World Cup 2007 March 19, 2007

Inzamam was right to go but not now

Inzamam has settled most of the debate about his future

Inzamam has settled most of the debate about his future. He got it half right by stepping down from the captaincy and calling it quits in one-day cricket. It is time for a new approach in Pakistan cricket and he has finally realised that.

Despite a few flashes of his old self in the last year he now looks a misfit in one-day internationals. His decision to play on in Test matches is one he will have plenty of time to reconsider since Pakistan's next Test is months away.

Where Inzy got it half wrong was in his timing. But he was already clearly devastated by the loss to Ireland and the death of Bob Woolmer must have made it harder to think clearly.

Even so, at times like this, I worry about the advice that our players receive. I'm sure Inzamam received heartfelt views from his family and friends, but one of the team management, the media manager perhaps, should have advised him to delay his announcement considering the awful events that were unfolding in Jamaica? Perhaps they did but Inzy wanted to let it all out?

Asian cricket heroes have a habit of leaving the stage humiliated. They can't want it that way and it can only mean that their cricket boards do not offer them the protection they deserve at the end of their careers. This must change and they must retire with dignity.

For now, it is hard imagine how this World Cup campaign, beginning from the end of last year's England tour, could get any worse.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here