late (even an over late decision can turn the match around). Ironically our captain doesn’t even allow Umar Gul to bowl 10 overs, who is his best bowler. Let me add here that cricket is a mind game and captaining a side is an advancing science, which can only be tackle if you have the knack of it and some learning capacity…..sorry Inzamam is/was a gifted batsman, and not a competent Captain by any measure.

    Now I will say something about our selectors too. All kinds of batting combination have been experimented since the departure of Amir Sohail and Saeed Anwar, to come up with a dependable, responsible and professional opening pair except Asim Kamal, who is technically the most sound batsman we have. Interestingly he is been labeled as a specialized test player and was not even used in the recent test matches against South Africa. Since the last world cup all the cricket playing nation have been working to improve their teams with the world cup in their mind, albeit Pakistan Cricket Board who is relying on some big names only.

    Why weren’t the match winning trio of Pakistan Under 19 world cup winner, groomed and tried in international matches to avoid hiccups like Shoab and Asif. Instead of using new talent and young breed, PCB’s greats (Mr.BARI and Mr. SALEEM ALTAF) selected Sami, Rana and Azhar Mahmood, thanks to their arrogance, limited vision and incomplete knowledge of todays cricket.

    Here is my suggestions for now and the future, and I am sure lot of people wont agree with me Now 1.Use Shoab Malik and Imran Nazir as opening pair and please stick to them for a while. 2. Please drop Rana Naveed from all remaining matches, because Inzamam doesn’t know how to use him. 3.Drop Kamran Akmal if possible, and get a better replacement

    Future 1.Shahid Afridi should be made captain and Shoab Malik the vice captain, that would allow Inzamam and Younis to concentrate on their batting in ODI’s, and prove to people like me, that they are the most dependable, professional and talented batsmen in Pakistani team. 2. Fire Woolmer and hire Wasim Akram (one of the best bowler in the world), an Indian batting coach and a South African Fielding coach on a long term basis. 3. Get a Pakistani sports psychologist on a constant and long term basis. 4. Change the structure of the cricket board, dissolve the Adhoc Committee, and let it run by people who know cricket. 5. Change the culture and structure of cricket in Pakistan.

  • Tariq Javaid on March 14, 2007, 9:15 GMT

    Kamran, you have raised very crucial points, which definitely need answering. We could keep on going about the selection but to be honest the main thing which seems to be missing or at least I have spotted was the hunger for the success. No matter how many excuses we can come up with, the team on the paper should have beaten the WI provided they had the quest to win the game. I believe Pakistan will end up regretting to let go these point because 4 teams even before the start of the super 8 stage will be ahead of Pakistan in the race to secure a place in semi finals. How are we going to beat India, Sri-lanka, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia? The teams I put Pakistan favorite against were England and West Indies. Key player at the top of the inning is going to be Imran Nazir, if he does manage to hang around for 15 overs; I think we will even forgive rest of the team because he has ability to change the game within 15 overs. Let's hope he start rescuing Pakistan.

  • Syed Naumanuddin Hassan on March 14, 2007, 9:14 GMT

    I think that the bells of disaster rang when Imran Nazir decided to repeat the expensive shot and got out. Pakistan must open with Shoaib Malik or Younis Khan. They don't a choice, do it before the time runs out! Imran Nazir must give way to Afridi and Rana needs a break for good. Mohammad Sami must replace him in the squad but Inzamam ust decide whether to play Kaneria in the presence of Afridi. Looking at Inzamam's mood of making decisions, I don't think Kaneria will ind himself lucky! I am sure Azhar Mahmood, Sami and Afridi will carve there way in the team.

  • parabasis on March 14, 2007, 9:13 GMT

    i think its time for pakistan to go back to ball tampering, i mean, since darryl hair is out of the way... as i understand it, what kamran was alluding to was that 'the australian' to be feared was actually mr hair, not ponting and his colleagues

  • Sharif on March 14, 2007, 9:12 GMT

    Is it just me or that apart from Yousaf most of the bearded men in our team are there just for the ride (Mushy, Inzi and now Rana has got one too)?

  • Nishant on March 14, 2007, 9:09 GMT

    Okay, first of all, let me stop laughing....... Pakistan, SUPERB PERFORMANCE! ..... Hats off! ...... You played like true champions...... I think in the dressing room, Inzy and Co. were thinking of this strategy:- "Last world cup, Australia lost it's first match and then won the world cup" ..... I wonder whether they did it as part of their gameplan!!! ..... But seriously, WELL PLAYED!!!!

  • adnan on March 14, 2007, 9:08 GMT

    Before world cup, everyone agreed that Pakistan Team is not up strong enough to win World Cup. Ironically, now everyone expect team to win every game. Shoib and Asif are two main bowlers and they are out. So, we miss them.

    I think expectations to win world cup is fair but don't be so upset with Pakistan that you miss the exiting cricket from other team. World cup is the only tournament in which every game should be enjoyed. So be a cricket Fan not a Pakistani Fan.

    Lets team perform as they wish for now. I expect a major change after the world cup with new captain.

  • Haqnawaz Habib on March 14, 2007, 9:07 GMT

    I agree that Rana Naveed should be rested out for long so that he can come back with good set of mind. He wont be part of worldcup squad as he is already in a pressure to perform well. Worldcup is not an event in which you can do experiments. Atleast after the result of the first game the selection should be accurate for the rest of the worldcup.

    Kamran Akmal was not performing well as well in past but his performance in the first game was pretty good. Afridi will come in the third match and I think they should give a chance to Sami or Azhar in the place of Rana.

    Having leg spinner in a team is a good option but Danish does not have much one-day experience. Beside this the off spinners (hafeez & shoaib) are pretty economical and taking wickets as well.

    They also need to change the batting order. 3rd and 4th are very crucial positions. Sometimes younis used to play silly shots and gave away his wicket which puts pressure on the lower order. I think Younis should come after younis and inzi.

  • Ayub khan on March 14, 2007, 9:07 GMT

    Dear All, I have been reading all the crap, from most of my fellow Pakistanis who are sitting in the West "Goron ke Tate Utha Rahe Hai" Rana Naveed is a fine all rounder. It just was'nt his day yesterday. It is better to lose with grace "and the blessings of Allah" than to sniff the white powder which our dear Asif and Shoiab take before the match. And if you really think that we beleive that they were on Body Building Hormones or whaterver, please ask Mr. Imran and Jemina what they were take during their high society parties.

  • George on March 14, 2007, 9:06 GMT

    Guys, come on! You are just like us indians taking apart the team after a loss. Inzy is a great batsman and you have some of the most talented players in the world. Wait till the results of the super 8. It may be a dream final between Pakistan and India. Wow1 That will get the advertisers into a frenzy. But support yor team when they are down, as that shows a true fan.

  • Amjad Ali on March 14, 2007, 9:04 GMT

    i m sorry to say but this is how it goes. the culprits for loss were no doubt the big guns,yousaf and inzi. i mean they played for more than 20 overs and look what they did? made the situation even worst for akmal (who didn't last long) and shoaib (who was not in position to attack and win for pakistan from there). i mean this kind of performance cannot win you matches even against the minnows. please some body go and tell them to change their game plans for God's sake. it was tottally embarassing. but still i have faith in pakistan team that they can do wonders and will inshallah do better in comming matches

    May Allah be with us

  • shushank on March 14, 2007, 9:04 GMT

    i think pakistan played rubbish cricket. i don't have anything to say except that

  • Kh on March 14, 2007, 9:03 GMT

    Indian fans are not impatient. They are extremely extremely mature. Those who say that need to look at themselves first.

    India Zindabaad.

  • Zulkar on March 14, 2007, 9:03 GMT

    Pakistan team needs Balance and Flexibility. Shoiab Malik is a good number 3, make him do that job. Kamran Akmal cant be a big hitter down the order , so opening will suit his game. Imran Nazir should be out of team, coz he is inconsistant to say the least. Hafeez should be given another go, coz he looks a correct all round player.

  • Syed Zia (Dubai) on March 14, 2007, 9:02 GMT

    Kamran i have the same opinion, but i got few question for Pakistani Management (Which happens to be a marionette/puppet)...

    Why Kamran Akmal is playing in Pakistani team, why can't Younis Khan do this wicket keeping job since he has done in past and i m sure he can do far better than Kamran who even doesn't know basics of Wicket keeping??? Just see how Dravid used to help his team when it was required…

    Since Shoaib Malik is in good nick/form, why can't you put him as an Opener along with Imran Nazir? Let Imran Nazir know that not every ball is there to hit...

    Why Rana Naveed is playing in Pakistani team again and again, since he happens to be a player who benefits other teams more often than Pakistan...!!!

    Inzi promised Pakistani Nation that he will bat at Number 3 or 4 but he didn't fulfil his promise>>> Is he a true leader>>> NO NO NO

    Why Inzi letting Karam Akmal, Rana Naveed & some other non performing players play in this team. Does he think this team belongs to him?

    Why Asim Kamal isn't part of this Team since he deserve this more than anyone? Why isn't he a part of Test team??? Because he doesn't say "Yes Boss"???

    It's been long time since Inzi has put up a show for Pakistan... He himseld lacking in form !!! Isn't he???

    Why can't Pakistan Cricket Board discover better Captain and quality players???

    Let Pakistani player know that they are using Pakistani Nation money and they don't worth it...

    Why Mohammad Hafeez can't perform when it matter the most for team??? He is not a one day player for sure, he just perform in practice matches and does nothing in International matches at all…

    Why Azhar Mahmood didn't play this match since this pitch could suit his style of bowling??? As an example Bravo & Dr. Smith were quite successful... aren't they?

    Why can't Pakistani players play their normal, natural or attacking game, as soon as a wicket falls you can see scoring rate goes down significantly... If you see Australians and some of other cricketing nations they never compromise on their ran rate... Can't Pakistani do the same???

    I’m really distress to see Pakistani players and their body language yesterday, I know one team can only win, but all what i want to see a fighting sprit in team, which is jsut not there !!! It’s burns your blood when you see Pakistani players making such basic mistakes and management or coach can’t do nothing about it. I don’t see any player deserve a place in Pakistani team other than Mohammad Yousuf who also at times doesn’t look at score board or run rate.

    Let’s hope for the best and pray hard for this team to win at least next two matches, which is relatively an easy matches but as you all know Pakistani team history so you never know !!!

  • Omar on March 14, 2007, 9:01 GMT

    I don’t know who is siding with Rana in the PCB but that person needs to be fired. In no way or form he is a bowler. He admitted it himself that he use to open and play wicketkeeper. Maybe for little league. As per our team, I agree the only team that can beat Pakistan is Pakistan. Nobody has a sense of command in their game. No one wants to take it upon them to be a game winner. Why you ask? No one knows. This is not a professional side they are a rag tag group of guys that don’t know the team concept. All have some sort of private agenda and some even have sources to be a fixture in the team. This is what’s wrong with Pakistani cricket these days. As per the faith full too bad they can’t play as much as they can showcase their religion. With beards and praying as a team in the locker or hotel one much thinks do they expect help to arrive miraculously without any effort. One must practice and make himself better in order to be good under pressure situation. Allah helps those who help themselves; oh I guess they forgot that in their practicing virtues of Islam.

  • Abbas on March 14, 2007, 9:00 GMT

    The first game of the world cup and everyone is on the case of the team.

    The openers are struggling!!!

    The keeper is struggling

    The entire batting line up is relying on three players to score all the runs

    Rana the worst bowler in the world cup and they will still not drop him

    there is no balance in the team but there is still hope

  • shushank on March 14, 2007, 9:00 GMT

    saalo pakistaniyo kyon ro rahe ho ab....pakistan ne to chudna hi tha...

  • shushank on March 14, 2007, 8:59 GMT

    saalo pakistaniyo kyon ro rahe ho ab....pakistan ne to chudna hi tha...

  • Sach on March 14, 2007, 8:59 GMT

    I think its plain wrong for Pakistan fans to blame the bowling for the defeat-that was the only thing Pakistan got wright. What lost you the game was fielding and batting. Batting wise, one of the big 3 needs to step up and open. Nearling all the top teams have one of their best players opening (Aus-Gilchrist, India-Sachin/Ganguly, West Indies-Chanderpaul) even though they are not specialist openers. At the moment boys are being sent in to do a mans job. The other thing that lost Pakistan the game batting wise was timidness. Both Inzi and Yousuf were way to circumspect against the likes of Smith-the keeper was back so they should have walked down the pitch and tried to upset his length. But anyway, good luck for your remaining games (except against England and India!)

  • Anjum on March 14, 2007, 8:58 GMT

    I was really annoyed seeing their perfomance specially batsman from the word go they were never in the race for win,You r right the selectors have packed this side with too many bowlers maybe bcoz they dont have faith in any of them anyway bcoz of it the side is short of a batsmen either Yaseer Hamid or Faisal Iqbal would have been better option then Yaseer Arafat or Azhar Mahmood at later stage of the world cup even Inzamam will agree with this.Since the opening pair of Imran Nazir & Hafeez not clicking getting out cheaply its better to replace Imran with Afridi atleast if he clicks he will release all the presurre from the middle order and hold the oppsoition from neck, though in carribean the boundaries are short u never know wen Afridi produce one more hundred of 35 balls.Also please give a break to Rana he is no near to International cricket and bring Sami in giving boost to Umar Gul he is bowling superbly n need support from the other end.

  • Noman Siddiqui on March 14, 2007, 8:57 GMT

    Guys i agree with the fact that the scenes are similar to what our team faced during the 92 cup, but just tell me one thing, is this bowling attack formidable enough to even get the top 3 Aussie batsmen out. I seriously doubt it.

    Rao was well above expectations yesterday, and his line and length was pretty decent, but RANAAA.... !@#$@$@#%#$%@#$%@#$.......

    The only chance we have got to get through to the semis is (and i dont mean any favouritsm here) is by getting in Sami. Again what Imran Khan says, although i dont agree with his thoughts to the extent that Sami should be a regular choice in the team even with Asif and Shoaib around. But atleast when these two are not in the team you are seriously lacking vigor in your attack. And if he clicks during the tournament, he will be the surprise package for the world cup.

    Obviously we all expected Rana to be the first choice in the team and i still hope he delivers the goods, but with the performance last night, i think he is at par with Sami. Or else Yasir Arafat gets a go...who will be highly unpredictable as well.

    I seriously thought that Inzi Bhai was not taking any decisions on the field but was following a lesson taught by Bob Woolmer in some team meeting. This is with specific reference to the how the bowling options were played by Inzi. Bringing Kaneria after the 20th over, Opening the bowling with Rana who totally seemed out of all sorts, And at the end, u dont GET YOUR BEST BOWLER'S FULL QUOTA OF OVERS? U. Gul that is....bowling 9 overs. Hafeez was changed during the last 10 although he was doing pretty well in containing the batsmen.

    I think batting was even worse ... I think i will reserve my comments on the cheap dismissals that followed!

  • Atif on March 14, 2007, 8:56 GMT

    Pakistan loss due to their confidence than anything else. Remember the over where Yousuf got out, he was looking very nervous and the crowd started to cheer for the bowler, he couldnt control it, charged down the ground but was lucky his leg stump wasnt offrooted, eventually he went out. Younus was also nervous and played such an over ambitious shot. Inzamam must have missed 15 runs by being lazy and not taking 2's. Rao Iftikhar gave 17 runs in 8 overs, but 27 in his last 2! Not because his line and length went bad but because of lack of variety. sami, azhar shud b playing, kaneria and rana shud rest.

  • TG on March 14, 2007, 8:55 GMT

    I am afraid Pakistan team can not win with this team. Rana Naveed i dont know why SELECTORS are HAPPY with him and why Inzi HAPPY! They can not learn from history; this is what a big part of pakistan.

  • Zazz on March 14, 2007, 8:55 GMT

    I agree with Kamran. This team still has potential. Wait n see. The batting did not work in first match, especially Younis, yousaf and hafeez. However still hope to go to next round. The former players like Imran khan and Miandad are criticising for nothing. In 1992, if it was round-system like this, Pakistan would have never reached next round. With only 5 players, they are still making effort. Next match will be do-or-die game. Azhar Mehmood and Mohammad Sami are natural choice now as replacement for Kaneria and Rana Naveed.

  • Rahimm Khann,UK on March 14, 2007, 8:53 GMT

    Somebody said "So, just sit back and relax,Allah will guide this team.". Ah well that exactly is the problem ,becasue Inzi is following the same policy and hoping he has nothing much to do and Allah will take care of it.Well Allah helps only those who help themselves and Pakistan is not the only team who beleives in God. Others beleive in God too and then work hard and plan strategically to win.

  • asif javid on March 14, 2007, 8:53 GMT

    Pakistan is just a crap team , led by a zombie who is an affront for a group of imbisciles (PCB).......... this whole set up is an embarrasment to the nation who cant even produce 11 half decent cricketers. Lets spend this money on a better cause

  • Murtaza on March 14, 2007, 8:52 GMT

    Give the team a break. Without two of the best bowlers in the world and an experienced allrounder Pakistan never stood a chance of performing well in the World cup. However, I have to say that I was impressed by the way the second string bowling attack perfromed and it was rather sad to see that the batting line-up which consists of the three excellent batsmen threw their wickets away. One can never predict the outcome of a cricket game but to be honest Pakistan does not stand a chance of winning the world cup. However, I still support our team, ask other Pakistanis to support it no matter what as they are trying their best out there, and shall keep on supporting team Pakistan because its the right thing to do and thats what Patriotism is all about.

  • Zia on March 14, 2007, 8:52 GMT

    hi. i am with kamaran abbasi. hope is still there, and the match was not that bad either. i like the bowling and i like to keep it a liltle bit more tight. batting is the worrying thing, only if kamran akmal had not been dismised first ball, Pakistan would have won also. i am also pleased with the fielding.... they are improving and they will improve. i am hopefull the extant that i can even bet on it....... jus deny it. Love Pakistan

  • Khalid Vayani on March 14, 2007, 8:51 GMT

    Like you all I am disappointed with Pakistan's performance but do you guys really think that by passing all these comments it's going to change the way Inzi and Bob Woolmer think.

    Whatever we say is going to fall on deaf ears as Inzy is too stubborn a person to realise his mistakes. He like s to play his chamcas in the team and Rana is one of them. Also Inzi is a coward as he is scared of coming up the batting order. Yousaf at 3, Inzi at 4 and Younis at 5 should be the batting order. But he will not listen and Pakistan will lose all their matches in the super eights and embarass the whole nation.

  • Josef memmet on March 14, 2007, 8:49 GMT

    Someone said "it was all Pervez Musharraf's fault"- that was a very funny joke! I could go one step further and say,It could as well have been Benazir's or Nawaz Shariff's fault, if you want to put a political 'spin' on it. Why can't we all accept defeat like 'men' and roll up our sleeves, and face the next battle with grit and determination! Be positive. Victory and defeat are all part of the game. Besides, it's not the end of the world. We know our potential, and I 'm sure our players will live up to it.

  • Sher on March 14, 2007, 8:49 GMT

    Let down by these overpaid, under-worked so called cricketers yet again. In my opinion Pakistan have problem in following departments - Bowling, Batting, Fielding, Captaincy, Selection policy and Strategy. I can take each one of the above category and explain in detail of the problem but to do that I will need few pages so I just leave it to work out for your selves.

    I do agree with one of your writer who says that Ireland should kick their back side and send them home early and put us all out from our misery. Goodbye from a disappointed Pakistani.

  • Nadeem on March 14, 2007, 8:49 GMT

    Inzamam should learn how to lead the team. I think he should come at number 3 and take the pressure and lead by example no doubt he is a very good batsman.

  • Hasan Mohammad on March 14, 2007, 8:46 GMT

    I thought Pakistan was playing against WestIndies,but when i watched on TV it looked like Taliban playing against Westindies.Unless we do not define the diffrence between religion and sports and make confidence in ourselves first then expects from God with Inshaallah,Mashallah, Alhamdollilah. God only help those who first try to help himself.Being religious is absouletly your personal matter but sports have no religion.My request to PCB CHEIF is to do some thing on this beards.

  • Arvind on March 14, 2007, 8:44 GMT

    It is really surprising to see spineless performance from pakistan.Usually it is the pak's fighting spirit which stands out even when they lose. It is really missing in the recent past.The following mistakes were done 1.I think first and foremost it was a very wrong choice in leaving out yasir hameed. 2.Not picking Asim kamal in the squad.He would have added much needed solidity (somebody like damien martyn or rahul dravid).

    3.I think kamran akmal,rana and imran nazir should be out immediately.I think younis khan can keep wickets . 4.I think Azhar mahmood can be picked and can open the batting as well(he has done in couple of occasion).He is a very good player of seam and fast bowling).

    With this pak will have flexibity in both batting and bowling.

    I dont think pak team management will do this simply becos they dont want to win.

    Thw spirit of win has lost and yesterday they played too slowlyin the earlier part of the innings and paid the price

  • Asim Iqtidar on March 14, 2007, 8:43 GMT

    Well I have seen the Other Comments Here. I just say one thing, Hope Never dies for a muslim. So Please try to backup your team. We all feel bad about the loss by it might good for our team at that stage rather than in a big match.

    Inzamam should also re-think about their batting order. I personally think that in this match Inzamam and Muhammad Yousuf had played really slow and the only reason for that was the pressure that they got after falling 3 early wickets. Can you imagine if Inzamam and Muhammad Yousuf are batting with the loss of only 1 wicket??? Sure they would do a lot better in that condition. So the main problem is the pressure of lossing wickets. So the best way to get out of this pressure is to promote up the order and put Hafeez after Inzamam, Younis and Yousuf. Younis has to open with Nazeer, 3.Inzamam, 4. Yousuf, 5. Shoiab Malik, then the other batsmen....

  • Sohail Murtuza,UK on March 14, 2007, 8:40 GMT

    Pakistan fell for the oldest trap in the book. They were feeded with false self confidence by both WI and SA. SA let them win the warm up match to give them false confidence as the SA players played below par not to win but to make sure they dont get injured for the big games and WI further increased the self confidence by purposely giving a pathetic display in warm up matches and then lay in ambush for the Pakistanis. And all the fans here also fell for the same trap,thinking our players were now performing and in good form. Ireland now represents an unknown entity danger who almost demolished the SA to 98-9 and who knows if this was again a trap or not but it surely has me nail biting.

  • Haider S on March 14, 2007, 8:36 GMT

    I think the team should wake up and understand Allah is not sending angels to help them and then they will rely on their abilities. And only then they will include skilled batsmen and bowlers in the team and not ones with long beards!!!

  • Ralph on March 14, 2007, 8:31 GMT

    I think things are a bit desperate when salvation comes in the form of Sami, who is probably the luckiest cricketer to still be playing international cricket today.

    On a different note, I'm not sure if anybody here was listening to the BBC commentary, but Jonathan Agnew's repeated assertion in the West Indies innings that 'Pakistan bat a long way down' was completely misguided. I don't think Agnew is a good pundit at the best of times, but it's clear to me that if you get a couple of early wickets against Pakistan, and get rid of Younis Khan, you will win most of the time. I do actually see what Michael Slater is saying in arguing that Yousuf and Inzamam do not win enough games for Pakistan - finish games off, yes, but change the direction of a match, no. Only Younis Khan and Afridi can do that in my opinion, and both of them are very hit and miss.

    Also, I would just like to throw in the (probably unpopular) suggestion that Pakistan are spending too much time on irrelevances - the insistence on conversing in Urdu, the pre-eminence of religion. A lot has been said about the supposedly positive effect that Islam has had on Yousuf - I personally think that the focus on Islam has had a major negative effect on the team. Unlike in any other sport, a successful cricketer is normally a rounded character, an open-minded individual. I don't think an obsession with modern Islam is really suggestive of an open mind, to be honest.

  • Muhammad Imran Arif on March 14, 2007, 8:31 GMT

    Dear Kamran and all readers lets hope for the best for rest of our two matched first of all we pray that there will be no rain in our remaining two matches if rain we are out of tournament

    And most important team should enter ground with positive frame of mind and if pakistan wins toss in both matches go for batting first and try to increase our run rate in our next match especially in case of rain or any other tie to enter second round i did not include Kamran i think younis khan is equal to kamran akmal very very best wishes for pakistani team for next matches lets forget what happen in our first match and hope for the best

  • Mabsoos Ahmad on March 14, 2007, 8:29 GMT

    No, Kamran Bhai you do not eat your words. It is the planning which has taken its toll. The team selection is ridiculous. Coach Bob in his one of the interview suggested that ODI is all about batting then why Azhar was dropped and Arafat was not given chance. Look at the oppositions strategy, they did not even try their spinners at all whereas we have opted for 3 spinners. I think there was no Plan B in the kitty of Inzi as he leaked almost 60 runs in the last 5 overs and that was enough to think about. Why he did not persist with the spinners when they were doing good and instead he opted their medium pacer. I agree with you Kamran Bhai that the Management has to explain their ridiculous selection in the openning. Are they not mature enough to think that they have lost Afridi and Razzaq the two key players and the replacement was genuine bowler like Kaneria and Rao. Rao is a good bowler and he should bowl straight 10 overs in the coming matches. His line and length is perfect in the Powerplay and was unplayable. Fielding - pathetic. Younis dropped Sarwan. Look at Younis he has so much of experience and he does not where to stand at the slip. Had he stood in the right place, he would have taken the catch when Sarwan was on zero and that cost the game. They really need to have fine tune their game planning. In my opinion Pak lost the game just because of the selction otherwise they would have been winner. Is there any love lost of the Management with Rana and why your fastest bowler is not in the playing eleven??? These questions needs to be answered....

  • Shabir khan,Milan,Italy on March 14, 2007, 8:28 GMT

    The performance analysed 1)Inzi was pathetic. He probably had lost the game in his mind long before the toss,especially when BC said SA were his fav team. 2)Fielding was straight out of pensioners' park games. 3)Batting was made to look so difficult against a decent bowling attack. NZ/Eng/Aus/Ind/SL have a better bowling attack than WI. So wheres the hope???? 4) The bowlers bowled well in patches.Each good spell was followed by an equally sick spell to neutralize the advantage. Ind/Nz/Eng/SA/Aus/SL have batters far better than WI and any other team would have posted atleast 280. 6)Rain did not come to rescue as it did in 1992. 7)Some players need to to be donated shaving creams and blades ,becasue the the look they sport is itself lazy look,how can one expect speed and josh on field,when the look is so lethargic. Optmimists ,stop dreaming about the cornered tiger theory.It works only if luck permits.This time if it is cornered tiger case,stay cornered ,because the hunters out there this time are more in number and well equipped to slaughter tigers.

  • Naz on March 14, 2007, 8:28 GMT

    Well the batting was starled like rabbits...first 3 wickets went down to embarrassing shot selection. Nazir is no less a risk than Afridi, but with a depleted bowling attack and a longer tail i think either Afridi or Akmal should open thus allowing another all rounder/batsman being selected. If that approach is not fancied than as been suggested so many times, Younis should open with Hafeez and Inzi come in at 3 - Imran Khan did the same in the 92 WC, and he was no better a batsman but had huge mental strength which i doubt Inzi has.

    I think it is unfair to blame the bowling as it would reprieve the dismal batting display, however, Rana's constant inclusion without reason is can he offer more than Azhar or Sami.....i agree with Mr Abbasi that Kaneria should be played according to wicket and opposition, as Afridi is a better choice. Woolmer's guidance is either non-existant or questionable in the players being chosen!

    Agreed it is far too early to push the panic button depending on whether lessons have been learnt from the defeat, in Inzi's case i fear the realization maybe too late.....

    Nathan - which associate are you representing?

  • Ejaz on March 14, 2007, 8:26 GMT

    Kamran can you please also shed some light on Inzi's handling his bowlers in your next blog? was it failing to plan or planning to fail??

  • Murtaza on March 14, 2007, 8:25 GMT

    Hi All,

    This blog is worth reading by Pakistan Team Management if they spend sometime doing so.

    In my opinion following points should be considered 1. Pakistan's captaincy requires a bit of proactivity in all areas bowling changes, field placement and batting order. I think in today's cricket to kill the strategy planning a few surprise packages may be necessary to disturb opponent's mindset. 2. Pakistan's batting order must be revised with Inzamam playing at # 3, Yousuf playing at # 4 and Younis playing at # 5 (this should be following during chasing). In case of first bat Pakistan can use Shahid Afridi / Kamran Akmal / Younis Khan up the order to accelarate run rate. 3. Depth in batting is mandatory. Azhar Mahmood and / or Shahid Afridi should get a chance in side to extend batting strength to atleast number 8. 4. Rana is best bowling at death overs and Rao is better in initial overs. They should be used accordingly and should be discontinued when getting predictable. Kaneria being a strike bowler should be used as strike bowler is small spells rather than given a containing role. 5. A better running between wickets and single-double stealing stretegy should be in placed to have better scoring results in West Indies. This will enable better way of executing a chase without making required run-rate getting too high to invoke rash strokes.

  • Arsalan on March 14, 2007, 8:24 GMT

    man did we screw up today....but cmon weve been down that lane along with our players so many times that weve been well trained in getting over these embarrasments...nowadays pakistani supporters put more thoughts on what went wrong and what could have been done better...i shared the same thoughts as you had while watching todays match...i did want rana to be tried now than l8r, before the bigger matches start, but not at the expense of sami. inzi has to stop thinking of him as a replacement, at this stage in our most important group game both should have been played...dont play gul against ireland and let sami n rana compete together for their place along gul in super 8s. secondly i watched rameez on a tv show which showed alot of pakistans weaknesses and strengths. of all the things talked about rameez had me convinced on having yousuf one down, followed by inzi at four and younis at five. reason, they have their best averages at these positions and secondly i think the younger players seem to be better in the middle of the game rather than begining. so let these guys in early to prevent the early fall of wickets. metaphorically our captain and vice captain have the responsibility of guiding the ship upto middle waters(say till 20 overs), and then just watch how the ship sails in hands of hafeez,afridi,akmal,azhar. dont open with hafeez not just because of today but imran nazir and shoaib malik look more likely to work better together and have the right temprament needed for an opening combination. its better for the team and you can get more out of hafeez later in at 6 in the middle order. one more thing i got to say is about the most popular guy talked about these days, our beloved and handsome rana naveed....i think weve done him wrong the same way we did with forcing afridi to open as a batsman few years back....its misusing and pressurizing the player costing him criticism and bad performance. if you cant open bowling with razzaq or mahmood then what makes you think you can do it with rana. none of the three are opening bowlers. its like klusener or better like kallis trying to open bowling for, rana is better but thats the closest eg i have. these three allrounders bowl the same bat the gotta step away from the idea that rana is an opening bowler and start believing hes a medium pace run containing all rounder like razzaq and mahmood. razzaq is the first option but azhar should be second. bottom line is im not going to blame the player if hes been used improperly by the captain. those who want inzi to step aside dont have a cricketing brain. il remind them of champions trophy from last year and theyl get the picture. we all make a few mistakes. inzis done alot plz be loyal supporters for his brain boiling patience and heart aching pain from performances of his team mates. to end this long feedback il leave you with my 11 players in order of batting where i think the team will be at its best be it chasing or scoring first, it should give the long needed proper batting line up with good pace attack and needed spin, here they are...nazir, malik, yousuf, inzi, younis, hafeez, afridi, akmal, azhar, sami, gul.....sorry kaneria lovers. having this team we can score 350 again and we should chase 300. inshort they can beat india and make it upto the semis....Allah karey

  • yaser on March 14, 2007, 8:21 GMT

    we cant blame only rana for the failure i guess pakistani batting failed badly. senior players need to feel the responsibility and do a bit more. Malik played well and this can be a good sign.

  • FAZAL on March 14, 2007, 8:19 GMT

    Never before I have seen a bunch of clueless people together in Pakistan cricket right from top management to selectors,coach and captain. The whole team is playing without any plan and strategy. Lot of favouritism in team selection. Had there been no hidden requiremnts for the selection of junior players, the selection could have ben better.There is no leadership during the play. The current Pakistan team can only win thru miricales, but miracale happens once in a while only.

  • Ray Julius on March 14, 2007, 8:19 GMT

    I don't think Pak is a bad team, just don't they have the firepower to progress to the semi's. WI played better cricket and Pak showed no fight. They have plenty of talent in there squad, but too much inconsitant performers. And that will never get them to the final. Pak fans are dreaming if they think they can still win it...

  • Sri Lankan on March 14, 2007, 8:18 GMT

    Watch out!!! Pakistan is gonna come back with a bang. I have been telling this for some time now whenever they loose the first match of a tournement they quite often go on to win it

  • Dr. khalid jamil rawat on March 14, 2007, 8:16 GMT

    Pakistan team is not balanced. They lack a batsman in their side. They have selected ten bowlers for the world and only four regular batsman. That is why Pakistan cannot win a tight enough game. Moreover , Pakistan should consider Shahid Afridi as a regular leg spinner and not as a batsman. For he is not a reliable batsman but he is a good choice to bowl 10 overs in a one day match. Pakistan should get rid off Hafeez. Hafeez again is not a batsman . He is an off spinner and in the presence of Shoaib Malik( Who should be considered as an all rounder and should be given the responsibility to bowl full ten overs) Haffez is not at all a choice. But the real problem is that Pakistani selectors are not rational. They cannot select a balane team.

    It will be a even better prospect for Pakistan if they drop Kamran Akmal and give the job with gloves to Imran Nazir and include either Azhar Mahmood or Yasir Arafat in his place.

  • Haris on March 14, 2007, 8:16 GMT

    please... why RANA...? WHY, WHY, WHY...? comon man... u gotta be kidding me - RANA, at the expense of SAMI... even my grandmom knows thats wrong... and yea... if ur specialist opener is only gna get u 5-10 runs a match, then we mite as well let kamran akmal open, and bring in an all-rounder fr imran nazir... rana, imran & danish out... sami, yasir & afridi/azhar in... please... hehe... peace.

  • Faridoon on March 14, 2007, 8:16 GMT

    Yeah, ok. So the world cup is only one game old, there's still a lot to play for. I'm with you in supporting this team and hoping it wins... but if I see Rana Naved ul Hasan with the new ball in his hand one more time - IT'S OVER!

  • Shaka on March 14, 2007, 8:13 GMT

    Stayed awake until 6am in Japan to watch the most inept performance I have ever seen! Rana is not good enough, I would just send him home now, he shouldn't get picked again. I would also drop Kaneira from the next game, we already have spin options in Hafeez and Malik, who seem better suited to one day cricket. Finally, when Afridi returns I would drop Hafeez if he fails again. My team would be, Nazir, Y. Khan, M. Yousof, Inzamam, Afridi, Malik, Akmal (only because no other realistic option), Arafat, Mahmood, Iftiqar, Gul. No Sami, because speed and no accuracy isn't going to help. He always builds expectations and then fails miserably.

  • V S Manian on March 14, 2007, 8:11 GMT

    It seems that many were opining that the Bowling of the Pakistanis were OK in their Cup opener. Whereas, being a person who watched the entire first session of the said Match on TV, I think none in the present set of Pakistani bowlers are anywhere near threatening, leav along taking a wicket. They just come running and throw their arms around. They look incapable of taking 10 wickets of any opponent. Their batting though is sound on paper.

  • Nitin on March 14, 2007, 8:10 GMT

    i think it is decent one day side, apart from rana, most of the bowlers bowled well.

    it was a surprise to see Pakistan go with a long tail. they need to out azhar in the side quickly. open with younis and hafeez, yousuf, inzamam, shoaib, afridi, azhar, kamran, sami, rao & gul.

    the side has balance in both batting and bowling. can go places.

  • Kamran on March 14, 2007, 8:07 GMT

    I think its too early to lose the hope ... we should look at some positive aspects of the game as our bowler performs really good which was a big threat for Pakistan in the absence of Shoaib and Asif and Kamran Akmal is getting his form back with his gloves ... now we only need our batting to click which is not difficult as we have a very strong batting line ... so lets pray ... Inshallah Pakistan will do well in next games.

  • inzi bhai on March 14, 2007, 8:06 GMT

    how much do you people want from the seniors? its time for the youngsters to step up, this is the big league.. horrible shot selections led to our defeat... our bowling was very good, considering our recent turn of events with the lack of bowlers.. its too early to say anything..

  • Ateeq Ahmed on March 14, 2007, 8:05 GMT

    Kamran i totally agree with you.. nothing can be said at this moment. this was only the first match of pakistan team... i think they will become good as the tournament progresses.... there are few changes that team need to make.. the only way to shutup the world is performance..

  • Majid on March 14, 2007, 8:03 GMT

    Agreed there is still hope. But as they say "reward excellent failure and punish mediocre successes" this wasn't an excellent failure by any mean. Also this proves Imran's point that in last 4 years we weren't able to develop a opening pair that are brave enough to take on the new ball and the new bowler. Open pair collapses and rest of the team is get under pressure as a result doesn't matter what batting order we go with.

    As far as Rana is consider someone told me he saw Rana with Inzi's kids in PC Lahore offering them ice creams and sweets :)


  • Abdur Razzak on March 14, 2007, 8:00 GMT

    Well having observed the first match of the tournament it is sad to note the way batters excelled in their innings.IN fact their is nothing wrong with the selection of the team but the irresponsible batting display from the top order which let them selves down very badly.Too many rash shots starting from Nazir,Younis, Hafeez & Kamran ,all of whom are capable of playing a match winning innings.It's time for coach & the captain to re-strategise the batting line up.I beleive Inzi should bat at no. 4 a position in which he's been successful for many years.One more concern is the oneness of the bowling attack though all seamers did their job to repeat the attack is some what similar without any variety,may be it's time to add some pace in to it.No doubt Sami is the only fellow who is capable of clocking at 90 mph.Recommended replacement for Rana Naveed who doesn't look effective any more.With the current form of the players it's manadatory pak should continue with Gul & Rao then add sami boost the pace bowling dept. Since the remaining matches are to be played against the minnows it's a great opportunity for the coach & captain to consider Sami's inclusion which no doubt would boost his confidence in the remainder of the tournament.One more recommendation is to include Afridi once he is eligible to play in place of Danish, this is simply due to Afridi's recent form.

  • Haseeb - Kuwait on March 14, 2007, 7:59 GMT

    The biggest Positive from this match is Rao Iftikhar anjum and biggest weakness is Rana Naveed and Imran Nazir. I STIL HAVE THE FAITH ON MY TEAM AND I BELIEVE THEY WILL GO ALL THE WAY IN THE WORLD CUP.

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 7:59 GMT

    no place for Kaneria and rana in the team.. bring back azhar and sami... it was a shame how the team crumbled today.... cannot chase 240 with the likes of Inzi yousuf and younis in the middle? Can someone tell Imran nazir that he doesnt need to pull off an afridi? if you are chasing 240 and as an opener you can get a 60 even in hundred balls, you have done your part... sixes look nice but come one.. rise above he flair for once...

  • Sunny on March 14, 2007, 7:57 GMT

    Well I'm Indian supporter but it's very hurting to have pakistan lose without anyfight. I do agree that this performance is not worthy of pakistan but oflate this pakistan team is very inconsistent. I would like to see change in captaincy younis is far better than inzy. Inzy is no doubt great batsmen with still probably 2 years of cricket in him. after the ban Afridi should be replacing kaneria and i don't see any replacement to asif he is sorely missed here all Azhar, Rana and sami are pathetic bowlers but azhar seems to be better choice i wish all the things be sorted early or i don't want pakistan going out before super 8 as that could be worst thing to cricket missing Ind/Pak encounter in world cup

  • Ravi on March 14, 2007, 7:56 GMT

    Play Afridi in all the matches; Play either Azhar or Sami depending on the pitch and their performance. Having said that unless the big three (Younis, Yousuf & Inzamam) click Pakistan will keep struggling.

  • Supporter on March 14, 2007, 7:55 GMT

    I think SA, NZ, ENG, WI, IND, SL all have the skills to beat Australia at present, going by the state of Australian cricket over the past few months. So if Pakistan does not have the skill to beat Australia ... Mr. Kamran where are you leading us to?

  • Usman Ahmad on March 14, 2007, 7:51 GMT

    Time and time again Imran Khan's words are proving right ...... what the hell Nazir and Hafeez doing in the team why not Butt and Hameed and Mr Inzi what the hell he is doing at number 5 and one more very important thing that i am really happy that Bob Wolmer soon will say good bye

  • Kamran on March 14, 2007, 7:51 GMT

    I think its too early to lose the hope ... we should look at some positive aspects of the game as our bowler performs really good which was a big threat for Pakistan in the absence of Shoaib and Asif and Kamran Akmal is getting his form back with his gloves ... now we only need our batting to click which is not difficult as we have a very strong batting line ... so lets pray ... Inshallah Pakistan will do well in next games.

  • Reza on March 14, 2007, 7:50 GMT

    Yasir Hameed has scored 41, 57, 71, and 41 in his last 4 one-dayers. He averages almost 40 in ODIs. But who get picked as openers? Mohammad Hafeez (avg 18.86) and Imran Nazir (avg 23.28). What's going on, Kamran? Have the selectors gone completely insane?

