October 25, 2010


India's cricket journalism marred by jingoism

In a scathing indictment of the cricket media in India, Peter Roebuck writes in the Outlook that individual glorification and jingoism have blinded the bulk of the media to what should be its chief job, being the eyes and ears of the nation.

At such times, the only hope lies with the newspapers. As far as cricket is concerned, though, they too are rapidly losing ground. Capable and intrepid reporters continue to uncover stories and publish hard truths. That is the stuff of journalism. Left to their own devices, they could provide a sound critique of Indian cricket. But, unfortunately, they are not. Instead, they are undermined by a board that doesn't feel the need to hire a media manager, disdained by a captain who didn't feel obliged to attend a press conference after the Mohali Test, overwhelmed by the sound and fury and hemmed in by experts.

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