Indian cricket April 11, 2013

Tendulkar set for PITCH debut

Rohan Sharma
Sachin Tendulkar is to star in an animated series called 'Master Blasters' that is to be co-produced by Shemaroo Entertainment and Moonscoop

Sachin Tendulkar has been on TV screens around the world for over two decades but he's now set to make his debut in animated form - as part of a new series called 'Master Blasters.' Tendulkar will travel the world in his "spaceship cum stadium", playing cricket matches with and against some of the best cricketing talent on offer. He even has his own arch rival, Peter, who looks to humiliate the hero at every turn.

In the series, Tendulkar is appointed by the Programme for International Training of Cricket Heroes (PITCH) to run a training camp for the finest young cricketers around the world. Tendulkar will feature along with an assortment of twelve kids, with the series promising elements of comedy, life coaching, and of course, cricket. Tendulkar says he was a Superman fan in his youth; here's his chance to live yet another dream.

Rohan Sharma is a sub-editor with ESPN cricinfo