April 7, 2014

Sri Lanka cricket

Sri Lanka's unsung hero

Dinesh Chandimal may not have lit the World T20 on fire (in fact, he was even dropped for the semi-final and final), but his happiness and relief when his team won the tournament was not any less genuine than those of all the Sri Lankans around the world, writes Malinda Seneviratne in his blog Malinda Words.

Still there's the small issue of a young man who had been appointed captain and had to lead players who had a dozen years' worth of experience more than he did. There's the small issue of having left Sri Lanka as captain and having to watch the final from the dressing room. There's also the small issue of Dinesh Chandimal running around the ground after Sri Lanka won the match, carrying the man who put the final touches to the campaign on his shoulders. Dinesh Chandimal helped hold Kumar Sangakkara high. He couldn't stop smiling a schoolboyish smile. That delight was unadulterated. That admiration was unadulterated. And in this, there was as much 'team,' 'team-spirit,' and 'leadership' than anything we were privileged to watch unfold out there in the middle of the ground.


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