May 12, 2014


Glimmers of a crack within the big three?

Osman Samiuddin, writing for the National, reflects on the decision to have the ICC's Anti Corruption and Security unit reviewed by the boards of India, Australia and England. Samiuddin goes on to wonder whether the unity of the Big Three is wobbling after an official of one of the boards insisted that the ACSU would not answer to N Srinivasan.

But to further defang a body that has fairly limited powers anyway? Criticising the ACSU has always felt like having a pop at a boxer for not throwing punches and ignoring that his hands have been tied behind his back. Greater threats should mean greater, not reduced, powers. If the Big Three has their way and what little power the ACSU has goes to individual ACUs, that hacks away at one of the central tenets of the ACSU - its independence.


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