Kenya cricket October 8, 2013

The Tanmay Mishra and Kanga League affair

ESPNcricinfo staff
Taus Rizvi of DNA writes of how Mumbai's Kanga League has benefited Kenya allrounder Tanmay Mishra

A limited domestic structure, the attraction of some tough cricket and possibly an IPL contract makes Kenya allrounder Tanmay Mishra a regular at Mumbai's Kanga League. Speaking to Taus Rizvi of DNA, Mishra elaborates on the benefits of playing on wet, uncovered pitches that provide exaggerated movement, possible methods to improve domestic cricket in Kenya and how close the terror attacks in Nairobi hit him

"I travel to and fro from Nairobi whenever I get the time to play in Mumbai. Playing in Kanga League is difficult and challenging. Your technique improves and helps in learning to pace the innings. In this season, the ball moves a lot and this experience came handy for me in Scotland as I was accustomed to the movement," he added

"It is really sad to see something like this. In fact, my parents had left the mall only 10 minutes before the terrorists struck. It was very shocking."