  • Hassan on March 14, 2007, 7:49 GMT

    Kamran, i dont agree with you based on the arguments you have given, but i do believe that Pakistan can beat anyone in this tournament. But such claims can only be classfied as wishful thinking without concrete steps to rectify the rot that has set into this team. The only thing that was absent from Pakistan's performance was the will to fight, the will to take the game to the opposition, defensive strategies and mindsets will never win you a game. Reckless shots signify a lost cause, and that is what we all witnessed yesterday. The team combination is fine except for rana naved who needs time off because he is not getting any sort of rythm in his bowling and you can have sami step in. I think all of the people putting in their comments have not faced the kind of pressure a world cup match brings with it. The problem with this country is that we give up to easily, despite the problems our team is out there they need the support irrespective of anything.

  • Dr Faizullah Khawaja on March 14, 2007, 7:47 GMT

    Pak needs proper selection and batting order. I suggest Rana kaneria and nazir out and afridi azhar and sami in. open with hafeez and younis for a stable opening and all the fire power at the end.

  • Ahmad Goheer on March 14, 2007, 7:45 GMT

    Well, whatever you say Kamran and all others ... here's what doesn't change:

    1- We are once again in a situation where we need to win all of next matches in this round to get to next stage.

    2- Fearing a loss against Zimbabwe and coming home is not too unrealistic. Actually this team can surprise us by even loosing to Ireland, although that might be a little far fetched, but Zimbabwe one is quite a possibility.

    3- OK, let's assume, we do win both the next (perhaps easiest games for us during this worldcup) and do go throguh to the SuperEights, then what?

    4- Now this raises a very important question. West Indies will have carried 2 pts with them to SuperEights and so would 3 other teams from other groups. So Pakistan will start at the bottom of SuperEights and here will need to win 4 games out of 6 to hope to get in the top 4 to make it to the Semis. 4 out of 6, hmmm doable ... but here are your 6 games against (most likely) ... Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, India and SriLanka.

    5- Ah, so let's hope we do win 4 games and go as no. 4 into semis, we'd be facing SA or AUS in semis ... so getting to Final is right now so remote that ... oh, well.

    You ask us, if we give up hope ... well up here is the realistic scenarios, now someone tell me if we expect to achieve this with this current team ... mind you we did exactly this in 1992, but perhaps there is a zameen asmaan ka faraq in leadership as well as hunger for win in this team and the one that lifted the cup in Melbourne.

    Mr. Kamran, this so this was not just a one game in the begining. I wonder if team manegement or the team sat and did this calculation. Had they known that this Windies game was so important as to if they had won this, they'd only need 3 our of 6 games to get to Semis and if they win a 4th, they would even avoid playing the no. 1 team in the Semis ... then, perhaps they would have thought an extra minute before throwing way their wickets the way they did!

  • Chief Justice on March 14, 2007, 7:41 GMT

    Posted by: Archit at March 14, 2007 12:46 AM

    hmmm.. ur best players are shoaib, asif and inzi. 2 r 'injured' and who knows what'll happen to their careers. asif more likely to escape but i dont c a good future for shoaib. and inzi - hes 37 now. whats in store for pak after a yr or so when there mite not b an inzi n shoaib????

    Pakistan is the only country where every year quality players pop-up.

  • Fraz Shaikh on March 14, 2007, 7:40 GMT

    Inzi please retire. Yousuf for captain and Shoaib V.Captain

  • Bala on March 14, 2007, 7:38 GMT

    This happens in oneday games. One felt Pakistan was a bit nervous. Their openers played bad shots on these wickets one should not play like they do in the sub-continet. They have to see through a couple of overs and then go for their shots. The new ball swings quite a bit. Danish Kaneria did not bowl to his potential and they should have played Afridi in place of Naved who is in a low and a bit unlucky he bowled some beautiful balls but did not find the edges. With Razak not in Afridi has to be played because he gives the team options. he can be played up the order if they get a decent start to up the tempo. He should be used like Dhoni is used for India. Pakistan should not loose heart they can come back. Yousuf, Inzamam and Afridi are the key players.

  • Jeet on March 14, 2007, 7:38 GMT

    Pakistan has a plethora of talented but unfinished players. The system there doesnot refine a player who can cope international teams. The system needs to improve so that players that turn up in national colors are well equped to handle international pressure. The current performance is only expected. The hype is totally unfounded.

  • srivathsan on March 14, 2007, 7:38 GMT

    I agree with kamran that sky has not fallen over.Pak can definitely make it super 8.then onwards they have to be more professional.yesterdays match has some positives also.The bowling was very good esp. rao.Had younus khan held sarwan which was fairly easy,things would have been different.Batting is a cause for worry.I would have taken azar for rana & afridi for hafeez or nazir.Team management should think .Never drop afridi from one day squad.He can compensate failure in one area by excelling in another.If he is in the team, they can think of sami in the place of kanaria.kanaria can be there for matches oter than subcontinent &WI.

  • Ashutosh on March 14, 2007, 7:37 GMT

    I am an Indian suypporter but another of my favourite teams is Pakistan. So, I was disappointed with the performance of Pakistan team yesterday. India and Pakistan team have one thing in common...... they both are extremely inconsistent. We gotta live with it guys. They will make you happy one day and make you cry the other. So, I have stopped getting emotional with victories and losses. We should just enjoy the game and appreciate good shots, good performances... but I would like to tell my Pakistani friends not to lose hope. The same team can spring back and emerge victors in other matches and beat even stronger opponents like Australia because you can trust them to do the unexpected...... lose to weak opponents and win against strong teams. One thing I would like to see, however, is an India Pakistan match in this world cup...... lets hope for a high voltage India Pakistan enocunter and just enjoy the game without getting too emotional about the outcome.

  • rups on March 14, 2007, 7:35 GMT

    In oneday cricket,any team can beat anyone...thats not a big thing..but the issue is consistency. In which pakistan & India, both teams are lacking. my favourite bttng order for pakistan is Imran Nazir at 1, Afridi at 2, number 3 Inzi, Number 4 Yousuf and Younis khan at no. 5. Smalik at at no.6, Kamran at 7, AzharM at 8, Sami at 9, Iftikar at 10, UGul at 11. 3 fast bowlers, 1 Midium pacer 2 slow b/ alrounder (afridi/Malik) you have six bowlers...i thinks thats enough for one day game.

    I dont know what Inzi's strategy, if you look at the team, everything they have, which is required but not in proper order. I think Inzi should stop thinking and use Yousuf or Younus's mind. its a team with good players, support ur team guys. But one thing i agree, Inzi doesnt deserve to be captain, A captian need good communication skills, all you guys are professionals, just think if your boss cant explain you what to do..whats strategy ..what you will understand?? he is a good player, and not necessarily a good player is a good captain.

    remove him and get young and exciting guy (younus/ShoiibMalik) ....than see the change.. An organisation is made of good managers, not good employees.

  • mdvirani on March 14, 2007, 7:35 GMT

    Well Kamran, to be honest, it was pain watching Inzamam bat and Rana bowl, both were pathetic to say the least, the way Inzi and Yusuf were running actually walking between wickets, I have severe doubts about the fitness of Inzi and Yusuf and also their mental state. The way Inzi batted, he should retire himself gracefully after the World Cup otherwise the selectors should do their job. Cricket is suppose to be played by young players which are super fit, thats what they are paid for. Just tell me, if it is not Pakistan, can Inzi play in anyother Top Cricket team of the world??? He doesnot have any leadership capabilities.

  • qaisar sheikh on March 14, 2007, 7:34 GMT

    ok guys lets accept it. its our fate. but believe me we should pray for a more dismal performance so that we can accept for some certain changes and some really very necessary. our captain is not wise enough to captain a side in a 3 nation tournament and this is a world cup. he does not know till now that rana should ball at death many of us know but he does not. what he is doing 8 our of rana in first 20. where rana should have been starting from, he is coming to an end. inzi is sticking with hafiz just bcoz he can bowl a bit, believe me this is the only reason of giving him prefference on yasir hameed. when imran nazir played 57 in s. africa i started preparing myself to bear him for a next 2 years though we were obliged for time being. but i am pretty sure it would be better for us and for team if they dont reach in super 8. so that we can expect few changes in cricket structure and cricket team. and what should they do right now. request andrew symonds to get fit over night and on behalf of pakistani nation plz forcefully throw mr. naseem ashraf out of the window, his strong arm can do this for us.

  • Slim on March 14, 2007, 7:34 GMT

    The only bad thing about Pakistan cricket team is that they suck a lot. They suck too much.

  • Fraz on March 14, 2007, 7:34 GMT

    I has become really depressing to watch Pakistan play. Specially Younis and Inzi. Inzi should have retired last year and Younis suck 90% of the times. Yousuf should be made captain and shoaib his deputy. Why would you play Iftakhar Anjum and Rana when you can play Sami and Azhar. Pakistan line up should be Imran and Afridi open. Then Shoaib come in, Yosuf, Inzi, Younis, Hafeez, Kamran Akmal, Azhar, Sami, and Gul. You got 5 Specialist bats, 4 Allround, and 3 Seamers. What else you need. Play with the same line up and you may just end up winning the Cup. With this like Pakistan got never ending batting and 6 bolwers. I Hope Bob or Inzi are reading this......

  • emran haroon on March 14, 2007, 7:32 GMT

    To the guy who suggest kamran should b out.Had there been an extra batsman Pakistan could opt to play younus as keeper,heads of to waseem bari for having such an excellent combination(only 5 batsman).

  • Humair Khan on March 14, 2007, 7:32 GMT

    I would not blame Pakistan for losing this match or having this particular selection. The fact is, the wanted to test some of their players against a proper one day side. Rana has proved he cannot handle bowling at the start and has certainly lost his credibility for being an expert at depth bowling.

    Batting: Imran Nazir should open with Mohammed Hafeez. The game plan is simple- Imran would look to make some quick runs while Hafeez knocks the ball around for singles. The major problem is Younis Khan coming in at number 3. As we saw in the first match, as soon as Imran got out the game plan changed to Younis taking over the hitting and conseuqently, when Younis got out it was Hafeez who attempted the slogs. Pakistan need to bring in Shoaib Malik at number 3 and Younis at number 6 which Kamran, Afridi and the tail to handle.

    Bowling: Umar gul should open with Mohammad Sami followed by Azhar, Hafeez and Afridi in the middle. Pakistan need more all rounders in the squad. Once they progress to face teams like South Africa or Australia (who have a formidible bowling attack) they need more batsmen towards the end.

    All in all i completely agree with you on the fact that its better to lose now then further down the World Cup. Lets not forget that in the match against West Indies, none of the top 3 performed. Although consistent given Pakistan's form- one performance can change the prospect of the game.

    To all those blaming selection, strategy etc. i would like to remind them that this is the first game in a group that has only one acknowledgeable one day squad. Leave your comments/suggestions till after we qualify for the Super 8s.

  • steve on March 14, 2007, 7:29 GMT

    Sorry Kamran , I just don't see all this skill and so called latent talent you are talking about . If it was there it would show itself more consistantly . Pakistan lack the bowling and batting firepower to be world beaters .

  • Fuad on March 14, 2007, 7:27 GMT

    I one hundred percent with you, Kamran Sahib ! Pakistan team is far from done and InshaAllah, we will show the world why Pakistan has been and will always be a cricketing power. Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashutosh on March 14, 2007, 7:26 GMT

    I am an Indian suypporter but another of my favourite teams is Pakistan. So, I was disappointed with the performance of Pakistan team yesterday. India and Pakistan team have one thing in common...... they both are extremely inconsistent. We gotta live with it guys. They will make you happy one day and make you cry the other. So, I have stopped getting emotional with victories and losses. We should just enjoy the game and appreciate good shots, good performances... but I would like to tell my Pakistani friends not to lose hope. The same team can spring back and emerge victors in other matches and beat even stronger opponents like Australia because you can trust them to do the unexpected...... lose to weak opponents and win against strong teams. One thing I would like to see, however, is an India Pakistan match in this world cup...... lets hope for a high voltage India Pakistan enocunter and just enjoy the game without getting too emotional about the outcome.

  • Ahsan on March 14, 2007, 7:25 GMT

    I agree with you kamran , infact i think this team has the raw skill to beat Aust too . It was Woolmer's reponsibilty to transform it into a disciplined unit , however he has failed . But history speaks for itself , how often has the coach been able to uplift the Pakistani side ?

    Clearly we lack a strong middle order batsman to replace one of the all-rounders .

    It is said that an army of a hundred sheep led by a lion is more dangerous than an army of a hundred lions, led by a sheep ! If our lazy bear can transform into a lion somehow, theres no stopping us !

  • Gohar hasan on March 14, 2007, 7:24 GMT

    Hi Kamran, I know Its quite ridiculous performance by our batsmen(although Bowlers Did a great Job), but as far i think their is lack of Leadership in team, Unfortunately our captain is not perfroming well(As captain). Regarding Kaneria, i must say that he is an attacking bowler likes to Attack batsmen but with the strategy of Inzi he'll always fail. Rana should be out of team and azhar will Replace him. Do insert Kaneria for the match against England, Newzeland and South Africa(as these teams likes to attack). one last thing. If we are waiting for a miracle then we go waiting waiting...but in the end all we get is the Dust..

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 7:23 GMT

    It was a poor batting performance from pakistan and i can understand that everyone is dissapointed but there are a few positives from the game such as Rao Iftikhars bowling. I think 1 problem for the team is its openers as they get out cheaply which puts pressure on the whole team. Nazir is poor and I still don't understand why he was picked over Yasir Hameed. Also I think Azhar should come in for Rana and Sami must play instead of Kaneria and then when Afridi comes back he should replace Nazir.


  • Tariq on March 14, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    Dear Kamran, I totally agree with your comments, I'd also like to add a few more suggestions to the changes to that side that should have happened. I think Imran Nazir needs to be dropped, he has hardly done anything to deserve a place in the side, instead we can have Younis Khan opening like you suggested earlier, he seems to be doing that already :). Also depending on the situation, we can also drop Rana Naveed and instead have Yasir Arafat and Azhar Mehmood batting after Kamran Akmal. This was we'll have a long batting lineup and 2 bowlers who amongst them can get 10 overs in. If the pitch is green and bouncy then may be we can have Sami in instead of one of the all rounders. We dont need another situation where our 2 best batsmen inzi and yousuf have to score slowly (like this game)in order to not lose wickets because the top order played pathetically and there is no one capable of batting once these two go

  • salman on March 14, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    Poor performance, really embarassing. But even that does not matter that much. I saw a few comments of people really supporting Pakistan and cursing other people for talking negative about the team. And trying to explain how we become hyper on the loss. Its not like that at all. We are ready to accept the Lost. But there is a respectful way of losing. I did not see any sort of enthussiasm or spirit in the players on the field. Inzamam who neeeds to lead by front seems like he is sleeping in the ground. Come on, you are representing your country int the WORLD CUP. Its not a joke.

  • Zia ul Haq on March 14, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    oh well well well.... lots to say about this embarrasing defeat, not the kind of strat Inzi and his mates wanted but lot of aspects of pakistani Team opened very early to think upon. Opening....... I think its better to try Muhammad hafeez and Shoaib malik rather than Hafeez and Imraan. Pakistan Selection Committee must admit that they have made a big blunder by dropping Yasir Hameed n Salman Butt and picking Imraan Nazir. Now someone should tell them not to prove their wrong selection right by giving him anymore chances atleast in this worldcup. Inzi looked over cautious thinking that only his stay at the wicket can bring victory to Pakistan. I am not against his strategy but he is forced to adopt it when he is playing on No.5 if he comes on No.3 and play his natural game that is to be postive in his shot making then I think rest of the players can also be more productive. As far as bowling is concerned it was not that bad Kaneria needs to be more aggressive in his approach, he looked a containing bowler and didn`t look like what Inzi and we wanted him to, and didn`t made any impression. Rana........ too expensive and it will be bettter for him to just do the basics right and dont experiment too much. He bowls 4 good balls and then he becomes overconfident and try something fancy (shortpitch) and with his pace and on these wickets it does not work. The team just needs a postive performance from their captain and rest of the things will get better. Lets hope for a good performance in fututre.

  • Chacha Koora Kirkit on March 14, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    Pathetic, aweful, absolute disgrace, gutless!

    Choose your words to describe the heartless performance.

    Kamran..... Your next title should be ''Only Ireland block the road to super eight stage.''

    Ireland and Zimbabwe will be tough to beat for this team. Line them up and spank them I say.

  • Farhan on March 14, 2007, 7:21 GMT

    Salaam All,

    First of all thanks to Kamran for theis wonderful analysis.

    I think the whole World Cup campaign was a shame. We should have been building a new team aroung youngsters, instead we revolve aroung shoaib, who was never consistent and inzamam, who was able to deliver in big tournaments since 1992.

    Make Shoaib Captain and then build a new younger tema aroung him.

    YOu can't discard kamran akmal when you don't have options, every player goes through a lean patch, but that either you bak him in taht time or give him a rest, but now he s there and he must stay there

    I disagree on some poeple that kaneira was a wrong selection, he tried him best and got lara out in the depth overs, but then suddenly inzamama took him off insted leaving him here on one end, especially knowing that the young west indians cna't handle spin.

    Rana was definitely a wrong choice, he should be given along rest and let him find his form.

    The bowling was apart from rana, good. Gul and Rao were fabulous, except for the death overs, but that is where we are missing a good bowling coach in waqar younis.

    Batting was disasterous, almost all batsmen played horrible strokes to get out.

    The Momentum Inzaman and Yousuf played was shameful, you can't play like if you are there in a test match.

    i can't imagine that the west indies were that could, especially knowing what a drubbing they got from the Indians few days back.

    i am realy disaapointed, pakistan could have easily won the game, but inzaman just went on the back foot too earyl, you can't just give west indies one maiden over after the other and then hope to get there. i think the bext selection should be:

    Imran farhat, imran Nazir, shoaib Mailk, Younis khan, Mohammad Yusuf, Inzaman, Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Sami, Rao iftikahr, Umar Gul, Kaneira

    and get this highly paid woolmer off the coaching chair, we could do without him...

    and get some bowling (waqar younis, wasim akram), batting (saeed anwar, maindad) coaches for the next build up...

  • Khalid on March 14, 2007, 7:20 GMT

    Few points to note: 1. Openers: Combined average less than Matthew Hayden. That should tell us something. Plus, where's the famed left-right combination? Remember Salman Butt anyone, the guy who keeps scoring runs domestically but is ignored internationally. 2. Bad combination: No left hander in the team. Very easy for opposition to maintain line & length throughout. Hard to imagine there's no deserving left hander to choose from in this huge country of 160 million. Asim Kamal, Salman Butt, Imran Farhat. All of these are better than Imran and Hafeez batting any day. Too many bowlers/allrounders: Forgot to take enough batsman Inzi. Favoritism: Persistently failing players still part of the team. Case in point Hafeez, Imran Nazir. New blood in the team: Bring in new players and test them. Especially those who keep performing in the domestic leagues. Otherwise what's the point of having a domestic league?

  • Saeed Ahmed on March 14, 2007, 7:19 GMT

    Well i agree with many here in the discussion and might not as well, Well to my words "Pakistan still have chances", its just that panic factor in inzi's decision.Even though i will say it was quite a brave decision of inzi to offer W.I to bat 1st.According to me the mistakes done by inzi... 1- Why not to bat 1st and try to put a huge total, as in the history of Pakistani cricket, they might have won more batting 1st. 2-Flaw in batting order, it was a nice batting order in warm up matches as Pakistan add more strength by having younis to open and still hafeez give's strength to middle order. 3- No for rana in bowling,as he is not in a good touch, add sami and i guess afridi will fulfill the place of Kaneria and will even give strenght to batting.

    I still have hope on Pakistani team, its just there momentum which they are loosing as Ramiz and many other cricket analyst said Pakistan can rebound. So just pray and enjoy the game.

  • Javed Khan - Toronto on March 14, 2007, 7:19 GMT

    It's too late to say Salman Butt should have been opening and so on - we have 15 players here and we must use them to the best. First thing Pakistan MUST do is drop Rana Naveed. Why on earth Inzamam continues to select this loser is beyond me? For God's sake doesent he look at performances at all? Rana Naveed was pathetic in England, he was pathetic at the ICC Champions trophy, he put in one flash in the pan decent performance against the Windies in Pakistan, and then was again pathetic in South Africa. In the ODI series in South Africa alone his economy rate was close to 10 runs per over! How on earth can any sane captain continue to play this guy? Maybe Naveed thinks he can grow his beard and join the tableegh to keep his place in the team, but if Inzamam does not drop him from now on - Inzy himself will have hell to pay as soon as he comes back to Pakistan from some angry fans, and he will deserve every bit of it. Secondly, despite all claims in pre-world cup interviews about how he was going to bat higher in the order, Inzamam once again came in at number 5. It's almost a given that if the opponent team has a decent fast bowling attack, Inzamam will hide himself at 5 and let the others face the music. Thats just gutless captaincy. What Pakistan need to do right away is to change their batting and bowling line up - firstly they MUST open with Shoaib Malik and Imran Nazir, followed by Younis Khan, Inzamam, Mohd Yousef, Mohd Hafeez, Azhar Mahmood, Kamran Akmal, Mohd Sami, Umar Gul, Rao Iftikhar. That way they bat all the way down to number 8 with Mahmood. When Afridi's ban is served he comes in place of Hafeez. Hafeez is a club cricketer who will score runs in practice games, but as soon as he gets to the big stage he chokes. For an opener to continue playing after 45 games and an average of just 19.05 is despicable. And finally, Kaneria showed how ill-equipped he is for ODI. A combination of Afridi and Malik is good enough to cover for Kaneria who is a liability on the field.

  • basit on March 14, 2007, 7:19 GMT

    Rana has grown his beared so that when they get back,no one really says anything except for joinin the so called mullah's in the parliament.

    1) Afridi in for imran nazir at the opening spot with younis khan,hafeez in the middle order.

    2) Sami for rana because he adds another dimnension in the bowling line up.

  • Abul Hasan on March 14, 2007, 7:16 GMT

    The only reasons I can think of selection of Rana Naveed is his personal friendship with Inzi and his beard (same reasons for having Mushtaq as bowling coach). Maybe Sami and Azhar have better chance of selection if they grow beards.

  • haroon (south africa) on March 14, 2007, 7:14 GMT

    okay so pakistan lost AGAIN

    end of the world, no not quite yet.

    hopes of winning the world cup, theres more hope for peace in the middle east.

    rana playing the next match, sure thing, he has probably sponsored a female member of his family to the selection committee as an offering , he will play.

    kamran akmal, crap is crap he is a stopper at best, and bats with less consistency then afridi.

    i still support pakistan, but wish i had gone and played football last night instead, would have been better for my health.

    i get the feeling that ireland are gonna give us a run

    but pakistan will do okay

    not gonna win the world cup, but will entertain the world in the super eights, whether the entertainment will be in the form of sporting heroes , or clowns thats another question but they will entertain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xyz on March 14, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    Give a break guys! This was first game and Pakistan was playing against WI at their home ground and WI were really charged up after the thrashing that they got against india while maybe Pakis took relatively easy after winning their warmup games. Asian teams are always slow starter and its good that wake up call has come early than later during the crucial stage.

    Though I am an Indian but I wish to see all asian teams from subcontinent doing good and it will be a dream come true if all three ind, pak and lanka will be in semis. I feel younis should open and Azhar should play instead of Rana, that should solve lots of problems. Also Kamran keeping was also not that bad in this game.

    Take some positives and work on the area of improvements. Isnt it ? We, asian fans, do get so much emoitionally charged whenever we lose even Aussies lost 5 games in a row recently.

  • Papsnair on March 14, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    Dear Kamran, You are spoiling your image as good thinker and composer by scribbling fradulant remarks. Pakistan, at no stage had an edge against windies in yestredays encounter. And you are still believing Aussies is the only team who can block Pak from winning the tittle. I Appreciate your positive thoughts at the same time i feel pity to you my dear freind. I sincerely wish to see Pakistan progressing to the next stage of the game, which is a 50-50 chance at this stage.. sorry guys it hurts anybody but the facts cannot be hidden for any more

  • Ralph on March 14, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    Kamran, the only thing missing from your hand is a pair of pom poms. You seem more like a cheerleader than writer. No harm in being a bit nationalistic but some of the things you write is incredulous.

  • Ali on March 14, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    Because of the stupid idea of dope testing at the crusial; time , pakistan lost key bowlers and confidence. Non sense committee

  • Muhammad Shahzad Rasool on March 14, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    Dear kamaran, I agree that this team still have something to show but what our experienced players are doing. we lost match just because of Younis,Yousaf & Inzamam.The kind of shots these player played was unbelievable the only player that has been performing consistently is shoaib malik.PBC again trusted kamarn akmal despite his poor wicketkeeping and batting i don't know why? Rana Naveed should be left out and Sami should be in the team.There is no place for Kaneria in the teams as well.

  • Adeel on March 14, 2007, 7:12 GMT

    Last night i rushed to home and thought to have a reasonable match between MIGHTY Pakistan, and In Experienced WI sides. The first part belonged to Pakistan, and the target was certainly achieveable. The disaster was round the corner and i felt that on the 3rd delivery of Pakistan's innings. What the hell Younis Khan was doing holding the most important batting position in cricket. POOR pakistani fans, i feel dejected and certainly if the manner in which Younis got out is repeated again in future matches, i assure, i shall stop backing my team. Younis playes stupid shots at No3 position in Champions Trophy, SA series, and again here. Yousaf played well under Miandad's coaching at No3 slot, and its time to call him for this slot,and INZI must realize that this is his last chance to get something at the twilight of career. He must stop to think about 2011, and consider this as his last chance, only then impossible can be achieved. Overall it was a sad day, and i hope that they shall get their act right for furture games, else this time again we shall be giving WELCOME to our team, before "Super Eight round"

  • Blue Devil on March 14, 2007, 7:11 GMT

    Pathetic batting. Its time Inzamam takes responsibility for his failed captaincy, and lacklustre batting. He should gear up for his nonsensical missionary activities preferably in the Amazon since his cricketing days are numbered. On a bright note, his pal Mushtaq will exit along with him as well - how on earth can a leg spinner serve as bowling coach for four fast bowlers?..It simply makes no sense! Speaking of fast bowlers, Rana Naveed's bowling has become a huge liability - he must be replaced with Sami.

  • Asif, Dallas TX on March 14, 2007, 7:11 GMT

    All of us are yelling our lungs off but if we can point out their weakness,,, why cannot they them self can identify the problems. The realty is that anything and everything in my beautiful country goes around not by the merit but by Sifarish and parchi. Leave Shoaib and Asif aside (later we may learn that Shoib was set it up and Asif got for being in company) why Yaser Hamid and Salman Butt were not considered in the selection, most of the ex players agreed on both of their temperament and ability to stay at the crease, well I know Yaser is still paying for his big mouth during the tour of India 2003-04 for commenting on Wolmer giving more time to his favorites and Salman Butt must have lost support of Inzi plus Wolmer Otherwise if Rana can be given chances why not Butt. Team selection was made up with 2 openers , (both mediocre) 3 batsman (all of whom are world class), 1 Keeper (who is out of form), 4 decent all-rounder 5 bowlers, (teeth less excluding Gul) all of us knows that Inzi was planning his WC around the All-rounder, Now out of these 15 if you have to sit out 4 in my view they will be kaneria 1 all-rounder & 2 Seamers. With that lineup you have a bowling attack which is very weak and openers who will not score big, the pressure will always be on your batting and specially on the middle order, and if you play every game under the same pressure you may fail few times and on of that time was this game. The whole process of selecting the team was wrong they have no backup plan but plain talk and I will guarantee you that most of them (non performers, Parchi walay) will be getting slap on the wrist after arriving back in Pakistan and next thing you will know that they will be back in after a brief rest and we will still be yelling out loud our lungs off to the PCB and their Masters. As Inzi says InshaAllah cricket will be a forgotten game as is Hockey in Pakistan pretty soon. My only advise to Inzi is to stop taking notes on the team selection and match planning from wolmer if you are to stand any chance in this world cup, after all the man bluntly favor his home team.

  • ashu on March 14, 2007, 7:11 GMT


    I am a neutral observer and feel people are over reacting as it so often happens in the sub-continent. Let me tell you that this team is actually a very good team . True it is missing world class players like Shoiab , Asif , Razzaq but the team can rise to very high levels still. What it needs is dynamic get it going

  • sohail nazir on March 14, 2007, 7:10 GMT

    dear kamran,our team looks very good on the paper but you have to go in the ground and get runs if samuels and dwayne smith can do it then anybody can.glued to the tv and you don't even get a fight thats pathetic please hafeez should be out of the team an average of 20.00 and a strike rate of 55 is not good enough for a opening batsman,danish kaneria and rana should be replaced be azhar & sami atleast fight for the glory or just loose the next match and come back home and spare us the agony of hoping &hoping?

  • Ali on March 14, 2007, 7:10 GMT

    Hey guys, I understand all the anger you guys are displaying and I can see that there is all the stupid politics going on in the team and also among the selectors, but common people, some of these comments are just harsh. I know that we are playing like crap, but common. England, who started this game, has never won anything but do you see criticizm from their fans. Why do we have to act like stupid desis(same goes for Indian supporters) who lose faith rite away. I am not going to be optimistic saying that Australia is the only threat. Kamran dude, we have threat from all the teams, even England and Srilanka, not even mention Aus, SA, and India.

    We may not win the world cup with current performance and members but please if you do not believe it and have comments, atleast do not thrash them like most of the people did here.

    Nazir is playing because Mohsin Khan likes him. That is the reason behind it. He has talent but has 0% consistency. Leave Akmal for now. Leave Hafeez also since he does give some spin option and take wickets. Remove Rana for sure, since he is really not in form and I do really loathe him with the bottom of my heart just because of him other young bowlers are not playing who may perform better. And whats up with playing Rana when they want to establish future for Pakistan. I still do not understand that, common remove that guy and stop the paindo favoritism from the captain. Also, remove Kaneria. He is a test bowler and a very good one, but he just does not have experience playing an ODI game. You do not want to give him practise in the world cup. Play Sami in his place for now and put Afridi later and remove Nazir if he still cannot play against Ireland. And you guys are rite, we did not lose because of bowling but we could been better. And that is why I am saying to remove Kaneria and Rana. Inzi, you were the man, but you could be a legend if you stop making stupid judgement and for once take responsibility earlier than down the order, like Imran used to do. You have the talent but what the heck. I am sorry guys. I am just venting. Still, be careful about the comments you make for the team because no matter what I am still going to like them. Its in our blood, may be not anymore for the next generation but atleast my generation do believe we can make a difference.

  • Ali R.M. on March 14, 2007, 7:09 GMT

    Well well well... we can keep going n going on how bad our team has performed & how pathetis it is..... but when u cool down u will be cheering for them again :) so lets discuss what can be done to better the team. 1st step wud be to get Inzi out of the team (with all due respect), Rana cant last without him so 2 gone and a few more to go..... its true we dont have much choice there but still i would like Azhar, Sami or even Yasir in place of Rana (which i dont expect till Inzi is there).... i dont expect Pakis to go any further than next round but i would like to see some respectable performance from them. Meanwhile, just remember there are seven other teams in the next round and we can always cheer for good cricket :)))

  • Parthiban on March 14, 2007, 7:08 GMT

    Hi Guys

    I am an Indian. I watched teyesterday's match fully. As an outsider, below are my concerns about the Pakistan team, where they are going/gone wrong

    1. Rana Naveed is extremely lacklustre and he doesn't deserve to take the place in this WC team

    2. Imran nazir doesn't have much technique or temperament to absorb the pressure at the top and give a substantial start

    3. inzy is a damn good player but it seems now-a-days he is batting as though he is undr stress. He has nothing to prove anymore. He has to back himself and bat up the order and lead from the front

    4.Inzy's management of his bowlers is not all up to the mark as Pak's best bowlers yesterday Umargul and Hafeez had 1 more overs in their quota

    5. Inzy should think positively to bowl the opposition out instead of containing them. I am sure any other captain would have used their bowlers well to dismiss WI when they were 180 odd for six.

    And as an outsider, I think this Pakistan team lacks a tactical and a positive thinking captain like Imran. I am a admirer of Inzy as a batsman but his leadership skills leaves a lot to be desired.

    To sum up , Pakistan lost the game in the last 10 overs of 1st innings and first 10 overs of 2nd innings... In short, they lost the game in mind more than anything.

    But I want to see this team gether themselves and come from behind and perform well. And the April 15 contest between India and Pakistan should be a cracker of a match

    An Indian Supporter

  • EJAZ on March 14, 2007, 7:05 GMT

    I think our team dont deserve to qualify for 2nd round, they shoud come back home and watch the world cup on TV, and learn how other teams play. The team who can't learn from previous mistakes (South Africa tour where players got out hooking the ball way outside off stamp) should rest in peace. And i suggest PCB should hire a Psychiatrist for their brain washing.

  • Joel on March 14, 2007, 7:05 GMT

    Stop crying over spilt milk you SISSIES!!

    Pakistan matched West indies, run for run and stroke for stroke until Smith started bowling.Yes mistakes were made and changes have to be made but that doesnt mean the end of the world!

    I suggest your team loses Rana and plays Inzi higher (so he doesnt have to try to accelerate). For me I personally thought the only man playing Kaneira well was lara(smith and samuels are biffers) but then lara plays Murali and Warne well too, so thats no great shame. Rao was awesome for me as was Malik. I think, given a few changes , Pak will rediscover their fire. Stop doubting yourselves you fainthearted fans!! Do you think if West Indies had lost , we (West Indian fans) would have cried for our mothers like you lot are doing.

    Your behaviour shames the team almost as much as Woolmer saying they cant beat Aus.(what a thing for a coach to say).

    Come on they need your support not ABANDONMENT!!!

  • Mohmmad Umair from KUWAIT on March 14, 2007, 7:04 GMT

    AssalamoAlekum, & hello to everyone the only suggestion i have for my brothers and sisters all over the world who have seen last days match is that dont get furstrated with the way Pakistan has end up. After seeing such pathetic batting dispaly on such a beautiful batting track the only question emerged in my mind is that "Kia SATTA chal gaya ? KIa PAkistani batting SATTEI ki nazer houagyii"" perhaps i am wrong and God forbid if this is correct then next question that emerge in my mind is for what and why we are discussing the little issues which our cricket team knowingly or unknowkingly not going to work on, many of us didnt even took bat in our hand entire lives even then can understand, suggest and point out the mistakes of our team so how come those people who have cricket in their blood streams , who are paid for it and calls them selves cricket professionls dont understand it and how they can play with the feeling of 16 Carore people watching their coward display . I have heard that Sarfraz Nawaz already informed about it.

    If its true then its a shame , and I pray that MAy Alla give Hidayat to those peolpe and players who are involved in it . And hope and pray that may Allah help pakistani squad bring back the pride of PAkistan which they lost due to their mistakes.

  • Syed Rahman Bokhari on March 14, 2007, 7:04 GMT

    As expected, this is yet another miserable day for us.Though, I am sure, we don't deserve to win becoz winning doesn't mean to win a world cup title & then sit back & again keep lossing, have to respect the title, which our team anyways can't. so, let the better & respected teams fight for it, we went to Carribean becoz we dn't have choice.also, the way our team plays...its better to watch World Cup other games rather then our team. Our team or management are already with full of excuses (like, we don't have our best bowlers, so called all-rounder Razzaq etc, losers always ready with excuses, so we are), but my point is with the current team,even u can't beat west indies, what will happen if unfortunately we went to next round..... For me, handling World cup title is more important then just winning it, neither we have players nor the mental toughness.The only good point of our team is Imran Nazir fielding only(to see our only 1 palyer diving & stoping balls for a change) & rest is all dump. I am diappointing with the team but anyways i am not expecting anything from them.

    I follow cricket all around & have a great sense & respect of the game. So, for cricket, I don't want my team ... to WIN (sorry to other guys, but just ask yourself, do we deserve ???)

    Enjoy World Cup

  • Manas on March 14, 2007, 7:02 GMT

    Kamran Shahib, it's only the first game. Don't worry, Pak will come around.

  • Richard on March 14, 2007, 7:00 GMT

    Kamran, whatever you are taking I would like some, it must be fantastic to go through life so unaware and unconcerned. You are watching the wrong world cup here.Yesterday it was only Australia standing in the way , tomorrow it will be Bermuda......

  • Janak Sapkota on March 14, 2007, 7:00 GMT

    Hi Kamran,

    Ilove the way you have provided the suggestion and questions that you have raised for the pakistani team. i am totally in favor of you and your ideas.

    its so sad that pakistan lost their opening match against west indies. its not the fault of only the pakistani players but also of the selectors. why have they included Rana naveed, the most expensive baller of the side who easily reliefpressure of the opponents, they might have gone for Sami. Also in lack of allrounder like abdulrazzaq where is another option i.e. Azhar who can both bat and bowl. well,pakistan don't need to include Kanerria in the side becuase pakistan have a lot allrounder who can spin ball and put pressure giving breakthroughs. Well, much morepakistan can open the innings with younis and haffez or younis and kamran or younis and nazir. yousuf and inzamam should come in 3rd & 4th position. malik should be upgraded in batting line up. there are a lot of things now pakistan need to relook after the first loss.lets hope they don't repeate the same again in future matches. All our wish that pakistan win the world cup.

  • Salman Bakhtiyar on March 14, 2007, 6:59 GMT

    I think Pakistan can be a serious threat, like you say, if they play with PASSION. Without passion they will just peter out.

    Right now, they play a world cup match as its a day at an office or a bank. They reach office on time, take a few coffee and lunch breaks and do some work in between. At 5 they head back home.

    The way they should be playing is if they lose, their house will be put on fire.

    They really need to let it all hang out, to give it their all, like Bobby Simpson says they have to hustle.

    If you look at almost all the past winners of WC, they all HUSTLED, even though those teams were not rated highly but they played as though, it was a matter of life and death. Special mention: Kapil's India in 83, Border's Aussies in 87, Imran's tigers in 92, R'tunga's Lankans in 96 and Waugh's Aussies in 99.

    The passion starts with the captain, and if he is not passionate, the quest for a World cup ends there. The rest of the team can do practically anything.

    I have seen passion from Inzi rarely, the one moment I distinctly remember is when Pakistan tied the series in India a couple of years back, on the last day when Kaneria bowled beautifully and you could see the whole Pak team was fighting with passion, lead by Mr. passion Inzi himself.

  • Asif Siddiqi on March 14, 2007, 6:59 GMT

    Well tell me Kamran Is Afridi your relative or a friend??He is one person who should not be Pakistan Cricket Team at all.We do not want Mr10%in our Cricket team on average he performs one time out of ten outings. Iam not at all surprise by Pakistan defeat. Every one is talking that our bowling department is weak. Yes we want our bowlers to restrict the other side for under 2oo runs because our basmen are neither capable of chasing 200+ nor putting a 200+ score as a target, so blame the bowlers.All I have to say is that India has a wall in their team and we have bunch of Wallnuts.I do not expect any good performance from this pathetic team.They should have been in a group with Canada, Bermuda and Ireland,to assure us that they are "Andhon mai Kana Raja".

  • eddy on March 14, 2007, 6:59 GMT

    pakistan is a very weak team, the only way pakistan can win is being aggresive and attack. rana naved, sami, kamran akmal suck and the openers are clueless. Inzi needs to inspire from the top. Last wC team was star studded but performed poorly, this weak team can perform wll but has to play with good aggresive strategy

  • sridhar on March 14, 2007, 6:58 GMT

    I think it is over reaction from all of us. First match, few hiccups are expected. Few days back, the sam WI team went down tamely to India. Dear Pakistani Bhais, just forget yesterday's match, there is still time to fight and get the cup. Your friendly neighbour - Indian.

  • Zohaib on March 14, 2007, 6:57 GMT

    Well....All I can say is keh rana naved needs to be cut seriously sami's better than rana for sure and hey wat happened to salman butt...he's a fantastic opener...probably one of the best i have seen for Pak after saeed anwar and he's a lefty too....and to have a lefty in your side is also an advantage....and if you look at our team we have no lefties....i believe changes should be made like imran nazir needs to go...seriously salman butt and afridi can open and yyy play your best batsman at number 6 ...shoaib malik needs to come at number 3 and well younis he needs to go down the far as the rest of the team goes azhar should most definitely be in he's our best shot of replacing razzaq....and inzi probably needs to learn captaincy or hand it over to some one else....and kaneria he's good but i think afridi can do the job for heyyyy selectors listen flowing beards r good but there's also something called talent and spot on please for the sake of world cup make these changes and if these changes are made then there's a lot of hope n a bright the way full marks to umar gul he's probably the best thing Pak have going right now....i hope Pak learn from their mistakes n make ammendments....good luck guys.....may the best team win n may (inshAllah)be it ours...

  • M.Nasrullah Khan on March 14, 2007, 6:56 GMT

    Pakistan should learn lesson from the opening match .When you missing your specialist Bowllers, you should include the all-rounders.Azhar , Yasir and Afridi ,should replace , Rana ,Danish and Nazir. these changes will Boost your Batting power.

  • FT on March 14, 2007, 6:54 GMT

    Mr. Kamran, how could we get rid of from Rana. I am damm sure he will get more chance in coming matches. Every one is writing blog against Rana but i dont know these blog could have any value for the captain??

  • Sanjiv on March 14, 2007, 6:52 GMT

    Dear Cricket lovers, bowling was Ok except Rana. Batting perfomencances were not upto mark of Yonuis, yousuf and Inzaman, all looked terribely worried about the tension they had and did not bat freely. Fielding and bowling was not good inuf and should have restricted to 210. Pakistan with this type of attitude will not go much further.

  • saim on March 14, 2007, 6:52 GMT

    Yes u r right. Afridi must play and should open. Its Worldcup, not a tournament for experimenting. I think Kaneria's expensive overs gave West Indies some extra strength. Moreover, Kaneria cannot bat either. So Afridi is the best choice. Pakistan is lacking the allrounders like Razzak in the down order and thus Azhar Mahmood should be given chance.

  • Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on March 14, 2007, 6:51 GMT

    The result of the first game was exactly as expected, nothing new !!

    Some of our fans are furious only because they were wrong at the first place by having high hopes, and also because the warm-up matches gave them something to cheer about. Nevertheless, as always is the case with the Pakistan Team, they keep their worst performances for the most important matches, and so was it.

    Seeing some of the above comments on this blog, I have to add the following:

    Rana Naved .... no matter what we think, Rana will play all the games, as he was already close to Inzimam, and moreover, now he also sports a full beard, so welcome to reality fans.

    Imran Nazir .... this ‘nut’ will never understand that he is playing at international levels, and that he can not finish every game in 20 overs. He played 4 games against South Africa, 2 warm-ups and 1 against West Indies….. with only one performance so far.

    Shahid Afridi .... with Imran Nazir being in the team, Afridi seems so consistent and a mature batsman.

    Yunis Khan .... seeing his batting and with such limited resources on our hands, we should also use him as keeper. He can not be worst than Kamran.

    Mohd Sami & Yasser Arafat .... have these two been cleared by the ICC to play? I thought, ICC, have not yet cleared them to replace Shoaib and Asif. (any answers).

    Danish Kaneria .... sub bhagwan ki kerpa hai.

    Shoaib Malik .... he is the most stable batsman in our team and he can stay on the wicket, why can’t we send him as opener or at 3/4 ?

    Bob Woolmer .... he can be most beneficial for Pakistan, when he should couch our opponents.

    Pakistani Cricket Fans .... “Abandon Hope? Not yet”.

    Hold on guys .... You Aiant Seen Nothing Yet !!

  • Shamim Nasir Nabi on March 14, 2007, 6:51 GMT

    Pakistan is paying the price of cronyism indulged by Musharraf . He appointed one nincompoop after another as PCB Chairman - first General Tauqir Zia , followed by Shahiryar and the biiggest disaster since then Ashraf . None of them have been good Managers and they do not know cricket at all . To cap it all , Inzammam doesn,t have the intelligence to be Captain of the Pakistan cricket team . He once again indulges in cronyism . Bad performers , provided they kkeep a beard and attend Dars sessions with him can keep their place however badly they perform . Naved is in the team becauser he has become a Maulvi so has Kamran Akmal . The Pakistan team 's humiliation will be as bad as at the last World Cup in South Africa . I can only hope Musharraf weioll have the decency to resign as Patron in Chief of PCB . Asahraf should be sent packing back as a Pysician and should not ever meddle in Education and Criicket again . Inzammam woul;d of course retire . We neet to rebuild crixcket once from scratch . Otherwise we are heading for the bottom of cricket rankings

  • Imran Khan on March 14, 2007, 6:50 GMT

    What is missing? Lead from the front. Actually Inzi is miss many oppertunity during this defeat. He didn't captiliz his bowling resources very well. When Kenaria took the wicket in his 9th over and gave away only three runs then why he bring back the Rana. The drop catch by younis khan is one other reason. Our fielding was very poor during the match. How we chase is totally unbelievable. Inzi and Yousaf didn't think about the target just trying to save their wickets and at the end it was all on Malik who played well. On the other hand we need to more aggression in our approach to win the other two matches.

    I dont think that pakistan don't have the fire power to beat Aus. they can do it if it's their day.

  • Mohammad Masood on March 14, 2007, 6:49 GMT

    Lts face it, Pakistani team is a mediocre team. It is selected by Ehteshamuddin, Jalaluddin, Wasim Bari, Talat Ali who either have played very little international cricket or mediocre creicketers themselves. It is managed by two lazy individuals, Bob Woolmer and Inzamam. Supposedly the key players like Inzamam and Yusuf and slow and do have the enrgy to play intense and long innings and carry the game through. Inzamam is a lousy captain, who doesn't have plan B and defensive in strategy. Younis Khan, supposedly another key player has repeatedly gotten oout to silly shots. Kamran, come on. I thought you had a bit more of a creicket sense then you have displayed here. Pakistan will lose to all teams except may be the two minor teams.

  • Adam on March 14, 2007, 6:43 GMT

    Arrrggggg am I hurting!!! 242 is a low score in modern cricket and any team aspiring to lift the cup should have got there with 3 wickets down,…..Instead Pak made a complete cock up of it!! Everything that is wrong with Pak was on show in this awful surrender to a team that were never in the running. Inzi is hopeliess as a captain, he simply has no clue. He is a stubborn old fool who is long past any glory days he will simply not come in at no.4 to control the innings…… why oh why does he insist in crawling to the wicket at no. 5 with the innings already destroyed? And what did he produce…wasted over after over and let the required rate climb from an easy stroll of 4.8 to way above 7……creating huge pressure for whoever was gonna pick up this mess….(Malik in this case). Nazir and Hafeez are not openers, they are simply classed as Free Wickets for the opposition….

    Kaneria is complete waste of time, Azhar was never good enough in his prime so what will he produce as a fat old man..Rana,no one could bowl so badly without being paid by the opposition, Yasir..I dunno why he is in the squad…maybe he is good at tea making..LOlzz

    This team under Inzi has almost Zero Chance of beating any of the top 8… Mr. Kamran you need to study cricket a bit more before writing rubbish…the notion that Pakistan are better than every body out there except Australia is amusing….Did u not watch the watch the game?

  • Faisal on March 14, 2007, 6:43 GMT

    I think there can be one solution if all parties agree, and that is to make Imran Khan the head of PCB or at least be given the task to UNEARTH the WONDER BOYS in Pakistan like he did with INZI before the 92 World Cup. Imran has an eye that can watch a talent that can go long way for Pakistan. This will be a big service to the country as we are not front runners in other aspects of life, Cricket was one where we could take our frustations out, by winning important tournaments. If that venue wil be closed as well then where will the people of Pakistan turn too. Kabbaddi!!!!!???????

    Imran needs to go to the camps and hand-pick players. There is no system, unlike Australia, that can get you players who are ready for international stage.

    I would request Mr. Imran Khan to do this nobel service to his country as he has done as a sportsman.

    Its been four years since we started the so-called team building process (I hate to say that, that was a terrible mistake to let go of 6 or 7 World Class players because we lost 03 WC. Saeed should have been lept for a copuple of years on one end and other openers should have been groomed on the other side of the wicket. Mix expericne with youth, not just youth on the field)

    This is the result of the so-called rebuilidng process and Pakistan People are paying the price.

  • Idea man on March 14, 2007, 6:41 GMT

    get dick cheney to shoot rana in the face then there's no way he can be selected. should take care of our problems. shoot him in the foot too - just in case.

  • Farhan on March 14, 2007, 6:39 GMT

    No excuse of injuries and unfit players. I feel that the bowlers have done maximum to their capacities. It’s big INZY and his subordinate Younus who let down the entire nation.

  • Arif M on March 14, 2007, 6:38 GMT

    It is my humble request that in future Pakistan should bat first and get out by the 30th over. Then it should let the opposition chase the target by the 20th over. This way 160 million Pakistanis could all go to sleep at 11PM instead of 4AM. I sincerely hope the Pakistani team would consider this request.

  • Srinath on March 14, 2007, 6:32 GMT

    The first game of this world cup proved to be a battle among equals, or should I say two unpredictable and mercurial teams. Pakistan started of quite well restricting the windies and removing 'The Gayle force'early.However they lost the plot immediately in the following delivery as Younis Khan spooned a catch of Sarwan. This break helped the windies regroup and re-assess their position and play according to the merit of each delivery. I thought Inzy missed a trick when he brought in his medium pacers when smith arrived. This allowed smith to free his arms and swat at every delivery. The selection of kaneria was also a question mark.

  • Santosh Anand on March 14, 2007, 6:31 GMT

    Pakistan may win the WC. They are the best when cornered. Though the pitches like yesterday at Sabina park may pose a problem. Bouncy, not much pace and seam movement.Indian batters also struggle on such tracks. Lets see what kind of pitches other venues have.

  • Anishka on March 14, 2007, 6:31 GMT

    Pakistan has always an amazing amount of talent.... out of no where they get bowlers and batsmen (not really fielders) Sri Lanka takes time to find quality bowlers as does India...... But the problem with pakistan right now is that they are just badly managed and not mentally there... this is a good team....... but they are not managed properly at all....and as for the writer of the article.....hes just unrealistic...saying they only fear australia..which is just stupid...

  • Mohammed Kaif on March 14, 2007, 6:29 GMT

    India crushed West Indies by 9 wickets. Now West Indies sent pakistan packing by 54 runs. If India meets pakistan in the next round, just imagine guys......It will be like a God facing puppet team. Our team is totally sub-zero without the drug mascots (Asif n Shoaib) and injury ridden Razzak. Just can't imagine giving 50 runs in last five overs on a bowler friendly slow pitch.

    Don't be surprised if India toys Pakistan as this is the weakest pakistan team ever to play in a world Cup. And remember we have never won a game against India in World cups.

  • Kashif on March 14, 2007, 6:29 GMT

    Dear Kamran , It is not about losing the game , it is about the way we lost it , ok if we have lost by 20 odd runs or lost while going down fighting then nobody would have minded that. Winning a losing is part of game but fight should be there. Alas there was no fight.

  • blissfully delusional on March 14, 2007, 6:28 GMT

    comeon guys, were here to cheer em boys to the end! no doubts about it, that was heartbreaking. akhtar and asif were missed. afridi too, if not for his batting he was missed for the wicket breaks and for better field performance. but we knew all that didnt we? what we didnt know was we will be missing yousuf and inzi. they werent there. some golfer-aliens had taken over their bodies, cuz i didnt see the star-stroke players on the pitch and i sure as hell didnt see 600 odd ODIs between those two. i just saw a nervous duo who took the crucial stages of the match for a lazy third day test wicket. having said that, even after losing Inzi, we couldve made it,...malik was well capable of taking the reigns had he been supported on the non-strike end. how hard is it to leave the ball, kamran?

    we knew we were goin in to the tournament with odds against us. that isnt my excuse, but it is the basis on which i pin hope for the next few matches. a few stupid mistakes and they threw the match away. even without akhtar and asif, this one was doable. thats the positive we get from the match. we arent hopeless without them. we are, but not ability-wise. just a punch of motivation and more responsibility, and we are good to go.

    yea, so im the delusional girl who doesnt know the first thing about cricket. i do, however, know what a die-hard fan wants. to survive the next few weeks, we'll HAVE to have hope, and trust inzi's boys,...they'll get up again. against ireland at least. and hopefully, zimbabwe. :S

  • Zameer uddin on March 14, 2007, 6:27 GMT

    I think after yesterday's brilliant performance Kamran you must keep quite now. When two teams play a match one has to win. Important question here is no matter you win or lose its part of the game but at least you must show fight I did not see any fight yesterday from team selection to on field performance. It looks only the date and year is changed otherwise we are where we were in world cup 2003. In World Cup 2003 at least we had an excuse that there was huge politics among Wasim and Waqar group we do not have any such excuse this time. We always said what we can do with out Shoaib and Asif our bowling is week but look at your batting I mean it is clear that they do not care any thing. The shots Younis, Yousaf & Hafeez played how come you justify such shots. Be realistic there is nothing wrong in being optimistic but reality is far too harsh you bowling is week, fielding is rubbish, batting is pathetic and above all you team do not have hunger for win. I am anticipating that Pakistan will lose either against Ireland or Zimbabwe and we will not reach super 8 and that is my prediction for you. You will have early holidays so enjoy

  • sanjay on March 14, 2007, 6:26 GMT

    great writings

  • changeA on March 14, 2007, 6:25 GMT

    Chill. it was anyway the first match i an inconsequential group match. Pakistan will anyway make it to Super 8 with or without the changes that you want. Thanks to ICC, these group matches are warm up anyways. Pakistan team anyway has the tradition on getting better (& i hope so it happens). It's important for cricket, it's important for sub-continent. We do not want the repeat of Champions Trophy in this world do? Do you Mr Inzy, Dravid and Jay?

  • shoaib on March 14, 2007, 6:24 GMT

    Dear Kamran, I really respect ur positive attitude...a small suggestion would it be ideal.

    Let the best play their best.. - Australis n S.Africa dont have good quality spin attach does it mean they are not going to win.. though I'm a core Indian fan still all the best.. Thanks

  • Asif Siddiqi on March 14, 2007, 6:20 GMT

    Well tell me Kamran Is Afridi your relative or a friend??He is one person who should not be Pakistan Cricket Team at all.We do not want Mr10%in our Cricket team on average he performs one time out of ten outings. Iam not at all surprise by Pakistan defeat. Every one is talking that our bowling department is weak. Yes we want our bowlers to restrict the other side for under 2oo runs because our basmen are neither capable of chasing 200+ nor putting a 200+ score as a target, so blame the bowlers.All I have to say is that India has a wall in their team and we have bunch of Wallnuts.I do not expect any good performance from this pathetic team.They should have been in a group with Canada, Bermuda and Ireland,to assure us that they are "Andhon mai Kana Raja".

  • Ludhiana Boyz on March 14, 2007, 6:18 GMT

    Pakistan like India is a mercurial team; on top of the world one day (beat SA in warm-up) and down the next (lose to WI in such a pathetic manner). However, in my humble opinion it still has the fire-power to beat the best teams in the world on its day. Wish you good luck Pak team; hope its Ind-Pak final and may the better team on the day win (no harm in hoping :-)

  • popatlal on March 14, 2007, 6:17 GMT

    Can someone please explain the sudden disappearance of a large poster on the ground ,presumably from Pakistan's New York supporters, which announced ALLAH BLESS PAKISTAN...

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 6:16 GMT

    yet another nail through the heads of all cricket crazy fanatics in Pakistan. Abandon hope? was there any to begin with?

  • Faraaz on March 14, 2007, 6:14 GMT


    You have made some very valid points. I would like to add that the selectors, management, coach, whoever else, has done a horrible job in preparing for the world cup.

    -They have been trying numerous number of opening pairs, never allowing one pair to get enough practice and exposure. This in turn causes unecessary pressure on the middle order which leads to what happened against WI today.

    -They play Danish Kaneria in the first ODI of the world cup, yet when the ODI series started in SA they flew him back home. What is the logic there?

    -They drove away Waqar Younis, who was doing a good job with the bowlers.

    In order for Pakistan to do well they need to make changes to the playing 11 as well as improve their fielding. Unfortunately, with the squad that has been picked, the openers have to remain. I would anyday pick Salman Butt and Yasir Hameed over the current openers.

    This would mean to take out Hafeez who I beleive is not a good opener and a mediocre bowler and move Akmal as an opener. Also take out Kaneria for Afridi and Rana for Mahmood. This adds two more batsman and betters the bowling and fielding.

    It's unfortunate that Pakistan are without Asif,Akthar and Razzaq. If these 3 were playing and with the right team selections, Pakistan could have won the world cup, right now it seems highly unlikely.

  • Moiz on March 14, 2007, 6:12 GMT

    To all Paki bashers, SO what if we lose our first game against WI. We lost it back then in 1992 too and that was our first match of the WC also. We were without Waqar Younis at that time, and this time Shoaib Akhtar is not with us. Mediocore fielding and defensive approach, same as it was in 1992. Inconsistent opening was then a big problem too, and it was a big concern today as well. SO whats the big fuss about....I'll promise that ya'll see the revival...Just because we were caught napping today doesn't mean we are sleeping for real. And above all see the draws, If Pakistan end up at D2...we will probably see AUS, ENG and IND during the first week of super 8, and games against AUS and IND are not back to back, which would have if we had ended up at D1. I think this will suit our schedule better. so wake up!!!!

  • Kaiser Mukhtar on March 14, 2007, 6:12 GMT

    I'm pakistani by birth and i live in HK i'm as passionate about Pak as any one else i always keep in touch with records and about Pak team fixtures but i get disappointed every time Pak team is in disarray as of yesterday's fixtures. its hopeless to see such talent going to waste. i think there should somebody else at helm of this side. i appreciate inzi's record and his passion about religion but on the basis of this one should not compromise the team result. I think Mushtaq should ne relieved of his duties as bowling coach.He must be replaced by some experienced fast bowler like Sarfraz Nawz or mudassar nazar. This prestigeous tournament should not be compromised any more. and Rana naved should definitely go. and shabbir ahmed should be brought in instead and according to icc rules he cannot be replaced now then Arafat and Azhar or sami should come in permanently at leat for now. Thank You

  • Ali on March 14, 2007, 6:12 GMT

    Kamran, agree with all you said, but just wanted to add, Afridi didnt play because he simply cant. He is on ICC ban and have to sit out for one more match.

  • aamir on March 14, 2007, 6:10 GMT

    This is wat u call match fixing, i mean "doing favors to the world cup hosting nation". thats the only reason they lost today forget about rana, inzy if they loose again bye bye inzy 4 ever i think which we desperatly need.

  • KH on March 14, 2007, 6:09 GMT

    Stop mentioning India. India is a better team. Indian bowlers bowled quite well to restrict WI to 86 and not because WI were experimenting with their batting lineup. Also, Indin supporters are quite patient. I wish all the best to the Indian team. I am sure they will win the cup. India Zindabaad.

  • Altaf on March 14, 2007, 6:09 GMT

    Let us be clear. To qualify for the final four you will probably need to be beat four out of the following teams: Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, England. There is no chance of that happening. Pakistan will not qualify. So forgot about our team of beards -focused more on the hereafter than on this world in any case. Let us enjoy the festival of cricket and stop worrying about Pakistan's dismal performances. Kamran stop trying to find light at the end of this tunnel. There is none. These are not cornered tigers. They are born again Mullahs on a mission from God and on a hiding to nothing.

  • Ahmed on March 14, 2007, 6:07 GMT

    I can't believe the amount of passion that us Pakistanis have, you only have to read some of the mail directed towards Kamran to understand it, and despite all those people who say that Pakistan has no chance, they still want to watch the game.Believe in the game, sometimes you have a good game and sometimes you dont.its as simple as that.its the beauty of cricket, and there is a lot of heartbreak in it.

    But coming down to the match, in my humble opinion, I still say that the worst enemy of Pakistan is its own selection board, they can't seem to freaking decide what team to pick!!!like come on! you play your best eleven..but noooo, Pakistan wants to give the opposition an uneven chance to win and thus make its own task even harder...I am refering to Rana being in the side, its time to hit the road Jack...he tries hard, but there are no results, and in world cup or any matches, you need your consistent bowlers up there,or if he is to be used, someone plz show the captain what he is really good at...bowling at the death...use him like Wasim used to use Saqlain...give the new ball to Iftiqar and Umar Gul..bring back the all rounders!!Azhar and Shahid Afridi should be playing, Pakistan is bad at chasing totals, we need people with hitting ability, it is what Pakistan is good at, and since we dont have Razzaq, we need Azhar and Afridi..I sometimes wonder if Bob Woolmer pulls his hair out...I would!its hard leaving out Danish who is an attacking option in any form of the game, but really..he should be picked based on the pitch report i.e. if it turns or not. The opening is a muddle, I can't understand why Hafeez looks so good and then throws it all away all the time.Its worse than watching Imran Farhat!Do they have a game plan in their mind???what is their thought process?do they have a physologist there?can he tell whats wrong????the self implosions are getting more and more contagious! But in the match, everyone except Shoaib Malik played without any urgency...or sense of purpose, the West Indian bowlers, specially Corey Colleymore bowled well, but no one wanted to take chances against him, it was the same story in Pakistan, but the rest of the bowlers suffered, but suddenly Dwayne Smith bowled a couple of nice military mediums that took out the top two from the Pakistan middle order, but it was all done beforehand by the pressure being applied by the first three bowlers.and the pakistani top order which complied by gifting their wickets away.I still dont understand why Yasir Hameed isn't in the team???

    Ultimately it boils down to how bad does Pakistan want to win the World didn't look apparent in this match...once that hunger comes(hopefully soon!!!)then things will change.God willing...

    Pakistan are a depleted side at the moment, so instead of raw talent, they might have to do somethting different for a while...(in the words of Steve Waugh..I think)not be a team of champions..but be a champion team. Pakistan Zindabad!

  • Adeel on March 14, 2007, 6:05 GMT

    Well guys dont loose hope. You never know pakistan might beat australia or who know West indies might any other matche of group D and pakistan might get on top...remember kenyas upset in last world cup.

  • Ramchandra on March 14, 2007, 6:03 GMT

    Kamran...You have good sense of humour..Keep in Up....Hot Air will lift the air balloon....

  • Indian on March 14, 2007, 6:02 GMT

    Inzy needs some jogging practice. That way he will be able to score a single when the ball reaches the boundry fielder.

  • Mehrban Afzal on March 14, 2007, 6:01 GMT

    Yes! I read the above comments of different fans of crickets, mostly right. because still No strategy of Pakistan team. I didn't understand in their 1st & opening match why they played with 4 reqular bowlers. and why they are still continuing Imran Nazir as a opener. I they must think and they can use Shoab Malik as a Opener. And Sami can play in place of Rana Naveed who is not in form. They should play with new strategy and brave hope, then no doubt this pakistani team have lot of potential who can do every thing and will be won the world cup. regards,

  • Kamran on March 14, 2007, 6:01 GMT

    Well well well,,,after so much of an anticipation of at least a good fight from the Pakistani team,,we are left wid plugging our nails out at the end of the day coz we cudn't afford just biting them..Whatever happened during the bowling stage was all acceptable,,,but look at our batting,,,don't wanna blame any young batsmen coz they don't wanna learn,,they consider themselves out of the learning curve,,,come to Younis Khan,,a shot which Ponting cud only play once in a hundred matches that much stupidly or any other gud batsmen,,,no different were Inzi and Yousaf,,they don't even know what responsibility lies on their shoulders,,,can't they take a leaf out of the great Khan's book,,,he came up the order every time his team needed him during the 1992 WC but they are so much reluctant to come up...Shoaib Malik is the only batsmen who has been consistent for the last 5 matches or so,,he shud be up batting at no.3 if Inzi and Yousaf don't wanna change their position.Younis I feel can play at no.6 as he has been playing there before...Send Rana out and bring somebody else in,,if u need an allrounder,u have got two sitting on the bench,,,Kaneria shud be sitting out once Afridi is back,,I thought we missed Afridi and Razzaq badly in ystrdy's match,,they'd save us from such sitautions very often,,,but Razzaq isn't there so Afridi needs to be a bit more responsible,,,Let's just hope for the best to come,,,Never lose heart,,,learn from uUr failures coz ur weaknesses get exposed when u fail...

  • Amin on March 14, 2007, 6:01 GMT

    Horrific preformance. Pakistan failed both in bowling and batting in view of the recent form of WI who were all out at 85 in the practice match.

    Rana's inclusion in the team is based on only his having beard? This may be the condition for being part of the regular member of the team as this was the condition for the bowling coach. They should be sensible now as this is a team of a country and not the team of their town.

  • Moiz S. Ahmad on March 14, 2007, 6:01 GMT

    I think we need to stop chasing balls outside the off stump! Why do we do it??? Especially with 2 or 3 slips up. Its better to just let the ball go, than your wicket tumble! The Pak cricket team needs to focus on a team performance in the world cup. All things done wrongly in one match should be personally corrected by the next match by each player. After all, the team is called Pakistan or by its respective Country for a reason right???!!!

  • Hari(india) on March 14, 2007, 5:58 GMT

    Self belief to reach top is good. We should always aim for it, inspite of failures. Pakistan has lost 1st match that does not mean they are not reaching semis. Inzy & his boys are totally determined. I like their fighting spirit despite odds. It is disappointing that they could not hunt down such low score. But I hope they shall learn from mistake. One of Ind,PAK and SL must win the cup and slap the faces of Arrogant and over confident Aussies.

  • Imran on March 14, 2007, 5:58 GMT

    No doubt our team performance was disappointing ,to say the least. However, we should be aware of the fact that one test playing nation each from the other three groups would also be in a situation similar to us at the Super 8 stage. Not all would be lost for these teams. There is still a very long way to go. Let's hope for a better performance from Inzi & Co in the remaining matches.

  • Raj on March 14, 2007, 5:57 GMT

    I am an Indian and proud to be one. I would love to see Pak vs India in the finals because India is guaranteed the cup because they've never lost to Pak in a world cup match. Afridi is one player who scares me (most Indians) the most. I just love to see him play against all other teams except India. Have him open with Kamran Akmal, followed by Malik, Moyo, Inzy and younis khan. Then Hafeez and Azhar Mahmood and then the bowlers. Drop Kaneria and bring in Sami or Yasir. Now the Pak team is back to having a bunch of allrounders which is when they usually win a lot of matches. Go TEAM INDIA!!!

  • Daud on March 14, 2007, 5:57 GMT

    1. Rana should definitely be out. 2. Whats so special about Imran Nazir, how come he keeps coming back into the side? Afridi did much better as an opener. 3. Why are Yusuf and Inzi not playing their natural game? They were defensive and too carefull in SA, it didnt work, it will not work any where 4. The level of fielding in the streets is way better than our well paid professionals exhibit. How come our team remeber the street batting technique (Afridi, Nazir) so well and forget the street fielding. With this level of performance, Kenya and Canada have a good chance to beat PaKistan. So forget the semis, concentrate on face saving against the minnows

  • Umair from San Francisco, CA on March 14, 2007, 5:57 GMT

    No need to panic now as there is still a lot of cricket left. But adjustments to the team must be dead-on. I would do the following... 1) Rana out - Sami in 2) Danish out - Azhar in 3) Open Shoaib and Younis (Younis is a sudo opener since he is on the crease 3rd or 4th over). 4)Both Hafeez and Nazir should be sent 6th and 7th respectively. 5) Kamran out - Zulqarnain in....or someone who can do half a decent of keeping. Dropping a catch (Lara) and missing a run out is completely unacceptable...and then a 1st ball duck is insult to injury. In Kamran's defence, he is a good keeper but declining skills at such a young age is due to lack of competition. PCB management and captain are doing disservice to him (kamran) and Pakistan by including him in the side in spite of such horrendous performances.

  • Rizwan Kamal on March 14, 2007, 5:55 GMT

    I will not say much, as already a lot has been spoken on this issue,for me, if anybody agrees the Dream team of Paksitan for World Cup should be in this order and "It remain consistent no changes", i repeat "It remain consistent no changes" ;

    !!!!!Thats all nothing more better then that!!!!

  • Dr.Shah on March 14, 2007, 5:55 GMT

    For those of you criticising Kamran Abbasi for sharing his optimistic views with us, you are either supporters of another country or wish you were, so go ..As for you Kamran respect for showing what most pak fans feel.

    ReGrEt NoThInG FeAr LeSs

  • Zeeshan Hussain on March 14, 2007, 5:54 GMT

    The kind of starter pakistani's won't seeing

    A hard to write the story of pakistani players trumble in the sabina park. A awesome performance of Smith & Bravo turned the game to the West Indies favor rather painfully as far as the pakistani's fans are concern.

    If, I would have the opoportunity to comment on your points, so that I would prefer first to talk on the selection of MR. RANA. Not even a single man you found in Pakistan but INZAMAM who would have walid reason for his inclusion in the squas. Even though Sami had a good enough performance in the warm up against the giant South africans, he have to sit in the bench during the opener. Ha, I am feeling very sorrow and grief on the face exxperrsion I saw on the face of Malik, when he losses his partners on regular intervals.Hope he find the good one in the upcomings. Yes, Abandon hope? Not yet, I am agree with my heart & soul. There is along way in the competition. Pakistanis to show their potential atleast now. Inzi, I don't want to see your painful face at the time of departure to pakistan. Best of Luck. At last,

  • Fahd Shafiq on March 14, 2007, 5:54 GMT

    Admire your 'never say never' attitude. But having said that, i think if pakistan's problems were to be described in a few words, they would be :

    1) Inzi not fit to lead, should be batting at 3 2) Rana is in the wrong sport, should be playing kabadi instead

    I hope the team's management plays its cards right for the next two matches. Sami and Afridi should make a return alogn with Azhar. We should have atleast one top player in the opening slot (exluding Afridi)

  • nalin on March 14, 2007, 5:53 GMT

    Pakistan can come back. I alwas believe that Afridi and Azhar Mahamood must be included. As these pitches are not grassy, it would be wise to send Afridi to open. Team must decide between Hafeez and Kaneria. Hafeez is probly the better option as he can ball well. Then you have Afridi, Mallick & Hafeez as spinners and Gul, Ifthikar and Azhar as pacers.

  • Aquabird on March 14, 2007, 5:47 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi,

    Eat the words you said about the mighty(?) pakis in your last column. I know this forum is full of hopeless pakis but I cannot believe that you write non-sense of paki cricket team despite knowing the facts. I feel that they missed afridi and razzak...

  • Haider Mahmud, Pakistan on March 14, 2007, 5:46 GMT

    Plz let us not lose hope. Take some hope from 92 World cup where also Pakistan was thrashed in a similar manner by Windies in the opener. Hopefully this game will charge our players especially the batsmen. We have all been worrying about our bowling but as a matter of fact, our bowlers held their line yesterday quite impressively. We just need our batsmen especially top order to be a bit bold now. No matter how strong middle order or lower order we have, they can do nothing if our top order collapses again and again.

  • Ashwin.A on March 14, 2007, 5:46 GMT

    Kamran, I do agree with you that it is better to lose now and peak later. Well, that has been the storyline for most of the winners of previous world cups. but wait a minute. in 1992, pakistan had imran khan, wasim akram, mushtaq ahmed, javed miandad. They are greats, legends. well, this pakistan side has inzi and yousuf. Thats it!and inzi is not a captain of the caliber and class of imran khan. he has not been able to rejuvenate a "strong" pakistani line up. what is he going to do without asif, akhtar and razaq. And to top it all, afridi does not figure in the playing 11. Now, Afridi is a player who can single handedly take away a match from the hands of a opposition. On a wicket like today's, his bowling-flat, change of space, legspinners would have come more than handy. Atleast, hands down, he is better than kaneria, be it bowling or fielding. Kaneria is loved by all the west indians. flighted leg spinning deliveries are relished and slurped and burped by the likes of brian lara and pakistan have seen what damage lara has been capable of in the recent test match against pakistan when he scored a double hundred against them and mauled kaneria. Anyways, I strongly believe that, the team which can win consistently in the super eights can proceed to the semis and have a shot at the world cup. this pakistani side-sorry! no way!

  • Fahim on March 14, 2007, 5:46 GMT

    Pakistan must at least learn to loose respectfully!

  • AS Cricket on March 14, 2007, 5:45 GMT

    As you can see from last day's performance Pakistan has more than one issues to solve. Inspite of WI didn't batted well still bowling looked ordinary (Except Gul). Imagin Hayden,Gili,Ponting playing against this atack or Saurav,Sachin,Yuvraj u know whats gona to happen

  • Kartikey on March 14, 2007, 5:45 GMT

    I think Pakistan missed Afridi in this match ,he can provide much needed balance in the side by coming at number 7. Also pakistan shud seriously consider bringing back Azhar Mahmood, Pakistan has always done well when they bat deep.Also I am not convinced with the wisdom of playing Imran Nazir.Talented he may be but he has done a great job to hide his talent from the world(so far).

  • Moiz on March 14, 2007, 5:44 GMT

    I still believe Pakistan can turn the things around. India did it last time during WC after shocking start to their campaign. I agree with little switching in batting order during warm-ups. I believe Younis should open, because he takes the bowler with attacking approach. However, it is still hard for me to find the answer that why they shuffle back to old order today. No Sami, was suicidal; add to that was our lackluster fielding and inconsistent bowling. The momentum brought in by Rao and Umar was gone as soon as spinners came in. Another question though, and it is seriously on Inzy's tactics, whats the point of bringing Spinners so late into attack? I tried my best but I still couldn't find answer to that logic. Marlon Samuels cashed heavely on that surprise gift of Inzy's defensive approach. Another thing is the absence of Razzaq. Pakistan cannot afford sleeping in the earlier part of their batting without him in the line-up. Today, it appeared very clear that Shoaib Malik was lacking the support and Akmal as usual and expectedly, disappointed once again. Seriously speaking on matter, I don't think Inzy is the right fit to be the captain of the side. As for team, I still believe in them but its just hard to find solutions after today's dismal performance.

  • Haroon on March 14, 2007, 5:43 GMT

    I agree with you to lose now than lose later, But if we are not going to win against team with low moral ( WI were shot out for 85 in warm up), then I feel it is going to be further difficult to win as tournament progresses. It is not just peaking of Pakistan but all teams inluding SL,NZ and India shall peak slowly with more matches. Pakistan's batsmen really messed the semi chances after a good display by bowlers.

  • Omer Admani on March 14, 2007, 5:41 GMT

    Finally you have written something that I admire. No Rana, please!!! Inzamam's captaincy is also an embarassment. Perhaps it might not be fit for you to write at this stage, but, for God's sake, can someone ask Inzamam to at least try to think? He is usig Kaneria like a stock bowler, which is not why he is there. How could he not use him within the first 20 overs? I have been mentioning that taking wickets is crucial; if a batsman gets set at any juncture, the modern one-day game is such that, be it middle overs, he can single-handedly take the game away. Which means that the captain always will have to keep on coming at the opposition. It is like Inzamam has written on a paper who he will bowl, when that person will bowl, and to what field he will bowl. And that written strategy is ultra-defensive. If Inzamam makes a few wrong decisions by tring to think, then at least I will be happy that he tried. Similarly, his captaincy has to come under scrutiny for the batting order as well. Why does he try to hide behind everyone, let everyone face the new ball, and then come when the ball doesn't move. If Yohana and Inzamam were there earlier, 1-down and 2-down, then they would never have faced so much pressure and could have played a more natural game. Yousof is our best batsman, he has to come one-down. After that, Inzamam should come. Other than that, two changes in batting order can be tried; either Hafeez and Nazir open with Younis at 5, or Younis and Nazir open with Hafeez at no.5. Kamran I am afraid Azhar Mahmood is not a solution to our problems, as Azhar Mahmood is not much of a batsman. If selecting him for his bowling is what you are trying to say, then maybe. This why Razzaq was just so important; he added balance to the team. Hope will never be lost, but it will be very frustrating if Inzamam doesn't learn from his mistakes: strategy, batting-order, and team selection need to be fixed. God gave Inzamam a mind to think as well, it is not as though it would be raining luck from the top, and things will just happen. It seems as though, for now, anyone with a beard is 100 percent in the team. PCB's biggest blunder was to take Waqar out and bring Mushtaq in the team, as former was a positive influence, while the latter is a negative one. Besides, I bet Mushtaq is teaching Rana how to bowl in-swinging yorkers at the death. For heaven's sake, the team should show some grit, some fight at least. I am hoping we win the our next to finals: Ireland and Zimbabwe.

  • nazim on March 14, 2007, 5:41 GMT

    Iam still hopeful for this team this is same team we had in 1992 world cup strange thing is in 1992 world cup we had opening match with West ind and we lost that match by 10 wkts but we are winner of that cup. They need to do same changes Imran Hafeez inzy yosuf younis(WK) malik afridi mehmood gul sami rao

  • TY on March 14, 2007, 5:41 GMT

    After the pathetic perfomance in 2003, and the ensuing endeavour to create and groom a new team for the next world..which happens to be upon us, what exactly have we accomplished?? Nothing. The team is worse than 2003. We have pathetic old players ..Rana and Sami..what a choice. In a country of 150 million plus, we can't find three bowlers better than Sami and Rana..are these the best 2-3 bowlers from the population of Pakistan? What the ###k? is wrong with the selection committee and Pak's leadership. We won the Under 19 World Cup, why not just play that team or pick the top players from that team? Salman Butt should have been here. Imran N hasn't played in years and yet all of a sudden, he's in. ooookkkay!! Same with Azhar.. but no choice since The Man Razzaq is not there. Definately need Azhar and Afridi.. and as much as I hate to say this..we should use Afridi as opener. He can't be worse than what we've got, and if he clicks he'll take the game away.

  • Piyush on March 14, 2007, 5:41 GMT

    I am not an expert on Pakistan cricket but to blame a loss on a couple of players is a big mistake. Rana was the worst bowler on the day but I still think 241 was a very reachable target and therefore would have to say that the bowling team did it's job just fine. A lot of teams make this horrendous decision of playing the top batters lower down the order but in Pakistan's case it is inexplicable. If Windies play Lara at 5, it is because they have a fragile lower middle order but they do have some good batsmen at the top of their batting order (gayle, chanderpaul). Pakistan has been struggling to find a half decent opening combination and that makes it imperative for Inzi and Yusuf to bat higher up the order. In Malik, Afridi and Mehmood(if he is picked) pakistan have a decent lower order. Surely the likes of Asif, Akhtar and Razzaq are difficult of replace but I would still have to believe that bowling is not much of an issue but it is the batting.

    Pakistan needs some character at the top of their batting order and it is upto Inzi and Yusuf to provide that.

    Pakistan is too good a cricket team and too big a cricket nation to go out without a fight and I am hoping they soon find their form. This world cup still needs them.

    Good Luck Inzi and keep the faith all you pakistan fans

  • Nuruddin Lakhani on March 14, 2007, 5:40 GMT

    Well, a disappointing start to yet another World Cup. I hope your high spirits can keep us interested in this tournament as my son was questioning the strength of Ireland last night (hope we defeat at least the non - Test playing countries).

    As for your concerns about the strategies, here are my thoughts:

    MOHAMMAD HAFEEZ . . . personally I do not have anything in his favor. If he is selected as an opener, he has to prove it. Averaging 18 with a strike rate of 55 after 50 odd ODI's do not support his selection at all. Imran Nazir remains another no brainer (we are grooming another Afridi) and he needs a role model on the other end. The only way we can move MoYo and Inzi up the order (#3 and 4 respectively) is by making Younis Khan open. My view is that he comes to bat within first five overs in 2/3rd of the games, so why not open the innings. Shoaib Malik is another good choice for opening slot, but he provides support down the order at the end of the innings. If Hafeez's role is appreciated as a bowler and fielder, then he should bat at #6 where he can provide with his 10 - 15 runs as he is unable to make anything better than that. An opener's role is to provide the team with 60 - 70 runs which I do not expect from Hafeez.

    Why did we lose? Because of our batting . . . and its a historical fact. We are playing with a second line bowling attack which restricted the West Indians to a 241 which was quite manageable. All we needed was a support from openers and middle orders that did not happen. Kaneria remains a comedy in the field and did not prove to be the wicket taker as he has been 'wrongly' labeled, so Afridi should play instaed of him. You are absolutely right about Rana, and I think Azhar Mahmood or Sami should play for him.

    At the end, words of praise for the extreme hard work by Umar Gul and Rao who performed exceptionally well and honestly I did not miss Shoaib Akhtar at all.

  • saaz on March 14, 2007, 5:40 GMT

    I don’t understand why our opener are in Harry. I suggest Inzy should tell them to stay at crease at least 10 avers even without any run. And please remove Rana immediately.

  • Tufail on March 14, 2007, 5:39 GMT

    One major reason of the failure..they are not reading the one-day game present they are not sure how to play and win a one day match...i can do nothin but feel sorry for the team and the fans.

  • Ahsan on March 14, 2007, 5:39 GMT

    Problem is that your key batsman should bat at number 3 position, and inzi comes at 5 or 6. He should take the responsibility and should lead from the front if he wants to leave any impact on his last world cup outing

  • ikram ul haq on March 14, 2007, 5:37 GMT

    did pakistan throw this game despite ordinary performances from gayle and chanderpaul...?there seemed tobe too many easy chances for kamran akmal behind the stumps and than he got out for a zero...imran nazir must realize that nobody is going to give him any short balls...while both sides did not need to win this game the ICC should investigate deliberate bad plays...?

