May 8, 2012

English cricket

The next MCC president's Wodehouse connection

Nikita Bastian

If you had to be named after a fictional character, PG Wodehouse's Mike Jackson would do nicely, says Stephen Brenkley in the Independent, and that's where Mike Griffith, the next president of MCC, got his.

The chap who gave Mike Griffith his handle was the inestimable Mike Jackson, hero of several stories written by the equally inestimable PG Wodehouse long before Bertie Wooster and his manservant Jeeves were created. Griffith is indubitably proud of the association, though it continues to cause problems even at 68. Banks, lawyers and what might be called official organisations have made a habit of sending back documents asking him to amend it by ensuring his full and proper name is included.

They have never quite brought themselves to say as much but the tone has been this: "Dear Sir, please do not be so juvenile. This is a serious transaction and we note that you have called yourself Mike, an abbreviated, boy's name. Please be sure in future to append your full given name."


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