August 22, 2008


What a shemozzle

Nishi Narayanan
Richie Benaud - the most popular commentator
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The Times has started a weekly series of essays on 50 Ashes heroes and this week Patrick Kidd writes of Hero No. 47 Richie Benaud.

In the days before Neighbours, Richie was our main contact with Australia and we loved some of his Aussie-isms. For some reason, the word "shemozzle" sticks in the mind, mainly because the England team always seemed to be in one. "What a shemozzle," Richie would say as both batsmen ended up at the same end or as two fielders collided going for a catch. There was also the holy grail of hearing Richie say "Two-twenty-two for two" in that clipped Australian way.

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