March 10, 2009

A series win would mean a lot

Denesh Ramdin:

Denesh Ramdin:

First of all, well done to the guys for the fifth Test and congrats to Shiv, Nash and Chris for putting up a fight. It was a flat pitch, the bowlers tried their heart out and we didn’t get the results we hoped for in the first innings to try and reach the target. However, we did what we had to do and put in the work.

Our batters went out there in the first innings and fought to get the runs. A special congrats to Nash for his first maiden Test century, and for many more to come. Sarwan and I were hoping to get more runs in this Test, but unfortunately, that is just how the game is.

I think, so far throughout the series, we have been able to control the game. We have the players with the talent and capability. I think England underestimated us. Before the start of the series they said they were going to walk all over us, I don’t think they were studying us well enough - maybe too busy thinking about the Ashes.

But we had been thinking about beating them. Many of us on the team have never beaten England, so a win in this series would be a nice experience and mean a lot to us all. We have really worked hard on and off the field and don’t want that work to go down the drain. A win would not only mean a great deal to us, but also to the entire Caribbean.

The younger players, like myself, are seeking the advice of the more experienced players like Shiv, Sarwan and Chris, and as you can see from my performance in Barbados and Nash’s in Trinidad, it really does make a difference.

My father was present in Barbados to see me score my first century and he was really proud. I was well guided by Sarwan, who guided me through tough situations. David Williams also helped me throughout the series in New Zealand, which wasn’t one of my best series, but he urged me to keep working hard. Ian Bishop had called me that morning and reminded me of the type of player I was and that really motivated me.

Playing at home in Trinidad is great. I have the support of my home crowd and I know the pitch. It would have been great to get a century in Trinidad, but as I’ve said before, this is the way the game goes, maybe next time.

Stay tuned as I, and some of the other West Indies cricketers, keep you up to date on the series through our diaries.