March 28, 2000

Canadian cricket extends congratulations to Walsh and others


Canadian Cricket extends congratulations to Captain Jimmy Adams and members of the West Indies Test team for " True Grit" performances in the current test series against Zimbabwe.

Colin Croft defines Jimmy Adams as "one of the most determined cricketers" in the world. After losing his World's Number One Batsman Ranking and going through a very lean period, JC - "Superstar of Courage despite Adversity" has come up smelling Roses. "Some men are born great ......,"

With his recent sterling undefeated century, and sharing in a record breaking partnership with Franklyn Rose, another favourite especially of Toronto cricket, (Franklyn Rose's 69 runs were also a personal best), the pair epitomize the phrase: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

Congratulations and continued successes to the talented Zimbabwean team as well. World and especially youth cricket must surely benefit by such 'character defining' events! The game is not over "until the fat lady sings." Play on.

"Tough, refusing to quit, lion-hearted & ready to go:

Courtney Walsh, of course, new World Test wicket record holder, deserves and will receive the world's adulation. A true prince and a gentleman, from Mississauga and all across Canada, "Jacko" and legions of your admirers, salute you and your crowning accomplishments. We look forward to seeing you in Canada again soonest.

Your pride and work ethic are examples not only for cricketers but also for all youth in the West Indies, in Canada and around the world. Keep on trucking, "Cuddy". We hope that we get an early opportunity to truly say thanks.

Cricket Talk: Vol.1 Issue 1- March 17, 2000. Congratulations on your inaugural issue and we wish you best of luck in the future. We look forward to seeing much more of you in Canada. Of course, your cover with Toronto's Sahara Cup star performer, Sourav Ganguly, will meet with no objections on these shores!

Congratulations also to newly installed India Captain, Sourav Ganguly.

In summary, Jimmy Adams, Franklyn Rose, Courtney Walsh and Sourav Ganguly, persistence and performance from cricketers who have heart, who will not quit. There may be more naturally gifted or talented players, somewhere, the gentlemen above give nothing less than 100 per cent.


1. If you have ever played cricket for Canada, junior or senior - please contact us. We would like to update our information and records as well as players' pages. Please write to us at: P.O. Box 45032, 81 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, Ontario Canada with full details and biodata.

2. Canadians playing cricket overseas even those who are no longer playing cricket - please also contact us. Umpires, Coaches, Scorers, Volunteers, Curators and any other officials, please let us hear of your exploits and contributions.

3. Your practical contributions and suggestions on a salute to World Test record holder Courtney Everton Hunte Walsh are needed!