  • Sameer on March 14, 2007, 5:36 GMT

    Well Kamran, first of all you've got to stop thinking only about Australia, and start taking one game at a time. Inspite of losing consistently, you keep insulting other teams. Its an open World Cup and each team is capable of beating the other. It may well turn out that you beat Australia, and lose to every other team (minnows excluding).

  • mustaq on March 14, 2007, 5:36 GMT

    Pakistan should start planning seriously for the next world cup, and should also use this world cup as an opportunity to build a team. There is a strong core now which can be continued. Inzamam and Yousuf can be there for atleast a couple of more years, even though Inzy may not play another world cup. Afridi is still good and so is Gul. Whenn Asif comes back, he can fit back in nicely; so will Razzaq when he regains fitness. Rao Iftekar is shaping out well and so is Shoaib Malik. The worries? We need to get rid of the keeper, get a new spinner, a couple of fast bowlers, and a whole new set of batsmen. We need a couple of good openers, the past few years I have not seen many better than Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt. As for Yunus Khan, I think he is overrated and not good at all for the one day format. Else he be asked to do wicket keeping and justify his place in the team, something like what Rahul Dravid used to do for India. And yes, some new fast bowling prospect with real pace would be a great thing for Pakistan.

  • TURAB on March 14, 2007, 5:35 GMT

    kamran bhai .... i am completely blown away by rana s inclusion in the team... i m sure there are much better and talented bowlers in the local scene... maybe his selection is based on his beard or apparantly religious zeal!?

  • Rafakat Khan on March 14, 2007, 5:34 GMT

    I have not given up hope , its a painful loss but hopefully pakistan can learn from this defeat and come back stronger. kamran your points were spot on there , and you have summed up what many of the fans are thinking and some definate changes for the remainder of the world cup should be made immediately !

    *Rana out for Azhar Mahmood, we need an allrounder who can both bat and bowl and be consistent and we need depth and most of all, how blind can the pakistani management be we all can see rana is off form and has been for a while but yet they insist in including him , why why why ????

    * Sami in Kaneria out , we dont need an extra spinner cuz afridi spin is very effective in ODI , malik and hafeez can be the spinners and can all do a fine job also we need 4 seam bowlers 3 is obviously not enough esp if one is off form , and sami can be a matchwinner

    * Afridi in and Nazir out , afridi needs to play and he can do the job nazir does but more effectively

    the 11 that should play and in this order !

    1. M.Hafeez 2. Y.Khan 3. M.Yousuf 4. Inzi 5. S.Malik 6. S.Afridi 7. K.Akmal 8. A.Mahmood 9. M.Sami 10. R.Iftikhar 11. U.Gul

    only if this team plays and in that order will we have any chance of winning matches in this world cup agaisnt good sides,if they dont want one of the big 3 to open then send in malik at 2, but the question is can inzi and woolmer see that ?

    also you cannot blame the defeat solely on Rana, the batting was to blame , nazir and hafeez and younis all got themselves out with extravagant shots that were not needed, yousuf and inzi one of em should have taken responsibility and stayed till the end espeically since they batted at such a low run rate, akmal simply horrible batting , malik the only bright spot in the batting

  • Robert on March 14, 2007, 5:34 GMT

    In reality the Pakistan side looks pretty toothless at the moment. No real edge in the bowling although both Gul and Iftikhar both kept it tight up front. But neither were likely to run through the order, only picking up wickets when the batsmen started throwing bat at ball. The lack of strike bowler was blatantly obvious.

    Can you play both Afridi and Kaneria - sure! One is a bowler, the other an alrounder. But more importantly Afridi has been in good form with the ball. Too bad about the ban!

    The game lost when Inzy and Yousuf just couldn't rack up more than 3 an over. How many times the commentators pointed out that not a single 2 or 3 was run! Inzy should open if he just can't run!

    Positive is that Akmal is finally holding onto the ball. Too bad his batting hasn't come off. But first things first, if named the man with the gloves, make sure you catch the ball. The runs will come.

    Rana... poor bugger. Although his stats rate him one of the best death bowlers it has been ages since he bowled a good spell. Don't blame him, blame who picked him! If a player isn't good enough he should not be chosen. It's as simple as that.

  • Sheraz on March 14, 2007, 5:33 GMT

    They will rise again.. But when nobody knows. Rana should be out and Azhar or Sami must be played. In opening slot there must be a regular with good defence opener like Yasir Hameed. But our think tank did not bring him in this squade. No backup for batsman. This is not good. Malik should bat on No.3 or Inzi on this number. Younis should on No.6. Must insert some allrounders in the team because we played much with allrounders and suddenly. No one is seen in this team combination. Imran Nazir must try to stay till 20th over. Because every opener whome recalled always came with BLAST inning but after some time he totaly failed even to survive. I am sorry to say but Pakistan chances in this WC is very bleak.

  • H.Malik on March 14, 2007, 5:31 GMT

    Dear Kamran , I tend to agree with you to the extent that there is a long way to go in this competition and we should hold drawing our daggers.HOWEVER call it my instinct or a measured prophecy ! , I expected the selection to be the same and I expected them not to last full 50 overs perhaps it was my hunch feelings that the YOYOs have not hit the right rock bottom sopt yet in order to bounce back in their upward swing . Considering the resolve and determination displayed by the Zimbabway's Team Leader " To play on the in consistancy of the WI & PAK " In my humble opinion , they have been now given a golden chance to make this Group D a 3 way fight for the 2 super 8 slots fro this group. NOW about the stretegy ! There is NONE , You are over emphasising & OVER SIMPLIFYING by only mentioning Australia team ,But before this team of YOYOs in Green could dream to reach that stage , they have to come far lesser hurdles in the shape of BD,SL,IND,SA,NZ and by looking at the pathetic way they showed against WI , YOu must be asking too much from them to reach a stage of 1999 and then crumble likewise too .

    I will be more than happy , if they can qualify the group stage ahead of ZIM , by beating CAN too .... finger crossed will not help , prayers will not be listened , constructive hard work will be the key to achieve that , CAN This LOT of Green YOYOs do that ,,,,,,,,,,, let us wait & see before we take them & throw to the wolves

  • Arsalan on March 14, 2007, 5:30 GMT

    What I fail to understand is why do we guys have to play the famouse "conventional" cricket which involved a quickie to bowl in the last 4 - 5 overs??? when malik & hafeez were bowling superbly, why take them off?? In response to Ricky's cricticism, well considering the fact that we were out of our main bowlers, restricting them to 240 was a good effort. Even Australia in the recent times have conceded over 100 runs in the last 10 overs, Pakistan have more then once, thrashed their opponents with a 10 - 11 runs per over in the last 10 overs. So keeping this mind, u do expect to give away some runs in the last few overs. But then again i do agree with Ricky to a certain extent, they shouldnt have allowed lousy players Dwayne Smith to smash the living day lightes out of them like that. All in all, it was a disappointment to see us not able to chase down a total of 240 odd.

  • Khawaja ikram Ul Haq on March 14, 2007, 5:29 GMT

    Hi kamran

    obviously inzamam does not have a think tank anymore...his own thinking is pathetic...despite having relatively good one day pacemen at home he continued with relative failures like sami and rana naveed...bringing in kaneria late in the day was a surprise but a batsman who can push his left foot forward can play kaneria with ease...the other teams have better batsmen than our team...the surprise was letting west indies bat first...while west indies seem tobe good chasers he should have loved to bat...the opening problem seems problematic...we have nobody else to bat at number one apart from shoaib malik whom we need at six...they could try azhar to open the innings...bat first i say on a normal pitch and kaneria and hafeez will be effective bowlers...and obviously if u hit a six on the first bowl u should be careful on the next bowl as the good bowlers will bowl a fuller length to imran nazir...those are the problems and it might be better to slot in kamran akmal at number three so the middle order.. our best four know what to do...if wickets fall early bring in shoaib malik at four...playing an extra paceman should have been the way to go on this pitch...with two off spinners kaneria can be rested...although he did not bowl badly...he did not know what todo when samuels went after him...a leg spinner if he is just a few inches short can be hit by most good batsmen...pakistan may feel the absence of a left arm leg spinner...maybe one of the batsmen should practice throwing in a few overs of left arm leg spin...

  • Ehsan ur-Rehman Khan Chattar Of Mirpur AK on March 14, 2007, 5:28 GMT

    My first surprise was to see the decision to bowl first. Second surprise to see Rana with the new bowl. Kaneria did not stand tall in his first ODI since ages. Gul and Rao did very good job as well as Hafeez. Although 242 was very achieveable target I knew it won’t be easy. WI has a very good bowling attack and it was always their batting which was letting them down. If they score 220+ in a game it would be hard for any team to beat them. In this context the drop catch by Younis and bowling by Rana helped WI cause. Shoaib Malik is such a gem, a lone fighter. Most people on this blog have really very short temperament. One defeat and they have gone crying like kids- chaos every where like fleeing troops being hit on their backs. Please stop talking about who should have been in the wc squad and the talk of sacking of players/coaches. Focus on the job at hands. The next two matches are not going to be easy but I am sure Pak team will win them both and all these crying spineless kids will be back on the bandwagon with their drums and trumpets. Winning and loosing is part of a game and one is not a sportsman if shows no sportsmanship. It is disappointing to see seasonal fans, like frogs in the Monson, making a lot of noise. Mind you- desperation leads to disappointment. I have noticed that many people on this blog are forgetting that Afridi was banned for four ODIs and he still has one more game in which he can’t play. So for next two matches I would like Rana, Kaneria and Imran Nazir out and bring Sami, Azhar and Arafat in. Open bowling with Gul and Rao. Open batting with Malik and Younis hence Yousaf and Inzi moving on 3 and 4 respectively. Hafeez can come at 5 then. When Afridi will be available then we can drop the worst performing all rounder in the next two matches. I am one of those who can’t quit dreaming so I will be the last man standing for my team. Pakistan all the way.

  • ribhu on March 14, 2007, 5:28 GMT

    Rhetoric is damaging to the team and fans, and media in the sub-continent feeds on it. I say that for India too. The media should take some time out to think before they speak, and in this case I don't see how Kamran is behaving any different from his salvager Inzamam, they can both start by taking accountability. If they begin taking responsibility for their actions, they will be more careful next time and work harder to avoid eggs on their faces. It is the educated public's duty to hold these people to their words, so we can get improved representation from them next time around.

  • Azhar on March 14, 2007, 5:28 GMT

    Funny how the bad performance of Pakistan's cricket team makes Pakistanis so emotional and feeling generally depressed. Even if Pakistan wins the World Cup, what will that change? Sport really does appear to be an opiate for the masses....otherwise there are many other things that Pakistan and Pakistanis also need to think about and ponder which they don't appear to be doing.

  • master blaster on March 14, 2007, 5:27 GMT

    Hey Kamran, do'nt be euphoric. Any team can win on any given day out of eight regular teams. On what base u say Pakistan still can win the cup? Pak has 10% chances of winning the w.c. and I am being generous. If that happens, U want to be the man oh, I told u so. don't u? By the way, u guys want to trade Imran Nazir for Virendra Sehwag? they both r worthless.Lol.

  • Taimur Huk on March 14, 2007, 5:26 GMT

    this is in response to Sagar at March 14, 2007 12:48 AM :

    hey man, we dont need you to discourage us by reminding us about the injuries of shoaib, asif, and razzaq. WE WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP! RIGHT BACK AT U, IN UR FACE!!!!!!

  • Noor on March 14, 2007, 5:25 GMT

    Dear Kamran, The players badly need a shave.We would like to have a clean shaven team.Those beards are an eyesore. The cricket field is for the game of cricket not for display of one's Religiosity.

  • Sam on March 14, 2007, 5:24 GMT

    The team has potential but i guess they had too less time to prepare playing without their match-winners as all the Shoaib,Asif saga including Razzaq happened at the last moment. Kaneria is fine for now but once Afridi comes he should be out, while Rana on the other hand should be sent to Pakistan.

  • Vineet on March 14, 2007, 5:22 GMT

    Pakistan won't even make it to the semi-final, let alone win the cup. Without the dope-influenced Akhtar and Asif, their chances of winning a match against any test playing nation are zero. Not that those two dopers really deserve to play international cricket. Even the success of their batting is hopelessly dependent on Mohammmad Yosouf and Younis Khan's form, who are the only consistent batsmen in their line up. And given their famed inconsistency, even a miracle can't help them win their next eleven matches.

  • Harry Iyris on March 14, 2007, 5:22 GMT

    I agree and differ on various points mentioned by you. 1. Opening by Hafeez and Nazir suits pakistan. nazir is hitter and Hafeez Solid. Pakistan is badly missing Salman Butt( i repeatedly pointed in my prev.posts). 2. Younis is not in form, so he should drop down the order. Younhana should be sent up. 3.4 specialist bowlers are must, so it is not question of long tail. Azhar mahmood has aged and is spent force, don't take him instead invest and play young Araft in next 2 matches it is better for future. 3. Rana to be dropped, i mentioned in prev. post the strike bowlers have to be Gul,Sami, Iftekar Rao and kaneria. 5. Sami is very much needed , he is got the pace . I don't why the match winning combination from SA warm up match was changed. 6. Yes too many all rounders and no specialist batsmen. Butt is missing. 7. Afridi was sorely missed in yesterday's match. His energy could be the match winner in group of 8. Yes pakistan can definately qualify for semis but for that they have to beat one of Aus,SA or India apart from other sure 3 wins ( NZ,Eng,SL).

  • Rakshit on March 14, 2007, 5:22 GMT

    Remember 1992 world cup. Pakistan have won only against Zimbabwe in their first five matches. And then won the world cup. So anything happens....

  • Intruder on March 14, 2007, 5:18 GMT

    i guess pakistani team need a break.. a long one.. i am tired of watching cricket.. leaving the books & work aside.. focus on match & the end, PAKISTAN LOST THE MATCH, CONGRATS!!

    all team should be changed.. start from new..

  • Armaghan on March 14, 2007, 5:16 GMT

    I have give up on Pakistani team long time ago but I dont' know why i always pay top Dollars to watch Pakistan loose. May be I should start supporting Bangladesh from now on (What! that was Pakstan too...)

    Pakistan's needs some drastic change in their strategy. Firstly, Akmal needs to go. He missed an easy catch, missed a runout, did S%#@ with bat and we are still paying this guy to play..

    Pakistan needs a good opening pair like Saeed Anward and Aamir Sohail. I have a suggestion.. get some boys from Karachi street and I bet they can perform much better than our disabled national team

  • Mohammad Fouzan Alvi on March 14, 2007, 5:15 GMT

    A – 1 Keeping the old strategy is better then experimenting new thing in huge event. We saw good performances by our opening pair n recent home series with WI, pitches are not too different here in World Cup, so keeping the old one seem quite rational A – 2 Surely Inzi shud replace Yousuf at no. 4, becauz no. 3 spot is too crucial so its better not to disturb it. A – 3 Well when you got no matchwinner bowler, then if you rely on your handy al rounders, its not a bad idea. A – 4 Rana is a key asset for Pakistan, therefore he should not be dropped.His figures were Overs 9, Runs 49, Wk 0. So at least he has imnproved from the hammering he suffered in South Africa. A – 5 I think Pakistan shod dump Sami as he has been provided with too many chances, not once, not twice, not thrice but too many. His stats shows how poorly he has responded with every chance he got. At least I will prefer Azhar over Sami 6 Part of the problem is that Pakistan have turned up in the Caribbean with too many bowlers and not enough batsmen. Which reserve can Pakistan call on if one of their batsmen hits a bad patch? Nobody. A – 6 Pakistan should have pricked Yasir Hameed, as he is among those unfortunate players who severely deserved a place in the squad (as quoted in an article @ cricinfo). His ODI record since his return is very healthy, average easily over 40 A – 7 Well I think if Hafeez does not perform upto the task, Afridi should replace him at the opening slot, as there are already too many all rounder down the order.

  • mansoor on March 14, 2007, 5:14 GMT

    ha ha ha haa ha. i did nt comment on Kamran s last blog. i knew that pakistan team will answar that on my behalf. Mr. kamran this is called in English as " in your face". for you it is not still to be worried as there is a long way to go in world cup. however, if pakistan stutter aginst Ireland, beleive me it will be a very short way to go in world cup and a small way to go home. he he he. you cant win by just staying positive.

  • Abdullah Shams on March 14, 2007, 5:12 GMT must be kidding. Inzimam, You cannot make Omlets without breaking the eggs.

  • Kazim on March 14, 2007, 5:12 GMT

    So much has been talked about Rana here, but what about chasing 240... was not unchaseable... Pak must find good openers.. what about Shoaib Malik and Hafeez... Imran Nazir with 68 matches and just 7 50s and an average of 23 .. who was not playing for the country 6 months back he the best the country has ???

  • Kareem on March 14, 2007, 5:10 GMT

    Pakistan's body language in yesterday's match showed lack of confidence. Their bowling was good, but the batting was pathetic and defensive. It doesn't work that way in cricket. Pakistan batsmen are dumb.

  • Muhammad Asad on March 14, 2007, 5:09 GMT

    Can anyone give these suggesttions to the pakistani team officials as I don't know what they r trying to experiment for the last four years. Whether opening or middle order they are keeping on experimenting and not yet foud out the solution. One thing more kamran bhai, what about ICC recent dope demand? Why they r thinking that its only Pakistani players can do this?

  • Muhammad Usman Sharif on March 14, 2007, 5:08 GMT

    I still beleive that Pakistan can win the WorldCup. I u remember, htere was almost same kind of situation in 92's W.Cup when Pakistan lost 1st match to W.Indies by 10 wickets and some more matches, but later on team recovered and won the Cup. I beleive that if all the nation give them confidence and cheer them up we can win. an the peopole who are critsising at the momet will shower flower on them.

  • Mudassar Alvi on March 14, 2007, 5:07 GMT

    Some body need to do some thing... whether its nasim ashraf or Mushraf... cause what i think..the main reason of pakistani defeat, is defensive strategy... i again mention ...that Inzi and Bob ...both are most coward/courageless/defensive pair of the world cup 2007... West indian team is not best in class & they defeated pakistan in a shameful way, i still think pakistani team is not bad the players are really good , the only thing we r lacking is attacking this point of time only one player needed to be romoved from this playing 11 and that is Rana Naveed, not only because of this performance but also due to his recent form in last two three series. at the end some body please tune inzi which looks imposible so PCB needs to play some drama ( in which they are very much expert) and call him back home, coz i think even if he make match winning runs , his approach/defensive strategy will lead pakistan to defeat. God Bless Pakistan and pakistani team

  • bubzoo on March 14, 2007, 5:07 GMT

    People have commented that team will bounce back, inzy needs to learn, rana need to get in rythm, nazir needs to improve ... what is wrong here ... Inzy is past the age of learning ... rana is overage for a bowler and nazir is makingthe same mistakes he was making when he started ... are we short of talent in pakistan ... problem is nobody is selected on merit ... if that was the case inzy would not be captin, rana would not be in the team and nazir would be home watching the WC. But nothing will happen ... so keep your blood pressure pills handy as you won't stop watching WC.

  • cricket lover on March 14, 2007, 5:07 GMT

    I have no idea of a team that has been inconsistent for the last many years can be a winner.When they play it seems they have no back up plans.Can anyone convince me the reason of having RANA NAVED in a team?By not scoring runs and get the overs going Inzi And Yousuf put Pakistan in a lost position.They should have played aggressively and should have taken the risk to keep score board moving and try to hit boundaries to put WI on back seat but they have done the other way.It is a sheer lack of planning and the tried and tested players should be out.What happened to Sami, Yasir Arafat, Azhar?

  • Adnan Sheikh - California, USA on March 14, 2007, 5:05 GMT

    The weak spots of the Pakistan team are obvious to all who have watched them play in the recent past. Yes, we do not have quality openers, our bowling attack lacks bite (as Shoaib and Asif have essentially not been a part of this season)and we are plagued by inconsistency (Mohammad Yousuf excluded). Still, there is potential, but it has to be seized and the strongest XI available have to be chosen. To me, playing Hafeez has always been an exercise in futility. Yes, the man bowls decent off-spin, is an above-average fielder and can bat a bit. But we are using him as an opener from where he has never done anything for Pakistan (as far as I can remember he has never done anything of value with the bat). If one were to go back and look at previous scorecards, Hafeez invariably takes up 25-35 deliveries for scoring a meagre 10-15 runs. Its a waste. He is not worth a place in the side just to bowl some off-spin. In any case, Shoaib Malik is as good an off-spinner if not better than Hafeez. Moving on to the bowling; as it is Rana just does not merit a place in the side. More than enough people have mentioned this. He needs to go. With the options available Pakistan without a doubt need to play Afridi (once he has finished serving his ban) as he is the only one in the team who can provide a much-needed spark. Rana needs to make way for Sami recognizing the fact that Sami can be as ineffective as Rana, though of late he seems to have found the right channel to bowl. Regardless we need someone who can bowl fast and not fast-medium like the rest of our bowlers. Another change required would be to play Azhar. At the moment our tail is just too long. It may seem harsh to knock out Rao Iftikhar after he bowled well today, but this was a track offering help to the bowlers and none of the bowlers on display bowled badly. I would much rather gamble on Azhar than be stuck with Rao as a passenger in the batting department. Obviously that leaves Kaneria in the side, and I believe Pakistan must play him as he is the only one of our bowlers who can turn a match on his own. We desperately need a threat like that now that Shoaib and Asif are not there; and yes, I believe it is more than possible to play Afridi and Kaneria in the XI. Thus, it works out to Nazir and Malik opening (Malik should be opening regardless); Yousuf at 3; Inzy to bat at 4 and take more responsibility; Younis to be the fulcrum at 5 for our batting order; Afridi to be his mercurial self at 6; Akmal and Azhar to come in at 7 and 8 to giv some late order impetus and having Gul, Sami and Kaneria make up the tail. I do believe this line-up is the best chance Pakistan have to be competetive in the World Cup. There are 6 bowling options and the batting is shored up as well. Regardless of what I think, let's hope the Pakistan team management does make some changes because I do not see them giving anyone a challenge with the XI players currently out there on the field.

  • Mohsin on March 14, 2007, 5:04 GMT

    I blame:

    Poor captaincy Mediocre fielding Bowling without strategy Immature batting

    AND overall unprofessional attitude.

    Everything went as predicted. No surprises from both sides. WI did not have big names in their side but they showed immense commitment as a team, which paid off. Pak struggled, as usual, in nerves and motivation department.

    I dunno but I don't see Pak as a team, I see them as 11 guys all trying to do their own thing, and the captain never seems to interfere and make an impression. If they want to reach as far semi finals they'll have to play as a unit..

    It looks unlikely in Inzi's leadership though..

  • Syed on March 14, 2007, 5:04 GMT

    Right Kami, all Pakistan need is to get Afridi in for Nazir, Sami in for Rana and we have a game on. I would not drop Kaneria for Afridi, they both can play and Kaneria is bowling well, he will improve with the tournament, I was glad to see him put Lara in a tangle.

  • Gopan on March 14, 2007, 5:00 GMT

    Only team that can beat this pak team on skill is Australia !!! C'mon give us a break. If you assess the strength of a team only in paper then the Indian batsmen should put scores in excess of 300 every time they go out. Of course, on their day any team can beat any other team in one day cricke but to do it consistently, with skill you also need good sense and cool temperment which very few players in sub continent can boast of. I will put my money on Newzeland to cause a few upsets than Pak or India.

  • vikas on March 14, 2007, 4:59 GMT

    Mr Akmal, you are bang on. This team has only Australia standing in its way. Nobody else. I can say the same for Bangladesh as well. They have the fire-power to beat anyone save Australia. What a vague and silly stand to take. Its a different matter that neither Bangladesh nor Pakistan will 'play to their true potential' and reach the final.

    Yesterdays match was very average, there was no spark about Pak performance. If the other teams choose to self destruct then Pak have a chance.

    This is long tournament. Fortunes and form can change. In a long tournament there is also the self destruct ability of the Pak team to be taken into consideration. Unfortunately for you Imran is protesting outside the supreme court and Inzi is on the field. Wish it was the other way round.

  • niaz on March 14, 2007, 4:58 GMT

    We paki fans believe that this team will get somewhere in this worldcup. Well, all my life what I have seen is that in any team sport you have to have 60% very good players and rest good to win chapionships. This team has about 30% very good and rest are mediocre. Our chances of making waves in the world cup???? minimal!!! I would say less than 30%. (we do believe in miracles - dont we?) Let us be realistic. Since last world cup (2003) we had been playing the butts, the farhats and the omars ... and now out of nowhere we have the nazirs!!! We had been training the maliks at one down - now we have him slated at 6. A simple analysis reveals that we have a decent middle order and that is all about it. We have very ordinary allrounders. No openers at all. Lower middle order has seldem performed. Fielding is embarassing at times and bowling - well, well, well!!! We always say "on paper we are the best in the world" and I guess, that says it all. We do not have any sting in our bowling. You must have two to three top notch bowlers who can deliver (not on paper) to pull a one day match. Perhaps, my analysis are too perfect - in reallity, you have some weak areas and others compensate for that. We really are half a team. Younis, Yousaf and Inzy - Great! Malik and Gul in the making and are good. Who else???? You can NOT win games consistently with only these guys. Other players do not stand up when needed. Scoring runs and taking wickets in non-important matches do not count. I guess, many of us can do that too. It is the temprament for high presure matches that makes them stars. This is where coaches come in. And, unfortunatly, the woolmers have failed. Pakistan and WI can play for next 10 days with the same teams and I am sure Pakistan will win at least 8 of those matches because no-presure. And, if every match will count towards getting somewhere in worldcup - I doubt if we will win half of them.

    Kamran Abbasi is an eternal opptomist. And, I would love to see the team of my country, Pakistan, flying or at least putting up a fight that we can be proud of. The way they had been losing lately is so embarassing. It clearly shows that there are some political issues in the team. We were not like this couple of years back.

    I hate to do the captian's and coach's job of picking the team. However, I do see that Rana needs a break. Akmal and, perhaps, Nazir, need it too. Make some adjustments please. Mr. Huq, drive the team. Forget about english/urdu etc. The only thing you do best is let your bat talk. Let others translate it. And, I know, you still have it in you. You guys are supposed to be the best in the country. Make us proud.

    Yeah, Mr. Abbasi, "Abondon Hope? Not yet!" I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping to have a good run. It wont be possible until some 'medicore' guys decide to become stars!!!

  • zafri on March 14, 2007, 4:58 GMT

    i was thinking the exact same thing kamran. but u failed to mention bad captaincy by inzi. He kept playing spinners when they were being hit. They should have brought hameed in place of arafat. They didnt even pick their team right. Azhar should have been included and anyone but RANA. hafeez needs to come down order. open with afridi ...he will play same shot up or down. malik should also be up the order....but most importantly I think inzi needs to consider solving the opening issue with one of the big three. its not like they dont come in by the 2nd over anyway.

  • Srikanth on March 14, 2007, 4:58 GMT

    Well Kamran jee,,

    I totally believe pakistan has wat in them to beat any side in the world including australia,, the differences u pointed out were true,, when u see a pitch that suits fast bowlers one shud have picked sami, the problem with this present pak team is not their bowling,, but their batting, for the starters imraz nazir cud be the perfect 12th man, he is there in the team only for his bowling, afridi comes in and takes his spot for sure, younis khan shud do a dravid, i mean the wall, he is the player who can do a sheet anchor like a atapattu, he needs to be told that, there is no point in arguing abt afridi's form, but he needs to be in the team just for his fielding and bowling skills,, kaneria is a totally different bowler, kaneria flights the ball, afridi is flat and quick, and i seriously believe that pak has lost the match by the partnership betn inzi aur mohd yousuf, i seriously believe that they shud sack woolmer, get waqar younis as coach, waqar has so much experience and he knows the players well and he knows when to use a bowler and when not to,, woolmer openly writes off chances of pakistan, there is no self confidence in the team, i want pakistan to do well, let them meet a specialist for this and get their minds stable, u cant take zim lightly,, for me, india vs pakistan at the final is the best possible thing, in 92 it was pak which won the cup, in 96 it was sl vs aus, and sl won the cup, in 99 it was aus vs pak and in 03 it was aus vs india, it shud be an all asia final and it shud be india vs pakistan at the cup and india winning it by a last ball six like javed miandad,, thats a fantasy though,, but i want to cheer for pakistans and i want pakistan to come out blazing in the super 8s and win all the games except india,, india vs pakistan in the final, it might happen, naaah, it will happen,,,,

  • Najeeb Shinwari on March 14, 2007, 4:56 GMT

    i wont give up hope on this team, i think they need to set the right combination, if younis comes after 3 balls then y not send him open the innings, yusuf 3, inzi 4, We dont need Danish in team, Malik and Hafeez, and Afridi can do spin job, while we need to put Yasir or Azhar inplace or Rana, i think this team nees to gear up, and i am sure we will make it to Semi Final.

  • Amanzeb Khan on March 14, 2007, 4:56 GMT

    I felt an element of being overawed by the occasion in the batting performance particularly the starts of both teams. Even West Indians were very tenetative to start with but they did well to preserve wickets. Our top three threw it away. And the partnership of Yousuf and Inzamam was painstakingly slow. They need to rethink the strategy of leaving too much to do till the end particularly on slowish wickets. Younis is pivotal to the chances of the team. With unstable openers his position is critical. And he bats more fluently than Inzi and Yousuf. I have a feeling we will struggle in games where Younis doesnt contribute.

    The bowling was not bad but Rana let off the pressure in the beginning overs. Additionally none of our bowlers can bowl at the death apart from Hafeez.

    It will be very tough from here on. We will have to win atleast 4 out of our 6 super eight games to qualify for the semi finals. The team needs to immediately shed all tentativeness and bat more positively to give themselves the best chance.

  • maan on March 14, 2007, 4:56 GMT

    i think pakistan should not have gone to west indies and it would have been less shame if pcb had said that our players are injured and we dont have backup for them so we cannot play world cup. and from now on pakistan should not prepair for the next world cup as they usualy do after world cup and pakistan should only prepair for the series which they are going to play this would be better for pakistan cricket.

  • abc on March 14, 2007, 4:55 GMT

    what the hell inzy was doing with the overs count. its utter disastrous captaincy if u dont give ur strike bowler(gul) his full quota of 10 overs n he should have been brought at the start of the slog overs to take a wicket and put pressure on the windies.inzy surely missed the point here.And about battin less said its better

  • Ali Hasan, USA on March 14, 2007, 4:53 GMT

    Pathetic! The funny thing about our team is that they are oblivious to it all, losing does'nt mean a thing; they are in la la land when it comes to accountability. What's even funnier is that they'd somehow squeeze into round 2 (by beating Ireland & maybe Zimbabwe) and claim they performed well when they'd go back to Pakistan, although they'd get beaten by every team in round 2.

  • Ibad ur Rehman on March 14, 2007, 4:53 GMT

    Kamran or anybody else out there, I request if any body can answer a few questions that have been irritating me, confined to the match.

    Selection of Imran Nazir in the squad - well nothing can be done about it now - so we will leave it alone. Lets talk the match.

    1. Why Rana, if at all he had to be played, was used at teh start of teh innings. Stats and facts show that he could be less embarassing at the end; and Rao did show some good form during whatever chances he got in South Africs. 2. Why did Inzi persist with the opening bowlers for too long? It was not only increasingly futile, but was also risky considering the hot weather and generally vulnerable physical state of most of our fast men. 3. Why are we forced to watch Kamran Akmal for an eternity now. Though some TV commnetators keep on appreciating him, I cant see why? He dropped Lara, but Pakistan was fortunate Lara did not punish too much. Then he also let go of run-out chance off Dwayne Smith when he had not scored too many. Smith then proceeded to wrestle the initiative from Pakistan. 4. Why did Inzi change Kaneria during the death overs when he took a wicket and gave only 3 runs in his last over. Considering that the WI batters after in the final overs did not possess very sound batting techniques against spin, and that they play fast medium as a routine in their domestic games, it was a highly questionable move. 5. Why Inzi does not come 1-down and let younus come after Yousuf. Inzi can absorb a lot of pressure and is a slow mover. If he comes early, he can use power plays without having to run too much. While Younus - having his best average at number 5 - is an accumulator early in his innings and can benefit from spread out field. He is fast between the wickets as well, and can nurture natural partnership with the likes of Shoaib Malik. 6. And finally, why were Inzi and Yousuf so painfully slow in their partnership. They sure are much more than we saw of them in teh match. That Yousuf would make a mess of three balls in a row, after spending so much time in the middle, and having such a calm temprament, is mind boggling.

    Yes it was only a game. Yes I am not losing hopes yet. But some answers will be well recieved.

  • Usman Khan on March 14, 2007, 4:52 GMT

    kamran! Apart from the match result (which is undoubtedly disappointing though)I would like to question the PCB, Captain and the Board. Have they really got brains or are really brainless. I believe that if even a lame person having a little know how about cricket can be given a chart with the names of the available squad, their strengths & weaknesses and their past records, i can assure you that he can pick a much much better squad that the captain and management!!!!

    Mr. Inzi! can you please give explaination for these questions:

    1. Why was Imran Nazir selected in the squad despite continous failures? why overlooked Yasir Hameed, Salman Butt, Imran Farhat, Asim Kamal ?????

    2. Why is Rana included in the squad?? is he your relative...? why overlooked Shahid Nazir, Abdur Rehman, Yasir Arafat ????

    3. Can you explain why did you left Umar Gul with one over remaining from his alloted quota of ten and gave the ball to Rana who conceeded 16 runs in that (which is quite ususal for him)???? Nonsense and absent mindedness!!!

    4. why can't you bring shoaib malik on the open and despite of continous opening failures???

    and many more ..... Inzi my kind suggestion to you is to kindly get rid of the captaincy and concentrate on your batting. A good batsman can't even be a good leader. or if you really wanna remain captain, go take coaching from Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Ricky Ponting, Rahul Dravid, Greame Smith, Fleming or anyone you like......


  • Abdul Kadir Hussain on March 14, 2007, 4:49 GMT

    Early round matches are all about finding the combination. Pakistan lost because they had too many high risk selections. Nazir, Kaneria and Rana were all hero or zero type selections and unfortunately for us they all turned out to be zero's. You give Nazir one more chance to find some form otherwise you have to abandon ship once Afridi is back. Kaneria and Rana need to go now. We might say the bowling was good, but really it was just 3 bowlers who maintained any kind of pressure. Gul, Rao and Hafeez. The team for Ireland needs to see Rana and Kaneria dropped with Sami and Azhar/Arafat coming in. Then if Nazir fails again Afridi comes in for Nazir with Malik/Younis/Akmal moving to the opening slot. If he succeeds Afridi comes in for one of the medium pace allrounders.

    You wait 4 years for a WC but it can slip away in a blink of an eye. If we learn from our loss it will be worth it otherwise....

  • Nusrat Hussain on March 14, 2007, 4:49 GMT

    I would like to keep the emotions away and get down to reality and facts that caused us the match. 2. Inzimam and Yousaf did not convert the singles into double. I don't know what kind of cricket they were playing in the WORLD CUP. 3. Why the hell Rana is in the side-- I do not mean to be rude, but is it because of the reason that he has grown a beard???? 4. Why Kamran Akmal is in the side--- He did capture some catches and a stump, but what about the run out and a catch that he dropped. 5. Kamran u r right this team can still do wonders and let us not lose hope on them. 1. Bad Capataincy: Inzimam could not keep the pressure on West Indies while fielding. Planning was so bad that Umar Gull could only complete 9 overs.

  • bubzoo on March 14, 2007, 4:49 GMT

    who wants to bet! there is a fair chance that Ireland will thrash us. Inzy please hang your gloves because everything else has been!

  • Jaat Yamla on March 14, 2007, 4:48 GMT

    It was pathetic performance by the Pakistani batsmen. I don't understand 'Why Rana is still in team?' It should have been yasir Hameed instead of Amir Nazir. Mohammed Yousuf and Inzamam had win us matches in the past. It was their performance that was reason for the loss... Power play and 13 runs in 9 overs... Come on.. I will not be surprised if they loose to Zimbabwe :-(

  • Non-Vegetarian Third Party on March 14, 2007, 4:46 GMT

    It is really sad to see a Pakistan team, that has so much talent in its pool, struggle to reach 241 against a decent bowling attack, at best. Pakistan selectors and team management should have been sacked so long ago. Yasir Hameed should have been in this team instead of Imran Nazir or Yasir Arafat. What the hell is Rana doing when Azar is sitting out. The Pakistani managemnt destroyed the career of Azar about 7-8 yrs ago and now they are destroying yasir hameed's career. Don't they have resources to counsel young players to stay away from drugs? Mohammed Asif is a great talent wasted. Can't they give some kind of anger management counseling to Shahid Afridi? Abdur Razzaq should have been protected from practice related injuries. He is so important to this team. So much talent and so little management of it. Really sad. And I am not even a Pakistani...only a Sri Lankan. I can feel how the Pakistani fans must be feeling now.

    Pakistan has a talent pool of 85%, but the team management and board destroys it to perform at 65%.

    India has 75% of talent but the media and public and hype it upto 95% and pressure it down to 65%

    Sri Lanka has only about 50% talent but they somehow manage to perform at 65% with good training, team-work and "limited" interference from the management or the public. There is something to be said about being a small country and less feudal in its administration.

  • Ali Hasan, USA on March 14, 2007, 4:46 GMT

    Pathetic! The funny thing about our team is that they are oblivious to it all, losing does'nt mean a thing; they are in la la land when it comes to accountability. What's even funnier is that they'd somehow squeeze into round 2 (by beating Ireland & maybe Zimbabwe) and claim they performed well when they'd go back to Pakistan, although they'd get beaten by every team in round 2.

  • Nath on March 14, 2007, 4:45 GMT

    I cannot believe the negativity of some of the posts here!

    I am an Australian supporter but for what it's worth, I believe that Pakistan can still beat anyone on their day. Their loss last night was not good but the WI are not a bad team either. Pakistan seem to be one of these teams who are shockingly inconsistent, and their worst is very bad, but no other team in the world would want to play Pakistan when they perform at their best.

    Remember the 1999 World Cup, when Australia were beaten easily by NZ and then by Pakistan in the early stages, but Australia still ended up winning the tournament. Maybe some of the comments here are out of frustration, anger and annoyance, but I think Pakistani's need to get behind their team and not be so negative.

    Don't give up hope, I don't think it is over for Pakistan just yet!

  • Ravi on March 14, 2007, 4:41 GMT

    well well, we guys in the sub-continent are very passionate abt our teams. All said and done.. I see comments only talking abt Paks performance. Come on guys give some credit to the WI as well. Samuels and Dwayne smith for me took away the match from Pak.

  • Tahir Hashmi on March 14, 2007, 4:39 GMT

    Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! I am ashamed to be a Pakistan fan today. Everyone with the exceptions of Malik and Rao let us down. Why does one good performance from Nazir guarantee him a permanent spot in the team as an opener? Salman Butt should have been chosen in his place. At least Hafeez can bowl. They need to make the best of their given situation now, and the real sad part is that they could have easily beaten the hosts today, if only for a sensible team selection. Why do they keep giving Rana a chance? What are they waiting for? A miracle? It is not gonna happen! Please, please spare him and us the embarrassment and put Sami in! And why can't Inzi and Woolmer knock some sense into the openers? Just tell them to stop acting like mavericks and put their heads down and give us a 50-60 run stand. That is all we need for our batting to click! I really think Inzi needs to go. I realize that he is still one of the world's best bats, but his lack of inspiring and insightful leadership, apathetic attitude on the field that shows no sense of urgency, and continued favoritism towards certain players costs us a lot more than his batting ever provides. Its a crime to have the talent like we do and do nothing with it. Another thing that bugs me is the inclusion of Mushtaq as the bowling coach in Waqar's place. Just because Mushy is Inzi's friend and can grow a thick beard is not reason enough to make him the bowling coach, when we really need someone like Waqar who was the best in bowling the death overs, the precise period where we lost this match today. Our young guns badly need his guidance.

    But I whole heartedly agree with Kamran, there is a lot of cricket left in this tournament. We can always hope Inzi comes to his senses quickly and utilizes his resources to the best. Let's not lose hope.

  • naveed on March 14, 2007, 4:38 GMT

    In simple words, Pakistani team is on the way back home very soon....keep my words ZIM will also defeat us. Like previous WC, we will not be able to reach next round......

    Inzi is an old horse...have you seen him counselling Rana when he was severly beaten? ...look at our feilding...... They all are Mother f.........

