June 8, 2012

English cricket

Proud to be compared to Jim Laker - Graeme Swann

Carlyle Laurie

England’s offspinner Graeme Swann needs five wickets in the third Test against the West Indies at Edgbaston to equal former offspinner Jim Laker's milestone of 193 wickets. Speaking to Rob Bagchi in the Guardian, Swann says he’s proud to be compared to Laker.

“He's one of the greatest of all-time so I'm in a very privileged position if I'm being compared to him. Someone told me I was near to him but I didn't realise I was that close,” Swann said. “Some players abide by them (milestones) and know their averages down to the tenth decimal point but I've never been like that. I keep a casual eye on them but since my fourth-year maths teacher put me off I've never been a fan of statistics.”

Cow Corner, writing for Eurosport, says that keeping in mind the schedule in the upcoming months, England’s player management system is completely justified.

We've heard it all over the last few days; but the fact is that cricket is ever evolving and the demands upon the players — and indeed coaches — need to be adapted to accordingly. As much as the spectators pay a premium to watch England's star players in action, there is an increasing awareness and acceptance of the fact that every cricketer cannot play in every match.


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