World Cup 2007 March 19, 2007

Inzamam was right to go but not now

Inzamam has settled most of the debate about his future

Inzamam has settled most of the debate about his future. He got it half right by stepping down from the captaincy and calling it quits in one-day cricket. It is time for a new approach in Pakistan cricket and he has finally realised that.

Despite a few flashes of his old self in the last year he now looks a misfit in one-day internationals. His decision to play on in Test matches is one he will have plenty of time to reconsider since Pakistan's next Test is months away.

Where Inzy got it half wrong was in his timing. But he was already clearly devastated by the loss to Ireland and the death of Bob Woolmer must have made it harder to think clearly.

Even so, at times like this, I worry about the advice that our players receive. I'm sure Inzamam received heartfelt views from his family and friends, but one of the team management, the media manager perhaps, should have advised him to delay his announcement considering the awful events that were unfolding in Jamaica? Perhaps they did but Inzy wanted to let it all out?

Asian cricket heroes have a habit of leaving the stage humiliated. They can't want it that way and it can only mean that their cricket boards do not offer them the protection they deserve at the end of their careers. This must change and they must retire with dignity.

For now, it is hard imagine how this World Cup campaign, beginning from the end of last year's England tour, could get any worse.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here

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  • testli5504537 on January 16, 2008, 17:18 GMT

    This world cup will be a major turning point in Pak cricket. Hopefully for better. By the way, kamran, you should have titled your previous article "Only Ireland stand in the way of pakistan's cup".Not Australia.

  • testli5504537 on April 15, 2007, 22:18 GMT

    To be very honest with you, Cricket would not be in this place today if there were no Sir Gary Sobers, Viv Richard, Sunil Gavasker, Imran Khan, Javed Mimandad, Sir Richard Hadly and many more great great players those who not only played cricket but also forced people to love and put the attention in cricket in the modern days, their magical, smart & charismatic performance gave cricket a top gentleman status in the world. So undoutedly todays stars like Sachin Tendulker, Injamam, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara, Wasim Akram, Rahul Dravid, Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly and many more would not be created without greatsness brought by the great cricketers I have mentioned above. I know, retirement is always painfull and mind burning for the cricket fan like me. As I have totally shattered to know the decision made by Inzi.My personal view is, Inzi is still in form, still can make 50/100 in both side of the cricket & not even loosing too much balls. His strike rate is still wonderfull, His place at his order is still looks empty, which could not be filled anybody better than Inzy, He is still quite strong and decisive stroke maker, He is still a hard hitter, He is probabbly the best bats man against fast ball I have ever seen in last decade & I always rank him after Viv Richars for making finest stroke against fast ball. So my question is why Inzi has to retire now when he can still play couple of years more? We all millions of fans want you back Inzi & please re-consider your decision. If Imran Khan could come back after retirement, why not you Inzi? If Jaysuriya could come back, why not you Inzi? & every body knows about Imran & Jaysuriya's performance after their return.

    Finally I am not a pakistan cricket fan, but I love the talent like Inzi, the gentle man in the gentle man game.

    Suzaal From BAngladesh.

  • testli5504537 on April 2, 2007, 10:48 GMT

    I feel that there was no alternative to Mr Woolmer, and to Inzamam, during their tenures. Inzamam, was rather endearing at a press conference that I viewed, on TV, recently. He invited his audience to be understanding, when he said, in answer to a question, "I am a slip fielder, now where do I field?". All credit to the Pakistani press, for treating him well.

  • testli5504537 on April 2, 2007, 10:28 GMT

    Yes, his decision of retirement was right and timing was wrong because he had to retire more earlier. Because during his captaincy Pakistan was suffering of selections and performance problems. Pakistan was needed for a long time a captain like Imran Khan.

  • testli5504537 on April 1, 2007, 18:42 GMT

    I don't think India has any involvement in the Woolmer's case. It is just a rumour. This is completely stupid and baseless news.

  • testli5504537 on March 28, 2007, 2:30 GMT

    it is very surprising to note criticism about Dravid's captaincy and the comparison vis-a-vis saurav.there is one major difference between the 2 captains...saurav as captain had a very trusted and dependable deputy in dravid who was only selfless towards the cause and the poor dravid as captain had none..

  • testli5504537 on March 26, 2007, 17:14 GMT

    Selection should be based on "Cricket" and not on regional represantation. If all the best players are form one small village fron interior Sind, so be it. Its all Pakistan. I think the most important thing needed is "Honest" people to run the board, and in today's Pakistan it is harder said then done.

  • testli5504537 on March 25, 2007, 23:53 GMT

    i think, pakistan's first class system isn't right. here in australia you have got players like mike hussey who have played for 10 years ,than get a chance and are the best players in the world. pakstan team doesn't give chance to players who deserve it, like yasir hameed, he is the only guy who uses his feet as an opener, he played quite well in and then they take butt to the world cup, who hasn't played internationals for a year. iw ould like to thank kamran who is giving us good understanding about pakistan cricket

  • testli5504537 on March 25, 2007, 22:47 GMT

    Mr Gulab Khan,

    You are very right in what you assert and your analysis is spot on. For anyone from Karachi or Peshawar to make a permanent place in the team, they will have to either have strong links with Punjab (Saeed Anwar) or have backing of someone with authority (As in the case of Younis who is there because of fellow pathan Imran Khan).

    Otherwise talented players from Karachi and Peshawar will have to be as good as Miandad. But Miandad is someone who had the toughness to hit a six on the last ball of a match and someone who averages more than Inzi in both ODI's and Tests. Players like him can only emerge once in a lifetime.

    I reiterate what Gulab Khan has said. I hope Younis Khan as captain will mean that more players from Karachi and Peshawar will gain representation. Pakistan need Anwar Ali, Asim Kamal, Fawad Alam and Yasir Hameed badly.

  • testli5504537 on March 25, 2007, 19:24 GMT

    Come on guys give Inzy a break , not a great captain not a good batsmen huh .. you will see what this team will do without him . what your standin captain has done ? huh shame shame and just utter shame on how we treat the people who have given the best years of there lives to give us quality entertainement a source to joy , all we end up is abusing . You think they are being paid fine how many of you professionals who are being paid are all honest with there work . we all tend to screw up one time or another so what if inzi did so , . We have a habbit of criticizing , How many times all of us have failed in there quest for being the best... come on guys accept it failure is a part of life but that dosent mean that if you fail you will end up being any less of a man . Only that they are playing and everyone here seems he is a better cricketer .. trust me if you guys have been cricketers you would have been playing out there in the field .. what if they collapsed . Not an issue we are the same nation even this team had reached the final and failed still we be abusing them . Huh its a shame where we have to speak we never speak up and where we feel we can say a few harsh words sure go ahead .. Give people a break whats the big deal if the team lost we are already in country where there is a live CIRCUS on constitutional avenue now and then . huh ruled by a ridiculous joker with a bunch of dumb retard ministers who abuse on National tv ... ahh so this sums it up we are a nation that is suppressed and we have to blame others of our failures. Now its inzis turn blame him abuse him for winning you matches .

    I respect inzi and i respect for all you have done for this cricket i loved they way you played . Pakistan cricket can never see again a Inzimam ul Haq . God bless you man. I am ashmed at least they way we have killed of your cricketing carrerr.

    Go find another INZI without him this team is not even worth making 132 .

    Bless ya Inzi

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