  • Faisal Durrani on March 14, 2007, 4:37 GMT


    Real lousy performance by same expected out of form, un-reliable players like Rana Naved, Kamran Akmal,Imran Nazir. These players were good in the past but now they only can be classified as "BAGS OF HOPE AND ANTICIPATION". We just keeps hoping and anticipating that something good will come out from them but its the same thing again and again. Streets of Pakistan are full of better bowlers then Rana Naved but our selectors just cant seem to find them. Sami is thousand times better bowler then Rana on any kind of pitch. If a wicket keeper drops or misses two chances, that could be additional 60 to 100 runs and on top of that if he gets out on a duck, thats ridiculous. Whatever happened to Aminur Rahman. Six on one ball and out on next is not very intelligent. This is what Imran Nazir has been trying to do ever since. Does anybody remember Hassan Raza's performance recently. Why cant we just try some new faces instead of same old Tom, Dick and Harry?

  • Pirat on March 14, 2007, 4:35 GMT

    good to see Pakis lose.. u guys are losers, hopefully lose against kenya too. i wanna see kenya and windies in the super 8's.

  • Ravi Kumar on March 14, 2007, 4:33 GMT

    This was a match Pakistan lost rather than one which the Windies won. And the culprits? The top three of the Pakistani batting - Inzamam, Younis and Yousuf between them managed 82 runs in 25 overs, and lost them the match. The late flourish from Shoaib Malik showed how it should have been done AND spared Pakistan an embarrassingly huge loss.

  • Syed on March 14, 2007, 4:33 GMT

    I agree with your statement on Rana, Its unbelievable how he is being selected even after such worst performance recently.

    I think Azhar should take his place, and also Mohammed Sami should be given chance. This will add to pakistan's batting depth as they both can bat.

    The pakistanis have to sort out their vulnerability of the top order batsmen very soon.

  • hopeisdead on March 14, 2007, 4:30 GMT

    i hope pakistan losses right in the first round. lets get rid of the pain right away and watch better teams cricket. its better to take the bullet in the heart and die right away then taking bullet in your stomach and die waiting with hope that help will be arriving soon.

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 4:27 GMT

    I have to put in my few cents in. First of all.. Shoaib Malik should be opening with nazir.. then mohammad yousuf or inzi. These two players should not bat togather because both of them reduce the run rate to nothing. i blame both of them for todays game because they just let the game go pass by them. Kamran akmal should be out of the team and younis khan should be the keeper. This gives us the option of brining afridi in with azhar mahmood and yasir arafat who are all rounders. Kamran akmal is no use to this pakistan team he is big liability. As you already said about Rana naveed, i don't even know what to say about him. No one understands why he is still in the Pakistan team. I can bet you any money if he was Australian he would've been long gone. even India kicked irfan pathan and balaji and nehra out. Rana is nothing compare to them. But whatever i write and what ever you write, nothing is good unless it is actually done. So at the end i want to say is NO COMMENTS

  • Chakri on March 14, 2007, 4:27 GMT

    Are you nuts!!!

  • yasin on March 14, 2007, 4:27 GMT

    Every single one of u said what u had to say about pakistan team, but let me remind u that the pakistanis are the underdogs, and they were in the same situation in the 1992 World cup, and they pulled it out.But PLLLLLLLLLLeeeeeeaaaassssee take Rana out of the team and select me i think i can do better than him

  • Azam Farooqui on March 14, 2007, 4:26 GMT

    Well next two games should be utilized to create a combination that pakistan has to go with in the super eight (provided they qualfiy !?!?!?!?!?!?) I think it's time to send Rana back, Pakistan's better off with a 14 man squad. i think pakistan has the talent to go far in the world cup, i guess i'm an eternal optimist like kamran but i feel that fine tuning a couple of areas can make pakistan a serious opposition. One thing is certain, afridi is a vital cog in this pakistan line, even if he has to play at Kaneria's expense, then so be it. He's too precious to be ignored once he complete's his ban. Also sami and azhar should be tried out in the next two games to get a feel of the tournamnet. Rao and Umar did an adequate job and deserve to open the bowling in my opinion.

  • Nightmare on March 14, 2007, 4:26 GMT

    To all my dear fellows who keep wondering why Rana is in the team, the answer is simple his only credential is that he has a favorable domicile and so does half a dozen other players mind you,,, hehehe.

    To all the fellows who keep insisting that Rana is a good bowler and needs a rest, "Get a Life!!!" the answer is yest again simple he needs a big swift kick in the arse and not just rest.

    The same can be said for Hafeez, UGGGGGGGGG!!!!

  • indiawillwinWC'07 on March 14, 2007, 4:25 GMT

    The problem ith pakistan is that they have too many test players in their side. In todays match, inzi and yousuf scored what...13 runs in 9 overs! that slower than a test match scoring rate. If pakistan wants to win this world cup...its impossible. If it wants to win the next world cup, they need to sack inzi and yousuf from the one-day side. I agree that it will make the team hit their lowest point ever for a year or so, but the long term advantage will be far outweigh the low-points

  • A.R.Zaidi on March 14, 2007, 4:23 GMT

    And they offered to match to WI in silver platter! Bad captaincy, bad batting by all batters and bad bowling by Rana. First they gave at least 40 extra runs though Kaneria and Rana followed by poor poor batting by Inzi. Why was he over cautious, he made the things look so unnatural and slow. He lost the match for Pakistan. Openers r emain our problem. What can we deduce? a complete disaster like 2003? I am sure from day one that Inzi lacks captaincy skills. He cannot lead from front, i pray everything goes well in next matches and Pakistan bounces back.

  • Sushobhan Chowdhury on March 14, 2007, 4:22 GMT

    I am Indian supporter and therefore support India. I am not amazed by the over-reaction of some of the Pakistani fans because we, in India, are similar after each loss. Pakistan did much worse in 1992 World Cup in the initial stages, inluding a 75 all out, - and still won the Cup. Pakistan has some of the finest players in the game and with a bit of luck can definitely reach the finals. I have very high regards for this Pakistan team. They might have taken some time to get over the loss of Shoaib and Asif but once settled they can beat the best including Australia. I differ with the writer only on the last item. Please do not blame the players as they always try their best to win. I sincerely hope Pakistan does well. Regards....... S. Chowdhury

  • mohammad najib zaman on March 14, 2007, 4:19 GMT

    i know why inzi chose to field first, he dont trust his bowling side. well i dont think they are doing any good with the batting either. west indies, the team india destroyed, defeated pakistan by a big margin. who to blame? inzi have never been good in his captaincy and shouldnt have been the leader in the first place, he is a great batsman who can take his team to glory and thats it. we need a motivator like imran khan, or wasim akram. they lead the team from front. wasim bhai will come to bowl right away first and when he eases off pressure, then he let others to charge, thats how shoaib akhtar, aqib javed, mushy, and waqar were made, under great leadership. now, no bowler is there to lead the team from front. similarly its the same with the batting order, imran khan kept on saying that inzi should come early so he could ease off pressure for the team but he will let the youngsters take the lead, it could have been a decision if any youngster would have done a good job and been consistent. i am disappointed at PCB for the lack of preparation since 2003 world cup. we saw great players but had problems with all of them. none of the pakistani players have been consistent in this game when it really matters. every single player need to understand it is their responsibility to win matches for the team. and they should have been really good enough to adjust themselves in all sorts of ground. i hope they do not disappoint again.

  • sakti on March 14, 2007, 4:13 GMT

    Pakistan is paying the value of reducing Shoib Akther and Asif.

  • Ahmed Mushtaq on March 14, 2007, 4:12 GMT

    Few questions for the so called Big Inzi.

    1. Why Rana is playing? When u have Azhar. 2. Why Kaneria is playing? Afridi shoyuld play whenever he is available. 3. Why Inzi doesn't come 1 down or 2 down? Are you afraid or u have lost that touch?? Reasons Required.. 4. Why kick Imran Nazir's bu...... Ask him to play properly. 5. Why dont you have an attacking strategy? It world cup Man what the hell were u doning when Lara came to Bat.. you should've set attacking fielding..

    Now for me Inzi doesn't have barin to think smartly and quickly or may be he doesnt want to...

    I feel sorry for all of my country men.. But this team has a track record of doing that.. its a hopless case..

  • Faraz on March 14, 2007, 4:11 GMT

    Pakistanis had to be ashamed on the performance.But who are responsible for it. I am not a cricketer, but still i felt that there is no place for Rana in the Paki Team, Sami should play instead of Rana. If mighty captain goes with the same team, i am sure, they will return Pakistan very soon.

  • OneCaring on March 14, 2007, 4:11 GMT

    Dear Kamran:

    The selection of Rana, Imran, Kaneria and Kamran, as we all know, has no merit. They all have been performing very very poorly. Other players who have been consistently doing well in the domestic cricket have been discouraged by the selection committe and the PCB. What is PCB doing? NOTHING! Who is the chairman of PCB? A person who has no knowledge of the cricket. Peior to the current chairman, we have an Army guy... go figure!

    Anyway, aside from the selection, our team looked like a looser bunch. We could see it from the body language of Mhammad Yousuf and Inzamam. WHat were these two big guns doing in the middle of the crease? They wasted time and deliveries. I am sorry to say, but Mohammad Yousuf got out as if for an unknown reason he didn't want to play anymore. He tried his best to get out. So did Younus. Inzi built up pressure upon himself as well on the team and then got out.

    These days, teams are playing with batsman-wicketkeeper. Why in the world are we still playing with a wicketkeeper, who can barely keep and cannot bat at all. Kamran is a failure. Get him out of the team.

    Imran Nazir has no idea of being opening the innings. Why is he in the team?

    Is there anybody in the entire country who can ask questions from PCB? PCB is solely responsible for these blunders, including hiring Bob Woolmer as a coach. PCB is responsible for the selectors who are selecting unqualified and players. PCB is totally responsible for putting Pakistan's honor and respect on the line. PCB is responsible for disgracing us and the reason for the embarassment.

  • Zeeshan on March 14, 2007, 4:10 GMT

    For those that are not on Pakistan's bandwagon, please do us a favor and stay out of it forever. You probably don't know a single thing about cricket except sit on your chairs and WHINE!!! Yes, we played bad, we deserved to lose, but there were multiple reasons for the loss, such as: 1. Younis dropping Sarwan at duck, he went on to score 49. 2. Use of power plays by Inzi. You don't have to use all power plays right away...innovate!!! 3. Bowling changes...come on Inzi. Why bowl Gul for 7 overs straight when you only got ONE wicket from the first 15 overs. And for our sake give Rana a break. Gul should have not bowled more than 6 overs and then brought in during the middle overs for a 2-over spell. Same with Rao. 4. We should have got WI out for no more than 210. 5. Imran Nazir...use your are not Afridi. 6. Younis should know better than that to play that ridiculous shot. 7. Hafeez...the way he got out tells us why his average is only 19. In 45 matches he has not scored a single century. 8. Inzi and Yousuf...take singles, keep the score board moving. Specially when you are playing with a short batting line-up. You can't expect to score 10 runs per over in the last 10 overs every time.

    In conclusion, we played a bad game, but our strategy was the worst. Kaneria was never a part of the ODI team, why even choose him in the squad...this is the selectors fault. Abdur Rehman should have been in the squad. Anyways, considering what we have I agree with some of the comments above. Nazir should be out and Akmal should open. We have to choose from the 15 we have and we don't have any other opening option. No Younis should not open, he is the best player we have at number 3. Yousuf and Inzi are also fine at their positions. Hey, Inzi is getting old. He cannot be at the crease for a long time, which would happen if he comes earlier. Rana should make way for Sami and Kaneria is out and in comes Afridi. Azhar or even Yasir Arafat take the final spot.

    With this combination we'll have four pace bowling options (Sami, Gul, Rao, and Arafat), three spin options (Afridi, Hafeez, and Malik), and batting line up to number 9.



  • vineet kaimal on March 14, 2007, 4:09 GMT

    hi kamran what i feel particularly is tht pak sud open with kamran akmal n younis khan.Akmal i hav seen few of his innings against the seaming ball he luks one of the few pak bats with some footwrk anyways i feel he is a waste down as he doesnt possess the power for accleration.yousuf at3 inzy 4 n malik i feel is very underrated he sud be at 5 then power players sud follow afridi he will be back,azhar.As fgor rana he sudnt even allowed to carry drinks i personally feel he sud be given drugs by someone(who cares for pak cric)so tht he gets caught n is banned for life he is a born losser

  • Khurram on March 14, 2007, 4:09 GMT

    One thing which people are not pointing is captaincy. Inzi lacks courage and imagination, as it seems. Spinners were going ok and had held the batsmen back reasonably. Ball was old and soft and it gets harder to hit a spinner in the end, considering Bravo and Smith are not good players of spin. So why does Inzi have to bring his pacers back for the last 5 overs. Anyway, the way Ireland played against SA in the warm ups, I think they have a very real chance of sending Pakistan back. If by any chance we make it to next round then lets get ready for the real movie which will be played in that round. This was just a trailer. I am really looking forward to the a** kicking which India, SA, NZ, Aus, heck every other team is gonna dish out to Pakistan in days to come.

  • pier wasif on March 14, 2007, 4:09 GMT

    pathetic Pathetic & pathetic that is how i can explain our spineless team, this team needs a big changhe starting from Coach, Captain & vice Captain,the entire selection committe including the big boss Mr.Musharaf the president of Pakistan please keep him and Imran Khan out of our cricket team, believe me we will start to do fine.God bless pakistan thanks after that we can think about playing cricket

  • Fardeen Sakhi on March 14, 2007, 4:09 GMT

    Very Poor…Very Poor performance all-round by a strong team, unbelievable. For a while I thought Pakistan will chase a target of 190 runs and chase is very comfortably unfortunately, drop catches, bad fielding and very awful balling at end 10 overs. I am sure if they continue like this offcourse they won't beat Zimbabwe they will lose to Ireland as will.

  • Babar on March 14, 2007, 4:08 GMT

    Hi Kamran, I have following points to make:- 1. Generally the team was energetic in the field but unfortunately inzi never possesses the acumen to use his bowlers -- result butchery in last 5 overs. 2. K Akmal was better yet missed catch and run out chance and irresponsible shot --- result nothing can be done now about wk. 3. I Nazir, Hafeez, Younis careless shots-- result a disaster 4. Yousaf and inzi too underconfident and submissive --- result asking rate at 30 overs above 7.

  • Aneesh on March 14, 2007, 4:08 GMT

    Unfortunately the truth is that Pakistan cannot afford to play Kaneria - he is a liability on the field, his batting isn't that great, and on these small pitches, most batsmen will be able to clear the ground easily.

    Pakistan have got to play Afridi - can help them mix up their batting order, and along with Hafeez and Malik Pakistan will easily have 20 overs taken care of.

    Rana is a tricky situation, he is a clever bowler, one of the few with a good slower ball which has proven to be lethal in these conditions. Lucky for Pakistan Rao had a great and Gul had a good spell as well.

    About the batting order, I don't think Pak can afford to make Younis Khan open, they'll have to stick to 3-4-5 for Khan, Mohd Yousuf and Inzi. And with Shoiab Malik and potentially Afridi/Hafeez (if they change the order) to follow, they can chase down or score anything in excess of 270-300. Its just important that one of the 3-4-5 scores big, which unfortunately didn't happen for Pakistan today!!

  • Jawad on March 14, 2007, 4:07 GMT

    im tired of wasting my time on useless shows so maybe we should atleast cut the amount of time that is going to be wasted by watching pakistani games. how abt inzi just negotiates with every opponenet caption abt the start of the game. i think inzi should offer oppenents that we will start at 20/2 with 5 over. i doubt opponents would agree at that score but 10/2 at the end of 5 over is very realistic. another tactic to save some time is at the end of 40 overs, inzi can just say that hey opponents just add 80 more runs to ur total so pakistan doesnt even waste their time by bowling at the end of the innining. now that 15 overs reduction is almost one hour and fifteen miniutes. paki players dont even deserve the lunch and im sure opponents would want to win quickly so we can sack lunch time out of the pakistani games. thats more than valuable 2 hours alone that every pakistani fan would save by not watching useless games. seems like a paki version of 20/20 games

    if all these negiotiations doesnt work they maybe they should just send back rana, nazir and kamran akmal back to pakistan without asking ICC for replacement. sari kishtiyan jala kar larnay aahain hain wali baat hogi. atleast then we know our playing 11 will be out of availabe 12 players. makes it easy to select 11. since afridi is out nywayz, playing 11 will be available 11 and then when afridi comes back the weakest link can be kicked out until needed.

  • Sarfarj on March 14, 2007, 4:06 GMT

    What a pathetic show of impotence by Pak team. Inzi's time has been gone for years. He weighs 500 Kgs and still thinks he can play interanational cricket. What a joke of openers ?? DOesn't Pakistan have enough Dhobis to bring to WC to open?? Malik is the sole fighter. Rana Out, Openers both out. Open with Afridi. Drop Younis to 6th down. Shame on Pakista.

  • Husayn on March 14, 2007, 4:06 GMT

    absolutely pathetic performance from pakistan. poor team selection and even worse batting. i think top three batsmen should take courses on shot selection. what the hell was younis thinking hooking a wide ball on off towards leg. i am already starting to see future full of troubles for this team. imagine after inzi.. younis is most likely to be the captain. i agree younis has been a good player recently but he has been riding his luck all the time. he doesnt deserve to bat at the most important position in the lineup. i feel ashamed on being such an enthusiastic supporter of this current pakistani team full of crap.

    Afridi should come in to replace Rao Iftikhar as soon as he becomes available and bat before Kamran Akmal.

    I would love to see Pakistan in next round but i am starting to loose my hope seeing their pathetic performance. i think the ireland match will be a tough one.

  • Ali Bokhary on March 14, 2007, 4:05 GMT

    Dear Kamran, let me tell you where the problem lies. The problem is in the beards. These mullahs will be better off in Afghanistan and Iraq, blowing themselves off in the name of Allah rather than being in the cricket field wasting everybody's time. Here is my suggestion to improve this team in the future.

    Kick Inzamam ul Haq (BEARD) out, Kick Rana Naveed (Beard) out, double kick Mushtaq Ahmed (beard) out. Ask Yousaf Youhana to shave off and he could stay, otherwise kick Yousaf Youhana (beard) out. I can assure you Allah will start getting gracious on this team. Otherwise, hoping anything else would be like making a fool out of ourselves.

  • Sarfarj on March 14, 2007, 4:05 GMT

    What a pathetic show of impotence by Pak team. Inzi's time has been gone for years. He weighs 500 Kgs and still thinks he can play interanational cricket. What a joke of openers ?? DOesn't Pakistan have enough Dhobis to bring to WC to open?? Malik is the sole fighter. Rana Out, Openers both out. Open with Afridi. Drop Younis to 6th down. Shame on Pakista.

  • Hammad Alam on March 14, 2007, 4:03 GMT

    I feel the world cup format is not a true reflection of what the One Day form requires. Any of the major teams can beat the other on their best day. With just one game against a major side in the group phase, the world cup's format isn't a true reflection of how One Day cricket works. I agree, if Pakistan wins against the minnows and advances to the Super 8s, it won't be as respectable now that they've lost the most important match of the group phase. But thats just it, its the only match of the group phase that actually tests the side. West Indies came out with passion in front of a home crowd that has been waiting for this day for years, it was a difficult time out there. I don't agree with those who feel this side hasn't earned the respect of their fans. What about the series against England in 2005 (while England were drunk after winning the Ashes), the series against West Indies in West Indies last year, and the one day matches against India in India in 2005, where Pakistan won the series 4-2. May I remind others a couple of the matches in that series saw Pakistan chase over 300 runs successfully. We mustn't call for their heads. Starting the world cup against the host side of the world cup put the team under tremendous pressure. It wouldn' have been an easy task for anyone. Our bowling did well, much to the surprise of everyone, and I am positive all of us were hopeful Pakistan would see it through to 242 easily. Back in '99 our bowling was superb. Now, our batting seems to be our strength (even Tony Cozier felt the Windies didn't score enough runs against a "strong Pakistan batting side"). Its only one game. Yes, Ireland and Zimbabwe are next, but its the World Cup. No team will win it unbeaten, and thats virtually guaranteed. To those who lost hope now, I'm positive you'll be praising the team once they bounce back, whether it be in this tournament or some time in the future.

  • Srinivas on March 14, 2007, 4:03 GMT

    The team that played better cricket won and thats it. Congats to the west indian team.

  • Leena Ferdous Khan on March 14, 2007, 4:02 GMT

    They say cricket is an unpredictable game. Perhaps no other side displays that unpredictability with almost predictable regularity as do Pakistan. They also say Pakistan blow hot and cold. I guess today was not a "blow hot" day, which by the way is few and far between. The last one was the second ODI during the recent South African tour. Will the next one be before this WC is over ?!

  • Jeyarama Ananta on March 14, 2007, 4:00 GMT

    I think Pakistan may not have the chance.India almost lost to a associate country last time and still reached the final. But they had the pool there. But Pakistan is nowhere near its best.Only player who i beleive as a real threat is Shoaib Malik and its a pity that he was not there when it was 2 down. There needs a fresh air in the think tank. Why afridi is not opening the innings? Right now they are Just "Eat,Sleep,?"

  • ali on March 14, 2007, 3:59 GMT

    The biggest obstacle that pakistan face now is ireland...if pakistan can some how by hook or crook manage to beat ireland they may have a realistic hope of reaching the super 8s . semifinal may be a distant dream but i guess under the current scenario every match should be played like a final.Ireland played very well in the warm up matches and has clearly suggested that they have a very capable bowling attack and considering pakistans current batting...posting a decent total will be an uphill task. Everything is wrong from team selection to captaincy ...I am afraid they have got it terribly wrong..unfortunately inzamam does not have the potential to be a leader...he has no leadership skills , his tactics are pathetic and i find it hard to belive if he has what it takes to boost the morale of the side now. It apparently seems that the selection in the squad under inzamams regime is based on the religious aspects rather than can clearly see that rana naved is being played again inspite of some extraordinary performances in the past ...even the canadians had a bowl playing him ...what is the new magic the beard... Sulman butt was pakistans best opener under the present lot along with taufiq umar and they are not in the squad...its pathetic...imran nazir might be a good fielder but his batting is very vulnerable ...he might be attacking but he will score in 20% of the matches and therefore is not lets assume that we have 2 opneres in the shape of hafeez and nazir who will make 10-12 runs in a match...what is the point in playing them ? beats me ..but do we have any other players in the lot who can replace them ? this is a disaster in team selection..i mean wouldnt we be better off opening with younis khan and afridi .. i am sure they can only do better ..anyways younis khan comes in the first or second over so he is an opener..and we could strengthen the middle order by putting 2 good batsman over there asim kamal could have been one ...but our selectors had other we dont even have any other middle order batsman?? i personally feel that playing kaneria is a blunder i mean what is the point in playing him..i am not suggesting that kaneria is a bad bowler ...its the captain who has outsmarted the game...if you are playing an attacking bowler have to attack with him...if you are going to defend with him like we do with afridi or malik its not going to be beneficial to the teams cause infact that move will back west indiees were in deep trouble and what did the genius do ?? he started defending with kaneria ?? isnt he a genius ...this is what he has learned in 20 years of cricket pathetic ..he over bowled all his pace bowlers so as to ensure that he is done with the thinking job would be very fair to say that pakistan should have restricted them to 200 the max even if we had a mediocre captain....i am not making an excuse for the poor batting display...241 was very chasable..and as far as inzamams batting debate at no 3 is concerned..if you havent figured it out yet..i feel sorry for you he is incapable of batting at no3 he knows his true talent and that is the reason that he comes later on...he is incapable of dealing with the new ball..he has never done so and there are gg to be no exceptions ..

  • Syed Muhammad Hussain on March 14, 2007, 3:57 GMT

    3 batsmen, 5 all rounders, 1 wicketkeeper, 5 bowlers and 1 fielder (Imran Nazir)

    What kind of team is that? Who plays with such a ridiculous formation. Ridiculous, absolutely Ridiculous. Agreed that we have lost three of our best bowlers/players but at least field a balance side.

    And somebody please explain on what basis imran nazir, Kaneria, Rana are playing for pakistan team?

  • Avik Roy on March 14, 2007, 3:57 GMT

    "...there is only team that Pakistan don't have the skill to beat and that's Australia." There are several teams that have the skills to beat every OTHER team on their day, including Australia. I can count Australia (of course), Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, and New Zealand. So, what's so great about Pakistan having the skill to beat every other team EXCEPT Australia? I don't get it.

  • Ali H on March 14, 2007, 3:56 GMT

    Pakistan sucks big time. They will lose in the first round. Except for two or three all are bits & pieces batsmen with no good averages.

    Looking at Mohammed Yusuf and Rana with the beards it's disgusting. They are looking ugly & dirty!

  • pervaizkhan on March 14, 2007, 3:55 GMT

    Dear kamran, good comments ,iagree with yiur points ,the team is required to be told to bat 50 overs ,in imran nazir we are trying to put engine of afridi which also needs overhauling.Rana sahib need some long rest before being of luck.

  • R SJ on March 14, 2007, 3:55 GMT

    i agree with u kamran...rana should carry drinks n towels for the rest of tournament...yasir or azhar shud play instead of him..dnt knw abt sami man...i think he shud be in playin 11...either for rao or kaneria...i personally think our bowling wasnt that bad..i mean coupla of former cricketers were talkin abt 500 only last week as a potential total...bowlers only gave out half of those runs...dnt wana waste time n talk abt fielding...u knw aint nuthin gona battin was pathetic...i seriously dnt understand whats goin on...we should drop nazir for the next match n either open with shoaib malik or younis khan with game is all abt all-rounders..n we have plenty of 'em but our captain doesnt know how to use them...give this team to 'Sir Wasim Akram' n he will show us how to make these lazy a-s-s-es play....watever we think n say ....our players shud have a positve mind frame n that could win us games (they already got the talent..i mean they r those fortunate 11 out of those millions out there in pakistan who will sacrifice anything and everything to be in that same position..)....n i think they are too many religous stuff goin on...sometimes it feels like they are not even practicing..jus keepin beards n prayin to god so tht they could win matches.....anywayz i still have my hopes alive...GO PAKISTAN! YEA...

  • pervaizkhan on March 14, 2007, 3:53 GMT

    Dear kamran, good comments ,iagree with yiur points ,the team is required to be told to bat 50 overs ,in imran nazir we are trying to put engine of afridi which also needs overhauling.Rana sahib need some long rest before being of luck.

  • khan rahman on March 14, 2007, 3:53 GMT

    i hope pakistan makes it to super 8. i paid 180$ for the world cup package. i know they will never reach to semi. but i was smart i took days off with all super 8 games for gropu D 2 team i knew 5 weeks ago that Pakistan will never top Group D. but i now i am worried that if even we can make it to S8. it seems, like but now its too late, i will lose all my days off. if we are unable to make it to S8. please

    Mr. kamran, can you e-mail Mr. Bob the "pay check collector, without working" please reach to S8. we do work hard and every $ is earned with blood and now it is coming out from our eyes.

    MR. Bob all i asking is S8. lose all the games in S8. i don't care. Please..

  • Theena on March 14, 2007, 3:50 GMT

    For the past seven years, I've been wondering how someone of the quality of Azhar Mahamood isn't featured regularly. Call me crazy but he is on par, if not better, than Abdur Razzaq.

    The sooner he is included in the team, the more stability Pakistan will enjoy. Of course, after such a long lay off I wonder what Azhar can do to justify his selection. It will be wonderful if he performs exceptionally well and throws mud on the faces of those who kept him out of the team.

  • Babar on March 14, 2007, 3:49 GMT

    I think the chances of Pakistan winning the World Cup are about the same as me getting struck by lightning!

    I bet half of our team can’t run for 10 minutes straight. Inzi would be the first person to pull-out after walking for about 10 meters!

    Cricket has become a game of extreme fitness, which is what our players lack the most.

    Where’s the new talent? Oh wait, isn’t the nation too busy playing with their cell-phones or smoking the best of Afganistani leafs? I think just like Squash and Hockey, the game of Cricket is going to countries where each player must first be an athlete!

  • pier wasif on March 14, 2007, 3:48 GMT

    pathetic Pathetic & pathetic that is how i can explain our spineless team, this team needs a big changhe starting from Coach, Captain & vice Captain,the entire selection committe including the big boss Mr.Musharaf the president of Pakistan please keep him and Imran Khan out of our cricket team, believe me we will start to do fine.God bless pakistan thanks after that we can think about playing cricket

  • sheikh on March 14, 2007, 3:45 GMT

    i dont seem to understand ,y the management is sticking with mohammad hafeez,he is of no use,team would have been better off with yasir hammeed.afridi should be in kineria should be out,azhar should be in and rana should and once again team should send mohd hafeez back home..

  • Muhammad Tahir on March 14, 2007, 3:44 GMT


    Everyone must realize that the bowling strength is not that good, and yet they have did a very good job restricting WI for 242, what can u expect from those bowlers they done absolutly good job, i think with these bowlers we should always keep an eye on chasing 280+ scores, which will be alot more difficult for our batsmans if they continue like this. Similarly Inzi & Yousaf should move up to number 3 & 4, with Younis & Nazir starts the opening & Hafeez in the middle order. If i were the captain i would have picked Sami for Rana and Azhar for Danish. Similarly i agree with som

  • jaffar sorathia on March 14, 2007, 3:41 GMT

    Please tell me why we played Mohammed Asif in S.Africa when he had elbow problems, and the tour was a warmup for W.CUP. If we had his servies today we could have bowled out W.I. for less runs than our batsman have scored.(I hope they would)

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on March 14, 2007, 3:38 GMT

    GEEZ.......this new thread appeared on the blog as if thunder and lightening has struck Mr. Abbassi! :-)

    Never, mind we all are in the same state as you are. Since it is only 10:00 p.m. in Caribbean now and Inzi must be in the second mode of his quote, 'eat, sleep, gym' he believes in "early bird gets a worm" philosophy. But, it may not have occur to him ever about the fate of the poor little early worm!

    People are demanding Inzi and Rana's head. You can't kill two birds with one stone. Jokes aside, Rana will get a break for sure, and Inzi will stay. But, he must play at number 3. It would be better if Shoaib Malik opens with Imran Nazir, if the later fails against Ireland then its Afridi, who in any case will be in for the match against Zimbabwe.

    Mr.Asif Saeed said something about Younis Khan putting on the gloves. I have been saying this from the time Pak toured SA when Kamran Akmal had a torrid time with the gloves. But, this will not reach to the deaf ears of Inzi and Bob. This will give him a break and Pakistan can have an extra bowler or a batsman.

    Today Kaneria was able to spin and turn the ball well, but he was luckless and aimless as usual in his fielding and his weird over throw was almost a SIX. After seeing him bowl today, I would like to change my opinion, he may not be successful on these small grounds, where hitting a six is so easy! When Afridi plays DK has no room. Rao bowled well, so you can only bring in Sami or Azhar in place of Rana. The later is more dependable with the bat but, he too gets tired after bowling 5 overs. I wonder whats wrong with these fast bowlers of today? Umar Gul couldn't continue after 6 overs. Sami if he gets an early wicket, he bowls with a lot of determination and grit and he too is not bad with the bat, and he is definitely much fitter than Azhar and his fielding is also better than him. So, I would vote for Sami if there is a choice between the two.

    Rajesh Singh: India's bowling is definitely mediocre accept the fact. Look at the way Pathan bowled in that match, wayward and pathetic bowling and he was lucky to get 3 wickets. Look at Munna Bhai Patel, he bowled 4 overs and was sticking his tongue out like a dawg! Only Zaheer Khan is good at the moment. Compared to India's batting their bowling is definitely mediocre. They are lucky to have bowled out WI for 85 on that day, BUT you cannot get them out so cheaply in every match, they are not Canada. Wait and see the super 8 match between WI and India.

    And Raj, this time IF .........lemme first laugh with a big LOL....... IF Pakistan beats Ireland and Zimbabwe AND goes to the super 8, THEN this time they will break the Jinx. They will beat India in the world cup. Whether Afridi opens the innings or plays at number 7 it won't make any difference, Pakistan will beat India. I don't bet but, I will send you 2 cents through email if India wins :-) Take care.

  • Hockey Fan on March 14, 2007, 3:38 GMT

    We people in Pakistan are cricket crazy. But this game has given us nothing instead of disappointment every time. Plus cricket has played a major role in destroying other games in Pakistan too. Take example of Hockey, which is touching the lowest bottom. We should promote other games instead of cricket in pakistan

  • I want to play as Pakistani opening batsman on March 14, 2007, 3:37 GMT

    Enough has been already said and well said. I just can't believe why Inzi did not play Sami, Azhar, or Arafat in place of Rana who even got heavy beating against Canada earlier in the warm up match. If I were a Pakistani Opening Batsman I would at least respect the decision of Pakistan to give me the precious opportunity to open for my country. I would play sensibly and responsibly at a respectable rate (if aggressive batting is impossible) but how come Nazir and Hafeez don't have this same feeling as I have. They do the same mistake over and over again in every match. UNBELIEVABLE! Kamran Akmal is good for nothing. He can't do even average keeping and batting is just too much for him. Inzi made persistent mistakes as he did not change the bowling at the right time, so poor performance from him as a batsman and a captain as well. He shoufl have given Umar his full overs (10) who was just too much to handle. I don't know why he pursued on giving Rana and Kaneria more and more chances to bowl even though they were bowling really bad. I think WI and Ireland will make to the second round. Lets see.....

  • Zaheer Gorsi on March 14, 2007, 3:32 GMT

    Can some body tell why Inzi decided on bringing in Rana Naveed on attack in 47th over? His previous two spells were pathetic and giving away 16 runs in his third spell he simply gave away the game. As if this was not big enough blunder on part of Inzi, he needlesly made the chase out of reach through his exaggeratingly defensive batting. I do not see any problem with the team or its ability to beat any team, even Australia, only if our captain knows what he is doing.

  • Pratik on March 14, 2007, 3:30 GMT

    A few observations:

    1. Inzy keeps using Rana for opening. Strange considering his abysmal record as an opening bowler. He bowls well at the death. Yet, by the time WI innings entered 40th over Rana had only 2 overs left of which 1 was utilized. Strange, strange...

    2. Afridi should play instead of Kaneria, unless the pitch is slow enough for both of them to stride onto the green.

    3. Putting either Afridi or Malik at the top of the batting order might be a good idea. Gives the option of having an extra bowler and having a potentially explosive batsman at the top.

    4. With Razzaq out of the side, Azhar Mehmood has to play. No two opinions on this one.

    If anyone has to sit out, it has to be either one of Rana or Rao. If Azhar can use the new ball, and Rana is to be used at death, and during the mid-innings, then Rao should sit out. If Azhar doesnt have Inzy's confidence, then Rana has to sit out. Or may be both of them stay out and Sami comes in.

    Regarding you thought on teams other than Aussies not having skills to beat Pakistan; they are, well, interesting.

  • Ammar on March 14, 2007, 3:30 GMT

    HOPE needed to EXIST before it could have been ABANDONED.

    I heard BOB WOOLMER said he wants to prove the critics WRONG. He wants to show Imran Khan and Javed Miandad they are wrong. AT THIS STAGE ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT HE's PROVING THEM RIGHT (HAHA).

    The probelm lies in the BASICS, dropped cathces (younis after gayle got out), fielding (kaneria's throw), and running between wickets (13 runs in 9 overs). Fitness - doesn't mean GROW a BEARD and till you HEART's CONTENT ( or even longer).

    RANA - drop him atleast SAMI can BAT a bit better KANERIA - drop him for AZHAR, the guy might throw straight, can't BAT or BOWL like Kaneria. IMRAN NAZIR - Who's HE, Even AFRIDI can last longer? SHOAIB MALIK - Remember when PAK was winning matches he WAS AT 3.

  • Ram on March 14, 2007, 3:29 GMT

    Hi Kamran,

    1. The openers are too mercurial. Nazir is hit or miss type. They are better than Akmal opening the batting. Akmal if he can get into some form can do some biffing at the end of the innings. At this point, given the current sqad, Pak opened with the given set of players. They should see off the new ball or atleast take time for the first 5 overs before throwing kithen sink. Patience is the key, esp if you are chasing low or decent totals.

    2. If Yousuf and Inzy are at 3 and 4, where does Younis Khan play ? At 5 ? Are they ready to do that ?

    3. It was a longer tail because 2 key allrounders were missing - Razzaq and Afridi. Razzaq is out due to injury and Afridi due to ban. You are asking this question to which even a lay man will have answers for.

    4. I agree, one would have thought Azhar to have played for Rana, given that Azhar can bat decently.

    5. Sami for whom ? If Azhar is playing instead of Rana, then Sami can play only instead of Kaneria. Given that Hafeez and Malik are already spinners in the team.

    6. Well its a selection problem. Given that Razzaq is not there, and already a lot of all rounders, they should have taken an extra batsman.

    7. Afridi will play after his ban. Having both Kaneria and Afridi will be a liability. Then yu have 4 spinners in your line up (Hafeez and Malik). That will be a waste and a poor decision.

    Thanks, Ram

  • Syed on March 14, 2007, 3:28 GMT

    What a team combination !! Tail starts at number 8 and we usually loose first 3 wickets before 50 runs are scored - a perfect situation for the middle order batsmen batting with legs trembling. You can expect anything - run outs, pre-planned shots etc. The best way to get out of this is to control your nerves and make use of your feet and try to unsettle the bowler's line and length.

    For the past so many innings I have seen Younis walking in to bat in the first three overs. He is virtually batting as an opener any way. I do not find any body who can take the role of Javed Miandad, a grafter who consolidates the innings, puts the pressure on the bowler by taking cheeky singles and relieving the pressure on our team instead we have all stroke players who have the same style and get out the same way. Certain players need to be given certain roles and they should stick to them.

    The opening pair need to stay there for at least 10-15 overs. They should try to play with straight bat and pick the gaps by make use of their feet and wrist. We will do well if we paly the following team and stick with for some time. One odd change can take place due to wicket conditions.

    Let us remember game of cricket technique and guts matter fifty fifty. Watch other teams playing - they use their feet and come to the pitch of the ball and hit where ever they want to hit. Let us not make too many changes as this is a confidence killer.

    Let us pray for the team and give'em the best they possibly can,

  • aamir akhund on March 14, 2007, 3:28 GMT

    Well Well Well. i dont think that we should be worrying about this defeat too much. we had some positive in Malik, Gul and Rao. i was also pleased to see Kamran Akmal get his mojjo back behind the stumps which should be his first and top most concern. the only thing the worrys me is Inzi's lame and absolutly ridiculous decision to play Rana. it seems as if nothing has changed in our system. in the past you could play for pak if you knew some one influencial. Now it seems if you can grow a beard you are going to play for the team. Please inzi bhai i beg you to leave religion out of sports.

  • Zain on March 14, 2007, 3:26 GMT

    Thank You Kamran, for standing by your team.....

  • Faran Ghumman on March 14, 2007, 3:24 GMT

    Why dont they give yasir arafat a go. I ve seen him play he is a great player

  • Deepak on March 14, 2007, 3:24 GMT

    Despite the opening defeat, it is not quite right to write off pakistan. I have seen them over the years. They have an amazing way of bouncing back when they are seemingly down and out... with or with out fire power. I think they can work into a winning form even with the talent on hand. Batting is fine. Bowling just needs desciplined handling. Most teams in the past also made it not purely becuase of big time bowling. Its with measured desciplined output. Don't need super heros. Lets look forward to a cool headed effort in the next matches. No, there is plenty of hope for Pakistan. But I must say, Rana and Akmal are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • naveed on March 14, 2007, 3:24 GMT

    another disappointed performance by pakistan.i am quite surprised by people who SUPPORT sami .what is difference b/w sami and rana naveed.both r of same quality and playing in favour of opposition.we r still in the world cup and can win it.we lost to west indies in 1992 in first match also.only we need good openning.i think that kamran akmal and younis khan should open the innings, becoz younis khan is almost a opener from last 3 years, coming in first 5 overs. shoaib malik shoulb be at no. 3 and then yousuf. Our batsman fall in this match , but u cant blame them becoz we only have 3 batsman in team , one good bowler umer gul, one bowling all rounder hafeez and one batting all rounder shoaib of all r just there for enjoiying a good holiday trip. and if u want to improve the standard of cricket kicks out wasim bari from selection. he was also the presedent of selection commette in 2003 WC, imran nazir didnt play a one day in two years how can anyone expect from him to play a single good innings in WC, DANISH kareia play 16 onedays in 7 years and he is in wc, pray all becoz that is the only way we can win.

