April 1, 2013

Got teeth?


© Satish Acharya

Satish Acharya is a cartoonist in Mumbai

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  • Tronyai on April 4, 2013, 21:46 GMT

    afridi is only selected because of what he has done in the past. his pakistan career is now over

  • Amila on April 4, 2013, 14:51 GMT

    Afridi is the most overrated player in Pakistan

  • kumar on April 3, 2013, 13:32 GMT

    @ Nigah, probably Afridi is an alrounder good hitter (ofcourse with no batting technique at all) but comparing him with Bradman is beyond imagination.

  • Dummy4 on April 3, 2013, 2:46 GMT

    Absolutely hilarious.With regards to some one who questioned his brains about the ball chewing incident, with so many live cameras around, He was involved in the pitch tampering incident,when the viewers and tv crew(except for one camera) are busy with a blast outside the stadium. Exciting batsman but when it comes to these tantrums, he sure is irreplacable

  • Dummy4 on April 2, 2013, 7:54 GMT

    hahahahah Gud one Satish Love it :D

  • Nigah on April 2, 2013, 0:51 GMT

    Bradman start his career with zero and ends with zero as well but its records which declared him best batsman, don't forget to check Afridi's records as well which almost unbreakable.

  • Fariha on April 1, 2013, 20:10 GMT


  • Fahad on April 1, 2013, 19:04 GMT

    Even though he's inconsistent nowadays, it's a lot of fun to watch him play when he does. I think he could have still done well in test cricket and if he was active in the longer version, the question to replace him wouldn't even arise for another year or two.

  • Suraj on April 1, 2013, 17:40 GMT

    No one can replace this man.Even Bradman can replace But nobady will replace Boom Boom.....