November 20, 2003

Damian Mills Obituary- Family appreciates messages of support


The CCA has recieved the following from John Lovelace:-

"Karran and I have downloaded, printed and delivered to the Mills' family copies of the expressions of condolences from the cricketing community from across the country. The feeling of empathy from cricketers everywhere, at the untimely death of Damian has been truly overwhelming and is a testament of the love, respect and high esteem in which Damian was held.

I have been with the Mills' family often over the past few days, and I can truly say that the response from the cricketing community is much appreciated by the family.

While they are occupied with their grief, on behalf of the Mills family, I wish to convey to cricketers from across the country, the family's heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the love and support you are sending at this time. It does provide the family with a measure of solace to know that Damian was loved.

Once more, thanks to all.