  • k.akmal the fisherman. on March 14, 2007, 3:24 GMT

    this place is good to vent your self out, but tell me one thing. inzi,rana,kamran,sami don't give a rats a**. the fat cow is old he needs to go. but i guess he follows the foot steps of those doubled faced leaders of pakistan. never give up ur chair. inzi is fat. he should have gone last year after indian series. rana naveed should be banned from cricket, any kind. even than ramadaan after eftar cricket. he should be fined 10000$ if he even come close a cricket ball. he should be sent to grade 8 cricket clubs, for batting practice. kamran akmal i don't even have any more anger left to say any thing about him. he should to sent to his original job "fishing". every time he comes to bat he looks like he is throwing net in the sea for fishing. i think in last 2 years, he have soored less then how much he got paid, i am saying every lackh equal to one runs. i agree with someone earlier stated, its not the bowling, its the kings of the team batting. which is bad. if team like w.i scores 240 plus, X it by 3 when playing vs ausies. i hope this never happens. and in betting. what we scored today. - 125 againts ausies. take my words. scores vs diffrent teams, if we reach to super 8 ausies 145 s.a 173 eng 190 n.z 140 bond is in the town, imran nazir is going to wet his pents. kamran akmal will sound like chicken. oram is going to average 9.5 againt rana.

    i am done. i thank mr kamran,the creater of this forum for letting us vent out.

    one question mr Kamran: can you forward this page to Bob wolmer, i guess you will the only one who have access to his e-mail. tell him to tell his boys, how much we hate them. specially leader is 1.Rana Naveed/Kamran Akmal. 2.inzi 3.sami 4.imran nazir. 5 y.khan and the whole paki team other then ..... let me think ..........................i guess they are still back in pakistan.

    again thanks for letting me vent out.

  • karthik on March 14, 2007, 3:23 GMT

    kamran i can unjderstand why you are thinking in such a a pakistani u are supposed to think so. but to be precise this pak team doesn't look like it will win the world cup.something is missing in this team.may be the desire to win and a few selection problems exist . let us put it this way,this team will not win this worldcup but we can look forward to the next one by dropping the aged players and some inconistent performers and inducting the fresh legs and blood into this team and hopefully they would win you the next world cup. i thing either aus,india or newzealand will win this worldcup,if not these 3 teams then it would be england

  • Faran Ghumman on March 14, 2007, 3:21 GMT

    Why dont they give yasir arafat a go. I ve seen him play he is a great player

  • AMIN S. on March 14, 2007, 3:19 GMT

    Can anybody from PCB explain why Imran Nazir and Rana is playing? Farhat is definately a better opener then Nazir - all should agree. Rana has recently grown a beared is that enough reason for Inzi to keep him playing? You are right Mr. Abbasi we do not have enough batsman in the present team. If they drop Nazir, who will open with Hafeez? Kamran? Not reliable at all. They should bring Shoaib to open with Hafeez and should bring Azhar and Sami in the team replacing Rana and Nazir. They should not hesitate to try Yasir Arafat. Only those should play who can perform. I think every one can perform except Rana and Nazir. These two are the useless players in team and should not be given any further chance. I think Pak team should have batted first and should try to bat first in the future matches if they have option. Chasing will always be difficult for them. Lets hope they can win against Ireland and Zimbabwe. Thats the maximum I can expect from this Inzi's wonder team. Thank you for your comments, they are always very interesting.

  • Abhishesh on March 14, 2007, 3:13 GMT

    Sami has to play. He is the quickest, perhaps that can bring a bit more fire power than R-Naved brings. And without Afridi they cannot hope to get the opposition all out. He is an explosive opener who should be at the top and not left to do the hari-kari at the end.

  • Rashid on March 14, 2007, 3:12 GMT

    Imran Nazir,Rana and Kaneria should be out.Kaneria and Rana is a liability. Pakistan need economical bowlers.And Nazir what ever he is , he is out of form , but I am sure they will drop him after pakistan itself gets dropped out.

  • sal on March 14, 2007, 3:09 GMT

    Well well.....First Inzi needs to be out from team as soon as possible, does anyone pay attention or watch his body language? being as captain he just don't have that charisma, no positive body language, which is very essential for a captian to keep his team at very top,I don't mind losing, but please fight back,the way Yunus Khan and Yusuf lost their wickets,and the turning point was the way Inzi and Yousf played the game.Second back in Pakistan we need fresh faces , from top to middle every one should be retired or fired what every it takes,when I said the top, I mean it , the very top too, Wasim Bari rules the selection board like he is the owner, he is been there since he left cricket, and seems like he will only leave when he reaches to 100 years old.......Pakistan is full of politics so as cricket.

  • Faizan on March 14, 2007, 3:07 GMT

    Pakistan needs to play sami if they want to win. they cant rely on rana who is averageing over 5.5 runs pers over in the last 3 series. they must play sami in place of rana and azhar in place of iftakar. when afridi comes back kaneria should sit. pakistan is a good team but imzis captansy is not doing soo well for the past few months it looks like their is some favoritism in the choosing of the team for example(rana) he should of been droped long time ago but they keep playing for no particular reason soo please play sami and azhar in the next games and drop rana!!!!!!!!!

  • Haseeb Ahmed on March 14, 2007, 3:07 GMT

    The Pakistani team has gone through a dramatic transformation: that most unpredictable of cricket teams has become boringly predictable losers. List of teams that are sure to win against any contest with this ill-managed, horribly-led, devoid-of-talent Pakistan team: SA, Aus, Ind, SL, WI, NZ, and possibly Bangladesh. And to top it all, these bunch of shameless cricketers create controversy whereever they go. It's not Hair, but Pakistan that the ICC should throw out.

  • Vishwajit Gangaputran on March 14, 2007, 3:07 GMT

    Surely, there is hope for pak team, they can still qualify for the super 8's and perform well from there, no need to panic. I wonder whatever happened to Asem kamal...thought he was a deecent bat...what struck me was the absolute similarity in the posts above and the ones whenever India loses-is full of people pulling the indian team down....does not matter that i am an indian supporter, am sure the pak team performance will improve once Shahid Afrid is eligible to play and once they sort out the bowling combo's. Re-Danish Kaneria, it is only one match, this player could still turn out to be a match winner like mushy in 1992 wc. All the best, we want to see exciting criket from pak team...something they are capable off and will surely provide...

  • Faizan on March 14, 2007, 3:05 GMT

    Pakistan needs to play sami if they want to win. they cant rely on rana who is averageing over 5.5 runs pers over in the last 3 series. they must play sami in place of rana and azhar in place of iftakar. when afridi comes back kaneria should sit. pakistan is a good team but imzis captansy is not doing soo well for the past few months it looks like their is some favoritism in the choosing of the team for example(rana) he should of been droped long time ago but they keep playing for no particular reason soo please play sami and azhar in the next games and drop rana!!!!!!!!!

  • Asad Rana on March 14, 2007, 3:04 GMT

    I thin it is time woolmer and inzi must realise used cartridges wont win games for paistan.Imran nazir,rana naveed,and azher mehmood huh they got to be out of our side we need to bring in yassir for rana afridi for imran nazir the send kamran and hafiz should open or lets make it shoaib malik and hafiz yousuf at 3 inzi at 4 younis at 5 kamran at 6 yassir at 7 and afridi at 8 or may be switch afridi with yassir according to conditions and then bowlers. Please someone send this team list to inzi or we are not playing semi final.

  • azam on March 14, 2007, 3:04 GMT

    okay i dont understand what rana is doin in the team .. pathetic performance for so long .. i mean cmon give a guy break . he was good no doubt but its been too long for that .. he shoudnt be playin and if he is still playin makes us thinks boards attitude towards sami , prolly he is from karachi or sumethin thats why he is dealing the axe so bad ... i mean i can understand he hasnt been performing that good either but he is better than rana at the moment , fast and unlucky and we have seen that , another point of azhar , he was in to replace razzaq and he wasnt playin , i dun get it .. its jus crazy! , kamran akmal ?? zulqarnain haidar was sent to south africa to give him exposure into international cricket .. and never got a chance , not even in one dayers !! how would a guy get exposure without even letting him play ?? ridiculous !! pakistan board is run by all crack heads that what i think, there is talent but politics .. it feells so sad to see that seriously .. sux ! no comments seriously , pakistani board is jus inexplainable !

  • Shahrose Khan on March 14, 2007, 3:04 GMT

    simple instructions to prove Rana's quality.


    Rana is the OOOOOOOONLY thing that Pak needs to get rid of, I am not disappointed from anything else, but that the Rana is in team...

  • Zia Ansari on March 14, 2007, 3:03 GMT

    Inzi and Yousuf needs to work on their running between the wickets. Their 60 runs partnership could have easily been 80 runs had they looked to carve out single instead of blocking the ball straight to the fielders. Also on numereous occasions they failed to convert ones into two. Additional 20 to 25 runs during that period would have made world of difference in keeping the pressure under control. In my calculation Pakistan gave away about 15 runs in the field thanks to poor fielding and missed out on another 10 runs due to poor running between the wickets. We did not play as badly as everyone thinks. We need to do the following; 1)Dramatically improve running between wickets. 2)Hold atleast 6 overs of our best bowlers at death. 3) Get lessons from Imran nazir how to field. Its just a matter of getting little things right and we can go far in this world cup. We still have time to get things right in the next two games.

  • Haseeb Ahmed on March 14, 2007, 3:03 GMT

    The Pakistani team has gone through a dramatic transformation: that most unpredictable of cricket teams has become boringly predictable losers. List of teams that are sure against any contest with this ill-managed, horribly-led, devoid-of-talent Pakistan team: SA, Aus, Ind, SL, WI, NZ, and possibly Bangladesh. And to top it all, these bunch of shameless cricketers create controversy whereever they go. It's not Hair, but Pakistan that the ICC should throw out.

  • md on March 14, 2007, 3:02 GMT

    I think Pak will bounce back. Even without Abdul Razzaq, Akhtar, Md. Asif they are a formidable team. But to say that the only team they can't beat is the Aussies is stretch. I think India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and New Zealand can beat them handily.

  • mirza beg on March 14, 2007, 3:02 GMT

    What did u expect from inzi? His body language tells it all and rubs on all other players. He is not motivated and doubt he can motivate his players. It seems he favors those who he thinks look pious. Please get a real leader who could get the best out of each player playing. WE some need someone with passion to win, hungry for runs and wickets.

    Bob Woolmer should have been fired when he rated South Africans as his favorite team. That's showing real confidence in Pak team!!

  • Siva on March 14, 2007, 3:00 GMT

    Pakistan can take some positives from this game, namely Rao Iftikar, Umar Gul and Shoaib Malik. The negatives are: Openers and Rana (both- nothing new here- everybody knows this- thats the good news!!) Neutral- Kaneria Future plans: Afridi replaces Nazir, Sami in place of Rana. Kaneria can play against England, NZL and South Africa (teams that dont play spin well) while against Australia and sub-continent teams, play Azhar Mahmood. Pak still has a rerasonable chance to make it to semis. All the best!

  • Bosco Martyres on March 14, 2007, 2:56 GMT

    Pakistan have and have always had, an abundance of talent. What they lack is a competent PCB that makes the right decisions, and a captain with a knowledge of the game and an ability t strategize when it is needed.Pakistan's wins have come in spite of, not because of Inzy's captaincy. Trust me, with him as captain, this side cannot win the world cup

  • Faz on March 14, 2007, 2:53 GMT

    How do you expect majority of Pakistani team players to perform at international level when they never really deserve to be even in domestic side?

    Today's performance speaks itself....Pakistan should not be allowed at international level until it gives opportunity to those who deserves to play cricket (not on source).

  • FSW on March 14, 2007, 2:52 GMT

    One thing I can never understand why Pakistani batsman play so slow when their early wickets are down. In that way, they pile up run rate to almost that point where it is impossible for any batsman to chase in the last overs. I have been seeing this strategy for a long long time and 90% of the time this strategy is failed.

  • Sibte Bukhari on March 14, 2007, 2:52 GMT

    I think Pakistan should modify their batting line up. Kamram Akmal should open an Rana definatley needs to get out. Chances are bit low but if Pakistan tries to do something I believe they can.

  • Parijat on March 14, 2007, 2:49 GMT

    Hi Kamran, I might go ahead and agree with you, that this Pakistan team has in it to beat all teams in this tournament apart from the Aussies. But then, given the fickle nature of the one day game & also considering the fact that most of big 8 teams in world cricket today are world beaters on their day, your statement doesnt really make anything conclusive. So, then we come down to whether Pakistani's will be consistent enough to beat most teams in the world in this tournament. Given the format of the tournament and the super 8's in particular, I would say this tournament pays for consistency & that is the only thing that would be instrumental in taking you up to the semi's. Now, would you vouch for the Pakistani's to be consistent enough. I wouldnt, given that there are atleast more than 4 teams which can be said to be more consistent. The take is your's, and so is the decision whether you want to eat your words or not.

  • Saahil on March 14, 2007, 2:49 GMT

    i think akmal and afridi should open, with younis at 3, yousuf at 4, inzi at 5, malik at 6, then azhar mahmood, then mohd sami, umer gul, rao iftikar

  • kmushtaq on March 14, 2007, 2:49 GMT

    Lack of leadership, strategy ... mind boggling team selections ... why is kaneria playing ? has anyone seen is record in ODIs ... i think the answer will be because king khan said so ? Why is imran nazir being persisted with after repeated failures ? same is the case with rana ...

    Hafeez and Younis should open, move yousuf and inzamam up, bring in Sami for Kaneria, Arafat for Rana ... when afridi comes back ... drop hafeez and make akmal open the innings ...

    either woolmer has no say in the things or he has completely lost his cricketing sense ... in both cases it spells trouble for Pakistan ...

  • Parijat on March 14, 2007, 2:48 GMT

    Hi Kamran, I might go ahead and agree with you, that this Pakistan team has in it to beat all teams in this tournament apart from the Aussies. But then, given the fickle nature of the one day game & also considering the fact that most of big 8 teams in world cricket today are world beaters on their day, your statement doesnt really make anything conclusive. So, then we come down to whether Pakistani's will be consistent enough to beat most teams in the world in this tournament. Given the format of the tournament and the super 8's in particular, I would say this tournament pays for consistency & that is the only thing that would be instrumental in taking you up to the semi's. Now, would you vouch for the Pakistani's to be consistent enough. I wouldnt, given that there are atleast more than 4 teams which can be said to be more consistent. The take is your's, and so is the decision whether you want to bite your words or not.

  • Iqbal on March 14, 2007, 2:48 GMT

    Since Younis Khan and M.Yousuf have often come into bat when the ball is still new, why are made to bat lower down the order? Inzi has definately made a case for him self to open the batting since he enjoys playing the anchor. He is powerful enough to pull and drive during the field restrictions. His stats might show otherwise, but given his experience now it seems a captain lead is required. Dependancy on make-shift volatile openers hasn't produced a good partnership at all (expections for one-shot individual performances).

    RN-Hassan isn't the same bowler he used to be and is case FOR Mahmoud's inclusion.

  • zohaib Q from NYC on March 14, 2007, 2:48 GMT

    I blame RAzzaq for this (lol) Damn him and eating all that spinach, RAZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAQQQQQQQQQ where are u?????????????? We need U!!!!!!!

  • Owais on March 14, 2007, 2:47 GMT

    After the kinds of performances Rana has been putting up in recent past, I was pretty sure that he was third choice from amongst Azhar, Sami and himself but Inzy chose him and then also opened the bowling with him. Sometimes it seems like I know more cricket then Inzy. What about Bob ? are you seriously trying to help Pakistan ? I guess after today, Rana should not play in rest of the world cup unless all the other bowlers somehow break their respective limbs and are unfit. Imran Nazir deserves only one more chance at best. He has shown what a useless batsmen he is. Finally why do we have Kamran Akmal in line up, poor keeping and poor batting. I thought I was not a conspiracy theorist but seems like Akmal and Rana are Inzy's favourits. Younis and Hafeez need to show some character. Yousuf has also not played an innings of note for a long time now, in one days ofcourse. I was very depressing to see Inzy and yousuf getting out at a time when good batsmen consider themselves well set and brace themselves for long innings. Common younis, inzy and yousuf. Shoaib Malik again showed his character today.

  • ranj on March 14, 2007, 2:45 GMT

    if this was the result bob woolmer wanted, then i fear pakistan. if not, i fear for pakistan.

    plenty of time.

  • Tariq on March 14, 2007, 2:44 GMT

    Pakistani team did not do well today due to lack of stretgic planning and management in its development by Pakistan cricket Board (PCB). Whenever we lose a major tournament or a game, PCB always suggests that in future we will do well and improve our performance. It has not happened yet and we are an ongoing pattern of losing vital games and image of Pakistan's cricket in world. PCB does not have a clue what strategic planning means, how to establish objectives, and what data collection processes need to be adopted for measuring our players and team managgement's performance. PCB needs to establish and implement a system through which we can produce not just good players but the professionals.

  • Adeel on March 14, 2007, 2:44 GMT

    I agree with Kamran on his post mortem of Pakistani cricket strategy. In my view Younis Khan is a candidate for opening with Imran Nazir. Hafeez should be pushed down in batting order so that he gets time to improve his run rate from under 20. Inzamam to follow so that hecould lead from the front. Yousuf remains our middle order back bone. In the past several months Pakistan has been trying to use the same failing combination again and again and again without results. Rana should be given a long break as Kamran suggested. Inzamam has to come out of the shell to do some morale boosting and appreciation for the youngster on the field. He has to clap for his bowlers and he has to go to the other batsmen to give them his valueable suggestions so that the whole team knows that their captain is staying on top of the situation. What I see in Inzamam is a good humble person but not a captain of a leading cricket team.

  • fawad on March 14, 2007, 2:43 GMT

    hello all, open will always going to be once u left yasir hameed out of the oneday team, last 2 ODI performace of his wasnt that bad that u opt for 2 openers that cannot be rely open at anytime, but then again we have the same set of team that was winning so whats lacking rana is below par for quite a while now and everyone knows it, then y he even in the playing 11, shoaib malik was a prolific scorer 1 down, won matches on his own, so y drop him to number 6 where younis has scored at a better rate?? answer is clear to me they both from same town and thats y he backs him too much, and thats interfering with coaching.... bowlers did well not to give any too many extras today what happened with waqar was history but once u learn those techniques to control line and lenght u dont need to be told same stuff over and over, secondly a lot been said about kaneria to me he shouldnt even be in the team doesnt matter afridi playing or not with him it shrinks our batting, this is no rocket science, u dont have to listen what imran khan says nowadays he just oppose everything and when people follow him look what happened? what did kaneria do, he asked for 2 regular openers even in ODI what thay doing newspaper saying imran nazir is in-form i dont see anything inform in him on his day he looks good but u asking 1 outta 20 games is that worth a risk cause other opener isnt even better but he gaves u added advantage with his bowling they both regular openers, he said younis should bat at 3 apart from that glorious 100 he hit against england last summer tell me his performance that one would single out that yeah pakistan's number 3 won the match for them, all of us can see those thing then the coach captain and the board is blind and deaf that they cant see and feel this things, o yeah they say(SALEEM ALTAF) ITS UR PERCEPTION!!!!! come on now we all know this outfit can do a lot better if we make couple of changes in the team, right combination would be, kamran akmal, mohammad hafeez, shoaib malik, inzamam, yousuf, younis, afridi, yasir arafat, mohammad sami, umar gul and rao ifthikhar anjum i just wish they gave serious thought on team selection in games to come, u have azhar mahmood too, when u know rana is not bowling well with the new ball y u keep giving him to spray paint it, he just needed to be thankful that he makes the cut to be in the team, and his place is just the dressing room!!!!!!! same for kaneria too

  • shiraz on March 14, 2007, 2:38 GMT

    Pathetic is the word for Pakistan’s performance. Some of the key problems with our team.

    1. Inzi is one of the worst captains Pakistan has seen. You have only one major bowler in Gul and you can not complete his 10 overs. He has no idea how and when to change bowling and fielding since he is too busy scratching his beard. He might be great batsman but he is no captain. 2. Why Shoaib Malik plays so late when he should be playing one down and Younis Khan should be playing at his place or maybe open. 3. Why was Rana playing? I don’t care how bad Sami or Azhar are, they are still 100 times better than Rana. 4. When Razzaq was in our 11 men squad then his replacement was Azhar so why was he not in the team. That should be a given...right? 5. Kaneria, has he ever helped us win a ODI. Why is he in the team.

    In short other than above comments there are many reasons why Pakistan lost. Extremely careless batting by Younis ,Yousuf and Hafeez. Inzi played too slow and at there should have been more allrounders in the team so somebody could have helped Shoaib at the end. Razzaq and Asif we really miss you both.

  • Raj on March 14, 2007, 2:38 GMT

    Pakistan is good team but they are not a great team without their lop player. Great teams of world cup are Australia, S.Africa, India and New Zealand. Now one of these teams have a very good chance of being replaced by W.Indies. They have the momentum, home crowd and desire. Pakistan has to sort out their player's attitude and drug problems. Its a SHAME

  • Ansar on March 14, 2007, 2:37 GMT

    Kamran i agree with you. this team has alot of talent.This Pakistani team can defaeat the best and they will get to semi final easily.In this match Pakistan miss Razzaq and Afridi.Razzaq is injured. Pakistan will bring Azhar and Sami in next game.After one more game when Afridi will be in and world cup be ONNNNNNNN.

  • Nitin on March 14, 2007, 2:37 GMT

    Pakistans team historically are inconsistent. Playing pathetic on one day and looking like world beaters the next. I would not count them out so soon. Pakistani supporters should support the team. Its when the team is down that it needs support, not when its doing well.

  • Yasir Bhatty on March 14, 2007, 2:36 GMT

    It seems we have a lot of negative going on than positive. People are really bitter towards the team and the players. I guess instead of shere critiquing we can atleast reflect on the efforts put in by players like Gul, Malik, and Rao Iftikhar. I understand that the team did hopeless and 242 would have been easily fetched. Despite, the poor performance i did see a positive within Shoaib Malik and our bowlers. Anyways, i feel it is very easy to get glued infront of the T.V and critique the hell out of everyone. The team is out for the world cup, the key players being injured there is a lot of pressure, we can atleast cut them some slack and encourage the team to perform better. No one likes to be humiliated and wants to taste defeat. We are really hypocritical when it comes to supporting our country. If everything is hunky and dory than we are at the airport welcoming the team with all joy and enthusiasm and when they play bad we just turn bitter. I guess being pakistani we should not lose hope in the team and be encouraging. Every mistake can be rectified. I do agree with Kamran Abbasi, there is hope. Kamran, i think you reflecting your thoughts and opinions is really commendable. Keep it up !

  • Mohsin Malik - San Francisco Bay Area on March 14, 2007, 2:36 GMT

    Coming events cast their shadows before!

    If there is any truth in that saying, it holds true for this team and courtesy, Inzimam who personally laid the seeds for this turmoil.

    Inzimam's contributions as team leader including his role in team selection have remained questionable, throughout the recent weeks.

    Prior to the commencement of the South African tour, he was made captain of the team but in no way given ownership rights in part or whole.

    Take a glance back and trace his footsteps that reveal nothing but sheer stubbornness, and a passive but rude style of governance (this word may be a misnomer as he hardly deserves to be a leader despite holding some glossy records).

    How effective a role Bob Woolmer has in ultimate team selection? Anyone's guess! Does he continue to lend support to Rana's inclusion in the playing eleven?

    Like a rotten fish, Rana's smelly performance has begun extracting its toll and casting its shadow and spoiling the rest. He may not be the problem in whole but is turning out to be a part of it.

    Sorry but it does matter!

    Here, I feel inclined to borrow the following terms which we frequently use in fire protection systems engineering and application field:

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

    A structure is only as strong as its weakest element!

    The old steely Rana is now past his prime and beyond critical load bearing stage. He is acting more like spaghetti in boiling water and has lost all resilience and strength.

    In his case, no glue is good enough to keep him bonded to the playing eleven. Please discard him and make other bold changes to strengthen the team structure.

    This reality has to dawn on the coach and the team captain before the super 8 stage gets under way. How hard is this decision to make? What's holding them back?

    I have refrained from name calling unlike many of my peers on this blog who obviously are upset to the point of fuming and blowing hot and cold. Rightfully so, perhaps!

    Are we not all passionate about this sport of cricket!

    Concluding remarks:

    We can only sustain hope further provided the ingredients are put together in the right mix and furthermore, Inzi the cook goes about his business following the success recipe every step of the way. No dilution!

    All is not lost, including the all important restructuring scenario. Go, give it a try.

    A wishful team supporter

  • aj on March 14, 2007, 2:35 GMT

    For me, this is a tale of two all-rounder Smith won it for WI. Rana started digging Pakistnai grave in the morning when he released all pressure that Umar Gul had created...He made sure his efforts didn't go unrewarded and returned with bat to put final nail in the coffin. Also, we lost the match when Inzy and Yousuf let asking rate go over 6. When the most experienced batsman are on crease, why did they take the risk to let asking rate go over 7 when it was around 5 when Inzy came in. Had they allowed Req run rate to stay around 6, we may have had a chance. On another note, Inzy publicized that he needs to bat at 4, displacing Yousuf who is well set at the position. There are only two positions for Inzy. Either number 5 or opener. No point is displacing younis or yousuf. With afridi returning in couple of matches, inzy should move to open and drop futile Nazir. just my humble opinion

  • Sajid on March 14, 2007, 2:34 GMT

    I don't know why Pakistan likes Imran Nazir so much. The guy failed repeatedly in S Africa, plays foolishly and puts the whole team under pressure.

  • Pak...ab tera kiya hoga on March 14, 2007, 2:34 GMT

    by looking at Pak's performance in this opening match...all I can say that pak's team should start playing gulli danda!!

  • John Lee on March 14, 2007, 2:34 GMT

    Man i dont get the Pakistanis... "Musharaf is the problem"??? WTF... i say Pakistan need to manage their players right and Pakistanis should quit making claims that do not make any sense. or else they will be made fun of by others

  • Joe on March 14, 2007, 2:34 GMT

    Relax guys ... its only one loss. Remember how India started out in the last world cup. Just win one game and it becomes habitual ... your confidence gets a big boost and you play like you are invincible. Don't fret over this loss .. better things await you in future games ...

  • zub on March 14, 2007, 2:32 GMT

    The way the board was plnning for the world cup, this was to happen. No matter what we say, they'll do what they want and they do that without using their common sense.

  • Tauhira ƒŕõm Ĵämãîċā on March 14, 2007, 2:31 GMT

    What a game huh?

    I enjoyed it to the fullest! Watching the game unfold at the stadium was quite an experience for me. Sarwan, Lara, Samuels and DR Smith did very well to place the team in a strong position ... which lead to their win.

    Kinda was looking forward to a better performance from Mo Yo, I really enjoy his cricket. Inzi's partnership with him seemed unbreakable for a while. I think thats where we won the game (when that partnership was broken).

    I wish Pak all the best in their remaining group stage matches [seeing that they won't be playing against us, lol]

    Good luck to ma Windies! I'm proud of them.


  • Sameer Malik, Michigan, USA on March 14, 2007, 2:31 GMT

    well i think the $200 i [aid to dish network are going into garbage as Tuesday is garbage day here. Jokes apart, i was stunned to see the team selection for today's game as the same old sucking Rana Naveed was into attack and the Kaneria's beautiful throw over our short struggling wicket keeper (luckily it didn't go for SIX) and he looked like an ordinary bowler(Afridi bowls better than him) By the way Inzimam did his best and baught a wicket of Ramdin to Kaneria to justify his selection ;) Although they didn't bowl good at depth but still 242 wasn't that difficult target, Pakistan started the chase and openers did what they always do, but what the Heck were Yousuf and Inzi doing in the middle. I mean two world class batsmen were in the middle for about 25 overs and they could do nothing except taking the pressure on themselves They dont know how to attack!!!! Inzi & Yousuf, please look at Ponting how he dominates the bowlers with his class and makes his presence count. If Yousuf and Inzi had played up to the strike rate of 70 then situation would have been certainly different, and they way both of them were refusing taking easy Doubles i felt like Pakistan is still playing a warm-up match. Although i am heart broken (Pakistan batting couldn't even fight, losing is later thing) i still hope Pakistan moves forward. Good Luck!

  • Irfan on March 14, 2007, 2:31 GMT

    I agree that Rana should be OUT! and Iftikhar can share the new ball with Gul. On the batting side we need more depth and adding an all rounder will help. As for the holes I think the biggest hole is our team's inability to handle pressure and both the coach and the captain are to be blamed for this short coming.

  • M A S on March 14, 2007, 2:30 GMT

    call me an optimist but Pakistan will reach to semis and mark my words, THEY WILL REACH SEMIS!!! (inshallah)

  • KHURRAM MALIK (NYC 911) on March 14, 2007, 2:28 GMT

    More than embarrassment that is when you watch team with bunch of talent flush in toilet. There was no point of having Rana in Pakistan team. For the most important game how can you trust on Rana. I personally believe it has to be Mustaq Ahmed with his silly advice. It was very confident suggestion when Rameez Raja said "Imran Nazir is bit of basher". He isnt have as good as Afridi. Pakistan definitely was missing Razzaq today. How can you leave Salman Butt and Yasir Hameed back home to watch WWC on TV. PCB murder their dreams. Everybody was talking about Hafeez well today he was nowhere near to become permanent opener AVG only 19. Pakistan didn't come out with plan they took WI very lightly. Inzi need to listen coach advice rather than worry about what Mustaq Ahmed need to say. I don't know why he is with Pak Team anyways. If pakistan to get anywhere they will need to learn quickly from this game.

    Imran Nazir need to sit out and should declare himself Unfit so we can have Salman Butt back in pakistan team. I am not in favor of Imran Nazir at all. Lovely flat six and next ball he flip when he was trying dip with extra nip. We all talk about Pakistan team is unpredictable Man who is the world player like M Yousuf throw his wicket away. I don't think it was WI bowling that surprise pakistan it was power of Black Jamaica. Reading WI face it was obvious that this victory means too much to them and to Pakistan it was another loosing ordinary ODI. Well this should exciting wwc keep your fingers across we may experience fire works when Afridi Join squad and should open the inning with Akmal. Inzi need to lead from the front and stop being lazy cow. Inzi was discovery of Imran Khan. Can inzi utilize same results that great legendary Imran Khan produce. Don't worry i might wont rain this time but maybe unpredictable Pakistan can give us something to cheer about at the end.

  • Abbas Basravi on March 14, 2007, 2:26 GMT

    Kamran Sahaab, i agree with everything you have to say about the bowling, but where the batting is concerned, my opinion is that the 1st three positions on the batting order should look like this:

    1. Inzamam ul Haq 2. Muhammad Yousuf 3. Younis Khan

    yes, thats how i think it shud be, in my humble opinion. the 2 most experienced Pakistani batsmen should go out bravel as openers and face the new ball to show that our team may have been written off but over our dead bodies will we give up...we have to fight like CORNERED TIGERS! this is as good a time as any to adapt the 1992 approach

  • Danish Khan on March 14, 2007, 2:26 GMT

    I would like to cry later when hope is in its last, I can trust you on this one Kamran Bhai. For now, to all the pessimists; I see the glass half full!!! But what I really don't get and have mentioned so many times on this blog, is that WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is Rana Naved being played??? Why is not Sami playing???? Sami was said to have been dropped previously because he was said to be to expensive a bowler. What about Nana Sahab?????!!!!! I'd prefer Sami!

  • ATIF MALIK on March 14, 2007, 2:24 GMT


    Hafeez and Younis to open Yusuf and Inzimam to follow afridi-azhar and akmal to come later

  • Indya on March 14, 2007, 2:23 GMT

    Mr Kamran Abbasi

    Did u have a head injury recently !!

  • Norm on March 14, 2007, 2:22 GMT

    I think the match was lost by Inzamam. He slowed down Pak innings by playing needlessely slow himself as well as holding back Yousuf from his natural game. You could see it in his body language towards the time he got out. He was just too afraid to lose and that is what he did. Amazing how you can screw up your game when you curb your natural game.

  • Moe on March 14, 2007, 2:22 GMT

    Change in the team and game plan.

    Pakistan need to do things differently to Suceed. You need your best players to perfom not shelter them.

  • g on March 14, 2007, 2:19 GMT

    I was very surprised with the selection. No Azhar Mahmood? Rana - why? What happened to Sami - he is the only one who can bowl at 150 -why he is not playing and why is Rana playing??? Why persist with Hafeez? Afridi should open with Shoaib Malik. Yousuf should play at 3, Inzi at 4 and Younis at 5. Sami should be in place of Rana.

    Ofcourse I do realize my opinion counts for total garbage. Have a nice day.

  • m arif on March 14, 2007, 2:18 GMT

    hello very one, one thing i know and every one also that pakistan playing some players like rana, hafeez, kaneria. they shuld not be in the team specialy hafeez his score everage is under 20.i don.t know what to do but i can pray and abuse these players who are making us crap.

  • Hesh on March 14, 2007, 2:17 GMT

    You dint make sense by any means. The team needs a swashbuckling change in the batting order. The bowling performance can definetely be improved with sami and afridi sitting out.

    Kamran, you are supposed to analyse these factors and not just write some crazy sentences as if you were being given some money to write this. You need to report stuff with an open mind. I am terribly disappointed with your post. I have been in the past too. The only reason that brings me back here is the title of your posts.

  • kumar on March 14, 2007, 2:13 GMT

    Not sure why Rana is still in the team? Seems fashioning a beard is a good strategy to stay in the team. In that case, I would recommend Kamran Akmal to do the same. But I am still hopeful. There is still a long way to go, and a bit of attitude is needed from our boys.

  • bob the builder on March 14, 2007, 2:13 GMT

    Pakistan only need to n=move inzi up the order other then that they just need to learn how to play one day cricket nazir hit a six he should have stopped no inzi and yousuf went too slow, 13 runs in 9 overs only shoib malik played like he should have

  • Mehran on March 14, 2007, 2:13 GMT

    I hope your are right Kamran. This was just the first match and hopefully we will beat the weaker teams in our pool and go to Super 8 and shine there. But what I really found lacking today was a sense of purpose, urgency and exceitement in the Pakistani team. They played as if this was just an other one day and not the World Cup. This was specially apparent in Inzimam's demeanor. With that kind of attitude I am afraid we would be lucky to be in the Super 8.

  • bazooka on March 14, 2007, 2:11 GMT

    Better eat your words now Kamran, than later when we would either have been thrashed in the first round itself or later by most of the test playing nations. Thinking of Inzamam coming at no.3 is unrealistic and unfair- there is a batting order at which he has proved himself in the past and let him continue. Anyway the earlier he comes (and gets out to the swinging deliveries) the quicker the holes in the team will be exposed. Sami, yes he needs to be back, he cant do worse than Rana. And the keeper is becoming an embarassment. As for being one batsman short, I think akmost all the teams have erred in this regard by taking too many bowlers and not providing cover for one of their batsmen going totally out of form. If Pakistan has to have a realistic chance, some one will have to stand up and give a good performance. NO use comparing this team with that of Imran Khan, there is a great difference in quality- which cannot be made up by spirit- which anyway is lacking.

  • Azfar on March 14, 2007, 2:10 GMT

    Here we go again! Tell you what they will win and then loose and then win. No CONSISTENCY!. BUT I still BELIEVE! because they are inconsistent and they can still come back as " Cornered Tigers". The talent is immense and there. Just need little application and strategy. Gosh it sounds like I and we all in this blog know a whole lot more than the team and its management! Sounds pretty high and mighty as we are just blogging!! But as we are so I will say this much: If Akmal plays and that he should now that we do not have much choice, make him open the innings with Hafeez.

  • Atif from houston on March 14, 2007, 2:10 GMT

    Folks, what can I say This team can kick some butt only and only if they bring a major change and I MEAN MAJOR CHANGE. Rana is an oxy moron. He has become a disgrace for pakistan and his team. I will blame others later but this moron cuased us loose against India last year, against SA and now he was allowed to play in a major event liek world cup? I dont blame Rana for that if he will be asked to bowl then he will bowl but who i the bigger moron asking him to bowl??? (Go Figure). Younus for God sake stop trying to hit wide balls you have lost your wicket 3rd time. Inzy said he will be playing at 4?? what happened to that? Bowling was awesome based on what we had except for Rana. Sami should have played this game and those you didnt included him shall be punished and fined. Yes there is still hope but if I was not pakistani I would have voted for Ireland who is making their best efforts in all of their games. Just like General Niazi 1971, leaders like inzy can cause big damange to some real talent. He cannot be a good captain during crises period. If he was playing for any other country he would have been out of the team or at least wont allowed to lead the team. May Allah Help them. Ameen.

  • Aditya on March 14, 2007, 2:08 GMT

    What's more, Pakistani fans are just like us Indian fans...ready to trash their team one day, and then praise it the next. We should all learn to have patience with our players...after all, they're human, and IT'S ONLY A GAME.

  • suresh on March 14, 2007, 2:08 GMT

    relax guys, i think this excessive reading into games is not doing sub continent teams any good. i guess at this level, as azharuddin once said, players should be responsible and in most of the cases they are (except perhaps azhar himself). no one plays to loose. but i must confess, as i went to sleep, i was sure pak would have reached this total with 5 wickets in hand; and i am tad dissapointed with the results. i would like to see any team (and i wish that it is india) other than australia get this cup.

  • Sameer Malik on March 14, 2007, 2:07 GMT

    I think you are just trying to stress the fact that Pakistan shouldn't lose hopes and still hang on to that rope which is not strong enough to carry our chance weight. In other words Kamran you are living in a dream world :)Our team has been demolished by other cricket boards, they've been planning it all along, and they've been successful at doing so. I was disguisted to see how pathetic and helpless our team has become now as comparing it to 1990s team. Thank you. Have a good day

  • Baba_bharamchari on March 14, 2007, 2:07 GMT

    what the heck was pakistan doin yesterday. i got sick when keneria bowled got smack of his life. who elected keneria to the team linup he is a test bowler in one days, there should be no place for him . bring afridi back for keneria and bring azhar mahmood for imran nazir. imran nazir plays ver unprofesionally in world cup. he is excelent fielder but he needs to learn batting . i wil like to see shoaib malik and hafeesz openiing and and want to see four pace bowler Rao iftikar, umar gul, azhar mahmood and mohammed sami . and three spinners, shaid afridi , mohammed hafees, shoaib malik. i hate pakistan in this world cup. some players build the pressure annd then some come to bowl and give away runs..

  • ABCD on March 14, 2007, 2:07 GMT

    Why no one is talking about Imran Najir's performance ? Is he fit for the opening ! Should promote Shoaib Malik to opening in place of Najir. Najir,Rana and Kaneria should be dropped and Imran Farhat, Ajhar Mahmood and Sahid Afridi should be in the Team. I will also go for Sami in place of Anjum. this will be the attacking team not the current defensive team !!!!

  • Ali Hasan on March 14, 2007, 2:05 GMT

    Mr. Abbassi, you are supposed to induce thought provoking discussions. Cracking corny jokes won't help your reputation.

  • Mike Rosario Live from NYC on March 14, 2007, 2:05 GMT

    Kamran , won't lych you but you really are being less than pragmatic optimist here.

    The bowling and feildind were okay given the lack of depth of West Indian batting.

    The batting as has always been the case case for centuries was the main source of failure. Given the temperament of most of our batsmen .it is difficult to say if they can consistently score just 200 runs for the next five innings. Now this is the state of affairs. Bob Woolmer has been a complete failure as a coach not one iota of improvement in the team.In hind sight atleast Javed Miandad was not a dumb fuck like this guy.

    Rana : Great bowler out of form , lack of energy and confidence ...perhaps needs rest ..possible replacements Sami or Azhar.

    Kamran Akmal : Let him play but on a leash, can't let him get comfortable or he will start dropping catches again.

    Kaneria : Should play him against all teams except WI.We saw how Brain Lara thrashed his bowling in the previous series.

    No further changes needed ..lets not get carried away.

    Now to all those top order batsmen ..we can consider human brain transplant for them. That is the only possible solution to their dumb and dick headed shot selections. Younis and Hafeez practically gifted their wickets to WI. Now ,do these guys listen to the coaching staff ..I m sure they were told to have some discipline in their batting.

    To conclude fellow Pakistanis ..don't expect anything from this team to avoid depression . Watch all games as if they were club cricket games and root for the opposition.Maybe this team is as good as its performance against WI.*s*

  • NS, Chicago, USA on March 14, 2007, 2:01 GMT

    I would blame selectors for selecting incompetent batsmen, our openers lack techniques to play and stay at wickt. Our opening batsmen can not even last five overs. The chances that Pakistan qualify for super 8 seems very remote. I certainly believe Shoaib Malik should do opening. Azhar should be given chance for Rana

  • Rahimm Khann,UK on March 14, 2007, 2:00 GMT

    Oh Mr Abbasi, Australia is biggest hurdle right. But before that there is a minor hicupp like Ireland,Zimbabwe,NZ,ENG,IND,SA,SL on the road to a match with incredible Aussies. Lets see what happens with these minor hicupps which we will likely blow away based on the performance against WI. Afterall the performance was top class today with the captain leading from the front,the batsman playing with great application and in great form and finally the world class bowling which blew away the opposition,not to mention the exceptional fielding and the catches taken by our fielders,and of course our fantastic opening pair. I am damn sure all other teams in the WC must be shivering at the prospect of meeting Pakistan,and surely the Indians must be having nightmares already about facing us,especially since they are in such awful form with all their bowlers out of form and their batsman hardly getting any score.

