World Cup 2015 April 3, 2011

The countdown to the 2015 World Cup begins

Apparently, it is never too early to start a marketing campaign

Apparently, it is never too early to start a marketing campaign. While millions of Indians were celebrating their team’s World Cup win, cricket’s governing body unveiled the logo for the 2015 tournament to be held in Australia and New Zealand.

“This really brings it home to people in Australia and New Zealand that the countdown to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has started,” Cricket Australia’s chief executive James Sutherland said in a statement.

The instructions to the agencies producing the logo were to create “both Australian and New Zealand cultural motifs so as to reflect the two indigenous countries’ cultural identities” in a “positive and harmonious way”, the statement said. The selected motifs were Maori Tohora, symbolizing toughness, pride and tribal culture, and Aboriginal journey tracks symbolising spirit of the land.

The result is a multi-coloured figure playing the pull that will, according to ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat, “gain recognition over the next four years as we use it in promotional, marketing and partner activations.” The World Cup is over. Long live the World Cup.

Tariq Engineer is a former senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo