June 11, 2012

Pakistan cricket

The mystery that is Sami

Devashish Fuloria

Mohammad Sami, making a comeback in the Pakistan side, bowled with searing pace and swing during the recent matches in Sri Lanka. But Osman Samiuddin in The National rues the fact that as talented as Sami is, he has never been able to consistently be what the Pakistani fans want him to be - a real fast bowler.

Most top bowlers can seek and control swing; to Sami it comes and goes as randomly as the moods of a child. There has been no smoothening of edges, no sharpening of skills, no real development of repertoire.
But what has always seemed the most reasonable assessment is that though he may be a fast bowler by profession, he isn't one by spirit. Frank Tyson once wrote that "To bowl quick is to revel in the glad animal action; to thrill in physical prowess and to enjoy a certain sneaking feeling of superiority over the other mortals who play the game."


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