  • Asim Malik on March 14, 2007, 1:58 GMT

    Anger and disaapointment represent my feelings when sitting in China , having no access to broad cast, i atay awake the whole night to follow the match on internet and see such a dismal performance by Pakistan team.I think poor captaincy cost us around 30 to 40 runs.kaneria must have been given a break when he was being thrown for runs.Rana must not have been brought in after going for more than 5 runs an over in first spell.Had this target been closer to 200 it could have been a different scene altogether. lastly, i am sure they would strike back. Azhar may be a better choice than struggling Rana.

  • Arif Waheed on March 14, 2007, 1:57 GMT

    I would agree with Kamran Abbasi "it's better to lose now and peak later"...Don;t forget Pakistan won one of its first five matches in WC 1992 but then went on to win the last five including semifinal & final. Australia too, started pathetically in 1999 but then went on to beat South Africa and Pakistan. Pakistan used to be the best team in the world at that time, despite losing out to Bangla Desh.

    Changes in the line up must be made immediately. Imran Nazir, Mohd. Hafiz, Younus Khan, Mohd. Yousuf, Inzi, Shoaib Malik, Afridi (as soon as the ban is over), Azhar Mahmood, Mohd. Sami, Rao Iftikhar, Umar Gul.

    Yes, No Kamran Akmal. I agree the qulaity of keeping and batting Kamran Akmal is doing, Younus Khan can do match it if not exceed it.

    Also, the way Yousuf & Inzi batted was too slow and played too many dot balls.....I don;t know if it was because they were out of form Or if they were afraid of something or have had a DEFENSIVE mind-set. Whatever, it was, they need to get rid of it and soon!

    Last but not the least, remember, you can still win the match on the last ball of the game, even if a sixer is required. The key is not to loose hope until the last ball.

    I know most of the people won't agree with me, in fact many would be angered but we have to remember that sometimes the REAL battle is fought inside human minds and not on the battle field....Our players have to believe in themselves and we have to beleive in them...

  • zakir on March 14, 2007, 1:56 GMT

    well! All I want to say that Inzi has to lead this young team from front, and I dont know why they played Rana instead of Sami. I think Sami should have played in this match after his magnificent performance against SA other day and they should have play Afridi instead of Danish. But there is nothing to be panic because we still got two matches which inshAllah Pakistan is going to win, all the best to Pakistan.

  • Aussie on March 14, 2007, 1:56 GMT

    Selection changes in the bowling department is not the answer because the fact of the matter is that there is not much depth in the bowling department at the moment. Besides, this loss cannot be blamed on the bowlers since 241 was not a challenging total to chase.

    The primary reason why Pakistan lost the match was that Inzi and Yousuf (and Yousuf in particular) adopted a high-risk batting strategy in the middle-order. The top order had collpased, so the strategy that was adopted by these two batsman was to play defensive and see off the quick bowlers and then get stuck into the medium pacers. On the face of it, it seems like a low-risk strategy but it was high-risk in the sense that there was little margin for error once the medium-pacers came on. Luck went against Pakistan and Inzi and Yousuf failed to execute on their plans. It's not the first time that Pakistan has lost a match in this fashion - I can recall several occassions on which Yousuf has adopted a similar strategy and not been able to pull it off. Although I can recall severall occassions on which he has pulled it off and that's why he is known for being one of the best pacers of a one-day innings.

    So really, the loss cannot be blamed on any fundamental flaw. Rather, it was a case of bad luck. Besides, it's not like the opposition was weak.

  • Ganesh on March 14, 2007, 1:55 GMT

    I am amused with your authentic comment except Australia,Pakistan can beat all other teams. For your kind info, which you also should be knowing in the recent few games and months, West Indies, England, South Africa and Newzeland all have proved Australia is down the hill and beatable. Can you explain why you consider Pakistan can't beat Australia while other teams are easily beatable. I would say that without Shoaib and Asif their bowling is as weak as Australia and I am pretty sure, India, Srilanka, Australia and Newzeland would love to beat them with this bowling.

  • zakir on March 14, 2007, 1:55 GMT

    well! All I want to say that Inzi has to lead this young team from front, and I dont know why they played Rana instead of Sami. I think Sami should have played in this match after his magnificent performance against SA other day and they should have play Afridi instead of Danish. But there is nothing to be panic because we still got two matches which inshAllah Pakistan is going to win, all the best to Pakistan.

  • Cricket lover on March 14, 2007, 1:54 GMT

    I am a cricket lover and this proves just a few things : 1. If you dont pick deserving people the moral of the team decreases and it cant win. This is what ahppened to england inashes. Openers like salman Butt and Yasir hammed were left out for likes of Imran and so we dont have any openers. 2. Any victory we have with Asif and Shoib in team is tainted. they are a disgrace for the nation and nned to serve the ban. 3. Inzimam should lead from the front batting at No3 or 4 not below that 4. Bob is a failed coach. Has not produced a single match wining palyer in two years or a decent series win. He nneds to be fired. 4. The wicket keeping is extremely pooor> we need to look for a new batsman wicketkeeper. I dont think that we have what it takes to be world champions so instead of getting frustated just enjoy the cricket from the best teams namely australia, SA, India, west Indies, Sri Lanka and England. We rank among bangladesh and Zimbawe only capable ofproducing an upset on one of our days. Enjoy the cricket anf forget the pakistan team

  • Jawad Ilyas on March 14, 2007, 1:53 GMT

    I bunked work to see Team Pakistan give yet another shambolic display.Kamran,you are being over optimistic.Everything with this team is in disarray and even super eight round looks like a dream.Even if they do they are in for a serious whopping by all the other 7 teams.Imran Nazir is a gali cricketer and will never progress.Younis played such an erratic stroke,you had to see it to believe it.Inzi and Yousuf played as if they were playing for their lives both extra cautious.Kamran did what he does best and Rana sums up this team.I think I wasted spending 200$ to watch our team.

  • Mohsin Iqbal on March 14, 2007, 1:53 GMT

    "Posted by: irfan safdar shah at March 14, 2007 12:50 AM Pervaiz Musharraf is the root of all problems"

    I couldn't agree more!

  • Imran Iqbal on March 14, 2007, 1:52 GMT

    No doubt it was an embarrassing performance but remember Pakistan started the same way in 1992 but even worse in some matches especially against England (73 all out however thanks to rain). Luck favored them then but it may not happen this time. Because Imran has courage to sit best bowler Waqar out while may be Inzamam is trying to so same by sitting Sami out however blunder is to play Rana. Poor lad is out of form and confidence and badly needs break.. Send him home!!!!!!!! Hey what about the Hugs Sami was receiving from Woolmer.. Does this means he is worth nothing after those hugs?????? If so, Woolmer please give one to Rana!!!!!

  • Haider on March 14, 2007, 1:52 GMT

    Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees. Time can break your heart, have you begging please, begging please.

    Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure, And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven.

    Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven? I must be strong and carry on, 'Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven.

  • ASAD on March 14, 2007, 1:52 GMT

    Kamran, you took the words out of my mouth. While I still strongly believe that losing to West Indies and dented our chances almost completely, if we are to see any light at the end of the tunnel, changes have to be made, and made soon. Changes will give the team new belief and create new fear in the oppositions eyes, something that teams watching Pakistan will have lost on this performance.

    immediate changes:

    1) Nazir out (not proven) - thrown in too last minute. 2) Rana out - how many more chances?? 3) Danish out - way too risky in one day cricket, especially in one day format.


    1) Afridi - will match or better Danish kanerias figures any day with the ball. Is a trump card with the bat.....especially when the chips are down. 2) Azhar Mehmood - is a more diciplined bowler than Rana. Also adds extra depth to the batting. 3) Sami - any bowler bowling in the 90's will add some kind of threat to batsmen. We must look more destructive with our bowling attack.

    Good Luck'll need it.

    Somebody forward this to Bob Woolmer for me.

  • Imran Salat on March 14, 2007, 1:51 GMT

    Why should we be confident in pakistan's hopes when even the coach has given up?. How pathetic were his words when he said his personal favorites to lift the World Cup are the South Africans. I'm flabbergasted.

  • Aditya on March 14, 2007, 1:49 GMT

    Kamran Akmal kept pretty well I thought, and Umar Gul was the pick of your bowlers. Kaneria bowled one-day cricket you're going to get hit, but he stuck to his guns I think. As far as your batting order is concerned, I think you should pick two openers and stick with them...give them a long run, even if they fail sometimes, because you have to give them experience. After all, even Saeed Anwar and Amir Sohail started from somewhere. In the meantime, you shouldn't expect much from your openers, so the middle order should put their hand up. I think your big three got starts but couldn't convert them, and Younis Khan was out to a rank indiscretion. Inzamam should definitely move up the order, and Younis should be in the lower-middle order because in my opinion he can be more devastating at the death. Shoaib Malik played well and he should be persisted.

  • omair on March 14, 2007, 1:49 GMT

    whats the point of going to super eight when u know that you aint gona win any matches over there?

  • Masaood Yunus on March 14, 2007, 1:48 GMT

    I have nothing to comment ... I can't agree with you anymore today !

  • mohammad on March 14, 2007, 1:48 GMT

    Guys dont be upset look at the bright side we have a team that lost to possibly the weakest team in super 8 with a less then 5 runs /over to chase on good batting track. We cant blame any one the whole team has an aura of defeated attitude. For all pak criket fans keep ur expectations low maybe this is how good we are just above bangladesh or zimbabwe. Inz & co lack the conviction of winners. Poor selection bad batting poor fielding mediocere bowling. In the nothing fails like failure & nothing succeeds like success.As far as inz & co possibly better in tableeq then cricket.

  • TAUSEEF on March 14, 2007, 1:48 GMT

    guys, inzi at 3? 4? 5? how abt 11! The man is too defensive, he thinks everything would just happen by itself if they bat out 20 or so overs without scoring a run. Malik should b promoted up. Stick with Nazir and hafeez. Out goes Kaneria, whether Afridi is back or not, and Azhar for Rana. I also believe that Akmal should b dropped and younis should keep! he has done it before and it's not like he can't handle pak's current super pacy bowling!?!!

  • Ali Imran on March 14, 2007, 1:47 GMT

    Guys, no worries: Pakistan is going ALL THE WAY!!!!

    All the way home that is.

    I (much like a lot of other cricket fans) have no clue WHY on earth is Rana in the squad?

    I recokn we'll make it to the Super 8 but honestly; this is not a world-cup winning squad. Also with no presence of Akhtar, Asif and Razzaq; this team has already faced a serious set-back.

    Afridi: you can never really trust his batting.

    It was by no means a good bowling performance; they completely lost it in the end when it matters.

  • reginald andrews on March 14, 2007, 1:47 GMT

    I just don't understand tum log kis mitti kay bane hue ho. Simple thing does not register your head. The game was a curtain raiser and it showed that Pakistan was not even having a side that should have been in this WC 2007. Kamran, mujhe aap se ek sawal karna hai. Kya yeh zaroori hai ki gade huye murde ukhado. Everyone in this cricket world knew beforehand that this Pakistani team was not even on par with 7 other test playing nation. With Shaoib, Asif, Razzaq and Afridi you cannot make any headway and without them you should have, in the interest of Pakistan team, seen to it that this side had played in the ICC league to get better match practice. You are singling out that this player is not good and that player should be dropped. Frankly speaking in which department you were good? NONE. You guys think your bowling was good. No way. The pitch in West Indies are not like the pitches in Pakistan or Australia wherein you can score 300+ with ease. Your mediocre attack was lucky not to have been thrashed for a bigger score. Because Windies knew that any score of 200+ was good enough to defend. If you see my comment on your previous blog, I had already written that the four players listed above are your main bowlers who bowl 75 to 80% of the overs. In their absence these bowlers did well to restrict the West Indies under 250 which in itself is a big achievement. So don't blame the bowlers. The fielding was PATHETIC. The bowling in the slog overs was taken to the cleaners with the last 10 overs yielding 85 runs. After the first 40 overs it was 156 for 3 which was 3.9 per over. That is where Inzamam erred. He got complacent. The bowling became wayward, fielding less said the better. The captain was thinking that a score of under 250 is easy to chase and relaxed in his approach. Windies literally gained from that point. Imagine a No.11 never hitting a six in ODI getting one off the last delivery. So that sums up your 50 overs in the field. Now the batting. You have the worst opening pair in the ODI. Why cry? You must have jumped when Nazir got a six of the second ball. Is this the way you chase?? The batsman has to first set. You are not playing a 20 over game. You pay the price. Next ball you are in the pavilion. Yousuf and Inzamam were so slow that the run rate only mounted. But they were still ahead in the run rate when the 100 was reached. That is where the team took different paths. West Indies consolidated from that point and Pakistan capitulated. From 99 for 3 to 116 for 6. The tail starts there and your requirement was mounting leaps and bounds. Malik just chanced his arms and was fortunate to get 62 runs. But overall the performance was deplorable and not worthy of team competing for the World Cup. You guys don't learn from mistakes. Yes, the remaining two games are with minnows and I am quite positive that unless Pakistan changes its tactics the return journey could be as early as March 21 which is about 7 to 8 days from now. Good luck and stop criticizing the players after they have performed. If you have the guts make the management select players who are worthy of world cup standard. If not, just watch.

  • Shahrukh on March 14, 2007, 1:45 GMT

    Ok to sum it up, even with Pakistan's recent abysmal performane in those 3-4 months, I expected them to beat WI's. That practice match with SA was a far away ray of hope. There was one thing missing today, apart from cricket common sense and motivation i mean, and that was professionalism. That is found in Aussies and SA etc. Younis and Openers sold their wickets at discount to the Carribeaners. Malik for one more time very impressive, Rana Naveed has privately sworn to maintain a 5 per over average. Kaneria is a homeopathic medicine, no use no harm.

    All in all, Pakistani team does know we are mules, we will stick with them at every juncture, they win we clap, they lose we curse. So what can we do, I just hope they show the world their big one too. I am disappointed, but have not dispensed hope. Good Luck

  • Rocky4884 on March 14, 2007, 1:43 GMT

    Now i understand, after losing so many games, how come Pak team does not get it? I beleive they are also hallucinating like this writer, that Australia is the only team they cannot beat. However, the latest buzz in Pakistan is that today's match was fixed as Pakistan wanted to let Windies win their inagural world cup game.To maintain 'brotherly relations' with Windies. I thought Musharraf was the only one hallucinating when he declared her in US that Pakistanis speak better english than Indians. It seems the whole country is on charas .

  • Akshay on March 14, 2007, 1:43 GMT

    All said and done, I guess I'll react the same way if India loses!

  • Wadood Janud on March 14, 2007, 1:41 GMT


    hey dont give up on your team yet, remember the 92 cup, we got thrashed by nearly every team, but we still managed to come out on top. Its the early stages there is still hope. Look at tomarow not yesterday and pray for the team since it represents you!

  • saqib naz on March 14, 2007, 1:40 GMT

    As far as i know there is no left batmans in the pakistan side this is clearly a draw back to the team i think they should have chosen from butt of farhat instead of nazir because 1 of them is a left hand bats man left and right combination for opening is better then just a 1 dimentional right hand combination Inzimam should come in at 4 bring kamran akmal in opening with nazir worth giving a try since kamran has been failing to deliver in key moments for pakistan. Danish kaneria is always a gamble the guy needs to play all group stages to give him confidence trust me the pitches in west indies are ideal for spin. I believe the positives in the match was that shoaib malik played good ! roa iftikar bowled brilliant so did umar gul only improvement they need is in the later stages when they bowl kick out naved and bring in geniune pace with sami he can bowl the 90+ range which is vital for any team australia have gone with shaun tait because of that and india have got munaf patel. Shahid Afridi will come back in the team which physciologicaly will give pakistan a upper hand i will bring afridi in opening with akmal worth a try? pakistan needs to give some batting chances to tail enders in nets. They need to take catches coz they win matches. The PLUS FOR PAKISTAN HAS BEEN RAO IFTIKAR THE GUYS GOT EXCELLENT LINE LENGTH !!!

  • Akshay on March 14, 2007, 1:40 GMT

    Am from India. It's interesting to the see the reaction to this loss among the supporters of Pakistan. Their team needs to be given a break. It's just the first match and there is a long way to go. Reminds me of how we over-reacted in 2003, when India lost to Australia in the group stages. And Pakistan has some awesome batting firepower. Once their bowling settles in, Kamran is right, they can take on any team.

  • Roland on March 14, 2007, 1:40 GMT

    1. Pakistan were out-foxed today. Today was the first time in many matches that neither Samuels or Gayle bowled a single ball. It is possible that Inzi and Yousef were playing for the spin(slow) bowlers to come in the attack. When it did not it happen it was too late. Pakistan is still a very talent team.

    2. Shoaib Malik should bat higher in the order period. Either as an opener or before Inzi/Akmal. He needs to be groomed. Truth be told, today, by time he came to the crease today West Indies were not to bothered they were prepared to get the tailenders as they did.

    3. Don't read too much to West Indies low scores. They did it same thing last year in the ICC Champions Trophy preliminaries but yet still reached the final.

    4. Yonnis Khan gave his wicket away but the others was the result of great team bowling. All the bowlers did well and Lara used them fairly well.

  • wajid on March 14, 2007, 1:38 GMT

    Kamran Abbasi asks"Rana's selection was inexplicable. Somebody needs to explain it though." There is nothing to explain. The glorious beard explains it all.

  • Roger bond on March 14, 2007, 1:38 GMT

    Well how can a team expect anythiig except laziness from the captain,who is so lazy that he has no inclination and time to even shave his beard or atleast trim it..Well I gues he is busy in EAT, SLEEP and SLEEP IN GYM

  • Mohsin on March 14, 2007, 1:38 GMT

    As much as it hurts to see Pakistan losing the World Cup opener, we have to accept this team was never good enough to make it to the final four and we will have to contend with a few loses here and there. As for all the cricket gurus suggesting changes in strategy i believe no radical changes are required. Maybe Sami should come in for Rana - thats all. As for abandoning hope - well being a pakistani supporter i think we all know inside of what our boys can do and some of us only 'pretend' to lose hope. Remember '92? We were only better than SL in that WC.

  • nabeel adeel on March 14, 2007, 1:36 GMT

    i don't know why i m still writing about them.they completely disheartened and disappointed me today.i don't have any hope but why in the world cant woolmer and inzi not get there best available players on the field.On such small grounds playing kaneria is big risk caz even mistimed shots wud go for sixes and yyyy azhar did nt play is still a mystery.Azhar is a good player of pacers and cud have given malik useful support towards the end.Sami did well in warm up against south africa and for some reason they still selected rana who i think is paying money(rishwat) to be in the team.Yasir being dropped from the 15 told again today caz he is a steady opener especially on low tracks he can be effective.A shameful performance and kamran bahi with this selection and opening we might even not get to the super 8s.i just want to be able to somehow forget this team and move on but it is easier said than done.

  • Imran on March 14, 2007, 1:36 GMT

    Rana is a big problem. Inzamam and Woolmer just keep on saying big words. Their wins in the warm up was just a warm up to start loosing. Until Inzi starts thinking about team instead of his friendship with Rana we can not win. All 3 Inzi, YOunis and sorry Yousuf also seem to be scared of new batsmen that why Pakistan has not established any new batsman since Inzi took over. Rana should be out of the team not for long but forever.

  • Imran on March 14, 2007, 1:36 GMT

    Swap Shoaib Malik with Imran in batting order.

  • Kamran (a different one). on March 14, 2007, 1:35 GMT

    IMHO, a bowler must be smart. I have always found rana chachu to be a very dumb one. He just gets lucky from time to time. Batting order must be changed as you said.

  • KS on March 14, 2007, 1:35 GMT

    Dear Kamran: 1. Rana is a hard worker, he has my sympathy, but the World Cup needs a bowler who is in form, and right now, he has totally lost his confidence, and is asking to be put out of his misery!! 2. I WILL place all the blame on Inzamam and Woolmer...if the coach and captain cannot be held responsible, then who will you hold accountable...the TOOTH FAIRY?? 3. Sami is your fastest bowler, and he cannot possibly bowl any worse than Rana... 4. Knowing Inzi mulla, he is probably regretting not replacing Asif and Shoaib with Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and Qazi Hussain Ahmad.....and a word of advice to cricketers from Karachi... grow a beard, the longest, bushiest one that you can grow... that is your ONLY chance... it is still a snowballs' chance in hell, but it is your only option.... 5. And finally, if the World Cup was being played in Raiwind, you probably would end up being right..since it is not, I would recommend that you buy lots and lots of your favorite will be eating your words and IT WILL NOT GO DOWN EASY, AND IT WILL NOT GO DOWN FAST... P.S. Kamran, just how exactly did you get your neurons zapped up this bad?!!!

  • Hamid on March 14, 2007, 1:34 GMT

    Dear Kamran,I agree with you that this team has the talent and the potential to usurp the best team on any given day but the likelihood of that actually happening (outside of a patriotic Pakistani's dream) is anywhere between nought and zero. And the reason: a team leader devoid of cricketing sense. It's the story of Pakistan's eternally static society where religious fervor is considered a substitute for technical knowledge and skill. It may be that Inzy is targeting higher glories than the earthly World Cup. So, just sit back and relax,Allah will guide this team.

    But getting down to the nitty-gritty of today's game, I fail to see any logic in anything this team management does, including team selection, strategy etc. etc. Cricket is such a mind game, and our team management so mind-boggled at the time. And the fact that the coach openly writes off his own team by claiming SA as his favourite team fits perfectly into this directionless team leadership.

  • Ricky on March 14, 2007, 1:33 GMT

    I think the only team Pakistan can beat regularly is itself time and again. How can you say that it was a good bowling performance when they were whacked for almost 10 an over in last 10 overs. I don't think this team and this Captain has it in them to reach the Semis.

  • imran on March 14, 2007, 1:32 GMT

    This has to be the weakest pakistan side ever, to go into a world cup tournament, largely due to the fact shoaib akthar, mohammed asif, abdul razzaq being left out due to injury, and shahid afridi being banned for first 2 games. These are 4 potential match winners almost half the team! and they cant play!! If you look in the side that played today, there was about 5 players that stand out as match winners on their day, - Inzi, yousuf, younis, shoaib malik, umar gul, you need 11 match winning players, thats why australia have done well in the past and dominated for years.

  • Rehan on March 14, 2007, 1:31 GMT

    Some people on here who are criticizing fans for not supporting their team should really get a life. Pakistan team has done nothing to earn our respect! They've always let us down. Inzi should realize his defensive strategy will never win him big games!

  • kakes on March 14, 2007, 1:30 GMT

    Please dont blame Danish Kaneria though. You never gave him chances in One day Games and bring him directly for WC !!

  • Syed Rehan on March 14, 2007, 1:29 GMT

    It won't be easy for Pakistan to sort this out before super 8's. Next two games are easy wins and Pakistan should not be appreciated if they manage to win against minnows. There are quite a few things wrong with this team. Inzimam's captaincy is just amazingly horrible. Kaneria has never been used properly and it's not fair to him. We could've had Windies all out within 150 had Inzi decided to attack rather than become defensive. I have no clue why Hafeez is being given a chance again and again! He cannot play! Period! I hope Inzi's only excuse to keep him in the team is the absence of Afridi. Sami should've played. Rana should be rested.

  • Raj on March 14, 2007, 1:27 GMT

    Kaneria must be persisted with as should any wicket taking bowler. Azhar Mahmood or Mohammad Sami must replace Rana Naved. Afridi must open. Getting him to bat late is a very defensive ploy as is everything that Inzy does. But i hope that these changes happen after Pakistan has lost its match with India ;-)

  • SHAN on March 14, 2007, 1:26 GMT

    this is un belevble that inzi select boyz like rana who bad luck since he return why inzi keep out sami i dont belive my openion is azar mehmood and hafeez should open the innings 3rd will be inzee 4th yosuf 5t yonis 6th malik 7th afridi,8th sami 9th rao iftikahar,10th yasir arfat 11th daish aur rana no place for kamran akmal yonius khan will hendle more better then him

  • Ashaq on March 14, 2007, 1:25 GMT

    If we are going to look for positives.Then the only one which stands out in my mind. Is the performance of Shoaib Malik.

    This may not be the most naturally gifted batsmen.He has certainly got the mental toughness.

    In the words of the Late great Boxing coach Cus D`Amato. " A hero Is someone who is able to handle fear. Rather then being consumed by it.He is actually able to use his fear of failure as motivation. And to help raise his performance."

    Or in the legendary words of muhammad Ali "A champion is created from something deep inside. A desire, A vision, An unrelenting determination..."

    Our team is full of guys who are unable to deal with the pressure of the big stage. I certainly feel for them. Unfortunately I dont think guys such as Nazir, Kaneria have a very long future.

  • solaar on March 14, 2007, 1:25 GMT

    Today was the epitome of unpredictable. I truly think Pak's relationship with its fans is the curse of the "stockholm syndrome". They've sucked of late, but when they produce to their talant, we love them. But generally, they've sucked, no doubt about that. I'm a firm beleiver in shoab, the big three, kaneria, and now umar and rao. They've got true talent. But despite their usual lack of bringing out their talent, I'm totally enthralled when they do pull one out, and for some reason I always believe they will. I really hope you're right, Kamran. But yes, please leave out Rana for now; he's not good for the team's chemistry.

  • khan on March 14, 2007, 1:25 GMT

    Not forgetting that they just beat the beat rated team at the moment - south africa in the warm up game, pakistan have alot of work to do. Or did they just have a bad day today??

    My personal opinion for today is that the captain is partly to blame for some poor decisions, why Inzi gave each bowler a long spell rather than rotate the bowling and keep the batsmen thinking I cant understand.. especially in the case of Rana Naved, who should have been taken off straight away.

  • kag on March 14, 2007, 1:24 GMT

    I am an Indian supporter - but I do not think Pak is as bad as it is made out to be here. If Pak makes just these 2 changes I think they would be a handful Rana out - Azhar in and Kaneria out - Afridi in. Akmal is not keeping well these days but I do not think Younis would be any better.

  • Nasir Janjua on March 14, 2007, 1:24 GMT

    It was scary show off from Pakistani cricket team today. I believe there was no team plan, no spirit and some of players were just happy to be the part of national team participating in worldcup2007. Whole team was lacking in enthusiasm and discipline. Other than that I would like to mention some points here

    Danish Kaneria: Believe me he is still a school fellow who should play enough cricket to get to that level of maturity. His fielding, bowling and on top of all his reactions!!! Just Sucks

    Imran Nazir: I don’t know why Iman doesn’t have temperament and concentration. The way he is playing he only deserve to play super six tournaments. Please some one should teach him and make him understand that he is playing at international level. How hard it is to play a front foot drive to the half volley?

    Rana Naveed: Honestly he needs to go for rehabilitation. He is not a bad bowler but he is just not in his rhythm and one shouldn’t try him and help him to gain it back in important events. Not in world cup at least.

    Inzama-ul-Haq: I have no doubt Inzi is master player but he still needs to learn the tactics of captaincy. He needs to do his home work and get in the ground with plan A, B and C. I am trying to find an answer that why he can’t push himself and bat at number three. One shouldn’t make it an ego problem that everyone is saying so I don’t have to do.

    Beautiful game of cricket is sports but we need real professionals to manage and play this game otherwise things are not far where we will see the standard similar to what we have in hockey.

  • Mohamed Z. Rahaman (Breado) on March 14, 2007, 1:23 GMT

    I am Guyanese, so I am glad WI won. My dear Pakistani friends, please don't lose hope. As I recall Imran's winning team had a terrible start to Pakistan's only WC victory. Hopefully, they can squeeze into the next round and they will have him back by then. By the way...what's up with your coach (Woolmer) disrespecting Pakistan's chances by openly saying that S.A., Aus., and N.Z., are all better teams? Even if it's true, that has to put a dent on his players confidence. The Pak. board should have sacked him immediately after he made those remarks. Good Luck. I hope Pak does well, but I want my Windies to win it all.

  • Mohsin on March 14, 2007, 1:23 GMT

    The truth is that Pakistan have always been useless gibberish, these people need to get out of there own arses and listen to what the fans are saying. I mean Ranas been playing like dog for months now and he still hasnt been axed, why do they keep starting him?! and Inzi that buffalo's too lazy to come in at no.3 or 4 even though hes our best batsman, its a shame. Whenever our batting clicks our bowling doesnt: thats the pakistan team summed up for you, a useless bunch of idiots.

    The world cup is over, even if this useless sloth of team gets through to the next stage they will be at a serious disadvantage since the points are carried through.

    I dont know why i wasted my time watching these idiots today even though i knew what was going to happen. Pakistan have always been like this, and they will carry on being like this.

    Dont waste your time over them people, now then back to football.

  • roshen on March 14, 2007, 1:22 GMT

    1.Kamran Akmal should open. 2.Inzi should bat up the order. 3.Afridi to be included in the team no matter what. 4. Rana should be dropped - everyone knows his death over tactics by now.

  • Angoor on March 14, 2007, 1:22 GMT

    Akmal, Hafeez and Rana need to be dropped for Afridi, Sami and Azhar. Younus (or anyone for that matter) can keep as well as Akmal.

  • Nishant on March 14, 2007, 1:22 GMT

    Less than 48 hours ago, you were all praise for the team, backing them to win the WC. Now, you don't want to eat your words, but at the same time criticize half the team for not performing. Where are your WC winners going to come from? Why don't you also suggest packing and sending half the team back home and bring new troops? Accept the fact that this team is not capable of winning the WC but accidents do happen in Cricket, so theoratically there is a chance that they can win. Of course now some people will say that Afridi was missing and Sami was not playing. About a fortnight ago, Sami was not even in the squad. Afridi is always hit and miss. The fact is Pak lost it because of top 3 batsmen and there is no replacement, given Inzy's refusal to take responsibility. I bet we will see Afridi open again in this tournament and it will not work and then he will be dropped again !! Imagine, the WI team beat Pak w/o Lara, Gayle and Chanderpaul firing and they needed no more than 5 bowlers (including two part-time bowlers). Now think of whats waiting in other teams.

    Sure, hope never dies ! Keep faith but stop day dreaming !

  • Rajesh Singh on March 14, 2007, 1:21 GMT

    Javed Khan from Montreal mentioned the other day that the if the Indian medicore bowling attack could wipe out the WI batting ,Pakistan could do better. Well I guess if Indian attack is medicore,Pakistans attack is exceptionally better......ummm well I guess it my fault at not understanding.He must have meant better for the opposition teams I guess.

  • MRT on March 14, 2007, 1:20 GMT

    As much as i believe Bob Woolmer to be a decent coach, i'm disgusted with the decision to play Shoaib Malik at no.6. Arguably he's been Pakistan's best batsman in odi's in recent years. This is a guy who started out at number 11 and yet still averages 33.92 (119 inns, 5x100, 21x50). Compare this to Younis Khan's average of 31.42 (144 inns, 2x100, 26x50). Clearly Malik is the better batsman in this form of the game, yet woolmer is trying to meet the needs of Younis when the more consistent Malik should be allowet to bat at no.3. He's won the team many more ODIs than Younis has. What use is his current position where he is constantly asked to achieve the impossible after the failures of others? And what exactly is Naved ul Hasan still doing in the team? Yasir Arafar or Azhar Mahmood would be far more useful. Last year Sussex were disappointed to get Rana back at the end of the season because Arafat was performing far better in both forms of the game. Ul-Hasan has not been the same player for about nine months and he is taking his place purely on reputation!

  • Humza Husain on March 14, 2007, 1:20 GMT

    Well put Kamran! The fact is that the team has no form of stability nor reliability. I agree with you in regards of rana naveed. He is a pathetic and costly bowler. Sami and Azhar's absence is a slap in the face and PCB's unintuitive decisions. Pakistan's future in this world cup is like the U.S pulling out of Iraq!

  • yousuf on March 14, 2007, 1:19 GMT

    Pakistan is one team that would always need a wakeup call. This loss will be a wake up call. This team has the full potential and the skill to beat even a team like Australia. Batting: Imran Nazir can blast any bowler. Mohammad Hafeez can stick around for a while. Mohammed Yousuf and Inzamam can play big patient innings. Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi can fire any time. If this combination works in any form it will be enough to beat any side any day. WE WILL NEVER COUNT YOU OUT PAKISTAN

  • Yasser on March 14, 2007, 1:19 GMT

    Rana Naved is badly out of form...his selection remains a mystery and a huge suprise...Mohammed Sami remains consistently inconsistent...I feel Ifthikar justified his selection and really played well...As for Kaneria, he has been desperate to try and cement his place in the one day line up yet fails to show the venom he displays in the Test Arena...Yousuf at No. 3 and inzy at No. 4 would provide more Stability i for the opening give them till the super eights..if they dont perform....Nazir should be out...Hafeez and Malik should open...As for Pakistans chances..LETS ALL PRAY

  • yalmaz on March 14, 2007, 1:19 GMT

    I am an ardent fan of Pakistani cricket but this team is stretching my patience to the limit. I think the most important thing to note here is that how bleak the future of Pakistani cricket is? We have absolutely no new batting or bowling talent. We are playing losers like Naved, Sami, Hafeez, Nazir and the worst thing is that we have no other choice. Unfortunately these are the only people out there or atleast that the impression selectors have given us. It is truly abysmal to see such a weak Pakistani team in the worldcup. I wish they lose in the first round and spare us of this torture.

  • Anas on March 14, 2007, 1:18 GMT

    Tuesday, March 13 2007--Death of Pakistan Cricket


  • Romel Hall on March 14, 2007, 1:18 GMT

    The West Indies played well today. This is the sort of performances that West Indians want to see from our players. We want to see some fight and that is what they showed today.Hafeez and the Younis Khan gave away their hands and Yousuf and Inzaman gave the match to the west indies with their slow batting....newayz the west indies play well today and I hope they continue to play this way.

  • Syed Jawad Ameer on March 14, 2007, 1:18 GMT

    - I really dont understand why the hell Rana is still playing, this has been the worst bad patch I have ever seen in any fast bowler. Inzi likes him that why he is in the team..his presence now sucksss. - Kaneria, the guy who has been playing cricket for about 6 -7 years and never been a part of the ODI team is playing the world cup, Can Izni , Wolmer and Selection committe explain this logic. He has never been a top class ODI bowler, neither a good fielder nor a batsman. Afridi is much better ODI bowler then him and we all know what can he do with the bat. - Imran Nazir, never played international cricket for more than 2 years, played just one good innings in SA and now become an integral part of pakistani team....huuh. This guy has the worst techinque and yet plays as a specialist opener.. I dont know for how long we keep trying these crapy players. - Yousuf and Inzi should come up. Younus needs to be more consistant in ODIs. Afridi, azhar and sami/yasir arafat should replace kaneria, rana and imran nazir... But I would say that this WC is not gona be much different then 2003.

  • Majid Khan on March 14, 2007, 1:17 GMT

    Well i think our captain is tooooo lazy. He doesn't care. He thinks by telling his players to keep a beard will that solve everything. No offense but its good they're religious but you have to perform as well. We need a captain like PONTING or DRAVID, not a lazy person who only wants to perform when he wants to. In 1992 everyone was scared of Imran Khan, because they knew what he was capable of if the players didn't perform. On the other hand Inzi, no player cares because he can't do anything.

    P.s All the selectors are being harsh on Azhar, only becuase he was close to Wasim Akram Thats all - CHANGE THE CAPTAIN.

  • shabir khan,Milan,Italy on March 14, 2007, 1:16 GMT

    BOB Woolmer recently said he was happy with the Pakistani teams preparation for the wc. Bob surely is a guy who is happy with modest things in life. I guess he is glad the margin of defeat was only 54 runs , and his genius plans avoided a bigger defeat.

  • Usman on March 14, 2007, 1:16 GMT

    Here is thought if Inzi wants to bat down the order why don't he just come at no9, that way his wish to bat down the order will be really fullfilled. I mean Capt is suppose to lead from front and there he goes total defensive mode and takes the whole team down with him and no one can any thing to him, why because he is too senior, screw that........ I really hope we don't make it to super 8 because i can't take this any more and keep my hopes up on the shoulders of this stupid capt. I rather not see Inzi play any more I really hope he get's injured really bad that he has to abondon the worldcup and may be some one else can lead this team I think we might have some chance. I have been saying it for a long time win or lose is part of the game but lose with respect at least show some fight but Inzi has just really disappointed me.

  • ILoveUSA on March 14, 2007, 1:15 GMT

    kamran you are still living in dreamland world to say azher mehmood can perform. he is just picked bcoz of inzi's friendship nothing elese. he is used bullit. let me tell u this bob woolmer killed pakistan cricket with the help of inzi. i am 100% agree with u pakistan's odis power was their long batting lineup most the time in the history pakistan's batting was going to number 9 or 10 and today after six batsmen there was looooooooooooooong line of tailenders, i don't why too long tail. and i wana tell u one thing more sami is still crap. i know u will write about him that he didn't deliver well after the match, i am going to tell u before the match he will not deliver well in any match. his boulcing doesn't have any bounce same like rana.

    if u wana pick the team pick like this way. u can use hafeez at number 6 very well and can easy get from him usefull runs

    yasir can bowl better than rana and adridi can bowl 200 times better than crap odi player danish kerneria.

    kamran pick my this team and win all the next matches in the worldcup otherwise they need to go back and seelp in their homes for long rest.

    pakistan is sick of woolmers coaching.

    if anwer ali u19 bowler was here today he must have taken many wickets than crap rana.

    i will beg to u and pakistan's coach, captain and management pls send back to keneria back to home in the first available flight.

  • NV_Me on March 14, 2007, 1:13 GMT

    Mr. Kamran, I am not sure if there is any hope for Pakistan or not... I would rather have india and Pakistan make it to the finals... I think Pakistan has real good players, but what it suffers from is (just like india) is over dependence on senior players... Australia is also falling in the same trap and given their arrogance, I really hope Scotland kicks their rear sides tomorrow ... I know --- fat chance --- .. anyway --- the key for India and Pak is to forget the Inziez, the Tendulkars, and get some young blood into the team .. ! I just did not see the resolve to play some attacking shots today .. ! I could see the rub rate climb and I was wondering when will they control it.. never happened... I am from india and I love a good match between the green and blue .. hopefully - 2007 will be the year of the subcontinent... !

  • umer on March 14, 2007, 1:13 GMT

    well i have read everyone's comments and i think pakistan could have done better, but lets face it if us pakistani ppl don't support our team then the team won't even beant irland. and someone name (pakistani sucks) needs to change there name bcz i think when pakistan takes that world cup or make it to the semi finals ur mouth will be shut!!!!!!! we are not losers ppl. lets face it england has never won a world cup!! i mean we are a better team then england. so we can do it. and shut those ppls mouth who talk shit!!!!

  • AA on March 14, 2007, 1:13 GMT

    I have been saying all along that pack all eleven positions with batsmen as Pak keep losing wickets with a sluggish run rate. Also the selectors did a poor job not including Yasir Hameed as an opner and as you mentioned Mr. Abbasi not including enough batsmen/wicketkeeper. Well with the squad we have I'll choose all the batsmen, wicketkeeper, two bowlers (excluding Sami and Rana) and the rest allrounders. Still I wont give this Pakistan team, management and administration much of a chance.

  • Hamza on March 14, 2007, 1:12 GMT

    IF we had Azhar today I think we might have had a better chance I MEAN WHY IS DANI THERE NO SENSE. He is a waste of bat..

  • Zed Fazel - Leicester, England on March 14, 2007, 1:12 GMT

    The defeat was self-inflicted. How? 1 - Win the toss and field on a perfect wicket?!!! 2 - Only a genius can explain continuous selection of Rana Naveed. He is the biggest liability on the team - but Inzy and his pal Mushtaq think otherwise. 3 - Catches win matches - and Sarwan was let off the 1st ball he faced - and Younis then showed how to throw your wicket away!!! 4 - Inzy has a set mind...otherwise why take off Hafeez & Kaneria when they were bowling well and Rana obliged with a display of how to bowl at the death!!! 5 - When playing against the host in the WC opening you have to show a bit of big heart by giving 4 over- throws!!!

    Kamran, I like your optimism...but it is better Pakistan start preparing for the 2011 WC. And can any one tell me which new batsmen Woolmer has produced in more than 2 years that he has been coach. He continuously says there is ample talent. I want to know where is it?!!! Mind you, Inzy, Younis and Yousuf are NOT his products.

  • Yaser Syed on March 14, 2007, 1:09 GMT

    There is no hope with this team. This world cup is over for Pakistan, and Bob woolmer knows it.

  • Tariq Aziz on March 14, 2007, 1:09 GMT

    I think if we bring back S Malik at one down position that will solve most of our batting problem. Malik was the key factor in winning one days in 2005. I think Yunis should be moved down the order for time being and kick him out from one day team after world cup.

