July 22, 2012

Cricket, the most dangerous ball game

Devashish Fuloria

Ruchir Joshi, in the Mail Today, points out the apathy in India towards the dangers that cricket could pose to the safety of child cricketers.

People who don't understand cricket often fail to realise it's one of the most dangerous sports you can play, if not the most dangerous of all ball games, definitely involving the most dangerous projectile. Cork, string, leather and gut may not sound too lethal in isolation but when combined into a cricket ball they can, and have killed people. In the case of Mark Boucher's freak injury, the ball created a sub-missile in the bail, but anybody who's kept close to the stumps knows that the swing of the bat is the second most lethal element after the ball itself - a potential decapitator - while the ball exploding off the bat is third on the list.

Devashish Fuloria is a sub-editor with ESPNcricinfo

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