  • Imran Tahir - Toronto on March 14, 2007, 1:08 GMT

    I for one holding mine Kamran ! I still have the faith like millions around in this team.

  • kashif Merchant on March 14, 2007, 1:08 GMT

    well i am not too dissappointed cause i expected this from the Pakistani team and i see what you are trying to say Kamran but its not going to happen. This team does not have the potential....

  • Jith R on March 14, 2007, 1:08 GMT

    Yea exactly...y wasnt Sami, Afridi and Azhar playing????? i thort Sami was the pick of the bowlers against the warm up game against SA and yet Rana played. Kaneria is not required... Pakistan have Afridi, Hafeez and Malik for spin options and i think Akmal should open the batting with Hafeez or be dropped and replaced as keeper by Younis Khan. I was so suprised at the team selection

  • Shabbir on March 14, 2007, 1:08 GMT

    well guys just forget the world cup, don't waste your time, this team is going nowhere? I am looking forward what changes there could be after Pakistan after Pakistan going home after first round. Can anyone guess?

  • Shehzad Choudhry on March 14, 2007, 1:07 GMT

    Pakistan needs to play with more Alrounders instead of bowlers, Sami should be included in place of Naveed ul Hassan, Afridi for Kaneria. Imran Nazir should be given another chance but he has to be careful about his shot selection. We need Boom Boom Afridi, Azhar mehmood should be given another chance as well in place of Rana or Kaneria. Kaneria is an ordinary bowler who does not make any difference to the team bowling.

  • haroon on March 14, 2007, 1:07 GMT

    i just don't know why they changed the batting order from canada match. probably becuase younis didn't wanted to bat as an openner. if pakistan want to win the world cup they have attack from the front. our best players like younis, yousuf, and inzi has to play first. they have to come early in order to put pressure in the oposition side.

    why in the world rana is in the team still. can't we just just give shabbir ahamd a chance in one day international. he is much much better than sami, and rana. it was good to see gul and rao bowling good but i think both kanaria and rana bowled rabbish and they should't be playing next match. i say for the next match drop kanaria and rana instead bring azhar and sami pakistan should open with younis and nazir and then inzi has to play in number three and yousuf in four. we can't have our best batsman coming at number five when there is no one else left there to bat with him. younis, yousuf, and inzi they have to come and bat and attack from the front.

  • Shaan on March 14, 2007, 1:06 GMT

    Kamran, get real, this is a hopeless Paki side. Javed Khan of Montreal "where are you hiding your face now dude"? get some ganja and charas, it will relieve your pain for today. Heartiest congratulation to Lara and company on their grand victory.

  • Mubs on March 14, 2007, 1:06 GMT

    Its the same old story , alot of expectations and yet not fullfilling it . What A SHAME ,What a disastorous start to pakistan world cup campaign ,cricket is all about passion and excitement but watching todays perfomance reminded of the vulnerability of pakistani team ,so exubarent but not thoughtfull . For starters Inzi all got it wrong , after winning the toss he should have elected to bat first , in such a big event , especially when you are playing the opener but who will explain this to MIGHTY Inzi , sometimes i feel sorry for him , he was giving big remarks before the start of the match and yet could not lead pakistan to victory.

    I had enough of giving ideas that what type of strategy should be adopted by pakistan , it will go down in the history of pakistani cricket team if Inzi listens to what the whole nation says . Guys my advice to all of you is dont waste your time and money watching these lethargic athletes , i very much doubt if they can reach super eight after such dismall perfomance .

  • Wasiq on March 14, 2007, 1:05 GMT

    Absolutely pathetic display of batting but i think the game slipped away from Pakistan during the last 5 overs when they conceded about 60 runs. Bowling was right on target for first 45 overs but Inzi made the mistake of not letting the spinners finish the job who pretty much had the West Indians by the throat. Instead Inzi reintroduced the pace, which helped the tail to throw a bat at everything to help themselves with a boundry or two. WI could have been restricted under 200 runs but unfortunately bowlers didn't go for the kill at the end.

    Also, Younis Khan dropping Sarwan on 0 and he went on to score about 50 runs. Pakistan should have had a backup opener in Hameed or even Farhat because Nazir is simply a wild card. After watching this game i am indeed conviced that this was the beginning of the end for Pakistan in this world cup.

    And lastly Rana needs to carry the drinks for the rest of this tournament period.

  • G. Mustafa New York on March 14, 2007, 1:04 GMT

    Kamram; your points are very valid. I beg pak team selectors to take control now then crying over split milk. Our team has talents to make final. Inzi go for it and make history.

  • Del Pun on March 14, 2007, 1:04 GMT

    High hopes Kamran! Let's face it - this Pakistan team is nothing more than a lump of out-of-form shit. I feel hopelessness and despair supporting it. Each one of them, starting from Inzi (even a local county player could have scored faster than him), should be caned. PCB should sack these guys and build up a new team - even a brand new team cannot lose worse than this team has!

  • faisal sheikh on March 14, 2007, 1:04 GMT

    I agree with your discussion to a great extent. In terms of inclusion of Rana Naveed, it is beyond the understanding of a sane mind. Any lay man can tell you that common sense says that if a guy i s aliability to your team then dont play him, his bowling has been pathetic. Also i had heard that he is a very useful allrounder, well he failed to show that today again, Azhar should be in since he is a very useful all rounder and has proved that with performances with Pakistan in past and Surrey county in present. Danish could have been a little unlucky, even though he bowled well and looked threatening but still failed to take a wicket. Im not a big supporter of Danish in ODIs but from watching his performance today i would have to say otherwise. Of course the team needs Shahid Afridi since not only is he a decent spinner but also he has a habit of breaking partnerships. Also on his day he can make any attack in the world look ordinary, we all are aware of that. Inzi and yousuf tried to steady the ship but especially Inzi looked too relaxed and slow, even when the run rate was climbing to an alraming level, Inzi and yousuf were vatting in no urgency. I agree that yes they had to steady the ship but at the same time players of their standard could have done a lot better than takin 7 runs in second power play. Lets hope for the best for Pakistani team.

  • AAMIR JADOON on March 14, 2007, 1:04 GMT

    Well Kamran you are absolutly right. This is very Embarrassing performance by Pakistan, as I said few weaks ago in my comments that Pakistan will suffer because of openers in the worldcup if they will not select the Sulaiman Butt in the squade, and will suffer in the bowling if they will not select the Mohammad Irshad in the squade, I dont have a too much experiance of cricket but according to my limited exposure i saw Mohammad Irshad in domestic matches and he have a great pace and also his action is very good which helps him to controle his line with the pace, but just leave it now we have to make the planing with our present team, well I think that pakistan must change some bating order in this tournament, I dont know weather I am right or wrong but in my openion Kamran Akmal must open with the imran Nazir, and younis must play at no6 and Shohaib Malik should play at no3 and inzimam at no4 and mohammad yousuf at no 5 hafeez should be in lower middle order, becuse after 30 overs the ball is abit old and hafeez's technique suggests that he can be a handy batsman at that possision, now i said that shohab malik should play at no 3 position becuse in Westindies the wickets are not very uneven and condition is similar to the subcontinent, and shohaib malik is a good player on subcontinent wickets, so he will be very useful to play at onedown position, Now coming towards the bowling I think that pakistan need to change the bowlers, they must give the rest to Rana Naveed, because his form with the ball is not very good, So they must play with the Mohammad Sami with umar gul and iftikhar unjum, and also Afridi should replace the kaneria, then it will be a good combination so in my openion

  • Swamy on March 14, 2007, 1:03 GMT

    India suffered a similar rude shock when they were beaten 4-1 in the Carribean, that series saw the emergence of taylor as a quick strike bowler, Bravo revealed his slower one and Dwayne Smith made a come back as a golden arm dibbly dobbly bowler that Mudasser Nazar would be proud of and Windies play suits these conditions

    Add to that Samuels in now in the groove and the return of Lara's form and double barrell openors in ChanderPaul and Gayle, this side is potent. Noe powell has raised his game though he still gives 4 balls, Windies pace agttack is getting more potent. And lara is more matured and determined at the helm and as fresh an artist with the bat as ever. His fine paddle for 4 was the shot of the day for me.

    So All in All I agree with Kamran, these are early days Pakistan needs to regroup expecially for death overs and top order

    Ahkmal was good in keeping and fell to a blinder catch from Bravo

    Windies bowling and fielding was top class and they hardly gave extras

    I believe Kanaria bowled well and Inzi should have given him another over he might of got D Smith Cheaply

  • salman on March 14, 2007, 1:02 GMT

    Well hopes with the Pakisatn team. I am pretty sure that you are kidding Kamran. I would be glad if they make it to the next round. Infact I don't want them to make it to the next round and lose once again to India. I do not understand one thing, we always keep listening in media, PCB claiming that they are preparing for the world cup and bla bla.... Where the hell is the preparation? I say it sadly that our team sucks and it really let us down badly today. Very poor. I just cannot believe that we are not able to pick 11 talented players from a country where every other kid has unbelievable cricketing skills. Come on we have some seriouis talent in our country but still we can't come up with a good enough team for such a huge tournament. Its ridiculous.

  • wasim saqib on March 14, 2007, 1:01 GMT

    I wrote in my earlier posting Please take One game at at a time, its a long tournament,I also predicted that batting will be the key to this match, few things went wrong in this match, Thick headed display of batting from Younis khan and Imran Nazir,Younis I guess is not serious he is too experienced to play such shots,either he is on a MISSION of his own or he is completely dumb,bcz there was no reason to play that shot he should be grilled for that as regards Imran Nazir I dont no why we include such players in our team and scheme of plans such breed of players are causing more harm to their teams than benefit, look at sehwag,gayle,Afridi,and others only those teams can afford such players who have rock solid batting line up,I was expecting sami or Azhar in place of Rana but again Rana was included I hope todays game will prove to the team management that he is out of form please if you have any doubt let it go. We missed the depth in the batting dearly usually in this situation we have Afridi,Razzak and Shoaib but today we had Rao,Rana and shoaib. I hope for the next match Rana should be replaced with Sami or Azhar,also one critical blunder has been exposed which will haunt us in the tournament we have no batsman in reserves I think yasir hameed should have been included instead of Yasir Arafat. A few positives Malik played very well,Bowling was good a part from Rana, hopefully Pakistan will learn from the mistakes,and perform well in the next match.

  • adeel on March 14, 2007, 1:01 GMT

    y the hell these so called professional bowlers cant bowl yorkers in last 10 overs???? Rana naveed is pathetic and i bet he will still be there in the next match..! i dont know on wt basis hes been slected for wc squad..! pathetic..! woolmer doesnt know how to plan a game. they will be beaten by the group match again and wont even qualify for super 8.

  • Omair on March 14, 2007, 1:01 GMT

    the fact that the top 3 played retarded shots to throw their wickets away is beyond my imagination. Yousuf's dismissal was bound to occur as he was trying to up the tempo after playing a test match for a bigger part of the game. I don't think making any changes would yield us the results that one would hope for....let's just hope that Inzi starts thinking like a leader and lead from the front...Imran Khan and all the ex-cricketers keep critisizing his strategic tactics yet he (Inzi) goes on to repeat the same mistakes over and over again!

  • ACM on March 14, 2007, 1:01 GMT

    The bowlers gave away about 20 runs too many especially after having got the first use of the pitch but really, the problem lies with the batters - more so openers. Neither Imran Nazir nor Mohammed Hafeez have even a decent first class record as openers leave alone in a world cup. The openers in a one day game are key. They need to shock the heck out the opposition bowling and set the tone. No team has gone on to win major competitions without a good opening pair. Sorry Mr. Abbasi - you get it wrong - unless Woolmer and Co decide to send Afridi and Shoaib at the top and designate a good finisher - the underrated Kamran possibly?.

  • Ali Abbas on March 14, 2007, 1:01 GMT

    kamran, Hopeless, these guys beyond belief, slack management, pathetic captaincy. half of the match was won when pakistan team got fielding first and getting opposition to 186/6 stuff it theses guys are the a load of rubbish. WE DON'T WANT A REPEAT OF THE SOUTH AFRICA WORLD CUP. WE WANT PERFORMANCE. THE players are capable enough and are paid enough from government of pakistan treasury to pull up a win. I think our new ball attack must be sami + umar . Sami at least has a good track of keeping himself fit. I like his bowling a lot. Kaneria can stay. Its alarming how much the team relies on Mohd Hafeez in terms of bowling. Rana must be paid to stay away from cricket. he's injured at county and he needs an year. county should be banned for all pakistani bowlers. They rather be paid better.

    Opening I want Salman Butt there with Younis Khan or Shoaib Malik. I would have had the Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt pair but when the management cant swallow a single duck with this pair and is happy with 10 ducks with whatever replacement they come up with the only thing you could do is get frustrated. If the management like replaces an opening batsman they can only do that when they have something better to replace them with. These guys have a habit to go backwards instead. They still are a good team and the team did suffer from not having Abdul razzaq, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib and Asif but they still were very near to victory and just gave it away. I want every new pakistani batsmen to be banned to play any shot for first 8 deliveries. They should defend first eight deliveries and they can go from there. They are not Javed Miandad or Asif Iqbal. They work as a bunch and by defending for an over at least half of the team can avoid losing wickets. They fall very quick in an opposition trap and they should instead outsmart the opponents.

  • Faizan on March 14, 2007, 1:00 GMT

    Really today Pak disappointed me, my friends, and family. The basic root cause is Inzy, who doesn't have any leadership quality and taking easy big game for the God sake. God helps those who tried hard. He should screw the poor performer in his team. He should put target to the individuals otherwise Pak will definitely loose against Zimbabwe as they are monitoring very closely the weakness of each players. Inzy be dynamic... and get Azhar, Sami, Afridi in next matches... Good Luck.

  • sarin on March 14, 2007, 1:00 GMT

    The problem begins with Inzy,I am an Indian but was perplexed to see a fellow sub continent batsman like him batting like a rabbit.The bowlers did their job but Inzy looked like playing a test match and so was yousuf,during their partnership they endured a spell of nine overs for 13 runs.Inzy was either fooling himself by showing no hint of taking the attack to the bowlers and believing it could be done easily as the RR kept mounting.The telling blow was that crucial slow partnership that made a mockery of Shoaib's fine effort later.If the bowling was so good, how did Shoaib smack so many in so few a deliveries.Even in the post match conference he was least perturbed,either Inzy knows the final outcome as a Nostradamus or has simply given up.Light fire in this big man to perform, the openers as usual failed, no surprises as Salman Butt cools his heels.Great seelction and an even greater inspirational captain.It was a let down for all sub-continent fans who believe one of us can win this tournament or atleast stretch the Aussies.No wonder they win so many times when faced with such lazy grizzly bears as Inzy.

  • fahad ali on March 14, 2007, 1:00 GMT

    i totally agree with you..and many of who thought, oh forget this..'hamara kuch nahin ho sakta'..will b sitting down with all their passion watching the game against Ireland. Thats how we Pakistani's are. i support them no matter what, other teams are in to win aswell. just the changes that definitely should be made are azhar to replace kaneria, with all due respect to the latter. And Sami to replace Rana, no respect talk here! Love those last couple of lines! summed it up like no other

  • Kumar on March 14, 2007, 0:59 GMT

    Its sad but true, Absence of shoaib and asif is certainly hurting Pakistan. Anyways i think windies were quite lucky to win today. The way there batsman played & missed one ball after another. I think hafeez shouldnt open the innings and malik should open instead of him. Hafeez is better off coming in before the tail, hes a good bowler though.

  • Faisal Nafees on March 14, 2007, 0:58 GMT

    Sami in for Naved Hasan Afridi in for Kaneria the rest of the team should stay the same !! i keep reading that we got not so good a team and i don't agree with the above mentioned players coming back in, we have a good chance to making it through the super 8, Australia and SA are good in their home grounds with fast tracks, not in west indies, these wickets suits Asian teams better I have a strong feeling pakistan will learn a lot from this defeat and we will c a changed team in the coming games, InshAllah

  • CricketLover on March 14, 2007, 0:58 GMT

    People really should NOT look too much into that match WI vs India last week. WI was experimenting with a different batting line up, filled with several youngsters who only just concluded their debut regional fc season in the West Indies. That warm up was to give them a go at it. The West Indies batting performance today was not as good as it could have been, but Samuels was a joy to watch, Lara played lovely shots, Sarwan put up a resilient 49 and Dwayne Smith powered 32 off 15 balls. And Corey's six off the last ball was fantastic to watch.

    The West Indian bowling was good period. Only four extras and no no-balls. Sometimes keeping it simple helps and that's what they did. Bravo bowled straight, Smith kept it tight, they knew the batsmen would get frustrated and capitalized on that as the run rate reached up to as much as 17rpo at one point I believe. The West Indies can be a quality team and they proved that today. Pakistan was outplayed.

  • Ranjit Canagaratnam on March 14, 2007, 0:57 GMT

    Either the gas leak at the Pakistan Hotel or too much pot smoking might have played a role in today's pathetic batting performance. The diffrence was not having BOOM BOOM Afridi on the side. Pakistan management has never stood up to promising players.Play BOOM BOOM Afridi and you will go home with a BANG.

  • azeem on March 14, 2007, 0:57 GMT

    i am not embarassed by the fact that we lost but i am really dissapointed. Major problems ;

    1) why havent we been able to find a permanent opener for 2 yrs ? 2) why would you want rana to play ...put sami or azhar 3)why keep kaneria in the team...too expensive and pathetic fielder 4)let younis open and push inzi and yusuf up. 5)why cant we adapt to global picthes ? The PCB should make not only batting friendly instead different types of pitches so that the future generations can adapt more to foreign soils.

    All in all Gul was fantastic,rao was a surprise performer and malik was the lone warrior . We still have hope as long as we dont slip up against ireland and zimbabwe.

  • Asif on March 14, 2007, 0:57 GMT

    There is not much one can do other than rip one's hair out and thank God I have a lot of hair or I would be bald by now. Pakistan team has constantly let us down. In England, in South africa and to hear comments like we had a good match practice and the boys are in top form plus I will do what my captain asks me to do, at least for me are words only and does nothing but to suggest that the team is playing with the expectations of the Pakistani people. Politics play a big part in this also. All the way from PCB down to the players bar a few. Before the fiasco in England at least we had a good run for a few series but then politics came back. Let us hope that Pakistan cricket team does not go the way of the hockey tem. Rana Naveed should never have been taken to the world cup. Imran Nazir did one good inning and the rest lousey and he is also taken. What is the logic in that. When is PCB ever going to learn.

  • Pakistan forever on March 14, 2007, 0:57 GMT

    you people disgust me, your team loses a match due to some generally bad decisions and performances and we seem to think that our country's cricket program's hopeless. Give me a break! If this team makes a turn around all of you will all of a sudden jump right back onto the band wagon, stick with your team through thick and thin, we're missing 4 or 5 key players right now, and we need to pull up our socks, but it's ONE GAME. My changes would be: 1. Rana goes out, Azhar in 2. Kaneria out, Sami in, we can live without an extra spinner for a game before Afridi returns 3. One of the openers out, Inzy opens, Yasir Hameed goes into middle order, Inzamam calls himself a captain, well prove it, the greatest of captains open when their team needs it and this guy sits in his comfy spot. 4. For the love of god, kick Kamran Akmal out, put in anyone...ANYONE.

    Don't give up on this team, we just have to survive the next game, (Ireland, shouldn't be too worrying) and when Afridi returns and these changes put into place, we can live through this and have some hope of doing decent. But stop being cry babies and giving up on your country.

  • Ali on March 14, 2007, 0:56 GMT

    Selectors please use some common sense,Rana needs to go out for sure,I dont understand why he got selected at first place when we have better all rounder Azher,secondly inzi should come up in the order,In 1992 worldcup Imran changed his batting order and used to come up on 2 and that worked for Pakistan in that worldcup and most importantly Pakistan needs to play with positive attitude,today their body language was not there where it needed to be, Yunis missed very easy catch and then got out by playing such a irresponsible shot and finally this was just first match, its a long way to go and Pakistan can make a come back in next matches.

  • Raheel on March 14, 2007, 0:56 GMT

    I believe, for a successful World Cup, the Home side must perform well. So, Pakistan have performed their role in boosting the sails of the West Indian team. Rana Naved is a match-conceding bowler. His form has been absent since last season.. He needs to rest his mind and body in Pakistan.. The entire Pakistani team is a bunch of lazy bums.. can't field for peanuts.. Sack the fielding coach.. Hafeez, Nazir are impostors.. Bring back Taufiq Umar and Butt.. Where is Asim Kamal ? He was the best Pakistani batsman 3 seasons ago.. Big up Iftikhar Rao and Umar Gul!! Pakistan have some decent pacers left who are clean :) Hafeez can only play as a specialist bowler. I believe there is room only for 1 all-rounder in the team. Pick specialist batsmen and have faith in them. Pakistan can still qualify to the knock-out rounds, I hope!

  • Massive on March 14, 2007, 0:55 GMT

    I wish Zimbabwe's old team was in the tournament with Flower brothers, Heath Streak and company so that Pakis tigers would have got out in the first round. Well still there is a hope in the shape of Ireland.

    Its a shame that since last world cup Pak couldn't produce a decent opening pair. They kicked Saeed Anwar out who played better than everyone in the last world cup and kept Inzi in team who sucked in the last world cup. They should have kept Saeed Anwar so that atleast he could hold one opening end and may be teach one youngster how to open.

    Bob Woolmer did nothing to Paki team. he is useless and so is the committee who always play Rana and Kamran Akmal. Both of them are useless. Kamran Akmal is the worst keeper ever produced by pak I beleive.

  • BiigBoy on March 14, 2007, 0:54 GMT

    Pak team is very weak and there is no doubt about chance of reaching semis..

  • FIZZY on March 14, 2007, 0:54 GMT

    the whole world knows how pathetic RANA is but its gonna cost us the world cup before WOOLMER and INZY accept that fact.Just like it cost us the SOUTH AFRICA series to know that FARHAT is not evan club material.Why do we have to loose to make changes why cant we be proactive and make changes before or during the tournaments.It is unbelievable that what every normal human being is able see WOOLMER and INZY cant see that.BUT i guess its gonna be evan more difficult to drop RANA now coz of his new beard so guys just keep watching these so called proffesionals loose and wait for this world cup to end which could not be that far for us and hope for some changes. PS. MR ABBASI when i read your blog about KANERIA that he should be in the one day team i was like ARE U SERIOUS MAN.BUT after reading your blog that WE SHOULD ONLY FEAR AUSTRALIA i really dont respect your opinions any more.U ARE AS INCONSISTANT AS OUR TEAM

  • Sack Inzi on March 14, 2007, 0:53 GMT

    great effort from the boys, boys played well..

  • Kal on March 14, 2007, 0:53 GMT

    Well I hope all is well Kamram,and all of you who support the Pakistani Team. We need to learn,consolidate and make changes... This is how it should be.... Imran Farhat,Mohd Hafeez,Shoaib Malik,Younis Khan,Shahid Afridi,Mohammad Yousaf,Inzamam Ul haq,Azhar Mahmmod,Kamran Akmal,Mohammed Sami,Umar Gul...

    Take care all

    Good Luck Pakistan..

  • Jibran Ilyas on March 14, 2007, 0:51 GMT

    Never thought I would say this, "Bring Sami back" fast. Yes, thats exactly how desperate we are right now. I would stick with Kaneria for now. We also need to kick Imran Nazir in the rear and out of the opening spot; one Afridi is enough. I would have Hafeez and Younis open with Malik coming in at number three and Moyo and Inzi to follow. Malik is the proven match winner at number 3 as he plays positive which takes pressure off the team. I am not sure what to do with the hope yet; for now my only hope is to see our openers putting up a 50 run stand. Imran said it right in that Geo's Road to WC show, When openers click, even tailenders can score. For once, I would like to see Moyo and Inzi come out of that ultra defensive mode and play an entertaining inning. I am now praying that we beat Ireland and Zimbabwe so that I could utilize the 200$ dish network subscription in super 8s.

  • s yousaf on March 14, 2007, 0:51 GMT

    am also a dreamer like u....sometimes u have 2 dream big 2 achieve something......i support r team all the way

  • irfan safdar shah on March 14, 2007, 0:50 GMT

    Pervaiz Musharraf is the root of all problems

  • Karthik Kannan on March 14, 2007, 0:49 GMT

    Though Ind and Pak are supposed to be sworn enemies... it is so funny to read these comments becoz this is exactly how Indians behave when the team looses. Comon guys.. Pak is not as bad as some guys here say (I am an indian supporter) This is a long tourney and 4 wins out of 7 (against test playing nations) will take any team to the top 4. So dont be so hasty. I hate to say this... but i agree with Kamran Abbasi.

  • Nar on March 14, 2007, 0:48 GMT

    As a WI fan, I believe, under the circumstances, the team did not perform to their potential. But for you Pakistan fans to belittle your heroes in this should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Hassan Khan on March 14, 2007, 0:48 GMT

    Bowling Performance was good although Rana,as much as i like him, should be out and in with Sami. He hasn't delivered for the past year and he has run out of chances. Many people will question Yousuf and Inzy but if your No4 and 5 are in the middle after 10 overs then you can't blame the way they went about the task, the pressure eventually got the better of them. Again Shoaib Malik was left battling wihtout any partners, he seems to be the only player who has the confidence to middle the ball as soon as the first delivery. However i agree that we can progress to the semi - finals if we improve our batting. The order has to be the same, we have made our choice now stick with it. Here are the changed i would make for the rest of the matches :

    1. rana Out - Sami in

    2. After his ban Afridi in - Kaneria Out, he offers more wiht the bat and i dont see Kaneria bowling much better than Afridi.

    3. The only changes i would make the batting line-up is Yousuf at 3, Inzy at 4 and Younis Khan at 5.

    Alhtough this was a poor result we have two games to gain form and confidence, i am still a firm beleiver we can win this world cup. If we are to do so i think Inzimam will lead from the front and when he hits form Pakistan will hit form.


  • Sagar on March 14, 2007, 0:48 GMT

    Looks like Mr Abbasi has gone nuts. I read his article before the start of the world cup about PAK winning the world cup.

    There is no way ion this world, PAK will win world cup without Shoaib, Asif and Razzaq.

    And I was very surprised about the article after losing opening game against WI. PAK has no fire power in this world cup. This team will not even make it to Semi's

  • Saqib on March 14, 2007, 0:47 GMT

    Pakistan is the worst team with tons of talent that never performs when it needs to. Rana definitely needs to sit next to Woolmer for the next few matches and watch some videos maybe of how to bowl in death overs. I think injecting Sami into the attack will help and stretching the batting lineup with Afridi/Azhar would shorten the tail as well.

    It's do or die time now.

  • kamran raja on March 14, 2007, 0:46 GMT

    first of all, i dont understand the opening pair pakistan are using, imran nazir? oh well they had this massive argument on channel GEO before world cup started. majority of fans had argued whether he should have been selected because of his unconvincing performance on south africa tour and hes repeating it here. i dont get why kamran akmal didnt open the batting. he has good record against the west indies.. well i jus dont know what to say really.. could have been a different story if yousuf batted at no.3 inzaman at no.4 and younis no.5 like everyone has been talking about it.. but it didnt happen did it?

  • Archit on March 14, 2007, 0:46 GMT

    hmmm.. ur best players are shoaib, asif and inzi. 2 r 'injured' and who knows what'll happen to their careers. asif more likely to escape but i dont c a good future for shoaib. and inzi - hes 37 now. whats in store for pak after a yr or so when there mite not b an inzi n shoaib????

  • Salman Siddiqi on March 14, 2007, 0:46 GMT

    Its true that Pakistan has lost the match,but I am with Kamran that Pakistan can surprise everyone.If Younis has to come for batting after 2 or 3 overs then why shouldn't we try him as an opener as we did in he warm-up match.Why was Azhar Mahmood not in the side,its really a big question.I firmly believe that if we include Afridi & Sami in places of Rana & Kaneria and Younis starts to open the innings with Hafeez then Pakistan can beat any team in the world cup.Last but not least,please keep in mind that Pakistan has lost the match due to its batting not due to bowling..

  • Furquan Kidwai on March 14, 2007, 0:44 GMT


    I completely agree with you and still have strong faith in Pakistan lifting the cup. All your suggestions make sense and I still can not understand as to why Inzamam is reluctant to play at number 3. Continous pushing from Imran Khan made him accept it in a press conference as well as a promise to play up. But still! Can anyone answer?

    I hope our guys don't let us down again. My odds" 12-1 in Pakistan's favour. Keep fingers crossed.

  • waqar on March 14, 2007, 0:44 GMT

    Pathetic perfomance. They don't deserve to qualify for second round. They should come back and do some tablegh.

  • ATY on March 14, 2007, 0:42 GMT

    Pakistan have the potential but the selecters have got too put their foot down and drop the likes of Rana-Naved and maybe give a new wicket keeper a chance. Not only is Pakistans bowling weakened with the loss of Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif but their opening pair of batsmen are just too dodgy, it needs to be sorted and qucik!! Time is running out and to win the world cup it needs to be sorted. However hence all my criticism Pakistans bowling performance was quite encouraging but their batsmen need to start playing for their team and not themseleves.

  • fahad on March 14, 2007, 0:42 GMT

    Rana the good boy grew the beard.. inzi prefer the hairy faces. but hold on, what's your other option.. sami?? dude. it's like choosing between the worst.. and the worst. Truth is inzimam, with all due respect to his class and calibre, is past his peak. The man has openly told about his plans not to retire. This means he is lacking what some of the other captains have had - a motivation and a dream to end their careers on a high note.

    different people have different choices, but if taken a sample of a good number of people with cricketing knowledge, this team's playing 11 has 4-5 players that would be judged deserving to be dropped with various reasons.

    And mr.kamran being a journalist, writing about this hope, which i have hidden somewhere inside me too perhaps, you have realisticly told a good joke.

  • ubaid on March 14, 2007, 0:42 GMT

    I was never a fan of yours. But this has crossed the line. Stop being irresponsible and stop giving people ideas that are just plain ludicrous.Have realistic expectations. Two openers that barely average 20 and a captain that has the heart of a sparrow are not going to win us the world cup. It just isn't going to happen. If we beat Zimbabwe and the other team in the group (and its looking tougher by the minute) we may be able to sneak in to super eights, where we will recieve a giant thrashing, and be the laughing stock of the World. I for one don't want to see another gutless performance from people who don't have the mettle to withstand any kind of pressure. These guys are giving us a bad name and getting richer while they do it. So think before you write or give your job to someone who can.

  • Nadeem Sabir on March 14, 2007, 0:40 GMT

    team does not have enough backup for batsmen, i still think selection commetty did big blunders like they preffered sami and rana naveed on shahid nazir, who was really in good form. its better to do some more experince with opening by changing position of imran nazir to one down and by sending younis and hafeez as opener.

  • Umar Khel on March 14, 2007, 0:40 GMT

    Kamran Akmal, there were some positives in this game.. watched it the whole way.. till we got defeated. Bowling was good.. but still i thought we could have restricted them below 200.. so there was the first mistake.. and Batting like several others suggested was pathetic.. surely was ashamed.. we have a good batting line up.. but none stood up to Perform.. 222 Defensive.. saving their wickets for giving them up later.. neither scored nor stayed..

    I would feel honoured if our Team won the WorldCup.. but let us get down to facts.. there are much better teams in this world cup compared to us.. and to say that we fear only Australia is mere stupidity.. or overanticipating a miracle.. which is not going to Happen..

    By far the worst it hurt me was these Westindians got mulled by the Indians (85 allout) and India winning by 9 wickets and we lost to them.. What a Shame,,, Hopefully we will perform well in the next two games and first let us think of reaching Super8 and then think about Australia or any other Country..

  • fahad on March 14, 2007, 0:40 GMT

    what is the point of talking when the people in charge have cobwebs in their ears and a huge void instead of brains...shame!

  • Hamza on March 14, 2007, 0:39 GMT

    KANERIA needs to go, RANA's run is over, Shoiab and Younis need to switch places, Younis also needs to score, And Azhar needs to come in and SLOG. And please get me a oppener that can last 10 overs.

  • Eric on March 14, 2007, 0:38 GMT

    you got to be on some of that ganja maan!

    "there is only team that Pakistan don't have the skill to beat in this tournament and that's Australia"

    Lets see - India, SA come to mind - Pakistan will (and, unlike you, I will not wait to eat my words) get a whooping while playing either of these teams.

  • Aleem Latif on March 14, 2007, 0:38 GMT

    Rana should be out immidiately and should be relaced with Sami... Imran Nazir should be replaced with Afridi. Kaneria should be replaced with Azhar... It is the batting wich has been the root cause of recent failures not the bowling..

  • A on March 14, 2007, 0:36 GMT

    When Pakistan chased they seemed to have no intent whatsoever.They need Azhar Mahmood to replace Rana, and Afridi in place of one of the openers(make Kamran Akmal open--anyways opening is a problem which is not being solved). It is the lower middle order which is going to finish such chases for the team!

  • neil on March 14, 2007, 0:35 GMT

    Winners win, and losers lose. A weak team is a weak team, but should at least go down chasing a win.

  • Shafiq on March 14, 2007, 0:35 GMT

    It looks Rana is in inzi's good books. Also someone has to inform inzi over count for Umer Gul as he can't complete his quota of 10 over.

  • Adil on March 14, 2007, 0:34 GMT

    There is hope yet. I am sure Imran's Tigers taught us all how never to give up. Anyway to the point

    I agree with what you say Kamran

    Yes Pakistan's only problem is not Rana, but he is a major one, and has been since his return from injury, leaking runs and not scoring them.

    I think Sami or Azhar should be brought in for Rana. Or Afridi for Nazir and then both Sami can bet brought in for Rana and Azhar for Kaneria because we would have sufficient spin between Malik, Afridi and Hafeez. If Azhar, Sami and Umar Gul are on they are match winners themselves.

    Yousuf and Inzamam need to move up one spot but that leaves a problem as Younis also performs usually his best at number 3.

    Inzamam is a great captain, however he needs to learn to lead better. Our players if they realize the bowlers are delivering excellent balls again and again need to rattle the bowlers like Malik did near the end of the innings, take two steps up and slog the ball over the bowlers head or something to that effect.

  • Mike on March 14, 2007, 0:30 GMT

    Azhar in for Rana and Sami please for Kaneria. Sami is under-rated, has a toe-crushing yorker and bowls fast. Malik and Hafeez can cover the spin for now, and later Afridi will be back.

    Glad that West Indies won though. =)

  • Pakistan Sucks on March 14, 2007, 0:29 GMT

    Well the match was gud,a hopeless team like pakistan got wat it deserved and i really really hope ireland kicks pakistan out of the tournament, so pakistan can go home and continue being the hopeless team that they are. I mean seriously during times when teams easily chase 300 plus, our beloved team cant chase 241. Seriously pakistan still plays like they are in the 12th century.

  • Mawali on March 14, 2007, 0:27 GMT

    Kamran Sahib, Kuddos for putting up a brave face. I just want Inzy out of this team post haste.

  • Osman Ali Khairi on March 13, 2007, 23:54 GMT

    The fact that our team fails to put up a fight and goes down with a whimper, with such freakish regularity...its simply, flabbergasting. I resent myself for passionately supporting these people each time they walk out onto a cricket field. And to think I screwed up my Management Trainee test in anticipation of this match! Blah is the word.

  • Osman Ali Khairi on March 13, 2007, 23:50 GMT

    Kamran. You are delusional for thinking there is still hope for Pakistan. Delusional.

  • samir on March 13, 2007, 23:50 GMT

    Go take a hike, Karmran. The Pakistani team is full of holes and nothing else! Don't blame Rana alone for the pathetic allround performance!

  • Bilal on March 13, 2007, 23:49 GMT

    Bowling....good (impressive at some stages). Fielding...average (had its moments and its lows). Batting.....absolutely pathetic. What in the hell were Hafeez, Younis K & Mohammed Yousuf thinking?!?! It was a performance that angered you more than it depressed because they should have knocked those 240 runs with the loss of maybe 5 wickets. Absolutely pathetic & spineless performance. I just couldnt believe my eyes with some of the shots being played in a world cup match with millions of Pakistanis glued to their televisions. Younis, Hafeez & Mohammed Yousuf let us down today...they let us down badly.

  • Asif Saeed on March 13, 2007, 23:47 GMT

    Three changes should be made in the team immediately.

    1 Rana should be out and Azhar should take his place.

    2 Kaneria should be out. He never was a one day bowler

    3 Kamran Akmal should be out. The kind of keeping he does Younas Khan can handle it.

    It was a pathetic performance by Pakistan. Somebody please do something I dont want to be embarrased by this kind of performances anymore.

  • nathan on March 13, 2007, 23:44 GMT

    Hi kamran, You can always take those words back. This team doesnt have what it takes to be in your words. This team's participation is no different from that of the associates - JUST MAKING NUMBERS AND ITINERARY. they just didnt have the firepower to finish off a wobbling west indies. But then nothing wrong in sticking to your word, however far from truth it may be!!!! keep it up!!! We see a plenty like you in the sub-continent and that's why cricket is so popular!

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  • nathan on March 13, 2007, 23:44 GMT

    Hi kamran, You can always take those words back. This team doesnt have what it takes to be in your words. This team's participation is no different from that of the associates - JUST MAKING NUMBERS AND ITINERARY. they just didnt have the firepower to finish off a wobbling west indies. But then nothing wrong in sticking to your word, however far from truth it may be!!!! keep it up!!! We see a plenty like you in the sub-continent and that's why cricket is so popular!

  • Asif Saeed on March 13, 2007, 23:47 GMT

    Three changes should be made in the team immediately.

    1 Rana should be out and Azhar should take his place.

    2 Kaneria should be out. He never was a one day bowler

    3 Kamran Akmal should be out. The kind of keeping he does Younas Khan can handle it.

    It was a pathetic performance by Pakistan. Somebody please do something I dont want to be embarrased by this kind of performances anymore.

  • Bilal on March 13, 2007, 23:49 GMT

    Bowling....good (impressive at some stages). Fielding...average (had its moments and its lows). Batting.....absolutely pathetic. What in the hell were Hafeez, Younis K & Mohammed Yousuf thinking?!?! It was a performance that angered you more than it depressed because they should have knocked those 240 runs with the loss of maybe 5 wickets. Absolutely pathetic & spineless performance. I just couldnt believe my eyes with some of the shots being played in a world cup match with millions of Pakistanis glued to their televisions. Younis, Hafeez & Mohammed Yousuf let us down today...they let us down badly.

  • samir on March 13, 2007, 23:50 GMT

    Go take a hike, Karmran. The Pakistani team is full of holes and nothing else! Don't blame Rana alone for the pathetic allround performance!

  • Osman Ali Khairi on March 13, 2007, 23:50 GMT

    Kamran. You are delusional for thinking there is still hope for Pakistan. Delusional.

  • Osman Ali Khairi on March 13, 2007, 23:54 GMT

    The fact that our team fails to put up a fight and goes down with a whimper, with such freakish regularity...its simply, flabbergasting. I resent myself for passionately supporting these people each time they walk out onto a cricket field. And to think I screwed up my Management Trainee test in anticipation of this match! Blah is the word.

  • Mawali on March 14, 2007, 0:27 GMT

    Kamran Sahib, Kuddos for putting up a brave face. I just want Inzy out of this team post haste.

  • Pakistan Sucks on March 14, 2007, 0:29 GMT

    Well the match was gud,a hopeless team like pakistan got wat it deserved and i really really hope ireland kicks pakistan out of the tournament, so pakistan can go home and continue being the hopeless team that they are. I mean seriously during times when teams easily chase 300 plus, our beloved team cant chase 241. Seriously pakistan still plays like they are in the 12th century.

  • Mike on March 14, 2007, 0:30 GMT

    Azhar in for Rana and Sami please for Kaneria. Sami is under-rated, has a toe-crushing yorker and bowls fast. Malik and Hafeez can cover the spin for now, and later Afridi will be back.

    Glad that West Indies won though. =)

  • Adil on March 14, 2007, 0:34 GMT

    There is hope yet. I am sure Imran's Tigers taught us all how never to give up. Anyway to the point

    I agree with what you say Kamran

    Yes Pakistan's only problem is not Rana, but he is a major one, and has been since his return from injury, leaking runs and not scoring them.

    I think Sami or Azhar should be brought in for Rana. Or Afridi for Nazir and then both Sami can bet brought in for Rana and Azhar for Kaneria because we would have sufficient spin between Malik, Afridi and Hafeez. If Azhar, Sami and Umar Gul are on they are match winners themselves.

    Yousuf and Inzamam need to move up one spot but that leaves a problem as Younis also performs usually his best at number 3.

    Inzamam is a great captain, however he needs to learn to lead better. Our players if they realize the bowlers are delivering excellent balls again and again need to rattle the bowlers like Malik did near the end of the innings, take two steps up and slog the ball over the bowlers head or something to that effect.